A raging anti-Semite will be Hungary’s ambassador in Rome

Late Sunday night the media learned that Péter Szentmihályi Szabó, a mediocre poet and political commentator of the far right, will be Hungary’s next ambassador to Rome. Two opposition parties, Democratic Coalition and Együtt-PM, immediately protested against the appointment, pointing out that over the last two decades the nominee has been publishing in such far-right papers as István Csurka’s Magyar Fórum, Kárpátia, and Nemzetőr. Currently, he has a regular column in the far-right Magyar Hírlap and is also a regular on Echo TV, another far-right organ.

Tibor Navracsics and Péter Szentmihályi Szabó The foreign minister is delighted

Tibor Navracsics and Péter Szentmihályi Szabó
The foreign minister is delighted

There were commentators whose “breath was taken away” when they heard the news of Szentmihályi Szabó’s imminent ambassadorial appointment. A blogger expressed himself more strongly: “Viktor Orbán happened to appoint a rat to be ambassador to Rome.” One thing is sure: Szentmihályi Szabó is an inveterate anti-Semite. Pure and simple. So, it is a rather ironic Orbánite gesture to appoint such a man to an important post in the Memorial Year of the Holocaust.

I could hopscotch from article to article penned by this man, but perhaps it would be more useful to translate one of his memorable pieces that appeared in Magyar Fórum on December 14, 2000.

Meet Viktor Orbán’s choice for ambassador to Italy.

* * *

Péter Szentmihályi Szabó : The Agents of Satan

I don’t know, I don’t understand why they hate us so much. They live here in Hungary, they speak and write in Hungarian, but they loathe us. I really don’t understand why they stay if it is that bad here, in this welcoming country that is so foolishly patient. It is not difficult to recognize them because they are cowardly and impertinent at the same time. Money is their God, their mother tongue in which they have trusted from time immemorial. Dark circles under their eyes, flabby skin, clammy palms, cold feet, freakish smiles give them away. They can be found everywhere on the earth. They are the agents of Satan. They arouse fear and they live off of fear. They create turmoil and discord. They are constantly packing, yet they don’t leave. Are they foreign spirits whose mission is to destroy the local communities? International criminals who, following Marx and Lenin, decided to enslave mankind? Eternally homeless folk condemned to be constant wanderers? They are the debt collectors. The ones who first figured out that money “works” without labor although there are no goods behind the merchandise, only a piece of metal, a piece of paper, or by now only a digital symbol on the computer. Everybody is afraid of them, yet they dread those who fear them. The world’s strongest army guards their security, and yet they still don’t dare to get close to those whose rights they defend so loudly.

Pharisees, hypocrites, agents of Satan. They are in every party, in every church, in every community. They are ready for every betrayal because they are empty. They have no God, no nation, no people, no homeland, no Weltanschauung, only bank accounts. They don’t even have families, only temporarily. Their families are replaceable. They use everything, but nothing is theirs. And they clearly realize that. I am listening to the naive official statements about the forthcoming law on Hungarians living in the neighboring countries. One can hear the mistaken centuries-old notion being repeated: “a Hungarian is one who considers himself to be a Hungarian.” Oh my Lord, any member of any reasonably cultured nation would have a hearty laugh hearing this! Is someone who calls himself an Englishman, a Frenchman, a German, an American actually an Englishman, a Frenchman, a German or an American? In that case, our Roma in Strasbourg would have abandoned us a long time ago…. The agents of Satan are the devotees of globalism; they are not attached to their names, to their firms, to their own homeland. They have no attachment, only bank accounts. They are born traitors because they have never had their own country. They are in every radio and television station where they bray among themselves speaking in a nasal sing-song way and slimily blurring their r’s. They live off their fears. They are professional worriers. They are internationalists and cosmopolitans. Faithful friends of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Lukács, and György Aczél.

Descendants of Rákosi, the jailers of the “guilty” Hungarian nation. Members of the State Security forces, members of detachments, worker guardists. Approximately 200,000 people who call themselves Hungarian who have not cleared out of the country yet because after 1989 they realized that the stupid Hungarian people don’t harbor vengefulness. The two million former unskilled laborers understand only the demagoguery of MSZP and SZDSZ. Viktor Orbán is the same target as József Antall or Péter Boross, or for that matter István Csurka were.  The agents of Satan play games with us and have a grand time at it. They slap us in the face and call us to account that we, in an intolerant and very unchristian-like manner, don’t turn the other cheek. They are the ones who are most indignant when somebody tries to put an end to the greedy acquisition of Hungarian real estate by foreigners; they are the ones for whom abortion and drugs are human rights. They have more than one passport, preferably the kind that has no extradition treaty with Hungary–security foremost. They live in castles, they have servants, but they are great friends of the homeless, the Roma, the needy. From a distance and only in words. If they see some gain in getting involved with Hungarian issues, like, for example the millennial celebrations, then they reluctantly join in. They think everybody can be bought, because they themselves can be, always by the kilo. They are greedy, envious, evil–and ugly. Countenance is the mirror of the soul, but their mirror is a tarnished one. They are callous. Condemned souls for whom there is no resurrection. It is likely that Satan bestows such agents on all nations, ones who not only prey on them but also lecture the nations as if they were stupid primitive domestic animals. Hell is waiting for their return.


  1. @Some1 I agree with you. In addition, I find it odd that his vitriolic anti-Hungarian generalizations are tolerated on this site. Such broad negative stereotypes regarding other groups would not be tolerated on this site.

    He often has interesting things to say. He could be asked to do so in a more polite and respectful way.

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  2. We must not listen to petofi. Everyone should come together to criticize the Hungarian government, not only those who live in Hungary. That kind of thinking belong to the Jobbik and Fidesz. Without Eva (who does not live in Hungary, and send her criticism from “cushy confines of Bethany”) we would have no HS either. petofi is disrespectful, and very boorish sometimes.

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  3. Dear Eva,

    I must protest the viscerating attack of Some1. I haven’t mentioned her in at least 2 months so I don’t know what she means by ‘constant’. Also, if I didn’t know that she didn’t live in Etobicoke, than how can I reveal and address I don’t know? She’s really confusing me; and giving me a headache.

    But something more: my wife, an expert in classical literature…on reading Some1, she thought that it was reminiscent of a tale from Boccaccio’s Decameron. My wife thinks that Some1 is obsessing about ME and that she’s attempting to perk my interest by this attack. I have now fallen under her suspicion as inciting Some1.

    She’s threatened to unplug my keyboard if I don’t cease and desist…

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  4. London Calling!

    Play nicely please!

    I particularly like Some1’s contributions.

    And I particularly like Petofi’s contributions – as we have got to know him; his bark is worse than his bite!

    I know some contributors here have been scarred by their life’s experiences – so we can find a tolerant understanding from all sides.

    Whenever I experience, for example, bullying – it is best just to ignore it and just skip that person’s contributions, forever!

    Don’t rise to the bait – and just tacitly claim the moral high ground.

    As I said.


    And play nicely please!

    And don’t go!



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  5. @Istvan:

    I am always interested in your comments, since I grew up in a canadian-hungarian community, and because I know may Hungarians from Chicago. What you write is true to a degree and it is sad that it is so. I know people like that here too, but they are for the most part of my grandparents generation, or “new Hungarians” who are bringing politics into the community and causing problems that didn’t exist before. But that’s another topic.

    Growing up I knew of some people in the community who held anti-semitic views, expressed in the “szalon-zsidozas” way (“zsido de rendes”) but fortunately, at the time, the Jesuits were running the Hungarian Catholic church and did not allow for such discourse. Of course, whatever was said around the dinner table is a private matter. Despite growing up hearing these views, I know that my childhood friends do not share these views, having grown up in a multicultural society and having been exposed to many different cultures and religions in school, and feeling perhaps more connected to being Canadian than Hungarian. Also, just in my little community, most of the catholic families have some jewish grandparent or great-grandparent, so perhaps that also helped.

    The community itself has in a way become more multi-cultural, what with all kinds of intermarriages, and still there is an interest to pass on the hungarian language and culture, which I think is great, and I am hopeful that once this older generation dies out, the antisemitic views some may have held will die out with them

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  6. Dear petofi, Please tell your wife that I would not ouch you with a ten foot pole. All the pleasure is hers.

    Dear CharlieH, I did ignore petofi and as I posted a month also ago when he last obsessed about me, I will keep reading his comments, but the ones addressed at me. I had no interest addressing him ever, but for whatever reason he again posts something addressed to me.(petofi’s wife must scroll up!) I did not read it. A friend of mine who is a regular on the board actually phoned me to bring it to my attention petofi’s comment addressed at me. I did in fact posted something to Eva, not to petofi, where I asked her to stop petofi from harassing me. He has been making many assumptions for example about my gender fro example. I never mentioned on this board if I am a woman or man. I never mentioned if I have a wife or a husband. I spoke about my two kids and my involvement with Toronto communities at the west end.

    The last time I posted directly at petofi I asked him to stop posting to me. He constantly accuses me of being a supporter of Orban and that kind of nonsense. He puts words in my mouth, then he accuses me saying this words later. I want him to stop. I did stop to comment on his posts or address him, so I am not really sure what else I can do at this point beside that I ask Eva to stop this maniac.

    I also would like to say that wit the exception of our know trolls and shills I never had such issues I have with this individual. My opinion sometime differ from others, but I always respected other’s point of view, and I felt the same respect towards me. I am not sure if the same can be said about petofi. I will ignore him again, but he has to stop posting his comments to me.

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  7. OT VOrban Viktor’s son is back to Africa to train the poor African children for soccer. I wonder if that really just an excuse fro him to get away from his father. It is not that he could not do something useful in Hungary if he really has the need to help others.

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  8. I am vouching for Mr. Petofi.
    I would like to clone him 1000 times.
    Ms Some1, great liberal, great moralist, I love you, but you still could take some lessons from Mr. Petofi in determination to end fascist rule in Hungary.

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  9. I am vouching for Ms./Mr. Someone.
    I would like to clone him/her 10000 times.
    Mr./Ms. Some1, great liberal, great moralist, anti-racist, lover of all cultures, races and religions without prejudice, and she can still teach some lessons to Mr. Petofi about acceptance, selfishness, and how to end fascist tendencies in Hungary but not replacing it with elements of other right-wing philosophical elements, like “collective guilt” (non-jewish Hungarians are all bad, Romas are criminals, etc.)

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