A milestone in the life of Hungarian Spectrum

I began writing Hungarian Spectrum more than three years ago, on June 30, 2007. Today's post is number 1,000. So, it's time to celebrate.1,000 
During this time we received 6,155 comments, most of which were valuable contributions to the topics discussed. I thank everybody, readers and commentators alike, for their support. After a rocky beginning when very few people happened upon Hungarian Spectrum the readership has grown enormously. I especially appreciate the high level of the discussions and the civilized manner in which these discussions are conducted.

So, I'm taking the day off, but you may want to read something that I found very interesting. In the last two days we heard about the personal experiences of Andrea Mezei in Hungarian hospitals. Here we have an opportunity to read a "scientific" assessment of Hungary's health care situation. One of the many Hungarian think tanks, Political Capital, now has an English language website, RiskandForecast.com. It's worth taking a look at their postings from time to time, especially their latest study called "How Medicine May Break the Bank." Good reading!

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Paul Hellyer

Congratulations, Eva. A magnificent achievement and we all look forward to the next 1000!


Congratulations, Eva. This is a fantastic blog. Hope we’ll see many more posts.

@ESBalogh: By way of deep irony, I was in Peterfy Hospital all this morning, waiting with a friend while they were allocated a bed (they were told to get there at 07h30, they got the bed at 11h30). This person, as the doctors know, has a chronic illness and could do without standing or waiting around for 3 hours. I digress. So there we were waiting and amusing ourselves, when Kállai Ferenc (the main actor in ‘A Tanú’, the film that gave us the ‘Hungarian Orange’ and once celebrated by Fidesz’s now vanished sense of perspective, decency and humour) walks in. And like everyone else, took his place in the queue. But he waited and waited with us, for more than 90 minutes to speak to a doctor/nurse for 2 minutes. I’ve just looked up how old he is. 85 and made to wait 90 minutes for a conversation that could have been handled over the phone. The trouble is, he, like the rest of us, didn’t know who to talk to and was told one thing by one group of people and another thing by another. So we all just sit there and wait. In most hospitals it’s an… Read more »

Congratulations on the first 1000 posts. I look forward to many, many more!


@Vandorlo — http://www.origo.hu/filmklub/blog/halal/20100712-meghalt-kallai-ferenc.html Kallai Ference has passed away since you last saw him.


I hope that Kallai’s death is not a bad omen for this fantastic blog – when we’re back in Hungary we’ll watch “a tanu” again and have a drink on him and all good people evrywhere …
Keep up the good work, Eva (I hope I’m allowed to call You that)


Congratulations Eva for your informative, educational, clear and brilliant blog. Most appreciated.
Sad news about Ferenc Kallai. He was one of the greatest actors of Hungary.


@Jules: Well, much respect to the great man. Though, that is pretty scary. I’m going back to the hospital later in a few hours and I’ll check with my friend to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Whoever I saw, they were too old and too infirm to wait so long for simple medical care – particularly when others could magically queue jump.
My friend has just told me they need another 20,000-30,000ft for the anesthesiologist.


I agree with virtually nothing written on this blog, but it would be churlish in the extreme not to recognise the high quality of its writing and the invaluable contribution it makes to having the curiosities of Hungarian life known to a global audience.
Sincere congratulations Dr B.

Arthur Crane

Dear Eva,
Congratulations, and thank you for writing this blog. I do not always fully agree with your conclusions, but I greatly admire your dogged research and spirit.
Best regards,

Eva S. Balogh

I thank everybody for all the positive comments. I really appreciated them. I’m especially taken with the notes of those who don’t agree with me but found the blog worth reading. Thank you. Eva


It is definitely worth reading. You’ve established this blog as, probably, the major English language source of news and comment for what is going on in Hungary.