Budapest Beacon: Civilians and refugees

I arrived home from Texas less than two hours ago. I had been invited by H. David Baer, a professor at Texas Lutheran University, to give a lecture there to faculty and students. David Baer has contributed several articles to this blog on church-state relations in Hungary. Let me add that his knowledge of Hungarian is amazing.

So, I’m afraid you’ll have to be satisfied with this video, which by the way is excellent, on the refugee crisis as seen from the Keleti Station in Budapest. I hope by tomorrow I’ll be able to return to recent events in Hungary.


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Laszlo Sipos

This is how it really was.I was there and cried when seeing this because it made Hungary the shame of Europe and although many volunteered to help.most did not and the government abused these poor people.I just hope to see Zoltán Kovács and others before an international court of justice.It is so easy to see how The Holocaust happened here.Just as the government and ordinary citizens continue to demonize George Soros and other Jews,they also do the same with refugees including those who are living and working here (legally).


I am deeply ashamed and mortified that I did not help the refugees in the Keleti Station. I could have helped, I would have helped, I should have helped, yet I did not help.

I have no excuse. I live nearby. I could easily have gone to the Keleti Station, yet I did not go. This is an eternal blot on my soul. I am saddened by the weight of my nothingness.

I must make this up. I shall make this up.



This regime needs always to be at war against external or internal enemies, lest more people see through the smoke and mirrors of the propaganda machine.
The nominated enemies change as the media focus wanes, but the hate is constantly rekindled. The result is appalling social climate, regular verbal and some physical assaults culminating in a serial murder spate claiming 7 gypsy lives.
Here is another gem of hate (in Hungarian) by the “coalition party” prominent who call themselves Christian Democrats:

Let the children starve, rather then vote for a humane idea shared by the political opposition.

Yes, you read right, literally.
No Christian love here, but lots of hate.


“This regime needs always to be at war against external or internal enemies, lest more people see through the smoke and mirrors of the propaganda machine.
The nominated enemies change as the media focus wanes, but the hate is constantly rekindled. The result is appalling social climate, regular verbal and some physical assaults culminating in a serial murder spate claiming 7 gypsy lives.”

You seem to be mixing up the chronology of events here. The slayings you are referring to happened in 2008-2009, and “this regime” came to power in 2010.


No mixing up.
The aggressive, hate politics have been going on in earnest since about 2000. Moreover, disturbances and acts of violence somehow happened only when Orbán was in opposition (e.g. tractors downtown, train strikes / Aranykéz street explosion, MSZP provincial offices firebombed, TV building and November 2006, serial murders, chronology notwithstanding). Not a pop since Orban came to power in 2010.

The message was not only implicit, it was spelled out in Fidesz campaigns – only we can keep order. Latest version: only we can keep the Jobbik in check.
By the way, the Jobbik florished on Orbán’s manure, they have now topped their vote numbers, .
This makes Orbán’s lie double, as he also tacitly adopted and implemented many of the Jobbik’s ideas.
I live in Hungary at present.



They need the Hate, the deflection of purpose…to live with themselves.


Colleen Bell came to Hungary to “turn down the volume” (aka appeasement).

The “moderate” Zsolt Németh – aka “the Atlanticist” – says that it’s important that the US doesn’t follow the score written by George Soros.


So you believe the Fidesz spin?
Can I sell you a bridge? There are some nice ones available in Budapest.


Ambassador Bell is doing her job which is to represent the interests our nation (the USA) in Hungary. When it requires yelling she will yell, when it requires talking quietly she will do that too. When it comes to PM Orban’s officials attempting to extort money from US based firms she will be yelling at the top of her lungs just like Goodfriend did over Ildikó Vida and other corrupt officials.

As an American Hungarian I am particularly pleased with Ambassador Bell defending NGOs in Hungary that have come under attack by Fidesz. My government could easily have looked the other way over this issue and has chosen to go back to discussing Orban’s attempt to take control over the funding for many NGOs in Hungary reinforcing my nation’s support for civil society movements in Hungary.

The current policy of Ambassador Bell has been largely consistent with the tone being set by the US State Department. She is not trying to be either a hard cop or a soft cop to Hungary that is the pretend world of Fidesz journalism.


Re: Ambassador Bell..

My sentiments as well on Istvan’s assessment. I hope the US never ‘looks away’ from the challenges that have been thrown down by the current Hungarian administration and always be forthright in meeting them. And I would also hope that our representative would negate De Gaulle’s observation that diplomats are ‘only useful in fair weather’. The ambassador no doubt knows when it rains it sometimes pours. I’d think if she carries a good umbrella well it gives the opportunity for both countries to not get drenched in some respects. It helps in keeping things ‘working’ away and time is not wasted in trying to solve difficult issues.

Thanks, Istvan! Now for something new and OT from Orbán: The subject of family is considered “taboo” in today’s Europe, despite the fact that the continent is growing older and “our civilization is at stake”, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said today in Budapest at a demography forum, online daily reported. And he goes on: The prime minister said it is time for Europe to speak about the notion of family without it being a taboo subject, and about the “population problem in Europe”, bearing in mind that the “continent is growing old”, reported. According to Orbán, people would rather speak about “things of lesser importance such as the marriage of homosexuals”, said. “The gender debate and the marriage of homosexuals are important issues, but they are not the key issues,” the prime minister said, according to Orbán believes the “key question” is who will inhabit the Europe of the future, as the population is growing old, and available data suggests that the population will soon decline. In half the EU member states, deaths outnumber births, the prime minister said. According to the prime minister, there are a number of solutions available. He mentioned cloning, for… Read more »

Re: ‘Is this for real?’

You know it would appear VO’s comments tend to come from a background lacking in grounded experience of realities as compared to countries who have been used to migration and immigration trends for quite awhile. What de Tocqueville said in an opinion about America would perhaps not be understood by him: ‘In America every man forgets his ancestors and each generation is a new people’. Mr. Orban and his demographers need to extrapolate a bit more as they analyze and parse data when looking at a changing Hungarian future. They appear to be on a one-track mind (very pessimistic I’d say) when it comes to the socialization and acculturation of human populations. If he lived here I’d think he’d zone out seeing the Hispanic/Latino population rising inexorably now and for the years ahead. Probably scared as all hell and maybe would give the fellow a medical condition.


And an other news (because free press is alive and well in Hungary).

“Some press excluded from PM’s speech

Christian Keszthelyi Friday, May 29, 2015, 09:10
Left-leaning Hungarian online media outlets were rejected when applying for accreditation to attend Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s state-of-the-state speech, scheduled for today, according to press reports this morning.

Online dailies and reported that the reporters of Klubrádió, print daily Népszava and online daily were rejected entry due to limited “capacity of seats”.

Where is the white-wash of the likes of some regular Orban fan commenters when we need them? I would love to hear their take on Orban actions in the name of press freedom, democracy, and differing opinions….


Remember the Syrian man tripped by Petra Laszlo, the camerawoman at Jobbik’s TV station?

Even at this blog people thought he was (he might have been) “a dangerous Terrorist” because somebody said so and it was “on the internet”.

Well, the person first spreading the allegation (Sandor Jaszberenyi basing his info on a hearsay statement provided by a Kurdish source) is now apologizing: in the last month and a half Jaszberenyi’s been trying to find some evidence, any evidence to back up his original claim – in vain.

D7 Democrat (@D7Democrat)

The Fidesz Filth consistently need a hate target to prosper- be it the poor, the homeless, gays and now praise be to Istvan, the refugees.

The scum who presently control our country are the spiritual descendants of the Arrow Cross and those who continue to support these nazi criminals are the equivalent to those whom in 1944 stood passively by whilst their neighbours were transported to Auschwitz and the other death camps.

Get off your knees Hungarian democrats.

Re: ‘Get off your knees Hungarian democrats’ An idea came to mind that if the democrats intend to fight back they just might take a look at that famous German Herr Klopp and his successful strategy of ‘gegenpressing’ that he used to take Dortmund to Bundesliga titles and now bringing it to Liverpool who appear to revel in it. If politics is a football match where one tries to ‘win’ and get to a goal there may be plenty to mine from that aggressive concept. But the democrats need to know that if they implement it they will have to participate in very high energetic and uptempo activity. They have to be in shape. They will have to work hard to wrest advantage in parrying attacks and then conduct their own lightning counterattacks to cut the edge of the opposition and catch them ‘watching the ball’. Exhaustion just might set in. But if they can’t do it then of course gegenpressing isn’t for them. And nor is perhaps ‘winning’ and fighting for a goal. But it could be a start to perhaps get out of the ‘cellar’ and make things happen. And anyway aren’t they tired of constant ‘relegation?’ Better… Read more »
In 1558, the Transylvanian Diet of Torda declared free practice of both the Catholic and Lutheran religions, but prohibited Calvinism. Ten years later, in 1568, the Diet extended the freedom to all religions, declaring that “It is not allowed to anybody to intimidate anybody with captivity or expelling for his religion”. However, it was more than a religious tolerance, it declared the equality of the religions. The emergence in social hierarchy wasn’t depend on the religion of the person thus Transylvania had also Catholic and Protestant monarchs (Princes). The lack of state religion was unique for centuries in Europe. Therefore, the Edict of Torda is considered by mostly Hungarian historians as the first legal guarantee of religious freedom in Christian Europe. ACT OF RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE AND FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE: His majesty, our Lord, in what manner he – together with his realm – legislated in the matter of religion at the previous Diets, in the same matter now, in this Diet, reaffirms that in every place the preachers shall preach and explain the Gospel each according to his understanding of it, and if the congregation like it, well. If not, no one shall compel them for their souls would not… Read more »