Teachers’ revolt, Nazi speech, and Orbán’s “battle” in Brussels

Hungarian public discourse at the moment revolves around three topics. The first two, about which I’ve already written, require updates. The third topic is new: today’s summit in Brussels and Viktor Orbán’s latest stunt.

First, the aftermath of the large anti-government demonstration of teachers and sympathizers on March 15, at which the organizers demanded an apology from Viktor Orbán. The prime minister’s response was that he considered the demand nothing more than a joke. János Lázár couldn’t even comprehend what István Pukli and his colleagues had in mind. As for their demand for his presence at the negotiations, he invited them to one of the town meetings Hungarian politicians attend to answer questions from the local folks. Zoltán Balog didn’t react to the organizers’ demand for his resignation. László Palkovics did, and said that he will remain at the head of the round table discussion. The leaders of the teachers’ revolt can come and join him.

Pukli was not intimidated by the predictable response. He did what no ordinary subject of the almighty Viktor Orbán has dared to do. He spoke back. “Here is the opportunity, dear Viktor Orbán, to take the teachers seriously, and instead of condescension and disdainful jokes, to take the problem itself seriously.” And he added that members of the government “secretly hope that the whole thing was no more than a bad dream and once they wake up everything will be the same as before. But their real awakening will be painful.” Pukli seems very sure of himself, and I do hope the teachers are ready to follow him.

I might also add that the two trade unions are still in conversation with László Palkovics and Bence Rétvári, who made it clear that the declaration of a strike is restricted to unions and that Pukli’s call for a walk-out is considered to be illegal. There might, however, be a clever legal loophole, as indicated by László Mendrey, leader of the Pedagógusok Demokratikus Szövetsége (PDSZ), this afternoon.

The other event of March 15 that continues to resonate is Viktor Orbán’s speech. People from opposing political backgrounds, including a former Fidesz propagandist, came to the conclusion that Orbán’s oration was a “Nazi speech.” The epithet spread first on Facebook. Yesterday I cited a Facebook post that compared the crucial part of the speech about the host animal and its parasites to a similar passage from the 1942 edition of Mein Kampf. The speech reminded Gábor Kuncze, former chairman of SZDSZ and minister of interior in the Horn government, of Adolf Hitler’s speech delivered on November 10, 1933.

Zsolt Gréczy, spokesman of Demokratikus Koalíció (DK), wrote in his blog that “what Orbán said is a perfect copy of Adolf Hitler’s speeches.” As an example, he quoted the following sentence from Orbán’s speech: “It is written in the book of fate that hidden, faceless world powers will eliminate everything that is unique, autonomous, age-old, and national,” adding that only the mustache was missing from under his nose. Sándor Csintalan, who for the last ten years or maybe longer was a devoted supporter of Fidesz, finally broke with Orbán because the “parasites” metaphor was too much for him. Although he hates “drawing these kinds of historical comparisons, it was in the 1930s in Nazi Germany that political rivals were compared to animals who sponge off a host animal.”

The most thorough assessment came from historian Mária M. Kovács, who is well known among our readers from her articles that appeared in Hungarian Spectrum. Yesterday morning, in an interview on Klubrádió, she summarized the German historical and rhetorical heritage that began with Johann Gottfried Herder and Eugen Dühring and eventually blossomed during the Nazi period in the language of Adolf Hitler and other leading characters of the Third Reich. That tradition included labeling members of the political opposition as members of the animal world, especially its least attractive members. “Parasite” was one of the favorite words, as well as “pack,” i.e. a pack of wolves or wild dogs. She added that this is not really new in Orbán’s vocabulary. But it has taken quite a bit of time for people first to recognize the similarity and then to be courageous enough to compare Orbán to Hitler.

I may add here that László Bartus, editor-in-chief of Amerikai Népszava, who is usually considered to be too extreme in his criticism of Orbán, has been describing the prime minister’s speeches as “Nazi talk” for a long time. For example, after Orbán’s “illiberal speech” on July 28, 2014. But even earlier, Bartus wrote an article after Orbán’s October 23, 2013 speech, which he called “Orbán’s Nazi speech.”

Viktor Orbán arrives at the summit in Brussels

Viktor Orbán arrives at the summit in Brussels

Finally, a few words about the summit that began today and will continue tomorrow. János Lázár devoted a significant part of his weekly government.info to the subject. He announced that today Orbán will be part of a huge battle in Brussels where the debate will center on the quota issue. Will it be compulsory to take a certain number of refugees? If so, then the referendum the government is currently planning will have to be held.

Naturally, all Hungarian news sites picked up the story of Hungary’s battling prime minister. If these journalists had followed the news a little more closely, news that was reported even in the Hungarian media, they would have known that Viktor Orbán was fabricating a phony battle to show his people that the European Union is at his mercy and that all decisions are dependent on his image of the future of Europe. The fact is that yesterday at a press conference held in the Bundestag Angela Merkel already announced that the question of compulsory quotas would not be put on the table. So, like a fortuneteller who predicts the past, Orbán announced today in Brussels that “there is a good chance” that his views would be accepted at the summit. Csaba Molnár, one of DK’s two members of the European Parliament, declared today that “it is a shame that the Hungarian prime minister week after week tries to mislead the Hungarians with his lies.” There will be no fight “because during the negotiations there will be not a word about compulsory quotas.”

Unfortunately Orbán is doing a splendid job of misleading the Hungarian public. Indeed, week after week he returns from Brussels as the victorious defender of European and Hungarian freedom. Even the better informed public and members of the opposition media lap it up. Another thing that needs to change.

March 17, 2016
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London Calling!

<b<“what Orbán said is a perfect copy of Adolf Hitler’s speeches.”

This has been apparent for some time.

Kodaly Korund must now be named back to Hitler Adolph Ter for pre-1944 integrity.

Heil Hitler!




Can someone who knows the machinations of the EU please explain why it continutes to fund Orbán? Hungary under Orbán is clearly a mafia state and now it is clearly a Nazi minded mafia state. I thought that half of the raison d’etre of the EU was to uphold democratic principles.

Orbán is standing those principles on its head and all we get from the EU is little squeaks of dissatisfaction with our very own home-grown führer, but no action.

Pukli and the schools and teachers and everyone else who is now prepared to take action through civil disobedience have more courage than the entire structure of the EU, which is shooting itself in the foot and will be the cause of its own demise if it continues to turn a blind eye to the rot within its ranks.


Today 3:07 am

Unfortunately the EU is a lumbering Heath Robinson machinery riven by utterly unresolvable North-South and West-East faultlines, and run by an immense, slow moving bureaucratic superstructure utterly incapable of resolving the profoundly conflicting vested interests of its member states.

The EU is in fact capable of functioning only in good times, but breaks down completely the instant any serious crisis arises.

The reason for this is that its raison d’être – the vision of a United States of Europe from the Atlantic to parts unknown to the East – is profoundly flawed, because the assumptions underlying that vision are obviously delusional.

Europe would have done incomparably better if it opted for a far more modest arrangement, make that really work and be fiercely defended as Fortress Europe, whilst carefully avoiding even a hint or suggestion of expansion.

I believe that it would have been quite sufficient to have a Common Market comprised of the Scandinavia, the Germanic and Benelux lands, Britain, France and perhaps Italy, and just leave it at that, with Schengen-like freedom of movement between these countries, but with totally un-Schengen-like fierce protection of the external borders.


Correction: ” . . . comprised of the Scandinavian, Germanic and Benelux lands, Britain, France and perhaps Italy . . . ” in para 5.


BTW, Britain would probably have opted to stay out of that Common Market too, in order to continue with its traditional balancing act on the edges of continental Europe.

There are rules about the Cohesion Funds distribution, which do not have political criteria for the grants, after all they had been designed for EU members. The violation of these rules, e.g. lack of tender, corruption, etc. can lead to disbursement being stopped. This has been done in the case of Hungary, and something like EUR 700 million (?) are being withheld at present. If the EU had the political will, they could probe and press in this direction withholding most of the funds, as ALL projects in Hungary are marred by corruption, often pretty obvious. There is also a political criteria known as the Copenhagen criteria, but it is for joining the union. No member has been tested against it, as far as I know. 1. stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for and protection of minorities; 2. a functioning market economy and the ability to cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the EU; 3. ability to take on the obligations of membership, including the capacity to effectively implement the rules, standards and policies that make up the body of EU law (the ‘acquis’), and adherence to the aims of… Read more »


There should be some perspective here. Orban’s Hungary is not a Nazi state. [Within a month of coming to power Hitler had set up the Dachau concentration camp. If you want more perspective, read “Mein Kampf”.] Orban has been very careful to maintain association with the main concervative party grouping within the EU and is thus substantially protected. He is also careful to give even his programme of corruption (at EU expense) and democratic distortion the patina of conformity with EU regulations – “We are following the Latvian (or whatever) model”. The EU does not have nor did it envisage the need for some kind of punitive financial action against a member state and finally, it has too many real problems to deal with (the economy, migration the euro) to take time out to deal with the “carbuncle on its backside”. Must be time for Talpra Magyar?

PS does @ambalint believe anyone bothers to read posts that need so many “corections”?
Correction: “corrections”.


Today 5:10 am

I think that you are barging in on open doors in pointing out that Orban’s Hungary is not a Nazi state. Nobody in his right mind would claim that. However, it is undeniable that the Horthyst restoration being implemented in Hungary and the rhetoric that goes with it has many proto-fascist and indeed proto-nazi undertones to it.

As to my way of correcting my posts, nobody is forcing you or anyone else to read them, and if it is such an annoyance for you personally, just abstain from even looking at any posts carrying the usernames ambalint, Bálint or Mike Balint. And just for the record, I really couldn’t care less whether you or anyone else reads my posts or not, as they are just a somewhat entertaining self-indulgence on my part, and that is all.


The story of László Bartus at Amerikai Népszava in a way reminds me that of Cassandra of Troy, though not of course because of any prescient visions of the future on his part that nobody would believe, as was the case with Cassandra.

There are people like Bartus, who are instantly awake to any crap being fed to them, though few people might be prepared to credit them at the time with seeing that crap exactly for what it is. Then there are others eventually do wake up to it. And there are still others, like most Hungarians, who never do, and furthermore far prefer to keep it that way.

Bartus may have veered between various extremes in the past in his search for meaning, but the one thing he always had and still has in plentiful supply is a set of outstanding bullshit detectors, something that is exceedingly rare among Hungarians.


Correction: ” . . . Then there are others WHO eventually do wake up to it.” – sentence 2, para 2.


Pls add me to the Cassandra bunch – I have been ringing my little bells since early 2007 (when some facts about the 2006 riots became clear) and started shouting in 2010.
Regrettably, events proved me right.


Today 4:13 am

You are most welcome.

With me this ‘aha moment’ happened in the course of a 2003 visit to Budapest.

At that time I foretold to anyone who cared to listen that a full scale Horthyst, and indeed proto-nazi restoration was on its way, and would definitely come to pass within at most a decade. Relatives and friends looked at me like I was out of my ever-loving mind, and pooh-poohed even the thought of it.

I welcomed the regime change in 1989 with great expectations that at last I could become proud of my country of birth. Those expectations have however become quickly shattered, infact come to absolute naught by 2003 in the face of the mentality, fixed ideas, cultural proclivities and political comfort zones of the vast majority of Hungarians.



– of low cunning and legal chicanery – yes
– sharp political tactician – but not really a strategist, his long term successes owe much to Simicska and to luck.
– a supreme sense … re …the Hungarian psyche – absolutely, primarily re the provincial and the “lelkisérül”sections, large ones.
– dangerous – now, earlier he was defeated twice; inept adversaries let him win big in 2010 . This is why he fears and hates GyF so much.


Today 2:34 pm

It seems to me that Orbán has in fact been very successful in following and implementing a fairly consistent longer term strategy of extra-parliamentary destabilization, delegitimization, proto-fascist incitement and a vicious Christian nationalism since his defeat in 2002.

The fact that in following this strategy he has fully exploited Simicska and lucky breaks does not detract at all from his stature as an outstanding strategist. On the contrary, if anything it merely, and strongly, confirms his competence as a skilled strategist, even if for the like of us, it is very difficult to swallow and digest this.

It is indisputable that he has been running circles around the democratic politicians of Hungary for well over a decade, and finally an end run. He could never have accomplished this if he would not have had a clear strategy to follow.

There is of course also no dispute whatsoever about the thoroughly evil and destructive nature of his strategies, and the thoroughly evil and destructive uses that he put his strategic wins. In sum, we are looking at an evil genius as we consider Orbán’s skills as a strategist.



I was mildly pleased with the Fidesz victory in 1998 as I appreciated Horn’s courage for opening the borders and Bokros/Horn for the stabilization package. My turning around process started around 2000 when the Orban practices started to transpire and by 2006/7 I formed the opinion I still have, i.e.:
Orban is basically, if unconsciously, a fascist (not Nazi), with a huge inferiority complex cum huge greed for compensation, socialized in the petty communist nomenclature of a village/small, and without any morals or scruples.
Typical dictator material on the cheap side.


Today 8:59 am


But he is also full of low cunning and legal chicanery, and admittedly a very sharp political strategist and tactician with a supreme sense of which buttons to push when in the Hungarian psyche.

A very, very dangerous opponent, like a cobra or a black mamba.


Sorry, but Orbán won again!

You said
“have been ringing my little bells “
While The Greatest Conman of contemporary European politics:
“The time has come to ring the warning bell.”

He’s got the bigger bell, you see..!

Viktor “Veto” Orban has gone off to Brussels to “do battle” with the EU – for there is none other who fighteth for us! Oh! Bold and courageous Viktor. Yet the Fidesz Falsehood machine tells us that now the EU has accepted Viktor Orban’s far-sighted policies on immigration and everyone is marching in step with his leadership? Which is it to be? Both story lines cannot be right. Alas in the land of Wonkynomics and unending propaganda, it simply doesn’t matter. All of these story lines are directed to one end only – to feed the woefully uninformed and uncritical Hungarian voters of the statesman-like qualities of the Great Leader. Orban’s famous “leadership” with regard to the migration question has been to fence in Hungary to keep out what he sees as the anti-Christian, infectious hordes of potential rapists. That is all. No more. Orban’s vision stops right there. The idea that other states within the EU have adopted Orban’s “visionary and prophetic position” has been generated by the Fidesz propaganda machine for home consumption. In fact Orban has been side-lined within the EU in this discussion. He has nothing to contribute, notwithstanding his efforts to gird his loins with… Read more »

Wow! Here in the UK we’d be mad to leave.
This Demi-God is saving Europe.
And they are completely ignorant of it.

Hallelujah! for the Omnipotent Orban reigneth.
The Kingdom of this world is become the Kingdom of our Orban and his Saviours and He shall reign for ever and ever.
King of kings, Lord of lords.
Forever! Forever!

He’s putting the EU’s hat on straight AND fighting for us.

Now come on? He’s doing it FOR US!

Surely he deserves all those embezzlements?

Those left, communist, Jews and homosexuals would take much much more.

(If you do respond, keep it Christian eh?)


And keep it Hungary……..


(I forgot to mention the Bankers and George Soros and Gy.)


Today 4:53 am

Having been socialized and deliberately educated into uncritical thinking, I doubt if the ‘woefully uniformed and uncritical Hungarians voters’ have the slightest interest in getting informed and in developing a critical edge to their thinking.

Because if they did, then this day and age it would be no great challenge getting informed and developing powers of critical thinking.

We no longer live in an age when we had to try to listen the the BBC, Voice of America or Radio Free Europe behind closed doors and the volume turned down to the minimum possible over the drone of jamming.


Why does the EU not react stronger against Hungary?

Let me give a cynical answer:

As long as the production runs smoothly in the Audi and Mercedes factories, there’s no problem …
If Hungarians themselves are happy with the mafia state – then it’s their problem …
Telekom and Interspar, Tesco and the Austrian banks don’t have to worry too much – they are used much worse governments like in China or Bangladesh where so much good stuff is produced for consumption in the EU and the USA at really cheap prices …
So if Hungary is going the same way – why worry?


Today 5:42 am

Yup, this is a very big part of the story.

The other part is that Hungary is just a pimple on the arse-end of the EU.

The third part is that the EU has a raft of a heck of a lot more vital issues on its plate than the depredations of the Hungarian mafia.

The fourth part is that the EU is ideologically unwilling to formally freeze out a member (the ideology being the vision of a United States of Europe from the Atlantic to parts unknown to the East).

And the fifth part of it is that the EU is a paralytic Heath Robinson machinery incapable by design to resolve any emerging or ongoing crises.


I’m sorry but this has to stop right here………

Every bit of William Heath Robinson’s machinery works. And works perfectly.

Not only is it perfectly functional – it is art.

And humour.

When the museum in Pinner eventually opens you will be able to see for yourself whilst having coffee besides the duck pond.

You will only need to pull a lever on a brass duck’s head to set in train the machinery for a pond-side beverage – and it’ll work.

(I made that last but up) But until the museum opens in leafy Pinner – which was btw the centre of much British spy activity – lay off William.

Yes lay off William.

Pick on some less efficient machinery – like Wallace & Gromit’s.

I’m not having it. No way.


And yes… It’s the short fuse hissy fit again….


Today 6:52 am

Don’t worry, I got well and truly used to the short fuse syndrome in over fifty years of happily married life! :-))


Today 6:49 am

I like your sense of humour, Charlie! :-))

OK, I shall lay off good old William, and instead I shall refer to Rube Goldberg, the Yank, when the occasion calls for it.


@ Why does the EU not react stronger against Hungary?

Because the Hungarians elected this bunch in a free and fair elections in 2010 and again in an almost free, but not fair ones; and
Because all sitting in Brussels are politicians in the home states and would like to preserve their playing ground.

Why it should?

Because the EU is supposedly a community of values as well; and
Because the example of letting Orban destroying a democracy to built a quasi fascist regime + Latin America circa 50s style corruption with impunity is dangerous.


Today 8:43 am

You make very valid points in the first part of your post, especially re the power and attractions of inertia in Brussels.

It would be nice if the point you make in the second part of your post would be just as valid.

I completely agree with the point you make about the clear and present danger to Europe that is inherent in the depredations of Orbán and his gang in Hungary.

The problem is that the value system to which all EU members subscribe in principle is – in actual practice and particularly at times of crisis – showing itself to be rent with a raft of internal and inherent contradictions criss-crossed by irresolvable fault lines along national self interest, tradition, religion, demography, economics, finance and respective national and sub-national histories.

Given the current composition of the EU membership, which is truly a wildly incompatible motley crew, to properly align these varying approaches and attitudes with the value system of the EU might well require the work of decades if not centuries.

The question is what is to be done in the meantime.


What to do with the wildly incompatible motley crew?

Apply the old recipe of carrot AND STICK.

The core countries have a good record in agreements and compromises, so introduce a majority (75-80%) voting in the EU and two tier union, if need be. The economic power of the core countries is overwhelming, use it for good purposes – teach the rogues democracy the hard way. The US did it in Japan, Korea, the Philippines. Far out liberals may cry imperialism, never mind.


I guess the stick wouldn’t be up to the proper job required!

Just take a look at this news, titled: “EU leaders sign letter objecting to Nord Stream-2 gas link” I wasn’t surprised reading:

“The copy of the letter seen by Reuters is signed by the prime ministers of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Romania and the president of Lithuania.”


And just who do you think orchestrated it? (Hint: the second from the left on the picture, I have no doubt.)


So, i’d recommend a club for starters, before this ‘club’ gain more momentum and manage to do more harm.


Today 2:47 pm

I fully agree with you on the principles you propose.

All that would be needed is working out the details, getting agreement on them by the core countries, then having the guts to implement it. Which would require a strongly focused vision, effective leadership and a powerful push from at least one or two of the core countries. And above all an understanding of the nature of the problem and consensus on the remedy.

Unfortunately I am not at all sure that the core countries would have it in them these days to push through and pull off such a strategy for radically changing the modus operandi of the EU. They are far too limp wristed for that and tangled up in their respective internal problems.

Thus I suspect that until the ground was actually burning under their feet, the very wise and much needed reforms that you propose would only remain a will-o’-the-wisp of a pipe-dream, sadly.


That may be the case. I hope the recent developments will elicit some action, chances are it may be just some two tier solution.
I’m doing my bit regardless.


If one goes to http://www.tanitanek.com which is now the major website for the one hour national action on education you will discover that as of today there are no clear instructions for the actions on March 30. Here is what it says: “at the beginning of next week (March 22) we will give you all exact answers (relating to the March 30 actions), we ask for your patience until then because the negotiations are ongoing.”

It is possible even on March 22nd any instructions for what is now officially called an action of civil disobedience and not a strike will be somewhat let us say amorphous. Fidesz is exterting maximum pressure on school directors to stop actions according to email based discussions I have had with individuals supporting the action. I am sure some of our posters on this blog are hearing the same sort of things.

Just thinking a bit on the teacher-government showdown after going through some of my documentary films. One which jumped out was the future Fuhrer’s collaboration with Leni Riefenstahl the German film director who was instrumental in positioning and fashioning an image of a leader who would save and lead Germany towards a 1000 year Reich. As we know that film was ‘Triumph des Willens, an extraordinary document in the etiology of totalitarian states and the ‘packaging’ of a candidate for high office. In that context it would appear that the contest between the government and people would hover truly on a battle of wills. I’d think the extent of beliefs and the drive to follow-through on both sides are critical in the conflict. And we will see how strong the government’s will is to ‘serve’ as to consistently oppose the people. As in the early viewing of Riefenstahl’s film, a viewer could not know where events would go in the quest of fulfilling and following road maps to a ‘new’ future. A viewing of TOTW always keeps things sharp and in the cross-hairs. And seeing Hitler’s bodyguards tramping and stomping along never fails to affect one’s sense of how political… Read more »

For those who read Hungarian this statement http://www.tanitanek.com/CKP/Start#/Sajtokozlemenyek provides the perspective of what is called the Civic Platform on Education’s position on discussions with the government and the round table entity. Go to the document titled: A CKP válasza az EMMI Köznevelésért Felelős Államtitkárság 2016. 03.03-i levelére


Orban prevails. He always does. I’m not worried about the teachers. The media is firmly in Habony-Vajna hands (note that Vajna is getting richer by the day via his corrupt deals with the government and even though he is an American citizen the US doesn’t do anything, wonder why) and people will not hear about the teachers.

More importantly there is no credible opposition – even Istvan Pukli says so.

And until this remains so, Orban stays. and he makes sure that the opposition will remain not credible (actually it’s not a too complicated job).

He is a winner type, who controls the police, the judicial courts and the prosecution firmly. They all know their jobs and act as expected.

Sorry leftists, this boat has sailed long time ago. Viktor is here to stay and even after him, the new bunch will come probably lead by Anti Rogan and not by urban liberals.


And as I described above the other EU members will be happy to have Hungarians as a kind of “wage slave labour force” – an alternative to China and Bangladesh.

And the cleverest people will emigrate and become part of the intelligentsia in Western Europe and USA …

So it’s a win-win situation for everybody – except the stupid Hungarians left behind. But hey, they want it that way – like under Horthy and the Communists …


@ andraska
Praising Oban on HS is waist of time. He doesn’t read it.

@andraska Today 9:00 am Most normal, minimally sane people here in Australia would regard the conditions that you describe as quite horrible, something that our public over here would not tolerate even for one minute. And why are you harping on the ‘left’? What has that got to do with the price of rice anyway? Hungary has a catastrophic deficiency in democratic governance and honesty in public administration, a self-evident and undeniable fact whether it is put to you by the left, right or sideways, or as you would say in your language, the hupikék or jajvörös. So what exactly is there to exult about this pathetic and utterly digusting situation in your country? All you achieve with your rant, especially on this forum, is making a complete monkey out of yourself, a genuine TTT (triumphant Turul troll) as Stevan Harnad would say. But as they say, different strokes for different folks, or as you would say in Hungarian, pofonok és izlések különbözök. Anyway, good luck with yours, I can guarantee that you will need it. And one day, you might even look in the mirror only to find that something might need to be urgently changed in what you… Read more »
That was a cheerful assessment of the situation. But the lessons of history predict otherwise, no Authoritarian government lasts forever, sooner or later they fail. How much later I don’t know, but they rarely can hand off power from the great leader to lesser stars with a big crisis. But the educational issues being raised by the Tanitanek movement are not particularly leftist. So for example being the good Republican I am, I totally support decentralized school systems and so do most conservatives here in the USA and in many other countries. The idea that disabled children in Hungary should be provided with good educations in order to increase their chances to become employed and not permanent dependents of the state is also not a leftist issue, its one that many conservatives embrace. Just because Eva positions the education reform movement as part of the erosion of the Fidesz government does not mean that is in any way the central or even part of the objective of many involved in this movement. If you actually have read this blog you would be aware I for example simply do not see it that way. Eva sees it I think as part… Read more »

Thanks, Istvan!
You made me think of an aspect that also is important to me – our trolls (I’m not even sure whether it’s not the same person writing …) lately always talk of “the left” or of “the leftists” as if they were one homogenous group.
Of course for some fascist everyone is to the left, whether it’s liberal, green, social democrat, socialist or real conservative (not the fascist kind of Fidesz).

In Germany we have at least five parties (all of them in parliament in Berlin or at least some regional parliament) whose politics would be called leftist by a Fidesznik!

And even though they have strong differences in their programs they are in government in various coalitions.

And of course we have some kind of Jobbik – actually right now there are three Jobbik-style parties, but only one (AfD) is relevant, the others were maybe ten years ago, when they got a maximum of 10% of the votes.

So there is no single “left” – only in the imagination of some Fiddik/Jobbik about which one might say:
To the right of him is only the wall …


In Hungary, parties are not distinguished by policy or programme…but by how much they are willing to steal from the public.


“The media is firmly in Habony-Vajna hands”

How true!
Particularly, since the whole legislation working in their favour!



OT: As some readers may remember Gábor Török is a famous Hungarian politologist.

Now Török just doesn’t know who could have sent the skinheads and the old lady to the Election Office to submit the application just before MSZP could submit it and thereby delay the referendum on the Sunday hopping issue. It’s a big secret and he just don’t know (even though the incriminating videos were published today).





Happy Birthday, Eva!