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Keep up the good fight!

John G

A New Year’s Blessing:
Had we one more day
it would not be stuffing envelopes
to save the world,
citing love as our reason
for feasting on romanticized
atrocities in the nightly news
(which are still atrocities, cold
and ordinary, come morning)
and believing
that if we analyzed and dissected
our suffering long and hard
enough and set up camps
in stations of the lost
and joined the victims
and survivors and born
again wounded,
some kind of healing
would happen.
Oh, perhaps some good came of all that
learning and unlearning the languages
of sorrow which hung heavy
around our necks and cut
deeply in our lips,
but had we one more day
I imagine we might have
chosen instead the laughing
geese above us and their gawking
at the melodramas
we made.
Under the cedars we might have
lingered, graced by slowness
of breath and the utter importance
of the hummingbird
and petals from delicate
flowers falling
with the fragile forgiveness
of the seasons
and the godliness of laughter
and the tenacity of the beating heart
carrying on without needing
to know why.
As remarkable as finding ourselves
awake, at last, trembling
and seeing each other
for the first time.
lisa shatzky (published in The New Quarterly, 2010, and Simple Praise,2009)


Tanti auguri a Eva e a tutti della buona volontà!


Happy new year to all of you and thank you, Eva, for this blog.
I hope 2011 will bring Hungary the sanity it very badly needs.

Gretchen Dunn

Thank you for the intelligence you bring to these topics. I discovered your blog this year and I am so grateful. Best wishes -to all!- for the coming year.


BÚÉK to all posters! I hope Fidesz HQ have let ‘Joe’, ‘Kevin’, etc off for the evening.
It’s going to be a long, hard year in Hungary and the UK, so here’s hoping sanity ultimately triumphs in both countries and we are able to to start 2012 in a much more positive frame of mind.
And last, but by no means least, thanks to Éva for keeping this blog going and for her excellent posts. Here’s wishing Éva and HS many more years of being the grit in the Hungarian oyster.


I hope everybody made it into the New Year without accidents and wish you all the best – it probably couldn’t become worse …
If you believe the German news, Europe is on its way to a better economy, let’s hope this includes Hungary too …
BÚÉK to everybody here!