The Hungarian Guard: white, not black shirts

It seems that even Gábor Vona, party leader of the Jobbik, realized that dressing the Magyar Gárda in black shirts was a bit over the top. He therefore changed the guard’s uniform to a white shirt, black sleeveless vest, black pants, high black boots, and a black baseball cap with an insignia reminiscent of the Hungarian Nazis’ armband. The result is a fairly grotesque uniform somewhat similar to outfits of nineteenth-century peasant lads. It reminded one of the reporters of the uniform of chimney sweeps or the old-fashioned "főpincér" (the waiter who at the end of the dinner at a restaurant came with the bill).

While people focused on the Gárda’s uniform, I felt even more uncomfortable looking at the uniform of another paramilitary group present at the initiation: they wore military fatigues, boots, and genuine military caps. Until now I hadn’t heard of this "guard." The name is Nemzeti Őrsereg (National Guard), an old-fashioned word for Nemzetőrség. Their leader is Tamás Poszpischek and the organization is one of the small local paramilitary units which sprung up at different parts of the country lately. A picture gallery of this whole sorry affair is available:

According to reports, several thousand people enthusiastically greeted the fify-five guardists. Yes, the original number was fifty-six, but the organizers claimed that one of their members got shot with an air gun and therefore was unable to appear. I am very doubtful that such an attack occurred, at least not by a member of the left liberal camp (not normally the gun slinging crowd). I think that this claim was designed to arouse the ire of the audience and show that they are in danger.

I was hoping until the last minute that Lajos Für, former minister of defense in the Antall government, would change his mind and wouldn’t take part in the ceremonies. But he did. A commentator, former MDF member József Debreczeni, called him "by now completely senile" in an article that appeared in Népszava this morning. But perhaps this is too kind a description. In addition to Für, Mária Wittner, a Fidesz parliamentary member whose claim to fame is that she was condemned to death after 1956, gave a speech. She was waving a Hungarian flag with a hole in the middle, the symbol of 1956. I, who had a minor role to play in the 1956 revolution as a college student, shudder just to think about that misplaced symbolism. Wittner spoke of the  Magyar Gárda as a "chain of love which will fight against satan, that is the current government and communism of fifty years." Vona announced that they will establish local units of the guard in every county and in Budapest. "They will fight against global capitalism and global power, whose aim is to destroy nations and make people into mere consumers." After the ceremony at a press conference he also muttered something about establishing a bank, the Bank of Hungarian Families, that will not be interested in profit.

Gábor Vona promised that on October 23 they will swear in several thousand new members. Up to now 2,000 people have allegedly indicated their interest in taking part in the movement. The Gárda’s aim is to finish the change of regime (because according to them there is still communism in Hungary) and save the Hungarian nation which, he claims, is in danger of extinction. There were the usual cries: "Down with Gyurcsány" and "Down with Trianon."

The appearance of three members of the clergy raised quite a few eyebrows. A Catholic priest, a Lutheran pastor, and a Hungarian Reformed minister blessed the flag of the guard. The MSZP immediately demanded to know what these three churches have to do with a clearly neo-Nazi organization. The Catholic and Hungarian Reformed churches claimed ignorance. The priest and and the minister acted on their own. They didn’t know anything about their plans. The Lutherans couldn’t be reached.

According to Ildikó Lendvai, Wittner’s presence at the ceremony is a clear-cut admission on the part of the Fidesz that the party is in some way involved with the Jobbik and its guard. The Fidesz claims that they had no knowledge of Wittner’s plans. This time I more or less actually believe the Fidesz spokesman. Anything is possible in connection with Mária Wittner. Why the Fidesz put Wittner on the party list so that her becoming a member of parliament was assured is another story.

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Yes,the same disgusting lies about Hungarian “extremists”. In fact, the left-liberal demonstrators were extremely angry and threatened everybody who liked the idea of Magyar Guard. Left-liberals proved ruthless and anti-Hungarian all the time. They would be able to kill anybody with a right-wing thinking. The world needs to be saved from bloodthirsty left-liberal demonstrators who threaten to kill right-wing people.

Another Hungarian

God bless the Hungarian Guard! Finally a movement that stands for the nation and not for the traitors! I really hope the guard will mop up in Hungary, corruption and criminals rule and must be stopped!

Géza Hegedüs

I wonder how much the writer knows about the situation in Hungary and it’s present gouverment!
Also it would be good idea what is written on the website of Jobbic, than it will be very clear that it’s NOT a right wing…neo-nazi party!
Finally a group of people who want to stand up for the country and it’s people…with christian values!!!


jobbik is nazi
nemzeti őrsereg is neonyilas
now they are spreading the poison of nazism in hungary
nazis go home!
A nyilas szemetek egyszer már elárulták ezt a hazát, mégegyszer nem engedjük. párszáz gyáva féreg nem állíthatja meg a deomkráciát, pláne nem fajelméleti zöldségekkel.
a nyilas-náci fasiszta nem ember és nem lehet magyar

US Sympathizer

Bravo, Magyar Garda!
When you have repaired Hungary, please come to the US and help European-Americans restore our traditions.


Long live the Magyar Garda (Hungarian Guard)! It is heartening to see clean-cut, glamourously clad, decent youngsters making their stand to protect their nation. No wonder the commie/zionist ghouls and ghastlies are snivelling and snarling.


Welcome Sophie! This blog has been empty for a while of a resident lunatic nazi-fascist; seems you’ll be most able to fill that place.
Do use a napkin though, as that nasty foam coming from your mouth is quite acidic and leaves stains.

Dickie D

I welcome the Hungarian Guarda and what they stand for. We here in our village between Heves & Gyongyos are constantly, even daily, intimidated by the Roma residing here. The government appear to turn a blind eye & do absolutely nothing. Whilst they stand by and watch the elderly Hungarian citizens receive constant threats, frightened to ask the Rendorseg for help for fear of reprisals.

Victor Kovacs

It’s the Arrow Cross all over again. My father was 16 years old during the siege of Budapest and remembers well the murders committed by the Nyilas during the final days. Fascism is not the answer to the problems facing Hungary.


Anyone else notice the similarities between the Hungarian Guard and the Aryan Nation in the US? Same rhetoric, same propaganda.

Eva S. Balogh

Matthias about similarities between the Hungarian Guard and the Aryan Nation.
Sure, all these far-right organizations share the same ideology if you can call it that.

Jobbic supporter

It is Ok for these people who want only goodness for Roma, live with & near them,then & only then can you honestly comment.Educate them, help them, treat them as you would your own……!!! Yes, we have an elderly retired lady in our village, who is bullied,intimidated & threatened by these so called acceptable Roma regularly, they steal from her garden, saying they do not know how to grow there own.They degrade areas, have absolutely no idea how to care for a house, which incidentally have been given to them freely.Normal people queuing in a post office await there turn, Roma begin shouting with the aim of trying to intimidate counter staff.Are they normal people,one seriously needs to ask this question.Government ministers, sit up and listen to your electorate,dont critisize them,do not belittle educated people, it is the only method of letting you know what is happening around your country, as you do not appear to have an inkling, only how to line your own pockets. Need I say more.

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