Thanks to all of you

I think we can safely say that we are up and running with a more professional looking platform than before. I hope you have noticed some of the changes introduced by our very own computer guru, known to you as “Some1.” Without her, none the improvements would have been possible.

Let me list some of the changes you may or may not have noticed.

There are no longer two search buttons, just the most efficient one, Google Search. Over the last eight years Hungarian Spectrum has reflected the timeline of Hungarian politics. Searching through this material will help readers better understand current topics.

Now, on the sidebar, we can all see the number of people who follow HS via Facebook and Twitter. The number of posts over the years–currently more than 2,600–is displayed as well.

Also on the sidebar is the “Like HSPECTRUM” button. In a comment we asked satisfied readers to click on “Like.” So far only eight people have done so, while over 16,000 people have “liked” Hungary Today, a government financed internet news site. It’s time to ask again, this time in a more prominent place. Without measurable reader enthusiasm HS has no chance of being one of those blogs that make it to Google Alert.

A much more obvious change is the way Hungarian Spectrum now displays the posts that appear daily. On the opening page only the first 100 words of each article appear. To read the whole post one has to click on the “Read the rest” button. I am very pleased with this new feature because it allows people, especially newcomers to the site, to browse a range of topics. I’m also happy about the automatic visibility of comments at the end of each article. You no longer have to find the ” Comments” button, which tends to get lost among the tags. And talking about tags. “Some1” created a sitemap for us which should help with Hungarian Spectrum‘s visibility on the Internet. We also added several new pages, some to comply with legal requirements, including “Contact,” “Privacy Policy,” and “Terms and Conditions.”

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the cause. I truly appreciate your generosity and your vote of confidence. And we should all thank “Some1,” who has spent countless hours on this project.

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Thank you Eva, thank you Some1!


Thanks from me too.
But (as usual), the highly prized “like” button is a distasteful trap, inasmuch as it requires signing up to Facebook. If someone, like me, is refusing to have anything to do with those pests, but otherwise gladly would express his approval of the sight, he will need a special, independent, Facebook-free button. Otherwise, alas, no cigar.


Thankyou, Eva, from a regular reader. Is there a subscription now?


Bravo Éva & some1, for the new features. I suggest also adding to the sidebar, to show countries, the way Christopher Adam just did for Hungarian Free Press.

I will do likes everywhere I can.


Dear Éva & some1: What is the code for displaying an image? « img src=”URL” alt=”” » does not seem to work.


I would love to, but I only use plugins that are compatible and “endorsed” by Word Press 4.1. There is no such plugin available at this time, except in Java form. Using Java is not endorsed by search engines, and as such HS’ ranking could fall if we install that.




I “stole” this photo from Nepszabadsag (Teknős Miklós) in order to test the new tool to embed image.
Now I just have to figure out how to reduce the size of the photos. You dnot need to us any tags, simply just post the link to the photocomment image


Many thanks some1! It works.
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B Yorke

Many thanks to Professor Balogh and Some1 for producing this informative website.
B-yorke from London

Zoltán Bretter

I am a regular reader of one of my favorite information hubs on my own country. Keep on Eva, your work is invaluable!