Hungarian stock market performance 2009


Actually, I'm at a conference, due back late tomorrow. In the meantime, just so you wouldn't think I've abandoned you, here's a graphic compliments of the folks at Bespoke Investment Group. It shows the year-to-date (as of November 11) percentage change in local currency for the major equity indices of 82 countries. The average change of all countries is 33.27%. As you can see, Hungary is dramatically outperforming at 71.78%. (The other column is for geeks; it shows the percentage distance from the 50-day moving average.) This graphic, of course, would be more meaningful if it also included stock market performance in 2008.

Hungary stock market performance Bespoke Investment Group

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A conference you say?
Those Elis and their spooks, thick as thieves they are, thick as thieves.
First for one side, now the other.
I must give your due: what a career.