Exchange of letters between Viktor Orbán and José Manuel Barroso on the Paks project, January-February, 2014

It turned out that I had saved the crucial Viktor Orbán-José Manuel Barroso exchange of letters (January 23-February 7, 2014) concerning the Paks II project to be built by Rosatom, a company owned by the Russian Federation, at the time I posted “A brief summary of the Russian-Hungarian agreement on the Paks nuclear power plant” on March 13, 2014.

Since then, this exchange of letters has become a crucial piece of evidence in deciding the fate of the whole Paks project. It thus might be useful to have the complete texts at our disposal.

Viktor Orbán to José Manuel Barroso, January 23, 2014

Orbán letter Barroso

José Manuel Barroso to Viktor Orbán, February 7, 2014Barroso letter

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György Lázár

The writing was on the wall…. actually in Barroso’s letter. I’m always amazed that Hungarians in general have the tendency ignoring warning signs… or possibly just a reading comprehension issue.


“We believe that the long-term cooperation of Hungary with the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear power will contribute to the strengthening of energy security of the EU as a whole.”

I don’t.


“I am confident that the commission can count on the same constructive and transparent approach towards addressing these issues in relation to Pacs and Hungarian energy policy more generally.”

So am I.

Erzsi Csabai

One by one, the institutions will move out from the Buda Hill Castle so that the old dream of Orban could be realized.

The king (aka the prime minister) in the Castle looking down onto his domain. Yeah, I like that.

If you will it, it’s no dream.

Only leftists give up their dreams. real winners never.

And make no mistake Orban is rebuilding Budapest. The top 10 signature buildings of Budapest were all conceived by Orban (National Theatre, MÜPA, the Liget project, the National Library etc.) and not by supposedly urban, Budapest-loving liberals. Orban cares about legacy and his buildings will be here for eternity.


@Erzsi Csabai (November 19, 2015 at 10:56 am)

“Orban cares about legacy and his buildings will be here for eternity.”

His holocaust monument will certainly not.
His National Theater I hope not. It is nauseating.


Not quite Ms. Csabai.
In fact the National Theatre was conceived in the 1830s by the reform movement of Hungarians and even this present building was conceived and started well before Orban’s assent to power. In fact he stopped, as it is well known, the process of building, relocated, and got redesigned the building in a wasteful, but ludicrous vanity project. And it looks it.
The MÜPA was an invention of Sandor Demjan, who needed to sell an other project on his piece of land there, in order to make the building of the theatre economically viable.
The LIget Project is gradually collapsing and it hasn’t even reached the stage of the building permits, where it is bound to face an uphill battle agains the mayor of the district who is dead set against the entire project. Not to mention that the financial backing for this project is increasingly shaky.
However, Ms. Csabai, since you seem to be so unconditionally devoted to the great Viktor Orban, I suggest you should volunteer to be the first to offer the right of first night to your liege. (Even if it wouldn’t be the first.)


Two letters two views on the Paks initiative. Kind of fits in with the writer Golding’s quip where ‘Language fits experience like a straitjacket’. With Mr. Orban’s communications one must be highly attuned to the fact that there is usually a simmering meta-narrative always struggling to get out. It is up to the listener or receiver of his communications to coax it all to the surface and get examined in the light of day. If no responsibility on that well one can be up the creek with no paddle.


The message of Janos Lazar is clear. Paks 2 is absolutely on, nothing is suspended.

The project continues, if anything it will be sped up.

Hungary will negotiate with the Commission as usual.

If we cannot agree on compromises like we did before then Hungary will go to court.

After there is a binding resolution we will then analyze the situation again.

Until such time the project is on. Period.


@Erzsi: “The king (aka the prime minister) in the Castle looking down onto his domain. Yeah, I like that.” Erase, let me remind you Orban was a leftist. So he gave up his leftist dream to become a rightist because then he does not give up his dreams? Your logic fails me as well as your misunderstanding about what money those things are built from. I hope you know that most of those things you admire so much about Budapest was built from money that Orban took away from other projects that essentially he financed with the liberal EU’s money! And of course money from hospitals and education.
Erzsi maybe Orban is your king, and your desire is to expand his feudal rights on your domain, but make no mistake, there are real women in Hungary who are intelligent, knowledgeable, (they actually read), they do not need a new library, but value healthcare for example.


Some1, Erzsi surely doesn’t want O as king …

This castle story reminds me in a way of the (in)famous King of Bavaria, Ludwig the second who built Neuschwanstein and other castles …
He drowned/was murdered/killed himself in one of Bavaria’s beautiful lakes …

And now for something totally OT:

Did you know that Steve Jobs’ biological father Abdul Fattah Jandali was a Syrian immigrant/refugee who as a teacher/assistant at university in Wisconsin got a Catholic student pregnant?
The boy was adopted by the Jobs family …


Well Wolfi given that the US House of Representatives just passed a law about two hours ago that would likely make it much more difficult for any Syrian refugee to gain entry to my country we may not have been blessed with the wonders of Apple computers if such a law existed when Jobs father landed in Wisconsin. See

Hungary and other parts of Europe are not alone in their fear of an Islamic invasion, if that makes anyone feel any better on this blog.


That’s very shameful of the US Congress. In the US populist politics is in full force before next year’s presidential elections. Compare this with the French response; they are still willing to take 30,000 Syrian refugees.

D7 Democrat (@D7Democrat)

“One by one, the institutions will move out from the Buda Hill Castle so that the old dream of Orban could be realized.”

And hospitals close, babies die.
The poor starve.
Those who have any semblance of a brain are on the next fapados out.

Some legacy your heartless scum of a hero is leaving eh Erzsi?

But hey, a bit like Mussolini, at least you and your fellow fascist devotees will be able to admire his various beautiful homages to Hungarian moral relativism when he is long gone.
Remind me again, how did Benito meet his end?

Huszár Géza

Viktor Orban is the symbol of the nation, an ever-shining star of the sky of Hungarian politics.

He is a popular leader beloved, adored by his supporters – reelected over and over again. Liberals are understandably frustrated because they are hated.

Viktor Orban is probably the most important Hungarian politician of the last 150 years, a real genius. God willing he will rule Hungary for decades to come. He is the single biggest luck that happened to Hungary. Otherwise communists would still oppress Hungarians.

Please liberal don’t lie.


@ Huszár Géza But Geza, Orban was a communist! (Maybe he still is! He has all the convenience that previous dictators had, and have.) Your adoration of those who served the communist regime prevailed. You just love those communist and to keep them in power, don’t you? Orban himself said that he did not mind communism, he just did not like the ones who ran the show. He said this in the parliament! Did you miss that? More likely you simply agreed. Do you remember how Orban got his degree under the combusting regime when this e actually fighting the communist were kicked out? What doe Orban does not want to open up the files on the old communists and informers? In fact none of the Fidesz members want to open up those files. Are you in those files and you worried if Orban has to of it turns out that you just like Orban served the communist? You love those communists Geza, and happy that you got your leader, Rakosi in power.. I mean Orban. Shame on you!

D7 Democrat (@D7Democrat)

Yes I agree Géza. Viktor Orbán is indeed the pride of neo-nazis all over Europe, something you and the rest of Hungarian nationalism can be justifiably proud of.
Beat up your wife, sup a quick palinka and threaten the darkies out of the Motherland, that’s what makes you a success in Magyarland.
Certainly worked for Viktor, anyway.


This time again, as many times before, Orban’s government assumed that they will finesse the process: the Commission will be somehow placated and the project also will proceed. This happened many times before and Orban always got off scot free. I don’t see yet any evidence that it will happen otherwise this time.
What is the most disturbing, is the fact that although the government is already spending the loan money amidst the greatest secrecy, the Commission is talking about the bidding process. It seems as if the Commission were on an other planet, they are impervious to the monumental corruption entombed in this entire project. Or if they are aware, they seem to be determined to ignore it and concentrate instead on the least depraved aspect of it.
At the same time, I wouldn’t give much credence to the belligerent statements of Janos Lazar, i.e. that “the project will proceed no matter what,” because they have retreated before when that was advisable, regardless of their stupid, boastful announcements.


“I don’t see yet any evidence that it will happen otherwise this time””

Spot on.

Lazar will settle this too.

He is a real pro who gets things done and the EU bureaucrats are no match to him.

D7 Democrat (@D7Democrat)

Not a real pro.
Too big an ego, too much ostensible spending, too many dodgy (young, very young) women.
Do your research. The mafia bosses who survived were those who kept their heads below the parapet, not those who flaunted their rolexes and their surgically enhanced girlfriends.

Guest About 44 hours ago, a proFidesz apologist named Eliezer (whom I once labeled a racist, who in turn inexplicably labeled me a racist) posted the above link crowing that Szijjártó had stuck it to the EU. I’m not here to point out that Eliezer doesn’t quite know how to trim URLs so that they are not humongous monstrosities, but to direct your attention to the link’s Comments section, which contains a modest 18 posts. Most are thankyous to Hungary for not backing the EU on product-region labeling. A few posts are nasty (of the antiMuslim variety). I want to draw your attention to a post by Adam Csernay, who identifies himself as ‘CUNY Kingsborough’, which is where (he says) he studied. As it turns out, Adam Csernay is from Székesfehérvár, lives in New Hyde Park, New York and is the “Director of Sales at Empire of Palinka Imports”. He’s a rightwinger based on some of his posts. He may even have shown up on these pages in some guise or another. This rightist shitbag/szarzsák went on about Horthy, how Horthy tried to save the Jews of Hungary, but Horthy couldn’t against the determination of Mr. Hitler. Adam Csernay was… Read more »