Fidesz accuses Mesterházy of wanting to execute Fidesz oligarchs

I have been planning to give a detailed description of the huge MSZP gathering on January 25, which was the unofficial beginning of the campaign. I’m working on a translation of an abbreviated version of Attila Mesterházy’s speech that was well received, even by those who are not really MSZP fans. The gathering was very professionally orchestrated and can be considered a success. But then came the story of the “rope.” More than twenty-four hours after Mesterházy’s speech, Magyar Nemzet discovered that someone in the crowd of 13,000 shouted “rope” as an appropriate fate for Lőrinc Mészáros, mayor of Felcsút and director of the Puskás Academy, who in three short years became the 88th richest person in Hungary. The modest artisan whose job it was to bring gas lines to the houses of the people in Felcsút is now the wealthy owner of a construction business and large tracts of land.

Mesterházy jokingly said that Mészáros’s feat is unparalleled and he should teach college students how to do it. Then, according to Mesterházy, someone in the crowd shouted that instead of a lectern Mészáros deserves jail. To which Mesterházy answered in agreement.

Lőrincz Mészáros. Achievements: 5 billion forint profit in 2012, 1,200 hectares of land, billions in public procurements -- Lőrinc Mészáros is doing better

Lőrincz Mészáros. Achievements: 5 billion forint profit in 2012, 1,200 hectares of land, billions in public procurements — Lőrinc Mészáros is doing better

But this is not what the reporter for HírTV heard. He heard “rope” although other reporters, for example those from Index and Origo, claimed that all the journalists were too far away to hear properly. They heard someone shouting something but they couldn’t catch the word. In any case, Magyar Nemzet was delighted. The headline read: “Members of MSZP cry for rope and Mesterházy agrees.” The paper claimed that several journalists heard it, but it admitted that its tech people had to change a few settings on the recording for the word coming from the audience be audible. A year ago–the paper continued–Mesterházy was much less vehement. Then he declared that there will be no repeat of socialist and later Fidesz attempts at investigating cases of corruption. But now that Gyurcsány is back, “hatred returned.”

So, who said what? Let’s assume for the sake of argument that someone in the crowd indeed yelled the word “rope.” It can easily happen in a crowd of 13,000. But who would think that Mesterházy, a seasoned politician, would be so foolish as to agree with such a proposition if he heard the word properly? He is no fool. Yet the right-wing media keep harping on the theme. MTV’s Híradó (News) repeated the segment eight times, over and over, to make sure it sticks.

How much political ammunition can be gained by this incident? I don’t think much, but surely what Fidesz has in mind is another “rope” story, this time attached to László Kövér, which might have given a slight edge to the socialists in 2002.

During the campaign Kövér delivered a speech to a small audience in which he criticized those who listen to naysayers and those who see only hopelessness and spread disillusionment and suggested that they should go down to the cellar and hang themselves. It was this speech which Ferenc Gyurcsány, as adviser to Péter Medgyessy, decided to use in the last week of the campaign. He claimed later that before they hit on the idea to use this “rope” speech of Kövér, Fidesz was leading. A week later the socialist-liberal coalition, in a close contest, led after the first round of voting.

Maybe Fidesz thinks that this new “rope” story will have the same impact, but I doubt that they are right. First of all, Kövér not once but at least twice used the metaphor of the rope, the cellar, even talking about a big nail on which these people should hang themselves. It was his own voice that was leaked. The present story, which might even be concocted, is different. It is very difficult to connect Mesterházy to wanting to hang anyone and even more difficult to make Gyurcsány responsible for someone asking for a rope for Mészáros.

Fidesz demands an apology while MSZP is suing Magyar Nemzet. MSZP interprets the Fidesz story of the “rope” as a sign of panic after seeing the large and enthusiastic crowd on January 25.  Naturally, they recall the story of Kövér’s speech about the cellar and the rope and promise to sue anyone who claims that Mesterházy said yes to hanging anyone.

The sad thing about this story is that it turns attention away from the rather impressive gathering of the socialists and the program that Mesterházy outlined there. Perhaps this is what Fidesz wanted to achieve.

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The “public” television and radio will give equally little time to the opposition alliance and numerous fake tiny parties created for the elections with Fidesz encouragement.

The daily time allotted for ALL parties combined is about three minutes each on MTV, Duna TV, “public” radio each. [ (470 minutes)/ (3 media)/ (50 days) ].

If there are, say, 50 parties registered (Fidesz gave financial incentives to create parties just for the election), then the opposition alliance (together with any other party) will get three minutes altogether in the 50 day election campaign.

On the other hand, government propaganda, named “társadalmi célú reklám” is not restricted.

This single act of the Fidesz government renders the 2014 election not fair.


Tappanch for Prime Minister.
He/She is certainly as if not more intelligent than the familiar candidates

Joe Simon


Ed Teller was in Hungary in the early 1990s. He was feted, I saw him on Hungarian TV. He praised Paks. His bronze bust there still stands.


Ed Teller? Anyone whose even vaguely aware of his history and personality would never take his praise for anything seriously.


“Perhaps this is what Fidesz wanted to achieve.”



Severe material deprivation rate by income quintile, EU Statistics, 2012

Poorest fifth: 60.8%, ranking 29/30
Next fifth: 31.6%, ranking 27/30
Middle fifth: 19.8%, ranking 27/30
Second richest fifth: 11.6%, ranking 26/30
Richest fifth: 4.9%

Overall: 25.6%, ranking 28/30

Single person with dependent children: 43.9%, 27/30
One adult younger than 65 years: 35.6%, 28/30
One adult older than 65 years: 24.8%, 26/30
Two adults wit hone dependent child: 24.1%, 29/30
Two adults younger than 65 years: 23.3%, 28/30
Two adults with two dependent children: 19.9%, 28/30

You can play around, by changing the parameters at

Additional devastating statistics from OECD sources:

The poor are taxed in Hungary the second most in the OECD.
Most countries spend more on education as a % of GDP

index. hu/chart/2014/01/28/oecd/

Andy -- step-by step instructions at 2 months to elections !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simple suggestion to the ‘ellenzék’ (opposition). Choose your OWN terms for the debate. STOP engaging Fidesz- invented images and slogans.

So, ‘Ellenzék’. Kindly prepare a several-hundred LISTING of Orban inappropriate steps. Ones that Fidesz has wrongly espoused.

Categorize the abpove into 8 major ropics Reuce them to 3 sentences each. Publish the collection of the hundreds of mistakes.

Publish them into the little BEIGE book.

Sell them at 450 fts each (2 US dollars) or banrolled by the Socialists or the opposition.

Avoid getting drawn into Orban-motivated arguments on hte Jewish questions etc that are unwinnalbe within two months.

Get into election battle on the OPPOSITION’s terms.

Not a SECOND to waste. We are 2 months beore elections.


The Budapest municipality wants to ban election campaigning on trees, buildings, bridges etc tomorrow, January 29.

This gem can be found under “infoszab” (information freedom) on the website of the municipality.
[Orwell’s 1984 must be one of the textbooks at Fidesz MLM sessions]


Is it any wonder why Poles show up for Fidesz events in Hungary?

A Polish prosecutor has found that the following fan yells at a football game were not anti-semitic:

“Move on, Jews! Your home is at Auschwitz! Send you to the gas (chamber)!”

(And in taverns across Hungary, they ordered another round of celebratory beer..)

Phrase Your Own Message
Phrase Your Own Message

ANDY #7 – your advice to the opposition is correct.

The opposition must hammer away 4-5 central complaints against the Fidesz.

Is it difficult to make a dent into their lousy reputation, only held together by the failed sinful fake Bayer slogans?

The opposition message must be broadcasted by a small team of 3-4 speakers.

Olga Kalman could be one of them. The ATV could designate 1-2 more people into this team.


Not perhaps. That was the only reason.

First, Antal Rogan announced the 4th round of utility rate decrease at the very time of the MSZP gathering to steal the show in the media (of course in state and Fidesz media there was no question anyway which was more important).

When that did not really work, Fidesz found out the “rope” issue could stick. Having the media to repeat something over and over again seems to work.

Again, nobody cares about the campaign opening but about something else. It is like Baja all over. Who remembers that Fidesz did actually accomplish fraud? Only that there was some forged video which blew up in MSZP’s hands. Now it turns out that MSZP cannot control their campaign opening either.

This is exactly what Fidesz wanted. MSZP is especially amateur when it comes to acting alone. It always reacts to Fidesz, enters Fidesz discourse, which it can only lose. Since the Baja video I think their are even more timid and unsure how to handle Fidesz’ media tricks.


Fidesz is using every possible distraction to prevent a discussion of their record the past 3 years. As well, they don’t want to enter discussions about Paks II, and especially, that the Paks
agreement could well lead to the expulsion of Hungary. “Remaining In The EU” must be made one of the chief electoral topics for MSZP. That may be the one and only thing that may make Hungarians of every stripe sit down and ponder what Orban is about, and what the country’s future might be like.

petofi: the EU does not interest people in Hungary. Voters do not care about it. In fact most people, after Fidesz’ many year-long successful campaign hate the EU. Brussels is now worse than Moscow has ever been, as far as I remember about Moscow. Plus, nobody believes that we would leave the EU, it’s a very abstract threat. One cannot relate to it. But you can relate to the idea that your utility bills are cut yet again. This is the fault of the left which allowed Fidesz to control all media. Fidesz slowly, but surely took over all mass media and is still have not finished purchasing them. (VCP recent purchase of the regional papers, Sanoma, to mention a few are all up for sale). MSZP and the left never had any idea about media, they just did not get it. For an average voter what we talk about here means nothing. They do not even hear, read about these issues. These issues for all practical purposes do not exist for the overwhelming majority of people. They read the free Metropol, Helyi Théma, or any municipal paper, state TV (or RTL Klub which does not deal with politics… Read more »

MSzP and many on the left (and, I’m sad say even many on HS) haven’t yet cottoned on to the fact that Orbán has changed the rules. They are still trying to run a traditional democratic election campaign – a complete waste of time.

The only way to beat Orbán is to study what he did and adopt the same techniques. They’ve had since at least 2006 to learn from Fidesz, but they have learnt nothing. Absolutely nothing.


Wermer’s summary is depressingly accurate.


Today’s official employment statistics analyzed by

4th quarters, 2013 vs 2012, in thousands

propaganda number – new “fostered workers” – newly employed abroad=

106.7 – 70.3 – 8.0= 28.4

At this instant:

EUR/HUF= 308.4, up 1.5%
USD/HUF= 225.8, up 1.5%
CHF/HUF= 251.5, up 1.5%
PLN/HUF= 73.1, up 1.0%

Either Matolcsy has to raise the interest rates, or the forint will sink further.


Is Lőrinc Mészáros a less corrupt capitalist than György Gattyán who according to the Budapest Times is the third richest individual residing on Hungary? As most Hungarians know Gattyán’s wealth comes from the on line sex industry, so maybe MSZP’s critique of Hungarian capitalism needs to be a little more comprehensive than politically linked individuals who make money off of state controlled contracts? What other member of the EU can claim it’s third most wealthy individual is a porn king?

Mr. Paul
“Either Matolcsy has to raise the interest rates, or the forint will sink further.” You don’t really understand how these things work. 308 is nothing in their eyes, let me tell you how it will go. If it goes towards 300, they do nothing. If it goes towards 320, then at 320 the central bank will start selling euros first sell 1 billion see what that does? Then sell 4 billion? (still at 320) If it still didn’t work sell another 5 billion. THEN if it didn’t work still, THEN they raise rates… Once forint is 280 (raised rates will have a huge impact if the raise is enough) they buy back the 10 billion euros at 280… 40 forint profit on every euro. Everything is secret. Whether the CB buys or sells is secret. The amount of currency reserves are secret and published very irregularly. SO long as the swing is temporary it does not effect the loans denominated in Euro. If the exchange rate were to sit at 330 for a whole year then all the loans have to be paid back also at 330. But if the swing is just a few days thats enough to make… Read more »

“The amount of currency reserves are secret and published very irregularly. ”

They are published every month.

I used their numbers in my summary of the financial situation yesterday.

What I do no know is the difference between the disclosed numbers and the possible secret numbers.

Mr. Paul
“When that did not really work, Fidesz found out the “rope” issue could stick. Having the media to repeat something over and over again seems to work.” The rope issue stuck because MSZP fumbled the reaction to it. It is incredible to me that at their own campagn event they do not have enough angles a recordings of the event to simply find an audio of the “börtönt” shout quickly. The defense of this issue should have led with the “börtönt” recording. There is also the problem with Mesterházy. It is known that he is not good at dealing with surprising events during speaches. Just remember the october 23 rally when the crowd shouted “Összefogást” “Összefogást”. Mesterházy blocked down completely, couldn’t find a good solution to the shouting. But this was many months ago. What I don’t understand is why MSZP activists were shouting at Mesterházy. When it is already known he is not good at dealing with unscripted events. Let us remember that Mesterházy was the one who added an unscripted sentence in his own speech which referenced the shouting! “Maybe the thing that was shouted here before is better after all”. Once you say “the thing that was… Read more »

New restrictions on political speech by the Fidesz-ruled Budapest municipality today.

The opposition is not allowed to campaign by paid banners in the metro either.
(The private firm selling the ad space was reportedly threatened by Fidesz)


Budapest Council is restricting posters around the city during the election campaign.

Tarlos says he is doing this out of ”environmental concerns” which is a bit ironic, considering Fidesz’s casual attitude to tree-destruction.

But, just to point out that there are already highly visible pro-Fidesz adverts (courtesy of CÖF) on trams, billboards, buses, the metro, etc. around the capital.

@Istvan Gattyan is a genuine entrepreneur. His main site is a kind of marketplace, similar to Ebay, only the supply is provided by women having a camera and wanting to earn some cash and demand by man having some money to spend on watching women live. It is based on the so-called network effect. Gattyan may be in adult entertainment, but in a special kind, which was made possible by the internet. What he does is entirely legal, even if it may be questioned on moral grounds by some. I do not think it is fair to compare him to Mészáros or Simicska or Garancsi or any of the usual oligarchs/stróman, as all of these, without exception, made their wealth from their proximity to power and in many cases only act as vehicles to siphon money out of taxpayers’ pockets. (For example Simicska and Orban’s Közgép always employs a host of subcontractors and co-bidders who actually carry out the work, it is often no more than a middleman which takes an enormous cut, 30-50% of the budget, for its services to obtain the business). These oligarchs would never be able to compete and offer anything competitive without their connections to… Read more »

Matolcsy today: Hungary is not Turkey, we are successful, we can cut further

EUR/HUF= 309.9
USD/HUF= 227.5

tappanch: the markets have zero memory and know almost nothing in practice. The influential London analysts cover 15-20 emerging markets per head, you can imagine how deeply they are engaged. They check CPI, ie. the inflation (very low due to the utility rate cuts), government debt (around 3%, which is low in the EU) and the current account balance (positive). So everything’s just fine. That we do not and cannot possibly grow, that the indebtedness grew despite the nationalization of he pension funds are irrelevant. I am sure Matolcsy thinks that this will be over in a couple of days. Turkey has a huge c/a deficit, while Hungary does not — of course the reason is that we do not have any investments, so we do not import as much, but that is too complicated an issue when you have Ukraine, Turkey, Serbia etc. to cover. When such sycophantic analysts come and meet Csefalvay or even Matolcsy they are so proud of themselves, they do not give a damn, they eat everything and buy those bonds (I think Templeton even increased its exposure to Hungary recently). I remember that during the 1990’s Mr Yen (E. Sakakibara) promised some 30 times… Read more »

cum grano salis:

Fidesz’s own pollster today
polling by phone, sample size= 1000, taken from 26 to 28 January.

Fidesz 32%
Democratic Alliance: 20%
Jobbik: 11%
LMP: 5%
other parties: 2%

uncertain: 30%


Pollster Tarki:
sample size= 1000, taken from 15 to 22 January

Fidesz 29%
Democratic Alliance: 21%
Jobbik: 8%
LMP: 1%
other parties: 1%

uncertain: 40%


Hugh Hefner, CEO of Playboy, had at his height an estimated net worth of $43 million as of September 2009, it declined from there. Heffner was the most wealthy porn King in the USA. In 2009, Heffner’s wealth did not even merit being on the Forbes 400 list which bottomed out at $950 million. The fact that György Gattyán is likely the third most wealthy Hungarian I think says a lot about the state of the Hungarian economy. Possibly even more amazing is the fact that he could be defended as a “genuine entrepreneur” also says something about the vision of the social function of entrepreneur”s in today’s Hungary.

Louis Kovach

Paul writes: “Ed Teller? Anyone whose even vaguely aware of his history and personality would never take his praise for anything seriously.”

I knew Ed Teller and based on your writings your mentality is on kindergarden level compared to him.