László Kövér, the voice of Fidesz’s inner thoughts

It was shortly after Fidesz’s loss in the elections of 2002 that the American-Hungarian Coalition invited some members of the Hungarian parliament for a two-week visit to Washington. The idea was for these MPs to gain exposure to American democracy in action. The American-Hungarian Coalition, which at this point was the only organization allegedly representing Hungarians living in the United States, was a decidedly conservative body and therefore in Hungarian politics usually sided with the right: the Antall government between 1990-1994 and Fidesz between 1998 and 2002.

The Coalition’s bias became patently obvious when it turned out that only Fidesz MPs were selected to visit the U.S. The others obviously didn’t deserve such a trip. László Kövér, who by the way doesn’t know any English, was one of the Fidesz MPs who was chosen. I’m afraid that the money spent on him was a total waste. He doesn’t understand anything about democracy, and today he has a burning hatred of the United States.

I said earlier that Kövér is one of those people who doesn’t know when to shut up. After his unfortunate remarks at the Fidesz Congress, he made his rounds of radio stations and tried to explain what he actually meant. So, when Pesti Srácok approached him for an interview, he couldn’t resist. In response to this interview, a friend of mine said that he hasn’t seen “such concentrated stupidity, lack of information, and simple ignorance put together based on visceral anti-Americanism and the misconceptions of the far right.”

Of course, one of the topics that was covered was the refugee issue. Kövér sees two villains here: Germany and the United States. In his view, the German government wants to satisfy the needs of German business, but its real aim is to enlarge the voting base of the left. Don’t ask me why Angela Merkel would want to add voters to her Christian Democratic Party’s strongest opposition, the social democrats. Logic obviously is not Kövér’s strong suit. As for his knowledge of the employment of earlier immigrants to Germany, he talks about the prospect of having only 10% of the newcomers gainfully employed while the other 90% will be living on welfare payments. And after this piece of nonsense, Kövér embarks on another one. In his opinion, the “essence of the left’s ideology is permanent liberation.” The left suggests to one group after the other that they are oppressed and therefore need protection. Kövér “doesn’t want to offend the Muslim migrants, but in the eyes of the European left there is really no difference between them and transsexuals.”

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Well, we could say that Kövér cannot be taken seriously and therefore it is not worth spending time on his ridiculous statements. But the situation is not that simple. These thoughts have been cropping up in Viktor Orbán’s speeches as well. He talked several times about the advantage the German socialists see in admitting refugees who then will vote for them as soon as they become citizens.

In Kövér’s view, which I’m sure Viktor Orbán shares, politicians in responsible positions have lost their minds, except naturally for Fidesz politicians. “One’s stomach turns, and one has difficulty breathing. One chokes on the stupidities of European politics, from the mediocrity and the dishonesty of its representatives. One feels that there is no hope because we are sitting in a boat where everybody around us is an idiot or at least they pretend to be.”

Taking his cue from the far right, Kövér considers the United States to be the greatest villain in the refugee drama. Apparently, the real problem with the U.S. is that “it needs ever newer enemies, conflicts, phony rows in order to keep its military machinery in motion.” In a way, the situation during the Cold War was less dangerous, according to Kövér. Then “at least we knew who was on whose side.” But today “do we know the goals of each side in the war against the Islamic State?”

The countries of Central Europe are only pawns in this game, but luckily they are beginning to define and defend their own interests. “Everything started with the history of Cain and Abel, and the role of Cain is filled by those who possess the greatest power.” Kövér was slow to discover that the real enemy is the United States. It surprised him, but by now he knows that with the collapse of the Soviet Union America remained without an enemy and therefore looked for new ones: the Russian mafia and Osama Bin Laden, the chief evil (főgonosz). Eventually, after some confusion, they managed to take aim at Russia and to provoke a conflict with Ukraine, which by the way divided Europe. And then came faceless corruption as a target.

I find it shocking that Kövér equates Osama bin Laden with the Russian mafia or corruption. Moreover, the word “főgonosz” carries the connotation that this man’s wickedness was exaggerated by the United States for political reasons. As for the division of Europe as the result of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Kövér here seems to be admitting that Hungary is secretly on Russia’s side because on the surface there seems to be unity among the European countries.

Kövér doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry when Ambassador Colleen Bell urges the Hungarian government to follow the Romanian example and investigate and bring to justice corrupt politicians when she got her cushy job only because she collected money for Obama’s presidential campaign. “So, let’s forget about the fairy tales.” I guess this means that Colleen Bell is as corrupt as any of those whom the U.S. government would like to bring to justice in Romania or Hungary.

In Kövér’s opinion, the standards of political discourse have sunk so low that “one has no appetite to react to the statements of even the American ambassador.” Obviously, Kövér is not very sensitive to what Péter Szijjártó, János Lázár, Lajos Kósa, Antal Rogán, or, for that matter, Viktor Orbán talk about. It’s enough to read, for example, Viktor Orbán’s accusations against West European politicians who purposely want to ruin European civilization.

Kövér’s speeches and interviews are useful for anyone looking for insight into the true nature of the Orbán regime and Fidesz. He is not the odd man out but one who speaks most openly about matters others try to either hide or tone down. We can learn from him more than some people think. Indeed, this far-right drivel is part and parcel of Fidesz’s worldview.

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I cannot help thinking, that many Hungarians, who adopted the US, Germany or Canada as their true home (haha) and Hungary as the mother country or birthplace, begins to feel, as if Hungary became our enemy. I as a USA citizen, who claims the US as my home, I certainly feel this way. I began to feel this way years ago, when some die hard Fidesz supporters who were my class mates in school begin to blame everything that is wrong on the World on the US and kept asking me, why are we doing this or that, why are we so evil. Never mind, that they spoke the same way about the Soviet Union, when we were in school together. In the 1960’s, they loved Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry and we all learnt to dance on Roy Orbison’s Pretty Woman. (None of them wanted to play a balalaika and sing the 1955 hit, Moscow Night – Подмосковные Вечера) Then in the 90’s and after that, they claimed, that US has no culture, and everybody is stupid, unlike Hungarians, who have 1,000 years of culture. Never mind that the Jews, the Chines and Persians have 5-6,000 years… Read more »


Yes, it sends me around the bend when I hear Hungaricoes criticize everything about the US. But let’s face it: Hungarians are deeply, psychologically, sick. Their criticisms are really envy turned inside-out–the usual Hungarian way.

In arguing with Hungarians about the superiority of the society and culture, my opening is this: name me a chief justice that is famous
for the quality of his reasoning and decision-making (ie. Frankfurter, Brandeis et. al.)? Of course, I’m usually met with the response: “Whaaat? Are they important? Why?…

As to how low it can sink here: you must know that the midget minions will continue to happily plunder while the last forint exists.
Orban, whose essential interest (after having robbed his massive share) has been to humble and wreck and mock the Hungarian mainstream. With the angel dust of anti-semitism that he has blown into everyone’s eyes, no one seems to notice what he is really about.


I have a feeling that Kover in deed cannot think. I guess Kover and Orban know from experience what they are talking about when he talks “about the advantage the German socialists see in admitting refugees who then will vote for them as soon as they become citizens.” Can Kover recall the last election of Hungary?
As far he ” “doesn’t want to offend the Muslim migrants, but in the eyes of the European left there is really no difference between them and transsexuals.” I have no problem with transexuals or with Muslims, but I have huge distaste for Kover and everyone who agrees with Fidesz, and at this point I not not see any difference, they are disgusting.

By the way Peter Konok made a comment about Kover’s whining “the last time I felt so down was in the middle of the eighties”.
Konok noted: “Well Laci, this is not a surprise. At the time you were working for the Party, now you are working for the Party again. After all these years there aren’t any changes – no surprise you tired yourself out.”

Kövér’s mind seems to wander all over the place, but then so does Donald Trump’s mind and he is still leading in the polls to be the Republican presidential candidate. I think Trump is a scary smart guy whereas Kövér well not so much. Kövér is right Central Europe is a pawn at best in the struggle against IS, but even that little role has netted MOL some pretty good money in Kurdistan. As for Kövér being confused about the goals of the USA and Russia in the struggle against IS, he is not alone in that confusion. Neither of they great powers have an actual end game plan for all of this. Clearly the Russians are smart enough to understand the Syrian Assad government is not viable, just as my government knows the Shia rulers of Iraq have a failed state on their hands. But if collectively we can kill as many IS supporters as possible before they murder more people that at least is a positive good. I don’t think the Fidesz fence will stop IS inspired terrorists at Hungary’s border if they want to get in to carry out an operation. The saddest part of Kövér’s comments… Read more »

Trump maybe a good comparison to O’s faithful – but luckily he is not (yet?) in power.
Just to think that someone like him might have the power to push that infamous red button makes me nervous …
People like Kövér on the other hand are a dime a dozen here in Hungary – at least so tells me my wife. I’m lucky not to know any one like him personally, except some commenters on politics.hu – but I wouldn’t want to be even in the same room with them.
These lunatics obviously exist everywhere – like Ulfkotte in Germany


The last polls show that IF Trump wins the Republican nomination (even that isn’t certain yet), the majority of American voters will vote for ANY Democratic candidate.

Let me quote from your blog Eva: “…such concentrated stupidity, lack of information, and simple ignorance put together…” This view of Kövér is equally true for the whole leadership of the FIDESZ and of their cronies. Some of them appear to be such nobodies that one couldn’t trust them to manage a grocery store, never mind governing a country. And this attitude of Orban and Co. is also true towards anything and anybody that in their opinion is not drawing the FIDESZ line, which by the way can change to any direction at any time depending on the great leader’s whim… The FIDESZ and its leadership are a collection of conman, common thieves and criminals, the likes of which are not tolerated not only in real democracies, but even in Communist China… Shamefully, the European Union is actively helping in keeping the Orban regime in power by providing not hundreds of millions, but hundreds of billions of €’s to Hungary during the years, the money that most of goes into the pockets of the leaders and the cronies of the ruling party. The citizens of Austria, France and the other EU countries should protest that their well earned money is… Read more »
The Western bankers are also making money on EU cohesion funds in several ways. First the EU ( through the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ) uses bonds to raise money to provide these funds to Hungary and other low GDP nations in the EU and those bonds are profitable. The EBRD returned to healthy profits of just over €1.0 billion for 2012 for itself and great profits for the individuals and companies that hold these notes. The EIB in 2012 made €2.74 billion. They are better than just profitable because Eurobonds are not regulated by the country of the currency in which they are denominated. Eurobonds are often so-called “bearer bonds”, they are not registered anywhere centrally, so whomever holds or bears the bond is considered the owner. Their “bearer” status also enables Eurobonds to be held anonymously. The European Bank issues a wide variety of bonds but they pay well. For example EBRD bonds maturing in May of 2017 are now paying 6.75% and EIB bonds maturing in December 2017 are even better paying 8.75%. But the EU cohesion funds also require Hungary to put up its own money in the form… Read more »

I wonder if Kövér is on the list of prominent Hungarians banned from entering the US. Possible?


Dear ol’ Köver Laci, now taking his rightful place bestriding the world as an international statesman.

He seems to have forgotten that he belongs properly in some grubby kocsma in the country among his like-minded compatriots with his perverse and irrational views. His line of presentation on matters political and international lies (sorry Laci) a little to the left of that of the king of Fidesz hard-core porn propaganda Zsolt Bayer, who, let’s face it, has no equal when it comes to dirty-mouthed ignorance.

As to “rationality” it doesn’t come into the matter at all. Dr. Goebbels knew that any lies repeated and repeated become accepted as fact and Laci is doing his best to follow the example.

Can we just pause to shed a tear for Hungary that this dingbat has been placed in charge of parliament!


Tough to see the vituperative, nasty and bellicose attitude shown to the great ‘enemy’ now, the United States. Kover et al knows where to stick the knife after all is said and done.

It’s apparent that fellows like Kover, Lazar, Bayer and last but not least Vona show a corrosive and abusive side of the Hungarian character. And the malleable Szijjarto , he’s now learning the ropes while he’s on the make. Not much upside for the future when it comes to the real ‘best and brightest’ who really seem to be hiding under mushrooms in Hungary’s current dark and dank environment. A long climb awaits.


What I don’t understand:

Do they really think the USA (and the EU too …) cares much about a crazy little Balkan state’s officials?
Trying to blackmail the USA is probably not a good idea.
Ok, we in the EU don’t want to lose Hungary to the Russian sphere of influence – but in the end/long run Hungarians have to decide themselves where they belong.
The EU and the USA also do business with China, Vietnam, Mongolia and many other states not really famous for their “democracy” …
It’s just business as usual …

Hungary has that old tradition of always choosing the wrong side – or at least the losing side.


To wolfi’s point about the ‘wrong’ side…

On that I’d think there certainly seems a penchant in Hungarian affairs for that state to always seem to crop up. When it comes to choosing ‘paths’ the country tends to think big and correspondingly lose big.

Orban noted that he is the guide on a new path for the country. I believe he called it ‘undiscovered’ so it necessitates a new way to deal with the road ahead. If the past is a guide as to Hungary’s fate I’d suggest the odds aren’t with him when it comes to the outcome of ‘choosing’ different paths.


I guess there is no blessing from the Pope to the good Christian government and their believers in Hungary. I am sure Kover will come out in his next speech, and tell his followers about how how the Pope is in kahootz with Soros, and Orban will enlighten his true followers about the leftist pressure the Pope faces, just like Merkel.

The Pope’s message:
“Only God’s mercy can free humanity from the many forms of evil, at times monstrous evil, which selfishness spawns in our midst,”

The Pope also praised countries and individuals who have taken in refugees fleeing “inhuman conditions,” saying their generosity had helped the newcomers “build a dignified future for themselves and for their dear ones, and to be integrated in the societies which receive them.”