There is no end to violence in Hungary

Everybody predicted that there would be trouble today. Three demonstrations were scheduled: (1) the Hungarian Democratic Charter initiated by Ferenc Gyurcsány but supported by many thousands who are worried about Hungarian democracy, (2) one of the Gypsy organizations that has had enough of Hungarian Guard and other anti-Gypsy formations, and (3) the far right that is against both the Gypsies and the Democratic Charter.

The Gypsies managed to get about 1,500 people together in an orderly, peaceful demonstration; the Charter people apparently gathered about 10,000. These two groups eventually merged into one. All went peacefully. Quite a few kilometers away at Heroes' Square the far right gathered. Their leaders urged them to fight, fight, fight. They talked about civil war, gave out black masks, and told the crowd to go and attack the enemy. Perhaps tomorrow I will know more about the size of the crowd; initial published estimates ranged from 500 to 5,000. After the fiery speeches followed by cries of "Fegyverbe" (To arms!) some of them started marching toward Parliament. They managed to rough up a newspaperman even before they began their journey. Some of them wore Arrow Cross uniforms, and the whole thing became an antisemitic and anti-Gypsy demonstration. Once they got to the square in front of parliament they tried to attack the Soviet memorial and the policemen who defended it. They threw Molotov cocktails, picked up cobblestones, burned cars, broke into a police car and stole its contents. The police answered with tear gas.

Some of them attacked groups of people who were leaving the Charter demonstration. One older woman was injured and, although we don't know yet about the severity of her condition, she was taken to the hospital. Fifteen people were arrested. What I would like to know is whether those who called people to arms and offered free masks and told them to attack others are among them. Because if not, these unspeakable acts will continue. Tomorrow we will know more.

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For all the interesting and foreboding aspects of this demonstration I am most alerted by the participation and the speech of Morvai Krisztina.
This vermin of a propagandist has started out from a quite respectable position 2-3 years ago. By today she is the touch stone of ultra-right hate mongering.
I met her here in Toronto. The benefit of the meeting is found on the website:
for those reading Hungarian.

Eva S. Balogh

Sandor: “For all the interesting and foreboding aspects of this demonstration I am most alerted by the participation and the speech of Morvai Krisztina.”
Here is a video where you can hear Ms. Morvai. When I listened the reception wasn’t very good but this woman is sickening.

Yes, well, one of the problems of this blog, you will agree I am sure, is that we expats are all reduced to use the same sources. If in addition we have more or less the same point of view then we end up all saying the same thing. In this case I have seen the video and was “inspired” to make my previous comments. This of corse brings up the need for more and more varied sources. But of course that would lead to more time spent, deeper occupation, (mania actually), and a gogolian loss of the larger picture. As fascinating and as riveting as the Hungarian public life may be, I am struggling hard to keep the perspective open for all other things, actually much more important and occasionally even more interesting then that. (Perhaps I could remind you that there is an election coming to the climax in the US), not to mention the one we have here in Canada. Not to mention the unprecedented economic melt-down. But I admit, I almost completely fell out of sinc with our election. It seems, the staid, normal, and more or less predictable democratic process is somehow just, well, boring… Read more »