Protests against racism and threats to media freedom in Hungary

The international indignation over the remarks of Márton Gyöngyösi (Jobbik) in the Hungarian Parliament concerning people of Jewish extraction posing a threat to national security prompted many individuals and organizations to raise their voices. Among them Hungarians and Hungarian organizations in North America. I will publish here two such protests.

The first is a bipartisan document. The organizers were hoping to get support from not only the so-called “left” side of the political spectrum but also from the “right.” These two sides normally don’t see eye to eye, but in this case the two groups came together and joined hands in protest. A fair number of the signatories came from Béla Lipták’s Hungarian Lobby.

The letter was first sent to MTI  which for some strange reason refused to publish it. Perhaps they didn’t realize that the letter had bipartisan support. On the other hand, the pro-government Heti Válasz first published the letter with only a partial list of the signers and a few hours later they came out with the complete list. It is possible that Heti Válasz received its partial list from the Hungarian Lobby and therefore found it more acceptable than if it had come from some suspicious liberal source.

* * *

Letter to Mr. László Kövér, President of the Hungarian Parliament

We the undersigned Hungarians and Hungarian speakers living in the United States and Canada without any regard to political convictions most strenuously object to the racist remarks of Márton Gyöngyösi, Jobbik member of parliament, on November 26. We  also take exception to what happened in the chamber where the legislators present  listened to Gyöngyösi’s anti-Semitic remarks without so much as a murmur. We would like to remind the members of parliament that the honor of Hungary is at stake; we don’t want to be ashamed of our country of birth.

We ask you and your fellow parliamentarians to condemn all types of racism more forcefully than you have done in the past.

Sincerely yours,
István Deák, New York NY
Melitta Abraham, Toronto ON
Andreas Abraham, Chevy Chase MD
Christopher Adam, Ottawa ON
Gergely Baics, New York NY
Eva S. Balogh, Bethany CT
Anna Bayer, Washington DC
David Balazs Beleznay, Toronto ON
Viktor Beelik, Zephyr Cove NV
Bela Bognar, Dayton OH
April Bognar, Dayton OH
Gyula Bognár Jr., Los Angeles CA
Holly Case, Ithaca NY
Gina Csanyi-Robah, Toronto ON
Frank T. Csongos, Fairfax VA
Emőke Danyi, Toronto ON
Bryan Dawson, Washington DC
Charles Farkas, Chappaqua NY
Donka Farkas, Santa Cruz CA
Peter Farkas, Santa Cruz CA
Gabriel Farkas, Portland OR
Erika Farkas, Toronto ON
Ferenc Felkai, Toronto ON
Lizou Fenyvesi, Washington DC
Charles Fenyvesi, Washington DC
Robert Frank, Cleveland OH
Tibor Frank, Toronto ON
László Fülöp, Minnespolis MN
Robert Gabor, Chevy Chase MD
Péter Gács, Boston MA
Vera Gara, Ottawa ON
George Gara, Ottawa ON
Janos Gertler, Washington DC
Susan Glanz, New York NY
András Göllner, Montreal QC
Cathy Gulkin, Toronto ON
Robert Halasz, New York NY
László  Hámos, New York NY
Paul Hanebrink, New York NY
Stevan Harnad, Montreal QC
Ágnes Hegyi, Washington DC
Bálint  Kacsóh, Macon GA
Vera Kadar, Ottawa ON
Gena Kadar, Los Angeles CA
Paul Kadar, Toronto ON
Marlene Kadar, Toronto ON
Arpad Kadarkay, Lakewood WA
András Kiséry, New York NY
Andras Koerner, New York NY
Laszlo Korbuly, Sarasota FL
Ferenc Korompai, Temple TX
Éva Kossuth, Vancouver BC
Frank Koszorus, Jr., Washington DC
Laszlo Kovacs, Washington DC
Edith Lauer, Cleveland OH
Béla Lipták, Stamford CT
Daniel Lowy, Washington DC
Gabor Lukacs, Halifax NS
Gergely Lukacs, Montreal QC
Zoltan Maros, Toronto ON
Leslie Megyeri, Washington DC
György Mező, Windermere FL
Miklos Muller, New York NY
Leslie Murray, Milton MA
Norman Nawrocki, Montreal QC
Laszlo Jakab Orsos, New York NY
Laszlo Papp, New Canaan CT
George Pick, Washington DC
Anna Porter, Toronto ON
Andrew Romay, New York, NY
Iván Sanders, New York NY
Tibor Schatteles, Ottawa ON
Ágnes Schatteles, Ottawa ON
Agatha Schwartz Ottawa ON
Julia Sonnevend, New York NY
Ágnes Sylvester Fülöp, Minnespolis MN
Judith Szapor, Montreal QC
Katalin Teleki, Washington DC
Maximilian N. Teleki, Washington DC
Barna Toekes, Mason MI
Stephen Vajtay, Jr., Somerset NJ
Charles Vamossy, New York NY
Julius Varallyay, Washington DC
Béla Várdy, Pittsburgh PA
Ágnes Várdy Huszár, Pittsburgh PA
Eva Anna Vas, Washington DC
Fruzsina Veress, Needham MA
Gábor Vermes, New York NY
Judy Young, Ottawa ON
Csaba Zoltani, Lutherville MD

* * *



Montreal, November 29, 2012

 On Monday, November 26, 2012, the co-chairman of the Hungarian Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee, Márton Gyöngyösi, stood up in Parliament and asked the right-wing  government of Viktor Orbán to compile a list of those members of the government and of Parliament who are of Jewish ancestry. In the view of this prominent Hungarian parliamentarian, the presence of Jews in Parliament and the government pose a threat to Hungary’s national security.

The last time such blatantly racist statements were heard in Hungary’s Parliament was during the darkest days of the Holocaust, during the Regency of Admiral Nicholas Horthy, when some 500,000 Jews were rounded up by the country’s police forces, stripped of all their earthly possessions, crammed into railway carriages used for the transport of animals, and shipped off to be slaughtered in Auschwitz. What is astonishing about Mr Gyöngyösi’s statement is not so much the content. Hungarian mass media is full of such hate-mongering and the government’s media watchdog agency, the National Media Council, does absolutely nothing to dampen  such shameful rhetoric. It spends most of its time persecuting those media outlets that do not reflect the Orbán government’s nationalistic, often anti-European outlook on public affairs. As the US Anti-Defamation League’s 2012 study has shown, Anti-Semitic rhetoric in Hungary’s mass media and in public discourse increased dramatically after Mr Orbán came to power in 2010. Mr Gyöngyösi’s parliamentary outburst is only the latest in a mounting din, and testimony to the Orbán regime’s blindness to  this accelerating decay in Hungary’s democratic fiber.

The truly astonishing aspect of the Deputy Chairman’s hate rhetoric is that it was listened to without any protest by Hungarian MP’s. Mr Gyöngyösi was not told to retract his hateful words by the sitting Chairman of the House. He wasn’t interrupted or shouted down for his disgraceful conduct. His Party leader patted him on the back for a job well done.  Mr Gyöngyösi still sits proudly as a member of parliament and deputy chair of the country’s foreign relations committee, and will likely remain in his post as long as his racist, anti-democratic Party, Jobbik, maintains its standing as the second largest political party in Hungary’s Parliament. The most dismaying thing about this Anti-Semitic outburst is not the content but the place where it was articulated. What’s more, it’s not  so much the act of an individual opposition member in Hungary’s Parliament that causes us to raise our voice in protest, but the fact that one of the North Atlantic Treaty organization’s member states, a European Union member state, is led by a government that is restoring a  political culture that  fosters such uncivilized manifestations. Rather than fighting against the erosion of democratic principles, the Orbán government is bent on restoring the political values that held sway in Hungary under the rule of Adolf Hitler’s ally, Admiral Horthy. Mr Gyöngyösi’s outburst is a sad step along this backward march in time.

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter takes this opportunity to raise its voice in protest against the anti-democratic, authoritarian and often blatantly racist manifestations that are rapidly gaining ground in Hungary under Viktor Orbán’s governance. The anti-semitic outburst by the deputy-head of the Parliament’s Foreign Relation’s Committee is not an isolated incident, but part of a general malaise against which such  steadfast European democrats as Václav Havel have  warned: “In just 20 years after communism collapsed, Hungary’s government, though elected democratically, is misusing its legislative majority to methodically dismantle democracy’s checks and balances, to remove constitutional constraints, and to subordinate to the will of the ruling party all branches of power, independent institutions and the media” The spread of anti-democratic manifestations within one of the European Union’s member states  strikes at the security of all those nations that are members of the North Atlantic Alliance. To fight against the spread of autocracy and racial intolerance is not only in the interest of Hungarians, but all citizens, on both sides of the Atlantic. Tolerance towards such rogue governments as Viktor Orbán’s sends  other would be autocrats the message that the road is open towards authoritarianism.

The Canadian – Hungarian Democratic Charter was launched on the 55th anniversary of Hungary’s heroic rebellion against the  old, Soviet led communist dictatorship in response to the appeals of democracy’s friends inside and outside the borders of Hungary. We, like our Hungarian associates, are a non-partisan civil rights advocacy group, not affiliated with any political party. Our purpose is to give encouragement and support to the defenders of universal democratic principles in Hungary and around the world, to help defend the dignity of our fellow human beings against the revival of ethnic and racially motivated hatred. Our central mission is to halt the spread of autocratic governance in Central and Eastern Europe.


Dr. András B. Göllner, Founder and International Spokesperson.

Emeritus Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Concordia University, Montreal, Que

Dr. Christopher  Adam, Founder and Spokesperson.

Lecturer, Department of History, Carleton University,Ottawa, Ont.

Dr. Éva Balogh, Founder and Spokesperson.

Former Professor of History and Dean of Morse College at Yale University (Retired) New Haven, Conn.

Dr. Stevan Harnad. Founder and Spokesperson. Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Science at Univerité du Quebec á Montreal. QC

Prof. Peter W. Klein, Founder and Spokesperson.

Director, School of Journalism, University of British Columbia. Vancouver, BC.

Dr. Imre Szeman, Founder and Spokesperson.

Canada Research Chair in Cultural Studies and Professor of English, Film Studies, and Sociology, University of Alberta.

 * * *

And finally, András Arató, chairman of the board of Klubrádió, sent me this communiqué explaining what happened to the two stations of Klubrádió outside of Budapest.

 Press Release on the Media Council’s attacks on the freedom of the press

The Media Council’s series of decisions violating the principle of the rule of law is a threat to the freedom of the press

Klubrádió’s press release concerning the latest letter issued by the Media Council’s press office claiming that the authorities are doing whatever they can to support the radio’s uninterrupted operation

We did not ask for the Media Council’s sympathy about the tender concerning the Esztergom and Tatabánya coverage area in which no winner had been declared. The only reason why this tender was unsuccessful is that the authority had issued an unprofessional call for tenders, as confirmed by the Budapest High Court of Appeal. It was the Media Council’s negligence but it is Klubrádió that pays the price. According to the judgment of the Court, the Media Council’s call for proposals had been so irrational and unprofessional that it was impossible to submit a proposal that met the applicable formal requirements. As a result, it is the Media Council’s duty to mitigate the damage caused and issue a temporary license for broadcasting in the two towns.

According to the Media Council’s press release, the Council will do whatever they can to make uninterrupted operation possible for Klubrádió, and they intend to prove this by issuing another 60-day extension (the twelfth of such extensions). However, this statement contradicts the facts as judgment after judgment confirms that that the authority’s procedures have been illegal and the Council refuses to comply with the orders of the court. The Council does not abide by the law, it is a law unto itself.

And the statement that the “Media Council continuously offers cooperation to Klubrádió” is utterly false. The truth is that it does not show any willingness to cooperate. They refused to answer our proposals for solutions and did not react to our requests for negotiation.

With the suspension of the operation of our Esztergom and Tatabánya broadcasting stations, we have made it possible for the Media Council to take immediate steps. The Media Council should allow us to take over the Budapest frequency permanently and should issue a new tender for the two country frequencies that meets the applicable professional and moral requirements. Stop causing more harm!

* * *

And finally, a funny (not so funny?) story from the Hungarian parliament that has a great deal to do with Jobbik’s attacks on Jews and on Israel. Israeli-Hungarian dual citizenship is very much on the minds of Jobbik MPs. A few days ago one of the loudest anti-Semites in the group, Előd Novák, inquired from the commissioner in charge of personal data whether members of parliament must reveal whether they hold dual citizenship. The commissioner explained that this kind of information must be made public if someone inquires. So, Novák went into action, and it seems that he wrote to all his fellow members of parliament and inquired about their citizenship status. Undersecretary Christian Democrat Bence Rétvári naturally obliged and assured the Jobbik MP that he was a true Hungarian with only one bona fide citizenship. Not so, the whimsical Katalin Ertsey (LMP) who answered thus:

At dawn this morning I found an e-mail from Előd Novák who wanted to find out whether I possess a dual citizenship or not. I answered him honestly. Here is my answer: “It is a well known fact that I am an Israeli-Piréz* citizen. I purchased my Hungarian citizenship shortly before I became a member of parliament. Not only is my citizenship Israeli-Piréz but I completely identify with both Jewish and Piréz interests, which means hatred of Hungarians. I’m glad that miserable little Nazis like you can busy themselves with research of my national identity.

But let me ask you something. I have been wanting to ask you this for a long time since you seem to have a fondness for bringing up topics concerning homosexuality, “are you a latent homosexual”? 

Novák doesn’t seem to have a good sense of humor. He called on Katalin Ertsey to resign from her position as a member of parliament because of her dual citizenship.

*A few years ago a group of sociologists did a study about Hungarian xenophobia and asked all sorts of questions regarding people’s attitude toward certain ethnic groups. They smuggled the nonexistent “Pirézes” onto the list. The respondents hated the Pirézes as well.

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“The respondents hated the Pirézes as well.”

Sorry, but since when is being against uncontrolled mass immigration equal to hate?


@ Laszlo. A ratio of 3.1% immigrants to the total population doesn’t look to me like “uncontrolled mass immigration”. This is laughable.


Something on Klubradio and the EU in the form of Neelie Kroes Blog


@ Laszlo. If forgot to add: You must have overlooked the sentences, “They smuggled the
n o n e x i s t e n t “Pirézes” onto the list. The respondents hated the Pirézes as well.”



Minusio :
@ Laszlo. If forgot to add: You must have overlooked the sentences, “They smuggled the
n o n e x i s t e n t “Pirézes” onto the list. The respondents hated the Pirézes as well.”

“The survey revealed that, according to 61% of those who answered the questionnaire, immigration to Hungary should be controlled, and 59% opposed the immigration of the fictional Piréz.”

Again, in what way is opposing immigration equal to hate?
It doesnt matter if they are real or not, they represent any ethnicity, call it X ethnicity if you will.


That’s an impressive list of poeple, I’m espcially delighted to read Holly Case’s name.


So, if the test of being a ‘true Hungarian’ is that you are not a recent immigrant and you don’t have dual citizenship, that makes all Hungarian Roma ‘true Hungarians’.


Maybe Orbán’s approach to Kubrádio is not to close it down, but just to limit it to Budapest. After all, he isn’t going to win (or lose) any elections based on what the educated Budapesti think.

Penny Oswalt

@Paul#11: You can be a true Hungarian in your heart!

Sziv Sziv Sziv

Very encouraging. The next step could be to smoke a peace pipe between the feuding left and rightwing but civilized Hungarians:
Rigth: Liptak Bela, Fulop Laszlo, Koszorus Frank, Bryan Dawson, Bognar Bela
Left: Balogh Eva, Deak Istvan, Goellner Andras, Sanders Ivan, Vermes Gabor


This is actually pretty nice to see. Maybe Gyöngyösi’s speech unintentionally achieves something good…


I’ve reposted an updated version of Martin Dornbach’s insightful and timely commentary.


Pardon: Marton (not Martin)


Laszlo :

Minusio :
@ Laszlo. If forgot to add: You must have overlooked the sentences, “They smuggled the
n o n e x i s t e n t “Pirézes” onto the list. The respondents hated the Pirézes as well.”

“The survey revealed that, according to 61% of those who answered the questionnaire, immigration to Hungary should be controlled, and 59% opposed the immigration of the fictional Piréz.”
Again, in what way is opposing immigration equal to hate?
It doesnt matter if they are real or not, they represent any ethnicity, call it X ethnicity if you will.

How about… it’s fascist???


@ LwiiH. I would call it xenophobic which normally shows an inverse relation to actually knowing any foreigners. (In Hungary immigrants account for 3.1% of the total population. In Switzerland it’s more than 20%, nationwide. In the cities it’s much more.) But xenophobia is not more enlightened than fascism.


While I’m awaiting my response to Mr. Laszlo to be approved.. this is a very shameful response to an elected representative of the government. I understand that house rules need to allow for speech that would not normally be excepted but even the house has to have limits. Even so, is there no mechanism to force this person out? Shameful response!

A very much OT comment by OV

The downgrades are the voices of the past followed by tax on banks, utility infrastructure and the income tax on energy companies will remain in the system permanently but Orbán said the citizens should not worry that the levies will be passed on to them.

Then we have; after reducing the debt of households, municipalities and the state, the next in line are indebted companies whose problems will be addressed in 2013.

blinks Humm, I think that last comment spells n-a-t-i-o-n-a-l-i-z-a-t-i-o-n as well as a downgrade to ‘in default’. Yeah?


Hit comment too quickly.. I was at the bank yesterday and guess what I was paying along with my transaction, the transaction tax that your dear leader says won’t be passed along. Me thinks he got his economic education from the back of a cereal box!!


First M. Gyongyossy of Jobbik just wanted to seem trendy by trashing Israel
(which is pretty fashionable these days, see the UN vote yesterday – from Europe, only Czech Republic supported Israel – what about a UN vote for the 34 million Kurds? state for the Basques?), but he was overzealous.

This is also useful for Fidesz, they seem to be moderate compared to Jobbik.
Rogan plays the role of the philo-semite as usual, Orban himself is silent.
In a few days, the antisemitic wing of Fidesz will reassure the public that they do not like Jews so much. This is the repetitive pattern.


The Budapest-based Fidesz people, like Rogán, should be “philosemites”, should appear understanding. They have a somewhat different constituency than Orbán, who needs Jobbik’s voters and thus will not appear too Jewish-friendly (ie what may seem as Jewish-friendliness for Jobbik voters)

János Áder, who is still part of the Fidesz inner circle, is the most Jewish-friendly, because he does not depend on the voters, so he can play the “liberal” wing of Fidesz, showing that Fidesz is really a conglomerate of diverse views. Yeah, right.


Our traditional liberal circle is very small.

We have to expand the numbers. We have to broadcast cutting edge honest crystal clear guiding principles which can pierce the Hungarian hearts and minds.

Down with the turul demagoguery, in with the intellectual nation uniting, wealth building, but eco-green friendly leadership.

Liptak Bela is the prophet of the futuristic Solar-Hydrogen world.

Praise and spread his message.



There is no question that the fossil and uranium deposits of the planet are finite and sooner or later will be exhausted. The only question is when? Yet, because of the financial interests of the fossil and nuclear industries, the need for converting to inexhaustible energy is still being debated. This debate must end and conversion to renewable energy must start. This will not happen until it is proved that the conversion to a solar-hydrogen based economy is feasible and economical. It is for this reason that I designed the demonstration power plant described in this section.”


Para-Kovács Imre also suggests that we are being diverted from the real evil of the week:



Can a Hungarian MP step out of his party and serve as an independent for the rest of his term, voting according to his conscience rather than his party?

If so, would there be any possibility of encouraging Fidesz members disaffected with the direction their party has taken to step out and form a bloc of independents, to show 2014 voters (and the other parties) where they really stand? (That would also give those individuals the opportunity to prove they not opportunists like the rest.)


And maybe even to join a unified opposition in 2014.


Steven, of course. Szili Katalin did it, Jobbik members have done it, I believe an LMP-er did it as well. And most famously of all, Gyurcsány and a few others have done it (although disgracefully, the rules were changed to prevent them being recognised as a grouping in their own right.)

But I’m afraid, with the possibly exception of Angyán, there is no chance of anyone leaving Fidesz. They aren’t MPs from any strong conviction, they were essentially hired by Orbán (who personally interviewed every one of them) and are paid to vote, not to think.



The 200+ Fidesz deputies were handpicked by Orban himself before the 2010 elections.
99% of them follows party lines with all of its extreme twists every time.
They want money, money and money from their boss in return.

Angyan is in the 1%, but he also voted for the new, unfair election law the other day.

Pete H.

tappanch :
The 200+ Fidesz deputies were handpicked by Orban himself before the 2010 elections.
99% of them follows party lines with all of its extreme twists every time.
They want money, money and money from their boss in return.
Angyan is in the 1%, but he also voted for the new, unfair election law the other day.

I wondered why they had such an unshakable voting block and why none have stood up to their leadership.


Commentary about the Jobbik + Fidesz teamwork (warning: adult language)


Laszlo :
“The respondents hated the Pirézes as well.”
Sorry, but since when is being against uncontrolled mass immigration equal to hate?

Blind ignorance leads to hate.