Zsolt Bayer’s Grønland, Oslo–Not very original

A friend of mine is a regular reader of Zsolt Bayer’s opinion pieces that are published in the extreme right-wing, pro-Fidesz Magyar Hírlap. I often joke with him about having masochistic tendencies because it takes a strong stomach to read this man’s writings. Like the latest, the fourth part of a series of articles titled “At arm’s length,” which is a reference to the unfortunate advice of the mayor of Cologne to European women to keep a safe distance from men coming from the Middle East. By part 2 of his series, Bayer got confused about the meaning of the idiom and predicted that “civil war in Europe is at arm’s length,” i.e., near. Oh well….

The first part is about Frau Angela, who has “an inexplicable and undying love of hyenas” and, when the beasts kill all her relatives, she doesn’t blame the hyenas but the people who didn’t take good care of them. “This is reality in Europe today.” The second part is mostly about the lack of media freedom in Europe and “the whores of Femen,” who now, after the sexual attacks, are quiet. The third part is a critique of those who think that white Christian Europe cannot be preserved and that immigration is the only way to have a viable economy in the future.

And now we come to the fourth and final part published today, half of which is actually a translation from an English-language internet site, describing the situation in Grønland, a district of Oslo. Bayer gives the source as poquari.ml, which turned out to be a misspelling. It is actually poqari.ml (PoqariNews), but the same article can also be found in several far-right publications. The title claims that the Oslo police think they have lost the city. Grønland “looks like Karachi, Basra, and Mogadishu all rolled into one. People sell drugs openly… It is not Norway or Europe anymore, except when there is welfare money to be collected. The police have largely given up.” According to the article, 4,000 people have been robbed in the town center and the area of the Grønland police station, which is an immigrant ghetto. Just this year the victims numbered 351. So, if we can believe the article, Grønland is a living hell in the middle of Oslo.

If Bayer had done a better job, he could have found at least two more far-right sites that pay a lot of attention to Grønland. One is the “Gates of Vienna,” which reminds its readers that “at the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old war.” The blogger of this publication calls himself Baron Bodissey, a character referred to in many of the novels of science-fiction writer Jack Vance. His article from July 2013, titled “Enforcing Sharia in Grønland,” reports on an article from Aftenposten claiming that in this ethnically mixed district some zealous people harass non-Muslims or less devout Muslims to follow their strict rules. However, most instances seem to be minor. An old lady giving a lecture to a mother of two that her little girls are not properly dressed. She sounds like a busybody to me. But “Gates of Vienna” keeps a watchful eye on Grønland. Over the years Baron Bodissey has written at least a dozen articles on the situation in Oslo.

The morality squad doesn't seem to be too active

The morality squad doesn’t seem to be too active

Then there is the blogger who calls himself Vlad Tepes. If this name doesn’t ring a bell, try Vlad, the Impaler or Dracula. According to Vlad Tepes, in 2012 a group called Ansar-al-Sunna, which has a logo like the one used by al-Qaeda in Iraq, demanded full autonomy in Grønland. Moreover, this group threatened the Norwegians with another July 22, the date of Anders Breivik’s attack, if their demands were not met. People who are familiar with the situation in Norway, like Shoaib Sultan, an advisor to the Anti-Racist Center in Norway, believe that Ansar-al-Sunna is a handful of people of no consequence. And indeed, three years went by and no one has heard of Ansar-al-Sunna since.

It is true that on December 9, 2015 two people were stabbed to death in Oslo. A woman was found dead on Beitevein Road in the southeastern suburb of Meglerud. A man who died later in the hospital was found on Breigata Street in the central Oslo neighborhood of Grønland. Since then a man in his fifties was arrested and charged with both murders. But I found nothing that would indicate that either the victims or the perpetrator were immigrants or asylum seekers.

In contrast to these descriptions of Grønland as a center of crime and horrible conditions there are many who paint a very different picture of the place. A site addressing tourists talks about Grønland as Oslo’s “most diverse district [which] showcases the juxtaposition between the old and traditional, and the new and international, influences of the city. Immerse yourself in culture, history and good food, or just take a walk through Grønland.” The tour guide talks about concert halls, an intercultural museum, a church with fantastic acoustics. Another site gives high marks to the restaurants in the district. According to one admirer, the restaurant called Det Grøne Kjøkken is the best restaurant in all of Norway. Others sing the praises of the Grønland Torg, a shopping complex, and the Grønland Bazar, a shopping mall with a distinctly eastern design.

Which Grønland is the real Grønland? Most likely neither. Just like in any large city, there are plenty of drug dealers around, and I’m sure that there are occasional muggings or even worse. But the place currently is undergoing gentrification, which usually doesn’t happen if a district is beyond redemption. The problem with extremists is that they grossly exaggerate the negative, and Zsolt Bayer picks the most extreme islamophobic sites to draw on. His readership loves every word he utters and naturally agrees with everything he writes. Here are a few comments:

“Thank you, Mr. Bayer. One must call attention to the extreme peril. We Hungarians did experience the Turkish occupation. The West didn’t.” Or, “The district described here should be levelled after the proper population is evacuated.” I assume you know whom the lady had in mind when she talked about “the proper” population.  Bayer is a hatemonger with influence and thus harmful and dangerous.

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The reader

“The problem with extremists is that they grossly exaggerate the negative”
Right on Ms.Balogh. I strongly agree with you.


Hate crime committed by “Somalians or Africans ” on a black GAY man in Oslo in 2014.

He has moved to the US since the attack.



It goes without saying that I fully agree with Eva re Bayer and his writings.

The man is a narrow minded, malevolent bigot and a total ignoramus.

Facts remain facts, however, inconvenient as they might well be in the exercise of our adherence to liberal democratic values and universal human rights.

Ross Douthat of the New York Times could not possibly be accused of being a right wing extremist by any stretch of the imagination, yet he writes as follows:


My take on all this is that liberal democratic values must be underpinned and constrained by a great deal of common sense and good judgement, and fundamentalism must be vigilantly avoided in this domain too, just like in any other domain.

Otherwise those very liberal democratic values that we embrace might well lead to suicidal outcomes,


I think that in regard to the massive influx of Arabs and Afghans into the Schengen area, Orbán is on the money, however distasteful his methods might have been.

Merkel, on the other hand, has lost the plot, with easily foreseeable dreadful consequences for both her country and her career.

I feel awful having to say this, because I admire Merkel at least as much as I despise Orbán.


On ‘losing the plot’

Let’s hope she hasn’t. And I don’t think she has. The chancellor at least holds onto the cards that indelibly show commitments on justice, freedom and self-determination in Europe. Merkel got her education on all that in the GDR and thus formulated a vision of Europe and Germany to proceed on in the 21st.

Democracy’s creaking over there both in Europe and as well as in Germany itself. If Merkel runs and loses in the next election Germans should hope that the electorate doesn’t fall for the line thrown out by some on the left noting that she is a fascist for causing ‘calamity’ to Germany with her policies. If they believe that then the country is off onto a different perilous road.

Up to three quarters of the Arabs and Afghans arriving in the Schengen area are young men in their late teens and early twenties (the intense mainstream media focus on the very small minority of children and women among the new arrivals is curious, to say the least). In Germany this means the arrival of over seven hundred thousand young Arab and Afghan men in their late teens and early twenties in just one year (in Sweden the proportions are similar). This is a pretty explosive mix, and not just because of the excess of testosterone over good sense that is characteristic of this age group of young men, but especially because the violence and values they bring from their homelands are diametrically opposed to the liberal democratic values that evolved in Europe over the centuries. It is also explosive because the German-born demographic cohort of the same age group of men is only about six million, thus last year’s Arab and Afghan influx of young men amounts to an over ten percent addition to the German-born cohort (a smaller but still significant percentage of which is also non-ethnic German), significant enough to bring about a drastic Arabisation of German… Read more »
Reality Check

Wow, what a nice illiberal defense of preserving a liberal Europe. What percent of these young men you fear are practicing the violence and values they bring from their homelands? What percentage of the 700,000 were involved in the NY’s attacks? How many women in Germany were sexually assaulted by age 15 before the influx of these young men? Look it up and you’ll get a sense for the values of some the men that already live in Germany.

Lot of assumptions in your scenario, including those regarding population demographics. Please, show me were european governments have agreed to MASSIVE family reunification programs, including the importation of brides from home countries. It is just as likely that many of these men will be less likely to marry and will have fewer kids.

Your fantasy land of Beethoven and Goethe, of Hegel and Kant, of Heine and Rilke and Hölderlin has already been irreversibly transformed by the internet and by the already multicultural nature of German society.

They are already there. The best thing one can do is welcome them, train them, and launch a jobs program.

I would say that mine is an expressly liberal – though not necessarily left-liberal – defense of preserving liberal Europe, albeit with a smidgen of common sense added. Unfortunately common sense is not very common, and especially not among fundamentalist left-liberals, thus it can’t be helped if what I put forward might not be to your taste at all (izlések és pofonok különbözők, as they say in Hungarian). As to my assumptions – very conditional and moderate assumptions that they are – yes, they are yet to be validated. That is the nature of assumptions. As to my fantasy land of Beethoven and Goethe, etc., yes, indeed, there has been some transformation, as there should have most certainly been under the impact of globalization, of which Germany is a principal member and beneficiary. But German multiculturalism is still very, very far from the multiculturalism in melting pots like the US, Canada or Australia. When I am in Germany, I don’t see a heck of a lot of evidence of “multiculturalism” in places like Hammeln, Bielefeld, Celle, Göttingen, Augsburg or Passau, though I might of course be blind, in sharp contrast to your no doubt penetrating visual acuity. The fact is… Read more »

You ask:

“What percent of these young men you fear are practicing the violence and values they bring from their homelands? What percentage of the 700,000 were involved in the NY’s attacks? How many women in Germany were sexually assaulted by age 15 before the influx of these young men? Look it up and you’ll get a sense for the values of some the men that already live in Germany.”

My capacity for comprehending written English might not be as superior as yours, but to me at least these questions appear to be merely a series of completely irrelevant non-sequiturs in the context in which you are attempting to make them stick.

If what you were trying to do is to stir me up with your nonsense, you failed. I don’t get stirred that easy.


“Wow.. illiberal” Why start post with such cheap PC ? • Your position of there-were-problems-before-the-influx makes no sense. Yes, there were problems with violence sexual and otherwise, but this mass influx exacerbates them. • Yes again, “they are already there..” , but why have more of them, or any, if the incidence of problematic behavior is much higher in these groups ? • The problematics of skewed gender mix are real. • Finally it is easier said to “train them, and launch a jobs program”, than done. The issue is the culture they are imbued with which makes them what they are. And it is damn hard to change if possible at all. • Finally, the basis of liberal and democratic societies is the individual’s freedom to choose occupation, lifestyle, religion, political orientation, sexuality etc. without much interference on part of state, organization, or individual for that matter. These liberal and democratic societies, on the other hand, plan to “integrate” the people of very different cultures by teaching them new, alien values and norms of behavior, which will then have to be enforced upon many unwilling individuals. I see double standards of individual freedom in this – one for us… Read more »
Right on Reality Check! I was wondering along the same lines myself. Does anybody have information about the NY’s eve atrocities in Budapest? Just asking, because as we know only 37 asylum seekers granted permit to stay, and anyway Orbán defended the country, so I assume there wasn’t a single finger in strange panties, let alone a whole hand..! Furthermore, I assume that each and every male has been issued a pamphlet beforehand written in their respective languages explaining the customs what they may face with on the streets, and the possible legal consequences if they ignore the respective penal law..? Like: as opposed to — for example — Bagdad or Islamabad, not every female on the streets without hijab and being slightly typsy is a whore, hence not public domain..? I suppose it was all clear, and the perpetrators acted knowingly. Not to mention, that in spite of the explicite wording of the Quran, they were (mostly) drunk themselves. And it happened all those cities quite spontaneously, albeit at the same time. Coincidences may occur, I know. But cheer up, people, in Hungary all those women can feel themselves totally safe, thank to Orbán, — praise Allah for the… Read more »
Listen Reality Check, I have to say that this effort to trivialize what happened in Cologne and elsewhere is not only offensive to the victims, but is also a dangerous omission of reality, not to mention that it is offensive to all Western men, who let us face it, overall behave much different towards women compared to most Middle Eastern men. Yes, there has always been some degree of sexual assault and violence within our society, and I don’t believe we can ever reach the point where occurrences will go down to zero, unless we will achieve some sort of drone-like society, where someone above will achieve complete control. But this argument that because there is already some sexual misbehavior in our society, it is a good idea to import a massive number of young men, a large percentage of which do bring with them cultural norms which place women in a very low position, is idiotic. Not to mention the social friction caused by the gender disparity that societies such as Sweden and Germany are now seeing among young people, which most experts have warned a long time ago already that it is dangerous and does not bode well… Read more »
It is interesting to note that while right wing extremists raucously blame “the Jews” for the massive influx of Arabs and Afghans into the Schengen area, an incredible number of “progressive “Jews, and not just secular Jews, but those belonging to Reform congregations – liberal democrats all – show tremendous sympathy and support for these new arrivals in Europe. The principal reason being that they see an analogy between the plight of European Jews trying the escape the Holocaust, and the plight of Arabs and Afghans escaping the civil wars in their homelands. Needless to say that this is not just an egregiously false analogy, but a red herring and a furfie (as we would say in Australia). European Jews were trying to escape a situation where their very existence as human beings was considered a crime to be mercilessly extirpated. But those few that were able to escape had, on the whole, bought inestimable benefits to the countries of their asylum, in terms of both the skill sets and the spirit of enterprise that they brought to their new countries. Arabs and Afghans, on the other hand, are escaping civil wars of their own making, dysfunctional “societies” comprised of… Read more »

“It is not ……………..Europe anymore, except when there is welfare money to be collected……….” Bayer seems to be describing Hungary under Orbán, which has turned its back on European democratic principles, while happily collecting “welfare money” – ie, funds from the EU.


let’s just not forget, that Oslo is not that big of a city, yet. Actually I wanted to say 400 ooo, but just checked, that it is 647ooo already, since I was last there. So it must be overcrowded now. I always had Norway as an example of living in all of the country, not just capital… but once you get migrants, thats what happens – I know, since I live in one such overcrowded small city, that had migrants arriving some 50 years ago in masses, and that’s where they stay – in big cities, together.


Andy Vajna has been to the US recently, several times. No problmo. Vajna’s untouchable.



re: snap election

Viktor the O wants to get the majority in the bag before he makes a move to the castle and Hungarian kingship.
“What a great political mind!” sind the Fidesz lemmings…

Among the issues Germany faces with the refugees from Syria is the very real possibility that they include former Syrian Army soldiers, and Free Syrian Army soldiers, themselves accused of committing atrocities against the Syria’s civilians, who have defected from President Assad’s regime. An estimated 100,000 Syrian soldiers and officers have left their positions since the beginning of the crisis in 2011 see https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2015/12/17/talking-to-assads-military-deserters/. Migrant and refugee statistics suggest 75 per cent of those entering Europe from Turkey are men, meaning it is easier for terrorists, soldiers and former para military members to sneak in unnoticed. I discussed the problem of the Assad deserters on this blog before so this is no revelation. As part of the German asylum process these immigrants are being examined to see if in fact they themselves committed war crimes, but due to the mass confusion of the refugee crisis many of these suspect men may not be registered and are living with friends and relatives in cities in Germany and other countries too. They are surviving in the underground economy and are a volatile group. So some of the goofy stuff that Zsolt Bayer is writing has some basis in reality, but the thrust… Read more »

Western Europe faced about the same problem after the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, and as I know it’s been (mostly) resolved, but it took quite a time.
Even in recent years surfaced a couple of those “heroes” here and there, after a quarter of a century!
It takes time, obviously.

However, a scum like Bayer isn’t here to help to solve the problem, that’s for sure.


Whilst you are completely right of course about Bayer, you are dead wrong in claiming that the scope of the current Arab/Afghan/African problem in Europe is in any way comparable to those created by the Yugoslav civil war.


Bálint, I did compare the situation regarding former members of various vapen-using groups migrating to Europe — all by itself — but not the problem what caused the migration, neither the problem what the migration caused.
The possibility that vapen-crazy tigger happy morons just can’t lieve without their usual daily killing routine entering, mixed with the innocent and true refugees is real. However, to refuse asylum to everyone on the premise that “they are terrorists” (Copyright: V.Orbán), or rapists is nothing but plain and simple ethnic discrimination, if not even straight racism.
Civilised European solutions, if you please..!


This is a very important issue that adds further weight to the points in my posts above.

It is a pity that the politically correct mainstream media keeps sweeping these issues under the carpet.

Mark my words, these matters will soon come to bite everyone on the arse very, very hard indeed, and then we shall once again have the pathetic spectacle of lamentations and recriminations like when it became clear that the US “misadventure” in Iraq was turning into an unmitigated disaster.

Which, by the way, was perfectly predictable from the start (and was indeed accurately predicted by many), but unfortunately the geniuses inside the Washington beltway knew better . . . .

Just as the disaster brewing in Europe consequent upon the mass influx of Arabs and Afghans this past year (and the future similar annual inflows that must now be fully expected) is likely to have some already highly predictable consequences that should terrify the oh so politically correct and compassionate West Europeans, who however appear to be entirely lacking in common sense and good judgement..


“We must defend our country” (Az országot meg kell védeni)

First and foremost from the Orban mafia, since there are hardly any refugees or migrants here. BZ is a hateful, violent thug with some education – just what Orban’s regime likes to have at hand.


“Political extremism involves two prime ingredients: an excessively simple diagnosis of the world’s ills, and a conviction that there are identifiable villains’ (John Gardner author)

Certainly looks like the ‘Bayerist’ view of the world. George Harrison would arguably see one of his ‘piggies’ as an example of stirring up muck. Not very good to see Hungarian ‘thinkers’ do their thinking in that orientation. You know splurging out certain thoughts and positions but then falling continually into the habit of simply using the head as a ‘kalap fogas’. More more and more some leaders look like they don’t have the subtlety nor power and sagacity of analysis to understand the temper of our world. Living behind a ‘fortress’ can do it.


I highly suspect that the Cologne ‘attacks’ were a setup by some right-wingers paying off a few hundred refugees. The whole thing doesn’t make sense.


I totally disagree with this nonsensical claim.

Having had a great deal of experience up close and personal with Arab peasants, bazaar people and professionals, I don’t think they need to get paid at all for a bit of sexual mayhem in the anonymity of a large crowd.

After all, the same thing happened in Tahrir Square too, in Cairo.

If you knew Arabs up close, the whole thing would make perfect sense to you too.

You cannot judge or think about Arabs in terms of your Canadian or European norms.

Their mentality s completely different from yours; it is a thoroughly alien darkness that you cannot even begin to fathom.