Let’s save Galamus!

It was in December 2009 that Galamus, a website featuring news and opinion pieces, first appeared. Within a few months it became a leading carrier of high quality articles by a group of people who care about Hungarian democracy. The editor-in-chief is Zsófia Mihancsik, an outstanding journalist, who has given everything she's got to this project, including her savings. She is at the end of her resources. One more month and there is no Galamus.

It would be a terrible loss if Galamus had to close its doors. In the last few months Zsófia and her team have been able to continue thanks to the 680 "subscribers" who contributed to keep the website alive.

Galamus is practically the only website that reports on the foreign press: English, German, and French articles about Hungary. MTI dramatically scaled back on its coverage. It was on Galamus that one could read Kim Lane Scheppele's articles on the Hungarian constitution or articles by Paul Krugman and Francis Fukuyama in Hungarian translation.

If you can, please consider a donation. There is information about how to contribute in forints, euros, and U.S. dollars at http://galamus.hu/images/stories/galamus/editor-galamus-kft-szamlaadatok.pdf.


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Pete H.

You should setup a PayPal account for contributions. The fee for bank transfers from US to Hungary is prohibitive. The PayPal link could be posted on Hungarian Spectrum, Galamus, or anyone else’s website who would like to encourage contributions to your group.
When the RedSludge Aid organizers asked for contribution, they also asked for bank transfers. I wrote them, encouraged them to setup a PayPal account and they did. I hope you do the same.
Good luck with your fund drive!

Mutt Damon

I donated! YOU should too! 🙂
They gave up on the PayPal because they say it’s cumbersome to set it up in Hungary and it costs money.
Bad thinking.
– TASZ and atlatszo.hu accept PayPal.
– 1 extra PayPal donation to every 20 would cover the costs.
– PayPal is the best for “impulse donations” on the net. You put a link at the end of each article saying “If you liked this, please donate! We need it!” and then a click places you directly to a PayPal login page (amount pre-filled). Two clicks and money is sent.
– Your spouse has no access to you PayPal account.
Wire fees from bank accounts are horrible indeed. The banks charge on average a full year of Galamus subscription.


I would pay via PayPal. Transferring money to Hungary is way to much. Setting up PayPal does not cost a peny, but when you receive payments they take some. Still it is way less than what money transfer is. People can pay the PayPal fee. It can be set up that way.


My bank’s fee for transfers is 40 USD: too much! Although I cannot read what Galamus has on its site, I recognize that it is much to my benefit that others are able to do so. I support a PayPal account.

Eva S. Balogh

Gretchen: “I support a PayPal account.”
So, do I. About a year ago I suggested it to Galamus to set up one but nothing came of it. I will write them again.


I’m not a fan of PayPal, but I am happy to support Galamus through whatever means are thought best.
I had a look at the link at the end of the article, but it didn’t mean much to me.
A page in English, suggesting how much to donate (I would be happy to set up a regular direct debit) and giving the details of how to do it, would be much easier and more likely to get donations.


Paul, you are able to pay with any credit cards if they set up a PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal by credit cards.


And with a few clicks you can setup a regular payment with a PayPal account. That’s the other advantage of PP!


I’d also like to pay in £s!
I’ve had no end of trouble with PayPal (none of it my fault) and once you get snarled up in the PP automatic ‘solution’ system, it’s a bloody nightmare. For over a year I couldn’ use my PP account (and therefore couldn’t use eBay), and it all started because I switched my phone to Skype!