Krisztina Morvai’s letter to the American ambassador to Hungary

I was hoping that the English version of this letter would be available on the internet because I assume that it was the letter's English version that was delivered to the American ambassador. However, I looked for it in vain, and therefore I will attempt a translation of it here.

First something about the ambassador. In the last nine years there have been at least four U.S. ambassadors in Budapest. None of them career diplomats. Three were women, all important fundraisers for victorious presidential candidates: Nancy Goodman Brinker (2001-2003), April H. Foley (2006-2009), and currently Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis. The fourth, George H. Walker III, is the first cousin of George H. Bush (2003-2006). Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis is too new for me to pass judgment on her performance, but neither George H. Walker III nor April H. Foley made much of an impression on me. Nancy Goodman Brinker, however, was an outstanding ambassador who has developed, it seems, a lasting friendship with the country and its people. Among other things she has become a collector and promoter of contemporary Hungarian art.

Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis presented her credentials to the President of Hungary, László Sólyom, on January 11, 2010, and immediately committed a diplomatic faux-pas. She said that Viktor Orbán reminded her of Bill Clinton of twenty years ago. Considering that at the last U.S. elections Orbán was keeping fingers crossed for the Republicans, this was an odd remark from an Obama appointee. In any case, anyone interested in learning a little more about Eleni Tsakopoulus-Kounalakis should read György Lázár's piece in Élet és Irodalom.

On election night Eleni Tsakopoulus-Kounalakis visited the headquarters of the three "democratic" parties that will be represented in the Hungarian parliament. She didn't pay a visit to the headquarters of Jobbik. And here enters Krisztina Morvai, who got mighty upset at the U.S. ambassador's discrimination against her party. Morvai's letter turned out to be a bit long-winded and not without dramatic flourishes, and therefore I won't be able to translate the whole thing. However, I hope you'll be able to get the gist of it.

First, Morvai told the ambassador that it was from the newspapers that she learned about the ambassador's visit to the headquarters of only three parties, the "ones you consider democratic." It seems therefore that "you think that the MSZP is a democratic party although its predecessor professed the ideology of communism that was responsible for the death of 110 million people." By avoiding Jobbik as a non-democratic party, "you offended the victims of communism in addition to approximately 850,000 Hungarian men and women who voted for Jobbik."

"Let me point out to you that your ideas concerning democracy are rather peculiar. In fact, they are outright wrong." Morvai enclosed with her letter a 290-page book in which the Civil Legal Committee, Morvai's creation, outlined all the illegalities of the Hungarian police on October 23, 2006. "I suppose that this volume cannot be found in the library of the embassy because your government and diplomatic corps didn't show the slightest interest at the time of the bloody police terror that took place in the fall of 2006 in Budapest." Then she describes her own version of the events according to which "the police, directed by the government to be rough, shot at the peaceful demonstrators." First of all, it sounds as if the police used live ammunition and not rubber bullets. Second, while there might have been some curious onlookers who got mixed up with the raging mob who in spite of repeated warnings didn't leave the scene, in general her description of the events bears no resemblance to reality. If that weren't enough she goes on about tortured prisoners, show trials, many hundreds of people who were beaten half to death. And so on and so forth. The truth is that serious crimes were committed by the "demonstrators" and thanks to the very lenient courts, especially when it comes to the right side of the political spectrum, practically no one got punished.

"Where was the American diplomatic corps which considers democracy so important during these shameful events, Madam Ambassador? Please check why the American Embassy didn't answer the letter of the Civil Legal Committee in which I asked the American and other western diplomats to raise their voices and use their international authority and condemn the Gyurcsány government."  Moreover, according to Morvai, the Americans are guilty in some other ways as well. They let the Gyurcsány and Bajnai governments rob the country blind, said nothing when they used "Israeli water cannons" to disperse peaceful people demonstrating on behalf of 100,000 hungry children, and let the Hungarian government imprison innocent people. "You consider a party democratic that trampled on all the values of democracy, on freedom, on human rights, and on human dignity?"

In addition to her book, Morvai also sent a copy of Jobbik's program which, according to her, demonstrates that Jobbik is the only party in Hungary that most clearly supports democratic principles. "You seem to be bothered by the unarmed Hungarian Guard that came into existence in self-defense at the time of police brutality." Then come a few interesting sentences. She compares the Hungarian Guard favorably to armed security companies hired by multinational companies or, even more interestingly to "a unified European police force" that is under consideration and which, in Morvai's opinion, lacks the approval of the peoples of Europe.

Then Morvai touts her credentials. She spent a year at the University of Wisconsin as a Fulbright visiting lecturer and subsequently four years in New York as an expert on human rights at the United Nations. She knows the American people, and she is sure that "they demand the representation of American ideals from you. They have the right to know which way their diplomatic representative in a former communist country behaves. They ought to know that you visited a party that is the successor to those communists who shot out innocent people's eyes. They ought to know that by your visit you may have increased this party's acceptance by the people." Therefore she is making this letter public in Hungarian and in English via the internet. She especially wants this letter to reach Hungarians living in the United States. She will ask them to give their opinion about the decision of an American diplomat to call MSZP a democratic party.

Can anyone imagine Ms. Morvai as the president of the Republic of Hungary, the post for which her party nominated her? As it is, she is an embarrassment in Brussels.


  1. Kuruc Joska:
    Your argument seems to be that because the Jews were expelled from most European countries therefore they must have been destroying those countries.
    That doesn’t really work. It is like saying that Protestants must have been destroying France or there would not have been the St Batholomew’s Day massacres or “kulaks” must have been destroying the USSR or there wouldn’t have been the 1930s famines.

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  2. David,
    What you say might sound like wisdom, but think about this for a second: None of those countries had problem with people of an other religion (jews)(except when they do their little blood rituals of course). The problem starts when instead of being a productive members of the society they use their host country’s social system and governmental body to their own benefit (through cheating lying and blackmailing – after all these are all allowed, as longs as you do it to the goys,right ) and to the point where the host country cannot function any more – then they’ll get booted out every time without a fail. Could all those countries before be mistaken. I do not think so. You can be sure that it will happen in Hungary too (again)..

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  3. Joska:
    “What you say might sound like wisdom, but think about this for a second: None of those countries had problem with people of an other religion (jews)”
    Clearly you know next to nothing about European history if you believe that there was universal religious tolerance in the middle ages. While there was often de facto tolerance of minorities there could also be intense persecution.
    Look at the events of the Albigensian Crusades or the Thirty Years War for examples of religious expulsions and massacres, which were fairly commonplace in the era before freedom of religion became widely accepted.
    The examples you give show the intolerance of medieval authorities, not the guilt of those expelled or persecuted. I am sure that the perpetrators of the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre had some sort of rationale based on the evils of the Protestant Hugenuots, but as I say this does not make the rationale true.
    Ironically Hungary was one of the first countries to move towards religious freedom with the Edict of Torda in 1568.
    I suppose the primary difference between conservatism and nationalism is that conservatism regards the traditions of the nation as important and to be valued. Religious toleration is a Hungarian tradition to a much greater degree than is the case in most surrounding countries.
    Nationalism on the other hand attaches supreme importance to creating a theoretical definition of who is and who is not part of the nation and of seeking to apply this artificial theory to real life.

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  4. David!
    You make my point even stronger… Hungarians do not have a problem with a different religion. We do have a problem however with Jewish influence in/on the Hungarian government and the media, education, justice etc..

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  5. I’m just one out of many Hungarian nationals who ran away from Communist 30+ years ago. I found refuge and a new home in the United States and became an American citizen.
    It is a shame that after the so called “Hungarian Revolution” the Communist still have a seat in the Hungarian Parliament to rule. The Communist system has lived just long enough to prove that its methods of treating people are equal with that of Fascism. Let me remind everyone just once more what a cruel and terrorizing system Communism was… It robed human beings from their dignities, freedom to choose and life.
    After many decades of oppression, I do see a spark, a light of hope for this tiny nation / country called Hungary.
    If you’ve studied history it is very obvious that America never really cared about Hungary or its people… Hungarians were thrown to the Soviets after WWII without a blink of an eye; Austria got lucky because of Winston Churchill and remained on the Western side. Remember the 1956, uprising in Hungary against the Communist…; no-one came to Hungary’s aid! You were left alone with Mr. Kadar Janos and his invited guests the Russian Communist…
    So, my advice to you is to fight for your Country, be humane with everyone who is willing to work and earn an honest living, strive for excellence and restore your Country little by little. Bring it up to the standards that exist in Germany and other Western Countries today. Don’t expect big things from the United States or the European Union. Always do what is right for Hungary and its people and stick to your guns :–}.
    Congratulations to those who are responsible for initiating the new laws that recognize and embrace all Hungarian nationals who live in the neighboring countries (thanks to the treaty from Triannon :–{) and around the World. Congratulations ones again, you are on the right path, keep on doing what you set out to do and unite the Hungarian Nation. United you will be stronger and your voice will be heard. Make us all proud that we were born Hungarians!
    Miss Morvai Krisztina should ask for a meeting with the American Ambassador in Budapest and express her views and opinions in a peaceful and constructive manner. She should also ask for an explanation from the Ambassador why she elected not to visit and congratulate her winning party after the elections. Maybe Miss. Morvai Krisztina should explain the direction and philosophy of her party to the Ambassador so she clearly understands what the party stands for.
    In my opinion there is a lot of truth in her letter, however the presentation and tone of it wasn’t quite right. Be more of a Diplomat, let’s learn from our sad history and be more strategic. If you know that you’re right and didn’t get the justice that is deserves take your agenda higher up and never give up. The key to your success is that you present the issues in a civilized – peaceful and comprehensive fashion, deliver it over and over again in front of International Comities and never give up.

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  6. Hey, don’t mix nazi with nationalist. Jobbik is nationalist but not nazi. Jobbik fights against crime – jails are full with gypsies so everyone can state that most of criminals in Hungary are gypsies. Certainly not all gypsies are criminals. Just check out Ms Morvai’s videos on youtube to see how majority of gypsies live despite of 20 years of positive discrimination. Can you imagine a gypsy family in your neighborhood who steals your life away? And police does nothing. Youngsters who cannot be sentenced by law kill old womens for a value of a bread. When the gypsies’ neighbor relocates to another house to save its life gypsies go into the abandoned hause and rob even the electricity cables out from the wall. This is done only by gypsies. Fuck this independent media.

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  7. Bloody hell – I’ve only just read this thread (I missed the original post). I’ve never read such rubbish on HS, even when our regular trolls were posting.
    I hope it’s very clear to all the regulars that the ‘Paul’ who was posting earlier is NOT me.

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  8. @Steve. Milosovic responded to 20 years of Albanian terror and ethnic cleansing(see David Binders reports from the NY Times in the 80’s)of Serbs, Rom, Gorani and others. Milosovic was responding to this and to daily terror. If the US was son concerned with ethnic cleansing why didnt they bomb Tirana? Pristina?
    Operation Storm, during which the fascist Croatian army moved out 2-3 hundred thousand Serbs, with American help. Naser Oric and the thousands of Serbs he tortured and eradicated, on video, in the then little known town of Srebenica…then, when Serbs come to exact revenge? Its a holocaust, a genocide. Milosovic was one of many monsters, but not the first not the sole monster. That would be whoever is US President. I know, Im American Indian. The Constitution is a fine document, if you aren’t Native American. Hitler was awed at how the US erased the Indians. Americas foundation is built on lies and murder, she will collapse, unlike the CCCP , she will devolve into a Somalian cesspool.As anti-Semitic as her statements are, it is her country, yes?Whats odd is her human rights work and then Jobbiks hatred of Gypsies.Very illogical.The Left in Europe has overplayed their hand, by left I mean too the liberal marketeers who rape the coffers as the liberals welcome every scum nation to elbow out the natives.

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