A short note on the new format of Hungarian Spectrum

As all of you who post comments on Spectrum must have noticed, two very handy features disappeared: (1) the numbers beside the comments and (2) the “quote” feature. The latter is, I think, the one that is missed most.

It was “Mutt,” a computer engineer when he is not writing funny comments on Spectrum, who pointed out that the problem was a Javascript error, which should be easily fixable. We waited for a while but nothing happened. At this point, Mutt managed to get in touch with the techs at WordPress (quite a feat!) and was told two things by two different people. One said that Wordpress had “decided to remove the ‘quote’ link feature from the theme” since “it has been causing many errors on our end.” The other noted that INove, the format formerly used by Hungarian Spectrum, “is a retired theme that does not support all WordPress.com features.” The second tech suggested changing the theme. Perhaps that will solve the problem.

Unfortunately, it seems that the information we received wasn’t quite accurate. Although I’m still not 100% sure, I fear that the “quote link feature” was removed not only from our defunct INove format but from all WordPress themes. Although I changed “themes” at least three times in the mad search for the “quote” feature, nowhere could I find it.

I have already composed a letter to WordPress in which I inquire about the true state of the “quote” feature. There is a slight chance that they will offer a solution. In that case, I will immediately install whatever I have to in order to restore these earlier and now sorely missed features.

As for the new design. I don’t like it as much as I liked INove, but I guess we will all have to get used to it. The change really had to be made to avoid potential calamities such as the loss of text.

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Eva, According to WordPress’ last month help section, you only need to download and install a PLUGIN. THe version you need is 2.1.7
Mutt maybe can go into the source and install this for you.
Top right.


Eva, You can. (not you but someone who knows how to load it.) There is a whole developer section at wordpress. You may have to upgrade to Premium, but there are many plugins currently in use. https://wordpress.org/plugins/about/
Here is more infer for Mutt https://wordpress.org/plugins/about/faq/
I am sure there are premium versions that already have this option. I can start browsing and see if I find something. Upgraded themes sells as little as $29.

andy - the thread

Does anyone know of a WP layout format that would permit a sub-discussion on a comment?
Plus a like – dislike (agree – disagree i.e. thumbs up – thumbs down) possibility after a comment?
The above would allow for increasing the logical threads to discussions !!!!!


@andy There are many nested comments options. (I assume that is what you mean on sub-discussion.) I think it is up to Eva if she would like to implement like/dislike or nested options.


Eva, You can. (not you but someone who knows how to load it.) There is a whole developer section at wordpress. You may have to upgrade to Premium, but there are many plugins currently in use.

Nope. wordpress.com is a hosted version of the WordPress. All you get is a dashboard to customize your blog. It’s a FIDESZ style management: whatever these guys think is good you can add it.

This is their support page:


I went to the “ideas forum” to tell them the great idea about a quote comment plugin (gee, I didn’t know you had it before …). Knowing how helpful they are, there is a slim chance for something to happen. Especially when I flagged myself when I barked on them earlier. Let’s hope for the best.


Eva, Would you consider using a more user-friendly and clearer format? I set up one for you to see how it looks. It has all the features you already have here, but the comment area I believe is much clearer, and the width of your Blog entries are wider so no so much scrolling is required.


I just like hoe the comments flow better in the other. Not in small boxes but a simple line between. Also it does not have the big, clunky date bar on the left, so the text area for your blog entries are wider. (Although you maybe able to turn it off in the Dashbord.) At any case, I will be happy to read whatever comes up in whatever format. I just wish the quote option would be back.


Eva S. Balogh says : May 17, 2014 at 7:18 pm
Some1, take a look at the link you gave. It is WordPress.org. Believe me, I have tried everything. Unfortunately there is no way to add a plugin to WordPress.com. WordPress.org is a very complicated program for which you need programming skills.

Sorry, just testing, I will give it up, just need to see something if it works….


While this “theme” looks pleasant on my pc screen , the gray and black look depressing on my tablet! and One of my favourite things to do in the evening is do read HS on my tablet…

Hopefully this issue will be solved soon 🙂


Apparently, it is possible to have an alternate comments system with wordpress. Is this something to look into.



Re quotes:

I’ve seen on other systems lots of quotes – often even nested, so if A writes, B quotes A, C quotes B and D answers – then you have the full text of A, B, C and D! Horrible imho!

I think it’s not too much to ask to just copy and paste a text and add “quotes”.
The essence of HS is the stuff that Eva tells us and the often very enlightening comments are an added bonus – whatever the format!


I’ve not been following this discussion in detail, but if we can’t have what we want in any format, can’t we just stay with the old one? (assuming that’s possible)

I’m not being a stick-in-the-mud, I just found the old format easier to read, and generally easier on the eye. (But I’m not all that bothered – it’s the content that matters, not the format, after all.)

As for the ‘quotes’ function – I was initially disappointed to see it go, but it was a bit of a mixed blessing, especially if you were replying to a comment which already included a quote or two, or replying to a long comment, which meant the whole of the original comment being repeated (unless you were prepared to faff about editing it).

On reflection, I think the ‘quote; function just made us lazy and made the thread harder to follow. As Wolfi says – “it’s not too much to ask to just copy and paste” (as I just did!) – that way you need only post the bit you are replying to, not the whole comment.


Bit overwhelmed by the huge avatars as well!


What’s wrong with the one I suggested? lol
I thin it looks clean and easy to read. Here it is: http://anyhow.wordpress.com


Eva, it is called SUITS. Here it is: http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/search/suits/


Well, I’m quite happy with the way the page looks now – I think we shouldn’t get diverted too much by fancy graphics etc.

But if anyone has other ideas and is willing to help Eva – why not?


Here is a link, Eva (& anyone cares) where you can evaulate the feature-set of different themes in advance, even post formats, quotes and so on, then you know what to expect.

Presently I feel the gravatars little oversized and the text could use one size bigger font, but I´m on my Ipad, I´ll check later on other screens too.


I posted my reply on the wrong thread of course:

Sorry Eva. Since I deal with wordpress a lot, it is evident to me that the name of the themes are at the bottom of each blog. The one you currently use called, Skeptical and it is written on the right bottom. T he one I suggested also lists it’s theme name at he bottom (in the middle). I shouldn’t expect everyone to know this. I appreciate the time you are spending with all this.
You are also right about assuming that everyone has favourites, and you could not please everyone with each theme. Of course I am coming her for the content, I just tried to help to give a clearer option. whatever will be will be.
Here is the link again to those who care at all. hahaha
Ooops, I would like to note although, the Header would be 1/3 taller then the current area. http://anyhow.wordpress.com