Zsolt Bayer, a Fidesz hack, on the immigration crisis

It’s been a long time since I wrote about Zsolt Bayer, a notorious columnist for Magyar Hírlap, a pro-Fidesz publication of the more radical sort. One could say that tabloid journalists like Bayer are a dime a dozen, but he is no ordinary scribbler. He holds the #5 membership card of Fidesz. (László Kövér, president of the Hungarian parliament, is the proud owner of #1, ahead of Viktor Orbán.) Bayer might be a vulgar, hate-filled hack, but he is still closely associated with the top political leadership of Fidesz. If Viktor Orbán wanted to shut him up, it wouldn’t take more than a quick telephone call. But clearly he doesn’t want to. In fact, just lately Bayer had some very distinguished guests on his new program, “Deep Magyar,” on Echo TV, a companion to Magyar Hírlap, starting with Viktor Orbán himself and followed by László Kövér. So, Zsolt Bayer is still an important man in Fidesz and a much-needed one. He is the one who is supposed to keep the radical wing of the party happy.

Zsolt Bayer is always handy to have around, but this time, when the Orbán government decided to reap political benefits from people’s fear of the thousands of refugees who are moving across Hungary, he has been a godsend. He can whip up hatred like nobody else. And nowadays, in addition to his weekly column in Magyar Hírlap, he also started a blog, where those who are not satisfied with one dose of Bayer hate-speech can always find more of the same.

Of course, Bayer is in his element at the moment. It’s the perfect stage for a man whose hate-filled words fire up those under the spell of Viktor Orbán. And, indeed, Bayer of late has turned his attention to the refugee issue. His latest piece titled “Is it unavoidable?” begins with the situation on the island of Kos, which is one of the first stops for arrivals from Turkey.

The state of affairs on Kos, according to Zsolt Bayer, is desperate. Seven thousand “intruders” have arrived. “The tourists have escaped and the hotels are empty, the population is angry and desperate. The horde doesn’t know anything about this. They are just pouring in. But on Tuesday it began….” The “horde” began a demonstration. “‘We want papers! We want to eat!’ they kept screaming,” and they sat down in the middle of a highway. The Greek authorities tried to shepherd “the beasts” into a stadium because “everything else on Kos was already filled with the beasts.” In the stadium a fight broke out and the police had to use billy clubs. Thursday the horde attacked the police. Giorgios Kynthsis, mayor of Kos, said that ” the situation is out of control…. Blood will be shed.”

Now let’s now turn to western descriptions of what happened on the Island of Kos. First of all, Bayer’s description of Kos as a tourist paradise now empty of well-off European visitors is false. “Sunbathers tan on the beach, metres from where migrants camp on the street. Tourists queue for €20 ferry rides to the Turkish shore–a journey that a nearby refugee will have paid 50 times more to complete in reverse.” The hotels are full.

Yes, it is true that there were two occasions when fights broke out among the Syrian and Afghan refugees who have been on Kos for months, waiting for a piece of paper that will allow them to move off the island. Athens, which has had a lot on its plate in addition to the refugee crisis, simply neglected to lighten Kos’s burden. According to the UN Refugee Agency, “conditions for migrants on Kos and other islands are shameful.” They don’t have adequate housing. A Syrian banker told a journalist from The Guardian that he, along with 2,000 of his fellow countrymen, was sandwiched in on a sandy beach for over a day without a drop of water or food. They didn’t even provide open public facilities for them. Apparently, Mayor Giorgios Kynthsis “agreed with the suggestion that no refugee should be given even a bottle of water.” The head of Greece’s reception system claims that “on the island of Kos we don’t have the cooperation of the mayor at all. He thought that if he doesn’t facilitate our operation, the people would go away.” Perhaps this background would make the revolt of “the beasts” more understandable.

 Migrants crammed into stadium as they await registration procedure on Tuesday. Photograph: Angelos Tzortzinis/AFP/Getty Images

Migrants crammed into a stadium as they await the registration procedure on Tuesday. Photograph: Angelos Tzortzinis/AFP/Getty Images

By today, the mayor of Kos was described by Reuters in an entirely different light: “overcome by emotion, the mayor of Kos handed out water, milk and food to hundreds of Syrian migrants on Friday as a huge passenger ship docked on the Greek island to serve as a floating reception center and dormitory.” I suspect that earlier Kynthsis wanted to call attention to the untenable situation on the island in an effort to prompt Athens to do something in a hurry.

Bayer himself mentions the arrival of the passenger ship because the Greek government “at last got its senses back, but the question now is whether it will be brave enough to deploy the riot police and a battleship. If they do, the Greeks will make history. If they dare to employ the troopers and if necessary the army and at last rid Kos of these hordes, then at last something will begin. But only then…. We will write history only if they send them home packing and eliminate them from the middle of Europe. Once and for all.”

I’ve concentrated on Bayer’s version of what was happening on the island of Kos. But at least half of his article deals with atrocities committed this week in two European countries by non-Europeans. During a police raid in the resort town of Salou in Catalonia, a Senegalese man jumped out of a third-floor window. This set off angry clashes between the police and about 200 people, “many of them believed to be members of the African community.” Here comes Bayer. “The Senegalese was a criminal. They wanted to arrest him. Instead he jumped. So what? It was his decision. He jumped and died. That’s all.” The Spanish authorities “should have handled the situation right then and there. All of them should be cleared out from Spain. They can go home.”

Then he moves on to Sweden where in an IKEA store two men from a nearby refugee center stabbed two people to death. Bayer describes the men as being cooperative with the police and adds that it would have been better if they had resisted arrest because then “the police could have shot them as one does a mad dog.” Now the Swedes have two murderers from Eritrea and two dead white Swedes. “Surely, the exchange was worth it. Long live liberalism! Long live human rights! Except when we talk about the rights of the European, white, Christian race.” Here Bayer uses the word “rassz,” which is practically never used in modern Hungarian in this sense.

Bayer’s conclusion is that Europe must be defended. “It must be freed from this horror. If necessary with arms in hand. If everything remains the same, there will be bloodshed. These hordes believe that only the blood of Europeans can be shed.”

Bayer’s racist rant is dreadful but, let’s face it, the only difference between Bayer and the members of the Hungarian government is that he can freely express his desire for a white, Christian Europe while Viktor Orbán can only hint at such a goal. And if that is not possible, at least the prime minister can try to prevent the “hordes” from the Middle East and Africa from entering Hungary.

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Bayer is kept, so Orban and Kover could like the good guys. It is the old good cop, bad cop game. In fact most of their actions are childish an would not worth to mention if so many ideologically corrupt human beings would not cling on to every nonsense, these career politicians come up wit for popularity. And before any of the commenters who think Orban and his gang are the best thing ever happened to Hungary would chime in with their nonsense, I would like to bring it up that after Bayer would send packing the Syrian and Afghan refugees, he would move on (or back) to people with jewish heritage. I do nothing that in Bayer’s small brain there is any room for anyone but those who he considers to be Hungarians, and as we know that pool is very small and crowded with convicted murderers, disgraced Presidents, Hungarians who are not allowed in to the USA, people who harass older people, and the list goes on…


It would be very informative (at first I wrote “good”, but then I realised …) to have Bayer’s complete text in English (or even German) so I and others could show it to people asking about Fidesz’ real position re fugitives/refugees/immigrants/non whites …
As the German saying goes:
Everybody is good for something – Bayer as a real deterrent example …

As pista remarked on another thread – if we translate/apply this to the hordes of Hungarians that flooded Austria etc in 1956 …


Yeah ,the saying goes: Kein Mensch ist unnütz,kann immer noch als abschrekendes Beispiel dienen….

but such categories do not apply to Bayer,he is only disgusting and sickening


I have not yet read the article on Zsolt Bayer above but it is not difficult to imagine its content. As an antidote to Bayer/Fidesz hate, I commend the following article from today’s Guardian talking about a town and a mayor in central Germany who has a different view of immigrants. Truly heart-warming stuff:



VESZPRÉM videó … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-67jMeJ7l0w&list=PL3x87rY6qJKBeQ6VFjtawxPf2A9i56l15


This has a perhaps-not-so peripheral connection to the rightwing scumbag Bayer. While reviewing a late-1930s travelogue about Veszprém, I saw a wooden objet d’art that had what I thought was a current rightist slogan (‘ne bántsd a magyart’) carved uppercase.

Clearly this sentiment is a lot older than I’d thought. It is reminiscent of the ‘Don’t tread on me.’ motto of the Gadsden flag that is associated with the American Revolution of 1776.

Anyone know the history behind the Magyar slogan?



You know I have that as a folk object reproduction given to me as a gift. Nothing carved or written on it but is covered in some kind of dark brown fur and lanyard attachments. I think if I am not mistaken it would hold palinka or whatever one’s taste in alcohol. I guess the saying would relate to drinking???


And regarding ‘travelogues’ I opened up my local paper today and what pops up is a piece on the ‘seductive’ city of Budapest, the ‘powerhouse’ of the region. Pretty good piece on the attractions of the ancient city that has that ‘Hapsburgian’ nostalgia.

And as far as ancient history it was noted that ‘Hungarians have no memory of communism’. And that’s because the ’20 something’s shop in trendy, one of a kind boutiques and flock to nightclubs’. Ok gotta have fun! But maybe they and others don’t hear the floorboards creaking???

The piece ends with ‘ Budapest, a city of nuance and paradox, has survived its turbulent history beautifully’. Maybe nothing like travelogues to miss some other things going on in a country?


Perhaps they’ve managed to miss all those others – beside the ’20 something’s – who happens to still lives there.
It could happen fairly easily with anyone: go in any of the popular clubs and you won’t find one single pensioner there..!
Pretty simple, isn’t it?



I should have done some elementary research before asking about ‘ne bántsd a magyart’, which is part of an essay title by Miklós Zrínyi [1620–1664], a Croatian/Hungarian military leader, statesman and poet.


My suspicions about the usurping of the essay title as a rightwing slogan was evidently appropriate. The link shows someone, who may be a part of Betyársereg –a group of wannabe nazis– displaying his jacket with “Ne bántsd a magyart, mert pórul jársz!” [Don’t fuck with Hungarians or you’ll be sorry!] Sloganed clothing comes from rightwing sites.


An article by Éva mentions Betyársereg trying to intimidate immigrants and their helpers in Szeged recently.



Good background exTor…this kid’s continually learning…;-)…nothing like the 17th to put things in high relief in the 21st!


Nobody criticizes Canada! You know why? Because it is Harper who is being criticized.
Nobody criticizes Hungary either. It is the Orban gang the world seem to have a problem with, contrary what Orban and his buddies try to sell Hungarians.

In fact there are dozens of criticism about Harper even from the conservative papers, so I am not sure I am getting your point. Many newspapers list daily Harper’s fiascos, so it would be nice if you would do a search before you post such nonsense “who would criticize Canada”.

Just a handful from today!


After reading about Bayer perhaps sometime in the future history of Hungary we will see some glimpse of intellectual courage and some moral outrage by those who sit and take and listen to his venom. How long this will go on by the snakes no one knows.

But I’d think that when it will be time to pay back the piper we will have to expect that some when asked where they were while the harangues of hate appeared would prevaricate or fashion up some junk answer cloaking their obvious moral abandonment at the time.

Nothing like history consistently repeating itself in the country. With each black word uttered out of the mouths of those individuals like Bayer it drives Hungary deeper and deeper into a moral morass she will be hard pressed to get out of.

Extractive Elites 2

The entire CEE region whizzes past Hungary.

GDP growth in second Q of 2015 was almost the double (!) of the Hungarian figure in the Czech Republic, but needless to say Romania, Poland, Slovakia and Latvia had much better results too.

Hungary is lagging behind as we speak and soon Romania will overtake us – if it hasn’t already.

There’s no problem with Hungary, only we chose bad peers: Hungary’s peers are Bulgaria and Serbia.



If you look at the current “discussions” on politics.hu you’ll find there are many Hungarians (Fidesz fans usually) as vociferous as Bayer in telling you that Hungary shouldn’t accept those “hordes” of immigrants and “let them rot” or shoot them …
It’s a real shame and of course people like latefor or olga who scream about “liberals suppressing dissenting opinions” will not say a word on this …
This Fidesz idiocy will come back to haunt Hungary I’m afraid …


Honestly, in any civilised European country Bayer already long time ago has been, charged with hate speech – and convicted thereof, – let alone banned from publishing..!

But of course, in the little ‘oase’ of unhindered hatred in the middle of Europe such things doesn’t exist, (thanks to Gábor Fodor’s misinterpreted liberalism, as I remember) so he’s still free and free to spread his infectious crap. However, if there was wish, there was a way legally, but hey, we talking about Bayer here!

Being Orbán’s personal friend obviously lift you above the law and let you behave as any other dirty pig, as long as you do it “in the service of the Nation”, its all right.

Furthermore, that’s the accepted way how a civilise christian journalist may/can/should talk nowadays..!

Orbanistan in its full glory!


OT and BTW:
Oh, shit!
Anyone has some idea, what this corpulent little prick doing with that flag?
I couldn’t figure out, but the whole scene looks frighteningly early ‘50s..!


Spectator, I hope Latefor, Rev. Kovacs, and Magyaroni have had a look at that link you provide above.
What is that flag, btw? I can’t make it out. It looks identical to Gazprom banners.


I have a great idea! How about revealing your true identity.
You know who I am or who Rev. Kovacs and all the other “morons” are. What’s fare is fare!
I want to know who is behind the pseudonyms. Let us see who are the anonymous attackers of the Hungarian people -NOT the government, I am referring to the Hungarian people in here – who are the big boys of Hungarian Spectrum.

Do you want to hear my opinion on the refugee crises? Let us see who you are first!


The difference between you and many of us is that we live in Hungary – and we don’t want to be “visited” by any Jobbik/Fidesz thugs …
When were you in Hungary the last time btw and for how long?
Seems to me you don’t know anything about the country!

You use a pseudonym, I use my real name. You consider a jab at Orban a jab at Hungarian people? Quit spreading the lie that anyone is attacking the Hungarian people, the only criticism they deserve is the fact they allow Orban to continue. You mentioned the other day that you are a writer, I checked out your book, since you were promoting it here and found quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes, then you write here “what’s fare is fare”. Your writing I cannot take seriously my dear. As far as the “great migration”, it is a humanitarian issue, simple as that! Yes it is stressful and difficult to handle for those who are in it. No it doesn’t mean people need to feel threatened or that we should treat them as an invading enemy. What annoys me is this government has been fuelling hatred so irresponsibly and simply not considering its consequences. I am afraid that if it continues it is a bigger threat than any migration, refugee crisis that we have going on today. I feel that if you are going to make such silly accusations such as calling people anti-Hungarian just because it suits your… Read more »


So, it is OK for you to expose my political views but you prefer to hide! NICE!


Stop whining, by your advertising you exposed yourself. Your political views are nonsensical – “adoration of Orbán” is as silly as can be.
Go to politics.hu, there you can read a lot of comments by me – it might keep you occupied and away from here!


Wants everyone to buy her e-books and advertises yet is claiming to be upset because we now know who she is. Unbelievable!


A bt OT – ain’t that a nice gesture?

“As many Sziget festival-goers leave their tents behind once the event has ended, these tents will be collected by organizers and donated to refugees in Hungary, online daily 444.hu reported on Saturday. ”


Lis Aucoin,
Oh my dear God, some of you are so twisted in here! I’m NOT upset by revealing who I am, after all that was my intention! As far as my books are concerned, I can’t afford to pay for a professional editor, maybe I’m not as well connected as you are. Besides, today even edited books by well-known, respected authors are full of mistakes. (I’d love to provide a list of those I’ve read recently, but I can’t for reasons it should be obvious to you.) Welcome to the real world of book publishing! I’m doing my very best to improve as I go along and I’m proud to say that so far nobody complained that I bored them to tears. My books are about beautiful people, living in a twisted world.

Re: anti-Hungarian comments on this blog.
Just from the top of my head, the Hungarian people were called the following:
“Genetically inferior morons”
“Bo gatyas”
“Hopeless scumbags”
“useless scumbags”
“anti-Semites” etc. etc.
Would you like to know more?

@Latefor, You indicated it wasn’t fair for everyone to know who you were, which is why you insisted people reveal themselves. I of course realized you were promoting yourself on here and wanted to be discovered, which is not in great taste in my opinion. If you are writing your books on a computer, you have spell check don’t you? Also, if you cannot “hire” and editor, ever hear of proof reading your material before publishing? As for what you call “anti-Hungarian” commentary, you obviously cannot separate those who are in government circles who are giving the reputation of being hopeless and useless scumbags and anti-semites then you are just as much to blame. Stand up for what is right for a change and quit defending the indefensible. If you were a citizen and only identify yourself and your cultural identity with that of who is ruling your country, then you would have defended the communists too. Of course you did, until they were gone, now I am sure you are against communism, just as other Hungarians are. What you seem not to realize is that we don’t HAVE TO defend the government anymore. We can stand for what is… Read more »

Lis Aucoin,

“You indicated it wasn’t fair for everyone to know who you were”
I NEVER indicated anything like that. Wrong!

“promoting yourself on here and wanted to be discovered, which is not in great taste in my opinion.”
I was just following the well-known method: when they threw you out on the door, come back through the window. 🙂

“If you are writing your books on a computer, you have spell check don’t you?”
Wrong again, I’ve never said that I was writing my books on my computer. I’m actually scratching them with my nails into a large stone in my backyard. Unfortunately, no proof reading programs can be downloaded, not even for free trial.

“If you truly care about Hungary, you would want freedom, true freedom for Hungarians, not this bs, they call governing.”
And what do you have in mind? What kind of political/economic system do you think would be suitable for the “bo gatyas peasants”?


p.s. it should be: Just off the top of my head!