A new Hungarian site: Galamus.hu

You may have noticed that I managed, with the help of Galamus.hu's webmaster László Kelemen, to put up the banner of this new website among my links; it's an easy, inviting click-through. Galamus's editor-in-chief, Zsófia Mihancsik, described it as a place where daily reflections appear [in Hungarian] by a group of people who are interested in politics and everything else around them. The contributors' bios appear on the Galamus site under the heading "A csoporttagokról" (About the members of the group).

Why is the site named Galamus? Go to "A nevünkről" (About our name). In case some of you are not familiar with the Galamus Gorge, it is situated in southern France close to the Spanish border. The gorge is awe inspiring; it was carved into the cliffs by the fast flowing Agly Rier which has eroded ravines of up to 1,000 feet. Unfortunately, I'm still unable to place any pictures into the text, but a quick Internet search will offer up a wide array of images. I assume that Mihancsik picked the name because she spends her summer vacations nearby in France. By the way, she is, among other things, a translator from French to Hungarian with twenty titles to her name.

As for the articles. Of course I'm biased, but I think they're insightful. It is worth reading not only the current ones but also those that people wrote while our webmaster was working on the site. These are sharp-eyed people who immediately zero in on topics that merit commentary. Most focus on current events, but Zsófia Mihancsik also introduced a column on happenings from eight years ago under the title "Voltak, lesznek" (They were, they will be). I especially enjoyed a lengthy text from the the parliamentary debates on December 18, 2001. At that time János Áder was the speaker of the house. Áder's way of running the debates was more than peculiar. One could call it tyrannical.

Galamus.hu is new and needs all the help it can get. The beginnings are promising, but if you can read Hungarian I suggest that you take a look. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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On the same day as coming across the Galamus website I also came across a similar idea from the right http://www.jobbklikk.hu/
These days it’s pretty central that the newsfeed (RSS, Atom, RDF…) for the website articles is working. No-one has time to visit individual websites.
I subscribe to more than 2,000 feeds and would never be able to keep up with that number of websites.
Anyway, if Galamus is to biuld audience and be Google/Yahoo/Bing friendly it must get the newsfeed working.

Eva S. Balogh

Vándorló: “if Galamus is to biuld audience and be Google/Yahoo/Bing friendly it must get the newsfeed working.”
I will pass it on.

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vándorló: “if Galamus is to biuld audience and be Google/Yahoo/Bing friendly it must get the newsfeed working.”

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