Gyurcsány and his blog

Politicians often decide to write blogs. This urge usually comes before elections, but the initial enthusiasm dies fast enough. Among Hungarian politicians I know, at least half a dozen who started blogs stopped after one or two entries, never to return. Ferenc Gyurcsány began writing a blog at the end of January 2006, and I’m sure that his decision had something to do with the elections. However, Gyurcsány is not the typical political blogger. One, he is fun to read, and two, he has written 431 posts since the beginning. On all sorts of topics. OK, he doesn’t write every day. After all, he is a busy man, but he writes easily and well.

He obviously knows how to allocate his time effectively and how to use technology to his advantage. His cell phone, tape recorder, and laptop are always at hand, and most of his blogs are created while he is being driven from one place to another. He sits at the back of the car and dictates his messages into his tape recorder. His staff then transcribes his words and puts them on the internet.

The topics are varied: often he explains his position on important political events, sometimes he writes about his family, his dog, his wife’s birthday, or a book he enjoyed reading. Reporters surely check his blog every day because they can sometimes learn things there before the news becomes official. I enjoy his blog, and think one can learn a lot about the man from his on-line diary. Anyone interested can find it here: