Viktor Orbán’s latest attack on the European Union

Perhaps tomorrow we will know more about the plans of the European Commission regarding the revision of the so-called Dublin asylum regulations. The revision may contain a punitive pay-off clause that would affect those countries–the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia–that refuse to take the number of refugees the Commission assigned to them in September 2015. According to the Financial Times, the Commission is contemplating a fine of €250,000 per refugee. For Poland, which first agreed to admit 6,200 refugees but later reneged on its promise, this would mean €1.5 billion. Hungary, which was supposed to take 1,294 refugees, would end up with a fine of 323 million euros or 100 billion forints.

The original European Commission decision on quotas was carefully worded. It talked about the temporary relocation of asylum seekers, wording that will gain special significance when we talk about the Hungarian referendum question that was just approved today by the Kúria.

On February 24 Viktor Orbán made an announcement that his government planned to hold a referendum that would allow the electorate to vote on the following question: “Do you want the European Union, without the consent of Parliament, to order the compulsory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary?” At the time I called the government’s plan to hold a referendum on the subject “Orbán’s latest stunt.” I also wondered, along with many others, whether holding such a referendum might not be unconstitutional because the basic law of 2011 clearly states that “no national referendum may be held on … any obligation arising from an international agreement.” (Article 8) And even if it is ruled constitutional, Article 19 states that “Parliament may ask the Government for information on its position to be adopted in the decision-making process of the European Union’s institutions operating with the Government’s participation, and may express its position about the draft on the agenda in the procedure. In the European Union’s decision-making process, the Government shall take Parliament’s position into consideration.” In plain language, parliament has no direct jurisdiction over the dealings between Hungary and the European Union, at best an advisory role. There have also been questions concerning the formulation of the question. Legal scholars challenged the reference to “compulsory settlement” (betelepítés), which doesn’t exist in either Hungarian or EU law. Objections were also raised over the mention of the European Union as not being a precise term in this context.

These reservations didn’t impress the Kúria, which brushed aside all applications for review. In the judges’ opinion the question was appropriate from the point of view of both the constitution and the law on referendums. They ruled that EU treaties cannot be compared to other international treaties. The referendum question does not touch on the treaties signed at the time Hungary was admitted to join the Union but relates to EU law itself. As for the competence of parliament, such matters as laws governing the settlement of non-Hungarian citizens, their status and the duration of their stay belong to the jurisdiction of the Hungarian lawmakers. Finally, as far as the term “compulsory settlement” is concerned, it can be understood by most people as “placement” of foreigners “for a lengthier period of time” inside the borders of the country. The judges had no objection to the use of the word “European Union” in a general sense because “it is a well known organizational concept, a generic term” meaning “the decision making body of the European Union.” The Kúria this time was not the stickler it was in earlier cases, when every word in the text was carefully scrutinized and usually rejected.

When Orbán announced his intention to hold a referendum, legal scholars considered the conceptual structure underpinning the question so legally flawed that they were certain that neither the members of the National Election Commission nor the Kúria could possibly approve it unless, as one of them said, these two bodies are filled with “lackeys.” Well, it looks as if they are.

state border

Naturally, the opposition is up in arms. Gábor Fodor’s Magyar Liberális Párt (MLP) is planning to go to the Constitutional Court. They will appeal to the judges to defend the very institution of referendums because here the government is proposing to hold one that serves the political interests of Fidesz exclusively. Holding such a referendum “will further deepen the government-induced hatred toward refugees and foreigners.”

Együtt still insists that the question is unconstitutional since it concerns international treaties and its meaning is far from clear. The Kúria’s argument is unacceptable because it lends credence to “the Orbanite lie about compulsory quotas” when they simply don’t exist. Otherwise, the party leaders are urging people to boycott the referendum.

The Demokratikus Koalíció (DK) is also asking its voters not to vote. Considering that DK has about half a million devoted followers, such a request will most likely bring results. DK claims that “the referendum is not about the accommodation of one thousand people but about the rejection of our European Union membership. This mendacious referendum wants people to believe that there is such a thing as a free lunch and that we can be a stowaway in the European Union who evades his responsibilities while holding out his hand for its benefits.” The party’s spokesman added that “those who boycott the referendum will vote for Europe.” This is a good argument politically because the overwhelming majority of Hungarians want to remain part of the European Union.

The position of the leaders of the socialists (MSZP) is quite different. Currently, they are collecting signatures to hold referendums on two issues: (1) capping the monthly salaries of state company managers as well as any holders of high offices financed by the government at two million forints and (2) stopping the sale of agricultural lands still in state hands. Interestingly enough, in 2010 it was the Orbán government that insisted on such a salary cap. However, lately they have been jacking up salaries at an accelerated rate. As for the sale of state lands, there is no need to rehash the corruption that surrounds these transactions.

József Tóbiás, chairman of MSZP, claims that they are making great progress at collecting the necessary 200,000 signatures that would allow them to hold a referendum on these two questions. It would, he maintains, be logical to hold only one referendum at which all three questions would be on the ballot. I guess MSZP politicians fear that these two questions are not “exciting enough” to draw enough voters to render the referendum valid. On the other hand, as we know, Orbán’s referendum question is enthusiastically supported by millions. If Orbán manages to whip up enough enthusiasm in the fall when the referendum most likely will take place, his phony referendum might be valid despite the exceedingly high voter turnout requirement (50% of the whole electorate).

I must say that I will never understand the thought processes of the current MSZP politicians. The only sensible reaction to the Kúria’s decision is to boycott the referendum whose very question is illegitimate. According to the latest polls, MSZP has been gaining support, most likely because of its resoluteness in fighting the National Election Office, the National Election Commission, and Fidesz’s machinations in trying to prevent the party’s representative from turning in his referendum question on Sunday store closings at the National Election Office. The opportunistic move Tóbiás is now contemplating, however, will not endear the party to those who want to have a resolute, even unyielding stance against the current government. In making a deal with Fidesz, MSZP is again playing games for which its former voters will not reward it.

May 3, 2016
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@ Webber – re: anti-Semitism from previous post.
You don’t know anything about my work re: fighting against hate/anti-Semitism etc. Let me just enlighten you and your hate provoking friends: I’v e done more for combating anti-Semitism than an avarage Jew! Please go ahead and look through YouTube from the very beginning. You see, I’m so kind that I even give you an idea where to start your hate-fuelled research. The rest is really up to you! 🙂

My current interest is speaking out against vicious anti-Hungarianism, in my capacity as a Hungarian- born Australian.


P.S. No, thanks, I will not google you. I never have. I’m also not interested in looking on youtube. I won’t take your word for it, either, though. You claimed to have “begged Jewish leaders,” I would be willing to bet a lot of money that you haven’t “begged” any Jewish leaders. You said you’d demonstrate that you have. You said that here – now you are not demonstrating it.

So, what is my “hate-fueled research”? While I am waiting for your proofs that you “begged Jewish leaders”, I can also wait for you to show that I carry out “hate-fueled research.” If you can do that, incidentally, I will be appalled at myself.


@webber- I have an advice for you and your friends: be gracious and let it go. For everyone’s sake.


Let what go? You promised something. You are not delivering. I’m only asking you to demonstrate what you said you would demonstrate.
Or do you mean that I should just ignore the fact that you claim my research is “hate-fueled?” Sorry, no. I cannot ignore that. Prove it, or stop it.
And what friends?
I don’t, personally, know a soul here.


Webber – Please find my “begging” under one of “Petofi” or some of the other provocators’ post. You might have to go back a few years though. And there is YouTube. Good luck with your work, knock youselves out! 🙂
Did you honestly believe that I will spend hours on this? Do you guys want me to do the work to satisfy your thirst for blood?
You got to be kidding, right?
Just a friendly advice: let it go. You cannot win this argument.
Also, cyber bullying is against the law .

Love always wins. At least in my world! 🙂


I have no “thirst for blood” my dear. And I’m not taking part in anybody else’s work (drop the plural “you” when you talk with me, please).

Petőfi is not a “jewish leader,” as you know very well.

So, is that what you meant by “begging Jewish leaders”? If that’s what you meant, you were either lying or hallucinating.

Youtube – I am not interested in electronically following you, in googling you, or in stalking you in any way on this forum or in any other.

Don’t tread on me, and I won’t bite back.

Say I’m spreading hatred, though, and you deserve what you’ll get.


Complete bullocks.

Only you make these claims without being able to substantiate them.

Who do you think you are?

Your trite posts on here are just that – you lack the intelligence to understand what webber is asking.

Just go.


@Charlie/webber –
It should be patently obvious to everybody who reads my comments (and your reaction to my comments) where I stand and what you are all about.
You did NOT humiliate me, you exposed yourselves to the readers of this blog. How about taking a quick course on “How to debate without personally attacking your opponent?” This is a skill that you MUST learn when you commenting on political issues.

Re: substantiating my claims

Let me re-iterate once again:
“Please find my “begging” under one of “Petofi” or some of the other provocateurs’ post. You might have to go back a few years though. And there is YouTube. Good luck with your work, knock yourselves out!
Did you honestly believe that I will spend hours on this? Do you guys want me to do the work to satisfy YOUR thirst for blood?
You are kidding, right?
Just a friendly advice: let it go. You cannot win this argument.
Also, cyber bullying is against the law .”

I’d love to elaborate on this more, but since Eva doesn’t allow me to promote my books anymore, I don’t want to waste my precious time on useless arguments with you.


I don’t know, you are right, and commend you if you have actually fought against anti-Semitism among Hungarians (“more … than an average Jew” – puhlease drop the hyperbole! How can you possibly know what the “average Jew” has done?).
I haven’t seen you do that, so couldn’t know.

“hate-fueled research” WHAT are you talking about? What “hate-fueled research” have I done? Point it out. I know of none, whatsoever.


If the cards are maliciously stacked against you, the only logical and dignified reaction is a boycott. (That should have gone for the last national elections, too.)

As for the various Dublin agreements, none of them could have ever worked. But they destroyed a lot of good will with our EU members who border on the Mediterranean.

Unfortunately, Angela Merkel doesn’t understand much about Europe. First she did everything to cut down European solidarity at its knees (long before the Greek crisis). Then instead of asking to send the very able Mrs. Mogherini to Turkey to negotiate, Merkel went herself and was promptly blackmailed by the deranged Turkish sultan.


MSZP will always deal with Fidesz.

It’s in MSZPniks’ nature, they want backroom deals. Mutyi is in their DNA, this is how they were (self-)selected.

MSZP is the party of the biggest mutyikirályok.

The fundamental issue, let’s recap, is that there is no firm ideology or vision behind MSZP.

As a result politicians who work for MSZP cannot gain any satisfaction by achieving the goals of the party.

They can only gain any satisfaction if the get some dough. Voters, however, instictively know that and they are very reluctant to reward these wussy (and corrupt) idiots.

That is way Fidesz isn’t afraid, fideszniks know well that MSZPniks can be bought easily as they are cheap, very cheap and very hungry.

Don’t hold out too much hope for this “opposition”.

Orban is here to stay.

Remember that no medicine has yet been invented for stupidity.


I’m not sure I agree with the idea of a referendum boycott. The way I see it, the only use of a boycott would be to invalidate the referendum through low turnout. That’s not going to happen.

If pro-Europeans don’t turn out, Orban stands to get nearly 100% approval for his hate-filled policy. He will declare another “oriasi siker” and the media will be jammed with slick-sounding catchphrases like “a nep akarata” and such. Orban will use the referendum results to pound home the message that the EU does not respect Hungarian sovereignty. If you say something enough times, people start to believe it.

Yes, the referendum question is legally invalid. But the true problem here is that the pro-Europeans are guaranteed to get shellacked, especially since a majority of opposition voters support Orban’s stance on the refugee question (according to polls.)

It’s time for pro-Europeans to stand up and be counted, not stay at home.


The boycott issue is a missed opportunity.

ALL of the so-called ‘democratic’ components of this commocracy are fatally flawed.

The opposition should have taken part in the (‘free but unfair’) elections and then refused to take their seats. Included in this strategy should have been the boycotting of any ‘referendum’.

That only 10% of Hungarians, for example, know about the MNB’s frauds demonstrates that most Hungarians don’t get to know the truth of anything – only the propaganda of this dictatorship.

The ‘big gesture’ boycott – leaving ‘parliament’ to stew in its own juices would have sent – as a priority – a message to the people – that democracy isn’t working, but also to the EU and globally that it is a busted flush.

In any case the ‘referendum’ is severely flawed.

By engaging in these flawed processes you are tacitly approving them.

By not dignifying these flawed processes with engagement – when they don’t work anyway – sends a powerful message.


@Jean p
Just when you think it’s bad, it gets worse – the orban Mafia is passing a new law to classify all information re state companies operations and dealings.
The public will have no right to ask how many billions are being handed over to relatives and cronies.
Green light to continue the wholesale looting.
The fascist regime takes shape.


“That only 10% of Hungarians, for example, know about the MNB’s frauds demonstrates that most Hungarians don’t get to know the truth of anything – only the propaganda of this dictatorship.”

A governing party that withholds the truth from the people is an enemy of the people. Doesn’t the people have any friends who can inform them? Where is the truth-campaign?


Interesting that you seem to think its OK, even good that if an EU regulation goes against the wishes of the people of a sovereign nation, then the people of the sovereign nation should simply accept the EU regulation.

Much as I dislike Orban etc. I do not think its good that a Parliament’s hands are tied by its membership of the EU on such an important issue as immigration. This is a big issue for us in the UK at the moment, as we try to decide whether to leave the bloc.


Why to be in the in the EU? It is my tax they are stealing. Why?

When you sign on the dotted line you better understand what you are signing – as Viktor Yanukovych-Orban did. “…………hands are tied by its membership of the EU on such an important issue as immigration.” When you sign an agreement you can’t pick and choose – mix and match – because everyone else has accepted it too. What else don’t you like? If others don’t like something do they just dishonour it? Get real or don’t sign. The UK honour it as do most of the other 28 – we have the integrity to stick with it as Harold Wilson originally did and as following governments did to supplement it – for example, Mrs Thatcher. If you don’t like what you have signed – or what your predecessors signed you have to suck it up……. Or renegotiate – whilst still honouring the original agreement. As the UK is doing. You have signed a contract of your own free will – you can’t renege on anything as Orban’s thugs do. Only in Hungary do you experience unilaterally-changed contract elements – I have experienced it personally. Only in Hungary do they think they can unilaterally change Trianon. Only in Hungary do they… Read more »

May 4, 2016 6:50 am

Hungary should never have been admitted in the first place, and neither should any of the other Balkan states, including Greece, with Slovakia and Poland borderline cases.

The EU elite and the Brussels bureaucracy must have been smoking something very special when they hit upon the brilliant idea to invite Balkan states to join the club. As the saying goes, they sowed the wind, and reaped the whirlwind.


“Interesting that you seem to think its OK, even good that if an EU regulation goes against the wishes of the people of a sovereign nation, then the people of the sovereign nation should simply accept the EU regulation.”

When a 100% sovereign country joins the EU it deposits some of its sovereignty with the EU. Let us say 50%. In return it gets immense advantages in the shape of prosperity and safety. History proves it.

Accept the loss of sovereignty to the EU or quit.

The majority of Hungarians I think are opposed to any idea of the EU sharing the burden of even legitimate refugees from the Middle East that can prove that status, I am not even sure there would be support for refugees who are Arabic-speaking Copts, Arabic-speaking Maronites who are Catholics, and Assyrian Christians. Eva on December 18, 2015 posted extensive polling data on Hungarian attitude toward accepting immigrants, I don’t think the overall attitude has changed. So MSZP’s attitude reflects this polling data. Many months ago during the hight of the immigration fence crisis I commented on the blog that I had discussed with several Hungarians in their twenties who worked for NGOs that were attacked by Fidesz, during the Norway fund assaults, who were here in Chicago under a State Department supported program and who had provided food and support to the refugees at the train station in Budapest about their perspectives on the acceptance of refugees on a longer term basis. Over all they did not believe Hungary could support these refugees and that the refugees themselves did not want to be placed in Hungary. These were not Fidesz supporters in the least. and I have to wonder… Read more »


So it’s Hillary then?

Hungary watch out with your anti- American trash.


Maybe Hillary will be busy – but she is one of the only world leaders to warn Hungary of democratic backsliding – which was the preamble to Orban’s ‘illiberal democracy’ nonsense.

She has form.

(I agree it’s not over till the fat lady sings – but I believe it’s Hillary.)


P.S. Watch the far west – Bernie could take California. That’s a big one.
It ain’t over till it’s over.

Trump will win. There is a totally unnecessary war of attrition at the Democrats which is still ongoing and hurts them badly and Trump has already toned down his retorics (and has just been pronounced a winner). The underdog who won against Jeb and the rest. Trump will soon assume the persona of a likeable, successful self-made businessman (even if that’s phony, most people have no idea about the real details of Trump’s life), and that of a “winner” who is up against the uptight establishment figure. Nobody is enthusiastic about Clinton and that’s a huge problem. 2016 is not about grey, boring, establishment figures. Trump will make “a deal” with Russia, and he will present CEE to Russia (right back where it belongs according to Russia) and he will be the big president who buried the hatchet with the mighty Russians (who will support Trump at every turn just for the heck of it). Orban will hugely benefit with new people – forget the mandarins, during the first two years the newbies will have no clue about Orban or Hungary. No, Trump will probably win, despite what the polls say. There is still 6 months left and the media,… Read more »

Fu/know you.


Hello Fidesznik!
Still as clueless as ever, I see, or in denial.


Nope, I think you are in denial by underestimating the discontent of the average American people who are eager to send a message.

Trump is like one of those reality shows nobody admits to watching but somehow everybody talks about. I won’t be surprised if Clinton wins, but think that Trump is more likely according to my calculus.

Nobody is interested in the average joes, unless they send a clear message. Then they will have the establishment’s attention. Trump is an opportunity, with Clinton things will remain the same (even the brothers Koch support Clinton now).

(NB: this is what Hungarians did and do, the establishment is associated with “the Left” and most voters don’t want those pathologically conformist yes-men back, they want tough fighters).


Fu#k u 2.


P.S. Your “parallel” with Hungary is nonsense. Every poll, and every Hungarian knew Fidesz would win the 2010 elections, including every leftist Hungarian.
Not a single poll now shows Trump beating Clinton – not one.


When you Fideszniks start watching American polls and media instead of what your government media tells you, you might start understanding something about American politics. Until then – if I were you, I’d keep my mouth shut and my ears open when Americans tell you what they think will happen.


Barring some spectacular problem for her, such as prosecution for some heinous crime, I think it’s Hillary. I don’t think she cares one way or another about Hungary. To be honest, I think Trump would be just as rough on Hungary. The mandarins at the State Department tend to last through changes in the presidency.

Re: the referendum and the EU Viktor and his cohort sure looks as if they have a ‘failure to communicate’ with the EU on the quests to carry out ‘policies’ ostensibly for the good of the ‘union’. If the EU looks to develop some sort of ‘commonality’ among those who live in a certain space Viktor certainly looks to create ‘exclusions’. He wants Magyarorszag only for the ones in the ‘tribe’. Doesn’t look as if he and the EU they’re going to meet. I don’t even think he cares. He’d rather be a PITA than cooperate. He appears to be happy to simply keep ‘equality and privilege’ to a few in the country. And ‘sharing?’ Only for ‘buddies’ in the tribe hanging out at the trough. So it looks as if the EU won’t get the kind of feedback they want from a country who seems to want to exist beyond the EU ‘pale’. And thus the difference in two clashing thoughts where the EU looks to formulate and construct some substance of social equalities in European societies Viktor looks to go the other way. Sure don’t know how the fellow thinks he can stay in the EU under the… Read more »

Those wheels are squeaking, but they are scarcely audible outside Hungary. The country is no more than a mouse among lions. Orban can scream all he wants – they couldn’t care less. Pity the citizens of Hungary!



Learn from the masters. A bit of gay bashing never hurts.

The Left will – again – be cornered into the position of lovers of gays, ie urban intellectuals who are out of touch. Instead of protecting the little joes the leftists defend urban gays. I can tell you this is not too popular among rural voters who are the most important constituency in the present election system.

Let’s create some tension, some debate about “values”, it always works against clueless leftists.


“A bit of gay bashing never hurts…….”

Russians and Hungarians would say that without shame.

Who would want to live in Hungary?

One day a decent population will vote for a decent government in a decent democracy …… The odds are about as good as Elvis walking around the Arkad in Gyor.

In the meantime the LGBTI Community together with the Hungarian Roma and Hungarian Jews – not forgetting the intelligent youngsters and the not so young, are leaving your vile country.


Not too much OT:
Did you read about the reaction to that Anti-LGBT law in North Carolina?
Not only did several famous Rock muicians (starting with Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams and so on) Cancel concerts in NC, many large companies were unappy and said they wouldn’t invest there – from Ebay to Mercedes.
That caused quite a stir!
Even more OT:
Around 30 years ago I was with a German group which visioted the “Research Triangle” near Raleigh NC and we were astonished at the activities – now some companies might boycott that!

I find it really funny in a way that Fidesz wants to be like Putin’s Russia – getting even more away from civilised Europe, maybe they should join the Eurasian Union!

art úr

Or Arty Finkelstein.

It appears that Viktor Orban and his “Gang of Four” in the so-called Visegrad Group are way out in left field when it comes to a sensible and central discussion of the pressing question of immigrants in Europe. Orban’s statements up to this time have served to make the separation from the main current of EU policy virtually complete, so that VO and his reactionary buddies are playing in the position of “left outside” – a soccer term. No doubt he is happy to stick to his belief that Europe is now starting to dance to his tune and is happy to say so in his loud and urgent twang to the gullible Hungarian electorate but he is no longer even seated at the same table as the serious participants of the EU. He has nothing to contribute except bare-faced impudence in signing an agreement that he had no intention of keeping and so he decides on holding a Referendum (no waiting at the electoral office, no thugs/bouncers from Kubatov’s gang of enforcers – Viktor makes his own rules). The referendum may make news in Hungary but it will make no impression in Berlin, Vienna or Brussels and it doesn’t… Read more »

Some people (and especially some companies …) in the Western part of the EU would be happy if those Balkan states like Hungary left and joined Putin’s Eurasian Union – then we would have cheap holidays, cheap industrial production there again like in Communist times.

Re: ‘Communist times’ You know it is evident that ‘experiences’ drive thought and behavior in states just as in individuals. Like the brain, a country develops connections within itself internally as well as externally to order how they wish to orient themselves to realities facing their society. And through that a country ‘learns’ things. Unfortunately one country seems to have learned from the wrong books and teachers. And there isn’t any inclination to deduce any upside whatsoever from say that illustrious ‘Soviet’ education Magyarorszag received where new societies and individuals were supposedly to be born and made with spectacular coordination and cooperation from the proles. The Soviets must have burrowed so deep into Magyar psychic lives after almost destroying them that it is stunning that the country strives for such accord with them and piggy-backs on their bandwagon as it rides into all realms of autocratic rule as it flexes the muscles of state. In politics, there must be a deep-seated attraction by Magyars to the Soviet ways of ‘doing things’. But really in apparent political flattery Magyarorszag lowers the boom….ironically on her ‘own’. Looks as if the meddlesome Ivans never go away. Their ghosts , questionable endeavors and dreadful… Read more »
Yes – it’s completely unfathomable to a Westerner – me – how the ‘piros infection’ – communism – runs deep in the Hungarian psyche. “The Soviets must have burrowed so deep into Magyar psychic lives..” So deep that ‘Communism’ is bandied around as an insult! (Often meaning Jew or left liberal too!) Those who do bandy it around – without realising that the pot is calling the chimney black – are like those most extreme homophobics who have to exhibit extreme homophobia – because they are afraid that they are homosexuals themselves. This deeply ingrained ‘piros conditioning’ explains the trolls on here who have to compartmentalise opposition to Orban as ‘liberals’ and ‘communists’! When in fact there is a much bigger political spectrum in the opposition than there is in Fidesz. So they have to exhibit extreme anti-communism to exorcise the deep communism – in their own psyche. I’m sure this must have a psychological name but I don’t know what it is. I believe it’s this subliminal ‘piros conditioning’ that will prevent Hungarians ejecting Orban and understanding democracy for a very long time. Any experience they might have had with ‘democracy’ (debatable) wasn’t sustained for long enough to overwrite… Read more »
Orban will win again and the leftists can’t do anything. They are divided and clueless. Orban – as Tölgyessy said it today – has a schedule and he always works according to that (hint: it’s only 2016 but the election in 2018 looms large). He has a vision and a strategy, this is the way to get reelected. The clueless and divided will fall — the election system only allows the opposition to win if and only if it is united. But even in that case the majority is not enough to govern effectively (especially if there is Jobbik too). When will the opposition realize that it cannot win? Orban gave them check mate long ago, but it’s hard to realize. As long Orban lives he will be prime minister. He smartly created a system that cannot be defeated. Yes, the leftists should’ve staged a revolution. The present crop of opposition politicians are not match for Orban. Orban and his people can’t believe their luck and the work very hard not to give any hing that they think that this opposition is totally hopeless. He will have the last lough. The era after 1990 will be called the Orban-era. He… Read more »

“When will the opposition realize that it cannot win?”

Forget about the opposition. Orban will be removed by the people. Dictators usually are.


Andras = Gyula = … is back, still with the same spelling and grammar mistakes. Why do you come here again with your idiocies?
Do you really want Hungary to return to the existence as a funny little Balkan state like in Communist times, good for cheap holidays for us Westerners, but not much else?

Jut as the years up to 1989 were known as the Ceaucescu years?