Budaházy and his friends

One could say that Budaházy is simply a lunatic and therefore harmless. Perhaps the prosecutor’s office shouldn’t have even bothered bringing charges against him. Maybe, but once charges were levelled against him and these charges were well founded, then the judges shouldn’t have dismissed them and pronounced him not guilty because such a verdict emboldens him and his followers.

Indeed, that’s exactly what has happened. Budaházy, accompanied by another lunatic, László Toroczkai, the man who was largely responsible for the "storming" of the Hungarian Television’s building, gave a "press conference" today. Appropriately in front of the House of Terror! Toroczkai announced a new political action plan: a nationwide "raid." He used the word "razzia"! But what hidden stuff are they looking for? Well, that’s not at all what he meant: Toroczkai and Budaházy want "to hunt down all those politicians who sold out the fatherland." Even their vocabulary is telling: these are ignorant people.

The plan is as follows: they will print 600,000 leaflets and 10,000 billboards on which they will call on the people to report on those who look suspicious: policemen, custom officials, members of the secret service, employees of the APEH (the equivalent of the Internal Revenue Service), newspapermen, prosecutors, judges, civil servants, all those who receive their salaries from the central budget. "One cannot hide from the people," Toroczkai added. Toroczkai, Budaházy, and the other lunatics will check all the incoming information and if those mentioned turned out to be guilty, they will mete out their well deserved punishment. The "punishment" will be exposure and denunciation. All the information gathered will be made public on the internet, which "the authorities cannot yet censor." (This, by the way, is a decided improvement over their previous threats of physical violence against the guilty.)

Toroczkai complained that the Pest County Court refused to register an organization that he and Budaházy wanted to establish. The name of the organization would have been "Hunnia Foundation for the Real Hungary." That organization would have served to establish a "parallel" Hungary. However, they will try again. They are appealing the decision. If they are unsuccessful in Hungary they plan to register the organization in some other country within the European Union.

Budaházy also spoke. According to him, the "present republic cannot be saved, cannot be reformed." That’s why an alternative Hungary, called Hunnia, will have to be created that will not be a "legal successor of the present country but its independent and organic part."

Surely, these sentences can be spoken only by people who are not exactly in their right minds. Let’s hope that these utterances are no more than empty threats. Where would they get the money to print 600,000 leaflets and 10,000 posters? But what if they do get the money from somewhere? Surely, even then they cannot put an end to the Third Republic. However, they can certainly add to the turbulence created by Viktor Orbán and his followers.

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Toroczkai and Budaházy were both (still are?) the leaders of the HVIM, a militant “youth organisation for Hungarys all 64 counties”. The have been hardened in physical fights with police in Slovakia, Romania and Serbia. Actually Toroczkai more or less came directly from being expelled from Slovakia to the MTV-building. It is a great shame and misstake that the authorities did not charge Toroczkai with “incitement to riot” after he uttered the words on live HirTV “OK, then we come back with some thousands of demonstrators” (not exact quote! but with that explicit meaning).
I beleive it is Toroczkai who has some strange Scythian beliefs, that “Real Hungarians” ™ come from the Scythians and therefore share the history with the Gaellic people. That is why HVIM had connections with (Provisional?) IRA.
For me, this is how your homegrown terrorism starts.
Will not the guy behind HirTV/EchoTV wants to give them money? They have created so many hours of exclusive live HirTV broadcasts, so he could give back some of it. HirTV’s reporters have even been interviewed on live CNN due to Toroczkai – wow, then you are in TV-heaven.

New World Order
There are so many problems intertwined in these issues. (1) The propensity of Hungarian public figures/politicians to sue for slander or libel. I think this is an amzaingly unhealthy way for politicians to behave. The problem is tends to blur the public’s understanding of free speech and what is the role of a free press (also something really lacking here). (2) A complete lack of understanding in the country about the permissible limits of free speech vs. impermissible incitement. (3) A deep seated love for socialism and a “strong” state among those who-at the same time-think of themselves as conservative! And most fundamentally, (4) The inability of this country to get over the legacy of Trianon and decide it is about time to live in the 21st centrury and not the early 20th century. As for these two fringe players. They should be prosecuted to the extent they threaten people or propery with real violence or incite other to violence. They should be ignored to the extent they are just shouting, screaming or acting like normal racists. For all of the problems of this country and for all of the out-sized publicity the extreme nationalists get in the press, this… Read more »
Odin's lost eye
Toroczkai and Budaházy want “to hunt down all those politicians who sold out the fatherland.” I ask myself to whom did these politicians sell it? Viking says that he believes that “Toroczkai who has some strange Scythian beliefs, that “Real Hungarians” ™ come from the Scythians and therefore share the history with the Gaelic people”. This can only be true if the Magyar changed their language at some point in their history. Gaelic is an ‘Indo-European language’ as was Scythian. The language of the Magyars is a Finno-Ugric language, which is not even distantly related to the Indo-European family. Incidentally one of the languages in the Indo-European family that should make Toroczkai distance him self from his own concept is Romany or Roma. New World Order makes 4 very important points, the last two of which I will take in reverse order. The inability of this country to get over the legacy of Trianon and decide it is about time to live in the 21st century and not the early 20th century. This is a mere bagatelle when you look at the land-mass/population given up by the British from 1945 onwards. This is linked to the his third point: –… Read more »