Deteriorating political and professional discourse in Hungary

I will be very brief because I spent the lion’s share of the day trying to dig up a new, eventually 1500 square foot vegetable garden, a task that will continue longer than I can even imagine right now. This is no small feat in rocky New England. Especially in 94°F (34,5°C) heat. Every time there is a huge boulder interfering with a garden bed I think of the poor early settlers and their surprise at the soil in the new world. Trees had to be cut down, boulders removed; stone walls were built. It must have been incredible work. I bet those early settlers had no problem with weight like modern Americans do.

Anyway, on to the theme of the day. I never cease to be amazed at the deteriorating public discourse in Hungary. The language some politicians, especially in the Fidesz, use against their opponents is simply socially unacceptable. Earlier I mentioned the "parrot commando." Indeed, it is most likely that the order must come from "central command" to use this or that noun or this or that adjective. Adjectives are chosen on the basis of their shock value. The most insignificant move on the other side deserves the strongest word. Something which simply cannot be topped by any other. One day I should collect all the favorite words of the young Péter Szijjártó, chief spokesman of the party. He is a master of finding the most exaggerated words in the Hungarian vocabulary.

This language is now creeping into professional discourse as well. Zsigmond Járai, former minister of finance in the Orbán government and later head of the Hungarian National Bank, called the current government "a band of thieves" at an economic conference. Moreover, he called his successors a bunch of incompetents who don’t know the first thing about economics and finance. Incompetent thieves. (Recall my post where Kövér pitted the government of crooks against the Guard, a bunch of idiots. It seems that Járai decided that he could bridge the divide: the government is both crooked and incompetent.) What’s going to happen if this trend of abusing the language continues? Nothing good.

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stephen szeles
It was a different life style unlike we have today! To understand the difference between the settles and us today is if you can bring the settler from that time to now, in the big city; the settler will also wonder how did we learn all we know in the short time! Not knowing the settlers contributed to what we know and invented because of the gap between the first settlers and now in terms of time the settler you brought from that time missed; now the year is 2010 since the first settlers! What you’re missing is when you do something you have not done before, it is hard! But the settlers used to do what you did but everyday, it is easy! The other side of democracy is nothing good! Because it comes with the freedom of speech! But for a Christian country, where is God’s morals; or do we need the dictators to restrain us again? Let me be clear for you, the other side means two sides in play; one is good because I have the freedom of religion, the other is now there is the freedom to despise God’s morals in public! It is true,… Read more »