Anders Behring Breivik’s Hungarian connections

The horrible massacre in Norway by a thirty-two-year-old fanatic shook the whole world. Every newspaper is full of the details and the latest developments concerning Anders Behring Breivik. One can find over 3,000 articles just in English on the subject, and the Hungarian media is no exception. In the last three days more then 700 articles appeared about the Norwegian terrorist, whom the Hungarian journalists simply call "the Norwegian butcher." 

Hungarian interest in the case owes something to the fact that Breivik's rambling 1,500-page "testament" has several references to Hungary and Hungarians. His knowledge of the country, its politics, and even its history shows that the Norwegian terrorist's interest in the country was not casual.

One of the reasons for his initial interest was that his "best friend" was a certain Peter whose parents arrived in Norway from "the marxist Soviet Union." Breivik is most likely mistaken here because Peter's parents were in fact Hungarian. He and Peter celebrated Peter's thirtieth birthday in Budapest. That was in 2009, but he also visited the Hungarian capital earlier.

I suspect that Breivik knows more about Hungary than the average European or American. He mentions the names of György Lukács and Imre Kertész. Naturally, he has a very low opinion of Lukács, the Marxist philosopher whom he considers guilty of developing what he calls "cultural Marxism." On the other hand, he is an admirer of Kertész. According to Kertész, a civilization that doesn't declare its values unequivocally or lets these values slip will start on the road toward ruin. According to Breivik's comment on the quotation, it is a very "timely" warning.

Another interesting discovery is that Breivik seems to know something about Hungarian history. Or at least he is familiar with the name of János Hunyadi (1407-1456), the hero of the Battle of Belgrade/ Nándorfehérvár against the Turks that kept the Turkish armies away from Hungary for almost another 100 years. Breivik bemoans the fact that Hunyadi's name is not known outside of Hungary although "he most likely did more than anyone else for the prevention of the Ottoman conquest of Europe. He slowed down the Muslim advance and thus saved Western Europe from Islamic rule." He is most upset that "our children don't learn anything about him … when in a wider sense he saved even the North American and Australian civilizations."

The anniversary of the Battle of Belgrade (July 22, 1456) was just declared to be a "day of remembrance" by the Hungarian parlliament. Apparently the suggestion for its celebration came from the Batthyány Circle of Professors (great supporters of Fidesz), Sándor Lezsák, a minor poet and nowadays Fidesz member of parliament, and István Simicskó, undersecretary of defense. The supporters of the bill emphasized the religious aspects of the struggle between the Ottoman Empire and the international forces under János Hunyadi. Christianity's victory over Islam. I wonder what the members of the professorial circle are thinking now after reading the reports of Breivik's admiration for Hunyadi as a defender of Christianity against Islam. In any case, ordinary Hungarians who are not well versed in history are convinced that Hungary suffered for 250 years under the Turkish yoke in order to save Europe from Islamic conquest. 

Breikvik is also familiar with the Hungarian extreme right. He met a few Hungarians who were among the founders of an organization called "European Military Criminal Court–The Temple Knights" in 2002. The Knights were planning a "preventive war against Europe's cultural-Marxist and multicultural regimes … in order to prevent or eliminate the current Islamic colonization/occupation." Breivik is convinced that there are several thousand people who are ready fight for such a cause all over Europe, including Hungary. If I were working for the Hungarian National Security Office, I would start cracking!

Breivik knows about the existence of three far-right parties or organizations: Magyar Igazság és Élet Pártja (MIÉP), Hatvannégy Vármegye Ifjúság Mozgalom (HVIM) and Jobbik. He is aware of Jobbik's antisemitism and anti-Roma propaganda, and at one point in his writings he suggests that the best solution for the Roma problem in Europe would be the establishment of a country for them. A few days before the killing spree Breivik wrote e-mail to several far-right organizations all over Europe. Among the recipients was László Toroczkai, the leader of HVIM, an openly revisionist group. In the e-mail Breivik called attention to his "study" published on the Internet under the title "2083." Toroczkai doubts that he ever met Breivik. He further claims that he didn't read the e-mail until after the event and that he hasn't yet read the 1,500-page manifesto.

Breivik has a very good opinion of Václáv Klaus, the euroskeptic president of the Czech Republic, because Klaus declared several times that only nation states can guarantee democracy and not "empires or such conglomeration of states, as the European Union." In that case he must also have liked Viktor Orbán, who was called "the secret weapon" of euroskeptics in the European Union. After all, Orbán is also convinced that nation states are superior to a unified Europe, which he is already burying.

The Hungarian far-right organizations, akin to their western counterparts, are somewhat embarrassed and try to distance themselves from Breivik's unspeakable act. MTI asked two "experts" about their assessment of the situation, and these two men made pronouncements on things they couldn't possibly know anything about. One of these experts confidently announced that "the Hungarian connection shouldn't be overemphasized." Barikád, Jobbik's on-line newspaper, was delighted and immediately published an article containing this information. The same expert announced that in Hungary one shouldn't worry about similar terror attacks because terrorism is not part of the Hungarian culture. He seems to have forgotten about the murders of Romas in the past few years.


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breivik’s madness is the perfect warning for hungarians.
have a moderate government.
reject the ultras on the right and left.
respect the ideals of ferenc deak more than the heroes of the wasted battles.

Odin's lost eye
I was watching the BBC world service hoping to get news of the test match when the news of the explosion in Oslo broke. ‘Hum’ I thought to myself ‘Jihadists’. Then the news of the ‘Utoya’ Island killings broke. My reaction was ‘Bastards’! As things developed I remembered other ‘twats’ I had bumped into over the years. Most of these little psychos, often with ‘pumped up’ muscles, had been ‘rejected’ by the military as unstable/unsuitable. Put the ‘monkey’, who did it, on a ‘sickener’ (a course to test your determination and will power) and he would be shouting for his mummy after five minutes. The fact that the Norwegian police collared him alive shows that he only had stomach for killing un-armed children and teenagers. When someone turned up who could (and would) shoot back at him he lost his ‘bottle’. If you look at, you may see this loony dressed up in a uniform wearing god knows what self awarded medals/orders (probably bought in junk shops). A few frames later posing with a weapon with all sorts of bits and bobs attached to it wearing a body hugging Lycra (Spandex) outfit. By gosh! He is thinking “Aren’t I… Read more »

will it again reveal no deep layers of terror?
it is annoying that we have to believe in the lone wolves theories?
this killing of norwegians was bad.
the many past and future anarchist jihadist terror attacks on our civilization are an even worst poblem of our times.
the nonsensical ideas of the US government are inexcusable. where is churchill when humanity needs him?
i hope we will not have false charges against dreifusses while esterhazys escape.
i do not mean that this breivik was a dreifuss. this breivik was either his own invention, or just a puppet for some handlers.


G300, I do not really believe in a conspiracy here to be honest. I think he was a mentally unstable individual, but as Odin’s pointed out, there are some small pieces in this puzzle that just does not fit.

peter litvanyi

Totally “off topic”:
Dear “Odin’s”: I am personally curious /just like a cat/. May I bring up the subject of Mr. Jany Gusztav, Sir? Just to make it clear: none of my family fought for the Axis with the exception of my gradma’s brother who served at the Don’s bend under Jany.
I do not think Mr. Jany was a hero. He was a bad soldier and made a grave human error. Yet he returned and gave his honest testimony as befitting an officer.I understand he was executed and perhaps even that was not enough to wash it all off for some. Not a sigle bullet missed the vital target at the /communist if you wish/ execution and that’s about right.
I DO NOT tolerate any insulting word or any snide remark about the late Mr. Jany. From anyone and under any circumstances. May he rest in peace.
Age has nothing to do with it, Sir. It was never mentioned in the Oath.
This is all I wanted to say.
Peter Litvanyi

Odin's lost eye
Dear G300 in many ways Breivik was his own invention. You can see that from the pictures. He may have been aided, abetted, controlled and influenced by others. In the main these toads always are their own invention. The Norwegian police collared him red handed, and he has confessed (very quickly). The Norwegian police will not let him the matter rest at that. Dear Some1 the ‘minor points’ as you describe them which I raised are now the focuses of urgent and through police investigations. Without saying too much the Norwegian police will be going through everything they can find with a ‘fine tooth comb. Others (non Norwegian facilities) will be helping. By now some of the residues of the explosives will be being looked at on both sides of the Atlantic. Every scrap of the evidence from the bomb site will be sifted and the infernal device will be reconstructed to see who made it or who taught him to make it. Every spent cartridge will be found to see where they came from etc. The Norwegian police and their friends will be having the metaphorical ‘drains up on’ this one. Peter Litvanyi (off topic) Until you mentioned Col… Read more »

Odin’s lost eye, There are no excuses for this individual (except of course he was mentally challenged, but then what were his doctors, friends (Peter) and others doing all this years?). THere are few important things I teach my children (next to the greatness of cinema), and one is that “You are fully responsible for your own actions or non-actions. ” They know this from early age. We have choices to make through are lives, and this disturbed individual choose this road. Anyone, every single person who supported him in any way, I hope will be held responsible.


“As things developed I remembered other ‘twats’ I had bumped into over the years. Most of these little psychos, often with ‘pumped up’ muscles, had been ‘rejected’ by the military as unstable/unsuitable. Put the ‘monkey’, who did it, on a ‘sickener’ (a course to test your determination and will power) and he would be shouting for his mummy after five minutes.”
I read some of his manifesto on the internet. Apparently he avoided compulsory military service in Norway – he claisms because he didn’t agree with the government.