Shifts in Hungarian party politics

While Viktor Orbán is fighting for his cause in Brussels, I think it’s time to pay some attention to domestic politics. The refugee crisis and Viktor Orbán’s popular reaction to it resulted in a spectacular growth of potential Fidesz voters. Jobbik, on the other hand, lost one-third of its support between September and November. These are some of the findings of the latest opinion poll by Nézőpont Intézet, a pro-government think tank. Earlier polls by others show similar trends.

Nézőpont attributes the decline of Jobbik to Gábor Vona’s decision to … Read the rest

Full-court press against the Orbán government

Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó compared the European Union to an old gent with halting steps, but lately the old man has quickened his stride. At least as far as Brussels’ relation with Hungary is concerned. Patience seems to have run out with Hungary’s maverick prime minister, Viktor Orbán. One after the other, officials of the EU and the Council of Europe have called on the Hungarian government to explain its past unlawful or at least legally questionable moves.

First came, on November 19, the official announcement that “the European … Read the rest

András Göllner: Is Hungary taking Canada’s Jews for a ride?

This article first appeared in the November 5 issue of  Hungarian Free Press.

“Don’t listen to what I say, but watch what I do!”
— Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary

An essay in honour of Elie Wiesel and Randolph L. Braham

What is affinity fraud?

Affinity fraud is the oldest scam in the book. Eve used it to con Adam into tearing off the forbidden fruit from the tree of life, which led to humanity’s tragic fall from grace. Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus with this form of tainted … Read the rest

A foiled attempt on Viktor Orbán’s life? Unlikely

János Hajdu, head of the anti-terrorist center (TEK) created by Viktor Orbán, spent Tuesday visiting the more important TV stations to announce his crack police force’s discovery of a terrorist organization with possible international ties. The following day I wrote a summary of what actually transpired in the two separate raids, one of which involved two Hungarian men with automatic weapons and homemade silencers who were described by Hajdu as members of an organization called “hadsereg (army) or something like that.” In any case, he seemed to know practically nothing … Read the rest

The Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives at Central European University

A few months ago I wrote a review of Anna Porter’s biography of George Soros titled Buying a Better World: George Soros and Billionaire Philanthropy, in which I concentrated on Soros’s philanthropic activities in Hungary. Nowadays Soros’s name is frequently bandied about in Hungary, often as a result of Viktor Orbán’s sudden “discovery” that Soros is responsible for the refugee crisis. He is one of those internationalists, along with Jürgen Habermas, the renowned philosopher, who wants to destroy European culture as it exists today. Of course, every time the names … Read the rest

The greatly touted Hungarian terrorist story is a hoax

Last night Reuters reported from Budapest that the Hungarian anti-terrorist police had detained four people traveling toward Budapest with explosives in their car and later found “a bomb-making laboratory set up for a mass killing.” The source of the information was the director-general of TEK (Terrorelhárítási Központ), János Hajdu. In addition, Hajdu revealed that two other people had been arrested in a separate raid, in whose possession they found submachine guns, silencers, and ammunition. When asked whether the subjects were jihadist terrorists, he said “Let me reply to that in … Read the rest

Orbán system or Orbán regime: Debate on the nature of the Hungarian government

I’m sure that readers of Hungarian Spectrum know that I have a very low opinion of Hungarian “political scientists” or, in Hungarian, “politológusok.” They are not really political scientists as we define the profession in the West. A Hungarian “politológus” is an unaffiliated political commentator at best. At worst he is in the pay of a political party as a so-called adviser. These “talking heads,” instead of doing research, normally go from one TV station to the next, pontificating about current politics.

But here and there we can find genuine … Read the rest