Ferenc Gyurcsány’s tears

Admittedly it was not an everyday sight: the Hungarian prime minister appeared before the cameras to announce that he accepted the resignation of his minister of transport and the chairman of the board at MÁV but had serious problems finishing his speech. In fact, he couldn't finish it because the tears were welling up in his eyes, and he couldn't even say anything about the victims. I said to myself: this man is either a very emotional human being who cannot hide his feelings or he is a very good actor who thinks that this display of empathy and emotion will appeal to the country. By today I am certain that he was not acting because, let's face it, society's reaction to men crying is usually negative. Those who don't like Ferenc Gurcsány found his behavior especially unacceptable.

First I read a piece by László Néző that basically called him a crybaby. The author's grandmother used to say when he cried as a little boy: "What happened, my son, the rooster looked at you cross-eyed?" The ill-willed author didn't stop here but continued: surely, he was counting the votes he could buy with every tear dropped. Or perhaps he was crying because he realized that he doesn't belong where he is. Perhaps he looked around in the country and began to cry at all those things he ruined in it. Or his advisors suggested a little phony crying but the Hungarian people don't want to see their prime minister cry. He should hide in his study or at home or on the lap of his wife, but as prime minister his job is to lead the country with few tragedies. How can he cry over these deaths when his health reform "demanded more lives?" But then he didn't cry either in front of the cameras or at home." And finally "even one death deserves more than we got from this buffoon who is the prime minister of Hungary only in name but who has often showed his criminal ineptitude. There are many of us who can't even look at him."

Well, I thought that this couldn't be surpassed in tastelessness. But it was. In Index László Szily wrote something that tops everything I've read lately. I personally dislike the paper's style and would gladly ignore it, but the journalists of Index are busy bees who usually manage to get the news before practically anybody else. But I ignore its op/ed page, so I got to the piece in a roundabout way. József Orosz obviously read it and found it "unusual" enough to talk about it on his program, Kontra (Klub Rádió). Orosz invited Szily and Péter Buda, a philosopher of religion who is currently doing research in the United States, to have a little chat about this "masterpiece."

Let's start with the title: "Bedwetter Prime Minister Ferenc will be the new actor of the nation." Not bad. Journalism? But it gets worse. The whole thing is so primitive, the man is so untalented, that I'm not even trying to summarize the "meaning" of the article because there is no meaning. Just awful, tasteless sentences. What catastrophe? After all, a weekend disco brawl has as many victims as this train crash. The prime minister's pauses are long, like Andor Schmuck gasping for air while mountainclimbing. (Andor Schmuck a terribly fat guy who can barely walk.) His voice became very high like the voice of "government sociologist" Dessewffy when he gets excited. (A very talented professor and head of Demos, Hungary, think tank.) He "staggered away behind the stage set." According to Szily the audience was divided on the meaning of it all. Some thought that this was "the worst theatrical performance of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries," while others thought that someone should grab this poor "wreck" and lead him out of this fancy big house. But both camps wondered what would happen if something really serious befell the country.

Szily then outlined some scenarios of what could have been behind this performance. One is more tasteless than the other and therefore I'm not going to spend time on them. The last one, however, is interesting: "Ferenc really became that emotional." And apparently that is the worst possibility, but one mustn't worry–that cannot be the case because two years ago when five people died as a result of a sudden storm on August 20th, the nation's holiday, he wasn't so moved. The final parody is also beyond description. It is a rewrite of the famous novel by Ferenc Molnár, The Boys of Pál Street. The scene is the death of one of the boys, Ernő Nemecsek. Gyurcsány is Nemecsek. "The little prime minister is dead. Baaaaaaaaaaaaawling." I guess that means that Gyurcsány is crying for himself.

Opinion piece? Where is the editor? Anything goes? Is there no limit to tastelessness? Is this journalism? I don't think so but obviously some Hungarian so-called journalists' standards are different from mine.

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Its not journalism, its simply lame blogging


Gyurcsány is the worst and the greatest actor in the Hungarian politic. He never felt sorry for those victims, he only wanted to get some popularity because he’s one of the most unpopular politicians of the country.


The dear author of this little stuff above ain’t got anything from either articles…
Sad, but luckily we are not the same. The Prime Minister is a ham, nothing more. He lies even when he is asking a question, he uses everything to play his little tricks, enjoying every moment of it.
These articles mentioned above were to demonstrate this with a bit of irony.
Those who can not understand it or who misunderstand this on purpose should not post on the internet such lame things as above, dude! So get off from the web from once and all 🙂

Eva S. Balogh

I deleted sixx’s comment. This is not Hungary and therefore we don’t talk like this around here.


Come back to Hungary and try to live from an average hungarian salary, while excommunists like Gyurcsány bankrupt the nation. You have no idea of Hungary at all. At all. The Prime Minister performance was pretty hurtful to the victims friends and families. I know it, becouse I’ve lost a good friend there… I don’t really understand why people like you support these excommunist gangsters, who don’t let capitalism and democracy evolve in my country.


Actually I saw the interview (God help me, it was hard to sleep after) and read a whole lot of publications about it, including Szily’s, which I think is really good 🙂
The problem is, I am pretty sure he did it so that people are talking about his “performance” or “act” or whatever, instead of talking about the really important issues.
Circus and bread for the people! 🙂 (and make sure, they don’t think too much)
Or maybe he’s really going crazy.
OV was in a clinic after he lost his kingdom, maybe he knows some good shrinks.

a Hun

it is easy to be wise from the land of aggression, isn’t it?


I think there is absolutely no problem with being cheeky or simply aggressive as a journalist. Freedom of speech means that one may call the PM a bedwetter, a liar or whatever he/she wants. Either Orban or Gyurcsany.
The problem with this publication is that of quality. It’s just badly written. The author didn’t know where he was heading. Half of it is borrowed text (source not given).
I think Index has been having a serious quality management problem lately, especially with opinions. Commentaries were rather rare a few weeks ago. Now that the compass has turned right, many Index journalists seem to feel an urge to express their “opinion”. Which is usually mere hate speech against “communists”. This leads to a drop in quality, with no arguments and badly written texts. Unfortunately, there seems to be no editor who could tell these people to practice before they style themselves columnists.


“Commentaries were rather rare a few weeks ago. ”
A few years, that is.


Elmo: “The Prime Minister performance was pretty hurtful to the victims friends and families. I know it, becouse I’ve lost a good friend there… ”
While I sympathize with all the victims of the accident and their friends and families, what does this have to do with the Prime Minister? Is he supposed be on each train? At each railroad switch?

Prinz Clemens

én teljesen egyetértek ezzel a blogbejegyzéssel. üdv.

Eva S. Balogh

Prinz Clemens: “én teljesen egyetértek ezzel a blogbejegyzéssel. üdv.” Köszönöm/thank you.

Odin's lost eye

We all react to tragedies differently. We do not know why the PM’s eyes filled with tears. May be for someone he knew, who was involved, it may be some part of a report we have not seen which moved him deeply, or it was just the emotion of the moment, but at least it shows he cares! Let those who scoff take heed from the past. This country (and Europe in general) has had enough of uncaring automata of leadership and who are devoid of any form of human feeling (except perhaps sadism). In a job like being a Prime Minister you cannot be a ‘Mister Nice Guy’, but it is good to know that the PM does have feelings. Give me a leader who actually feels for the suffering of those he leads and he will lead them carefully.