The right is getting ready for October 23–Fidesz, the Black Guard, and MÖM

The defacing of MSZP offices is spreading. Yesterday, it was Balmazújváros. Today there were two in Budapest and one in Eger. One of the Budapest incidents looked pretty serious: the people who in the dark of the night attacked the MSZP office in district X had gasoline and Molotov cocktails. It was a good thing that the fire was discovered and the firefighters were speedy. In Eger the right radicals were satisfied with some threatening text on the wall about the traitors and their punishment.

While some are setting fires, others are organizing "gatherings." And they are busy. In Budapest alone 123 organizations have announced plans for October 22-23. Out of the 123 a handful are official celebrations where the president, the prime minister, the speaker of the house, and the chief justice of the supreme court will be present, but most of them are basically anti-government demonstrations.

The police singled out six events for special attention. First, the three official celebrations that might be attacked by extreme right groups. And, second, three anti-government demonstrations: the Fidesz’s march from the Astoria Hotel to the House of Terror, the Black Guard’s swearing in of 600 new recruits on Heroes’ Square, and the demonstration by an organization about which I heard for the first time only today. It is called Magyar Önvédelmi Mozgalom (MÖM = Hungarian Movement for Self-Defense).

I did a little research on this new "national radical group," and it seems that this group is not new at all. The MÖM was established on January 8, 2005, and according to their homepage they have been fairly busy, mostly outside of Budapest. No wonder that I (and most likely many more people) haven’t heard about them. They are almost indistinguishable from other radical groups that appear from time to time under the striped flag of the Árpád House (or, more precisely, of the Hungarian Nazi organization of the Arrow Cross Party). The group is headed by Dr. Attila Kakuk, a veterinarian. For those who are interested in the organization here is the link: From the pictures it seems that normally they are unable to attract big crowds. However, this time they might be more successful and therefore more dangerous.

It seems that MÖM has managed to develop closer ties with other right radical groups headed by László Toroczkai and György Budaházy, with the Szent Korona Rádió, and with right radical rock groups such as Romantic Violence, Secret Resistance, and the Bomb Factory. This last one seems to be affiliated with the Szent Korona Rádió. Because I am not not a listener of this radio station I haven’t got a clue, but the radio’s homepage tells a lot about the group: antisemitic and racist. See: As for MÖM, I read on their homepage that the "Carpathian basin is the property of the Holy Crown." Maybe they should discuss this with Robert Fico, prime minister of Slovakia, who at the moment would be especially receptive to such a suggestion. This is, of course, a joke. (Read my posts on Hungarian-Slovak relations.)

One of their plans is to go to the Opera House, where an official celebration is scheduled to take place. Why? What do they want to do there? The police refuses to allow any group to get close to the Opera House, but MÖM has the answer: they penetrate the cordon not as a group but one by one. And what will happen if the police don’t let them through? Will they try to use force? And what if the soccer hooligans join them (rumors swirl about their presence during the "celebrations")? These are all question marks.

Maybe there will be no problem at all, especially if the weather forecast is accurate: chilly with a chance of rain. That might cool the hot heads a bit.