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A Hungarian Catholic archbishop looks at the “modern” world

David Baer, who teaches theology and philosophy at Texas Lutheran University, is interested in the fate of Hungary. He spent two longer periods in Hungary as a Fulbright scholar and is the author of a book entitled The Struggle of Hungarian Lutherans under Communism. He also has family connections that tie him to the country. His wife and two children are Hungarian citizens. He speaks Hungarian well.

On January 17 Baer decided to write an open letter to Hungarian churches in which he expressed his worries about the general state … Read the rest

The new Hungarian schools and their products

I’m sure that most of you are familiar with early Soviet history when the regime’s aim was the creation of a superior Soviet man. Viktor Orbán’s regime is embarking on something similar, and naturally it will be the schools that will be responsible for educating this new patriotic, religious, moral Hungarian breed.

Today’s western culture is rotten to the core: secular and immoral. However, a few years of Hungarian schooling will produce an entirely different Hungarian population. These new Hungarians will be the perfect products of the newly introduced school … Read the rest

Fidesz, the tobacco monopoly, and the tobacco industry’s lobby

As soon as I read that Fidesz wants to make the sale of tobacco products a state monopoly I became suspicious. The legislation, about which naturally Magyar Nemzet learned first, was ostensibly designed to prevent young people under the age of eighteen from purchasing cigarettes. Because, as the story goes, some stores–especially supermarkets and hypermarkets owned by multinationals–are awfully lax. They don’t bother to check the IDs of young people. But, just wait! The new “tobacco shops,” naturally called “national tobacco shops,” will be much more vigilant. Moreover, there will … Read the rest

Fidesz’s attitude toward the communist past

There is a lot of talk in Fidesz circles about the communist past and its sins. Only yesterday there was a day of remembrance for the victims of communism. In the large crowd in front of the House of Terror stood Hungary’s prime minister with his lighted candle which he placed on the sidewalk.

In his reply to Hillary Clinton that Hungarian Spectrum made public yesterday, Viktor Orbán wrote about the “lamentable” fact that “Hungary failed until now to conclude the post-communist era.” In fact, Viktor Orbán and Fidesz in … Read the rest

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s answer to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s letter

You may recall that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent a letter to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in which she expressed her and the Obama administration's worries about the state of democracy in Orbán's Hungary. On December 30 I published a facsimile of this letter. I described Viktor Orbán's policies as being on a collision course with practically the whole world. The signs of crisis may not look as grave as they did in late December, but I still maintain that the course that Viktor Orbán is … Read the rest

New attacks on Klubrádió and György Bolgár

And while Magyar Nemzet was at it, the superb journalists working for the pro-government paper decided that they ought to finish off two other people who obviously irritate the Orbán government. So to speak, they wanted to kill three birds with one stone.

Let’s make one thing clear. Magyar Nemzet could never publish articles attacking Neelie Kroes and Hillary Clinton without specific permission from the government and, considering the hierarchical nature of Fidesz, that permission might come from Viktor Orbán himself.

Sure, attacking György Bolgár doesn’t need any permission. Attacks … Read the rest

Immediate government reactions to the European Commission’s recommendation

The Fidesz government is demanding the resignation of László Andor, commissioner for employment, social affairs and inclusion in the Barroso administration. He was nominated to his current post by the Bajnai government and Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz, then in opposition, fiercely opposed him due to his alleged Marxist views. Mind you, Viktor Orbán opposed everything under the sun. If Andor had not been the editor-in-chief of a “leftist” social science quarterly, Eszmélet (Consciousness), he would have found something else wrong with the candidate.

Andor’s sin is that he wasn’t present at … Read the rest