What planet is Fodor on?

There are increasingly telltale signs that the SZDSZ leadership is split over party strategy under Gábor Fodor's newly acquired leadership. As far as I can see there are only two possibilites: either those opposing the "catastrophe tourism," as one of the SZDSZ politicians called Fodor's activities, put an end to this insanity or the party will fall apart. According to one calculation, a single defecting member from the opposition would be enough to keep the Gyurcsány government in power. And convincing one person to abandon the official position of SZDSZ is an easy proposition. Four or five people have already made it clear that they disapprove of Fodor's policies. And what about those who disapprove but have been quiet until now? When the chips are down which way will they cast their votes?

Fodor's performance this morning on Napkelte (Sunrise) simply boggled the mind. Or at least this mind. He kept repeating the same worn-out clichés about "the interest of the country," the "wrong policies" of his predecessors, the "necessary changes" supported by their voters that will lead the party to victory, and other similary banal, inaccurate statements. All the while his party is crumbling around him. One member of the delegation quit the party and gave up his parliamentary seat. Another well known SZDSZ mayor wrote a rather ugly letter to Fodor, saying that he is ruining the party. Two politicians from Debrecen (one SZDSZ and the other MSZP) wrote a letter to Fodor emphasizing that on the local level the two parties are cooperating and urging him to reconsider his stance on the national level. Yet Fodor goes on as if he didn't live in this world.

Yesterday Klára Sándor told József Orosz of Kontra, a political program on Klub Rádió, that she disapproves of the policies of the current leadership. This morning Bálint Magyar, former minister of education and another member of the delegation, was adamant in his rejection of Fodor's actions. Yet Fodor keeps on going, refusing to face reality. I simply can't understand how anyone can be so blind and so inflexible. I always considered him to be a doctrinaire fellow, but his behavior at the moment is beyond comprehension. He seems to believe in his own "truth" to such an extent that he has lost all sense of reality. In brief, he is not really fit to be the leader of a party. In fact, he is not fit to be a politician. Obviously those who for years made sure that he wouldn't achieve his ultimate goal, to be president of SZDSZ, knew him well.

Those in SZDSZ who now oppose him must do something. Either they have to convince him to change his mind or they have to remove him from his position. Otherwise, SZDSZ is finished.