Sándor Lezsák’s fiefdom in Lakitelek came to an abrupt end

Yesterday several by-elections were held, with mixed results. Here I will concentrate on the election held in Lakitelek, a large village about 30 km from Kecskemét.

Before 1987 few people had ever heard of Lakitelek. But in September 1987 Sándor Lezsák, a minor poet, offered the backyard of his house in the village for the first gathering of anti-communist forces. There they established the Magyar Demokrata Fórum (MDF). The vast majority of the people who attended this meeting belonged to the Hungarian equivalent of the German Völkisch or the Russian narodnik movement.

Sándor Lezsák, a typical representative of the narodnik (népies) Hungarian literary tradition, has since drifted far to the right. By 2004 he was expelled from MDF, along with some other like-minded politicians. In no time they joined Fidesz as members of a political group they named Nemzeti Fórum.

Lezsák is a great supporter of Turanism, a nationalistic ideology that believes that the Hungarian people migrated from the steppes of Central Asia. A couple of years ago he was the honorary president of Kurultaj, a tribal meeting of Turanian people. A private initiative five or six years ago, this annual event is now sponsored by the Hungarian government and aided by generous grants.

The Hungarian narodniks were always keen on educating talented peasant boys and girls. After 1945 they established so-called people’s colleges, which were forced to close after the 1948 communist takeover. A few years ago Lezsák and his wife established a foundation and began building a people’s college (népfőiskola) of their own. On four hectares the Lezsáks have been erecting an ambitious complex, naturally with generous government grants. In 2015 the Orbán government gave the Lakitelek Népfőiskola 2.3 billion forints. In 2014 the income of the college was 445.7 million, of which 343 million came from the ministry of human resources.

As you can see from the plans, Lakitelek is Lezsák’s Felcsút. When the campus is completed, the college will have a swimming pool, tennis courts, a guest house, café, restaurant, print shop (with a separate building for its publications), gallery, mini golf course, chapel, horse stable, “national statue park,” and, rounding things out in appropriate fashion, yurtas. Classes in Azeri, Bashkir, Belarus, Georgian, Kazakh, Kirgiz, Tatar, Turkmen, Uyghur, and Uzbek are already offered. How much the students will learn in 32 hours of instruction I have no idea, but I have my doubts about the usefulness of Lezsák’s educational methods.

Plans for Sándor Lezsák's very own people's college in Lakitelek

Plans for Sándor Lezsák’s very own people’s college in Lakitelek

Lezsák has been running the show in Lakitelek ever since 1990. In fact, the local internet site is called Lakitelek Lezsák-falva, meaning “the village of Lezsák” where nothing happens without his say so. In the past, the majority of the town council and the mayor were all members of Lezsák’s Nemzeti Fórum, a party with a status similar to that of the Hungarian Christian Democratic Party. It has eight members in parliament within the Fidesz parliamentary caucus. In 2014, however, an unheard-of event took place. A Nemzeti Fórum candidate for mayor lost the election to an independent, Mrs. Anita Kiss-Zoboki. Her margin was slight. Moreover, in the town council Fidesz-NF members remained in the majority. Although Kiss-Zoboki was most accommodating, Lezsák and his men refused to work with her. In fact, when the new mayor asked for an appointment with the great man, he refused to meet with her for six solid months. The situation in Lakitelek began to resemble the one that developed in Esztergom after 2010 when its independent mayor ended up with a totally uncooperative city council with a Fidesz majority. Just like in Esztergom, the Fidesz-NF majority refused to work with the new mayor until, at the end of January, the Fidesz-NF deputy mayor suggested the dissolution of the council and new elections. He sure made a mistake.

First of all, this time 61% of eligible voters cast ballots, as opposed to 45% in 2014. In the October 2014 election Anita Kiss-Zoboki got 867 votes as opposed to her opponent’s 795, a difference of 72 votes. Yesterday she received 1,377 votes; her Fidesz-NF opponent, 827. In the six-member council formed in 2014 there were four Fidesz-NF affiliated members and only two independents. Today all six council members are independents belonging to Kiss-Zoboki’s team. That’s called a rout.

The village is described as politically divided, and therefore articles in local papers that appeared before the election predicted a close contest. The Fidesz-NF leadership in town seemed to be worried because apparently the party’s local supporters distributed phony leaflets trying to tie the independent candidate to Ferenc Gyurcsány. On the leaflets one could see a picture of Anita Kiss-Zoboki with the colors of DK in the background. The ads claimed that if she wins the election the whole town will be full of migrants and same-sex marriages will be allowed.

According to Hírösvény, an internet news site serving Kecskemét and environs, such a huge win was totally unexpected because other left-leaning opposition parties are not at all represented in Lakitelek. Clearly, the people of Lakitelek had had enough of the local politicos acting like medieval barons. The people also realized that voting for a non-Fidesz mayor but allowing a Fidesz-ruled council doesn’t work. The result is a non-functioning local government. And so, while the people of Lakitelek were at it, they got rid of the whole bunch.

May 9, 2016
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London Calling!


For several years now – and probably tiresomely – I have been trying to further my theory that Michael Jackson must have been a Turanian.

Due to a lack of help from you all (thanks a bunch) – I now have Sándor Lezsák as a valuable source of Turanian cultural history.

On my next visit to Hungary I will be looking him up in Lakitelek to see if he can help me.

I’ll also try and persuade him to maybe jot down a few lines of poetry on MJ.

Imagine the tourist draw to Lakitelek?

In the meantime I’m still playing my LP of ‘Thriller’ backwards on the turntable listening for hidden Turanian messages.

I don’t have any other of MJ’s LPs – so if any of you could help out on this quest it would be much appreciated?

But I won’t hold my breath – such was the the help I received last time.

I get the impression that few of you believe in Turanism – am I right?


“I get the impression that few of you believe in Turanism – am I right?”

Yeah, except one thing, the “Curse of Turan”!

It working as a charm! A bad one, mind you, but still. Just look at Hungary: after all those centuries of misfortune and historic clusterfuck now they have Orbán and his hordes all over the country..!

See? Turanism on its best!


Bravo! A glimmer of hope. (But not more.)


I think a bit more. This was a by-election they cared a lot about. This is a village where they have invested huge amounts of money. This village is meant to be a showcase of everything Fidesz can do for a place.
The villagers experienced it. The villagers had the full “benefit” of Fidesz attention. And the villagers have had enough.
If it weren’t for the fact that I know for a certainty that every single villager in Felcsút “enjoys” the close attention of Hungarian state security, I would say an election there could get similar results.


Does Lezsak think that Belarussian (and Georgian) are Turkic (Turanian) languages?

No, he loves Lukashenko and the ilk.

On [the] one hand, Orban will give (at least) 3.8 billion forints to Lezsak in 2017.

On the other hand, remember that Lezsak went again the Party’s will in 2014.

Lezsak’s daughter received 801 votes, so she failed to make it into the local council.


About the 2014 tiff with the Fidesz party:

Lezsak is a great admirer of Horthy [and Homan and similar people]:

“Horthy, the creator of order” by S Lezsak (if I remember correctly, the Bible did not mention Horthy in Genesis … 🙂 )


Representative Lezsak gave the site for the adulteration of gasoline in 1993.

András B. Göllner

From adulteration of gasoline in 1993 to adult-education in 2016 is only a small hop, step and a jump. Does Tappancs know by chance, if the Lezsák College will offer a site for the adulteration of raw meat as well ? (under saddle, of course)


Sandor Lezsak will soon be consoled by some very important state appointment and he will get billions more to spend freely on whatever he wants to.

Lezsak is one of Fidesz’ political heroes and people must appreciate that.

The ungrateful locals will be taught a lesson. Retaliation is inevitable and will be swift.

They didn’t have the right to humiliate Lezsák and they must learn that soon.


Another Russian.


webber, sarcasm …


Wait and see, wait and see… if it’s sarcasm, Fradika will let us know how lousy the Orban govt. really is. If not, s/he will disappear and re-appear under a different name.


Heart-warming news.


Cool down.

Even Péter Tölgyessy says Orban won’t let power out of his hands.

This isn’t an option. 2002 won’t be repeated. Orban is laser-focused on victory and any and all methods are permissible. The opposition is hereby warned. They can play around but sure as shit can’t seriously think that they can win.

People should stop immediately daydreaming about the opposition gaining any kind of majority.

Fidesz is the strongest party and will remain so.



These results show that it is doable. Surely Orban will cheat, intimidate, bribe, whatever, but he is loosing his sence of reality – the lying has become so shameless and blatant that it turns many away.
We have to reinforce this mood of “anything
but Orban” where voters will pay little attention to what he is saying or even doing.


Re: ‘lying has become so shameless’

And it must be said the extent of verbiage made by representatives defending the country from the invading ‘hordes’ this time not of Turans but Muslim could also be put in the shameless category.

I recently watched Zoltan Kovacs making set, straight-faced , arrogant, smug and dismissive reptilian responses to questions by a Western interviewer when asked as to why an elderly woman and wheel chair bound man were on trial in a Magyar court for inciting rioting of refugees. The man could not see an iota of debate on the issue. It was a shut case. But after watching the interview one comes away noting how lame the reasons and excuses were regarding ‘defense’ of the country. And this is what Fidesz and their ilk make their money on. Pretty low. Their lovefest with Kurantaj and the ancient traditions is admirable but for the rest of the flotsam of humanity outside that tribal world they shouldn’t look for a cozy bed by the fire in Magyarorszag. For that they would best get a middle name of ‘Attila’.


@Sandor, troll-baby

You are wrong: Orban will decamp as soon as his Russian bosses will allow him (without the ‘adieu-cup’ of polonium…


O = Ceaucescu?


Orban will cling to power at any price to be paid by the people. Sooner or later the people will rebel. Forget about the opposition and rigged elections. They don’t enter into the equation.

Sándor Leszák’s nationalist utopia reminds of the supposed “eco” village, Galgahéviz, founded by Jobbik MP Varga Géza, and funded by millions of EU moneys. https://atlatszo.hu/2012/11/27/eu-funds-cant-sustain-the-eco-village-in-galgaheviz/ It is so strange, to me, that in Hungary many of those who embrace environmental and ecological issues in a bid to save the planet, are right-wing supporters, and their political thinking is at variance with any other sort of ethical considerations, such as race issues and genuine liberalism. An acquaintance of mine bought a small apartment at Galgahéviz, thinking it was entirely established on ecological principles. She became seriously ill when she discovered that she had been cheated out of millions of forints because the flat was not registered properly as a domestic domicile and for legal reasons, never can be. It can only be re-sold as a holiday cottage with all the restrictions that entails. Lawyers are still working on bringing Varga Géza to justice, but with little hope, and my acquanitance has since moved back to Bpest, only going down to the “utopia” for short holidays. I wonder how many other such Jobbik money laundering havens have been established with EU funds which go directly into Jobbik pockets. And what is the… Read more »


The Hungarian health care system is improving by the day. Only the liberals continue to complain, but luckily nobody cares about them.

For example Semmelweis University recently installed great new vending machines at its pulmonology clinics.

If you are in urgent need of adult diapers these machines can come in pretty handy.



Yes, you’re right. Only a few years ago, Hungary had the 21st highest death rate in the world. Now, it’s improved to 19th. Congratulations to all.


Hello troll.
The point is that supplies are so short that you have to BUY toilet paper and adult diapers (along with other supplies) if you are in a hospital in Hungary. They no longer give patients the essentials. There is no paper in the toilets. You are lucky, these days, if they clean your ward properly. THAT is why someone posted that picture, above – because they are shocked. Not because they think things have improved, at all. The whole country is sickened by health care.

So, posting that as a sign of Orban’s success was a major “fail”
Let me guess – you are Russian and don’t read Hungarian? Otherwise you would have understood the comments by that picture you posted.
May I suggest you sign in to a psychiatric ward in Budapest? That way, you’ll know what you are talking about the next time you come here to praise Hungarian healthcare under Orban.


Webber, név sure is no troll – that was a sarcastic comment!


I second wolfi — the stuff in there has a price, so you can buy some brand new diapers to yourself, because otherwise you won’t have any, as it happens.


Sure about that?

Our Fidesznik trolls spout a lot of nonsense of this sort (in Hungarian, too) without having a clue how ridiculous they sound. For some reason I cannot fathom, the Russian ones like to talk about how much Hungarian health care has improved (FSB instructions are a bit off.)


Webber, yes I’m quite sure!

Nyuzrum is one of those tumblr sites like prolidepp, vakkomondor and others which I’ve also linked to in the past.
They regularly show the frustration of young Hungarians in pictures – often inventing crazy comments/descriptions, like this:
comment image


Webber reminds me of myself, I simply often don’t get sarcastic intent in Hungarian. Webber despite his more than obvious comprehensive knowledge of both English and Hungarian sometimes misses sarcasm because he goes very literal in his rage against Fidesz hacks and reads that into many comments. More than a few Hungarians have said to me csak vicc when I looked shocked by something they said .


Wolfi and Istvan, you may be right, but if you are why has this person not explained him/herself and said it was meant as satire?
I maintain s/he was a troll – until s/he proves me wrong.
Our trolls appear, write something incredible that they may honestly believe, and disappear.
I can tell you that Fideszniks in Hungary actually believe that nonsense, and have no sense of humor whatsoever.


There is one troll (Gyula etc …) whose spelling errors give him away – I won’t tell the one word that the troll usually gets wrong. So I’m quite sure that it’s not a native English speaker – even the spell checker in Firefox recognises those mistakes!

But there also are imho a few frustrated people like those to whose tumblr sites I link often.
If anybody’s interested – I made up a list of them.


Webber some of the stuff the Russians, or Fidesz operatives write is so over the top I agree figuring out if it is sarcasm or straight up insanity. Fundamentally Webber you get pissed at the right things don’t get me wrong about that.


I doubt if the troll who writes here under different names is actually Hungarian. It’s likely a small team at a PR company somewhere. (N. America, given the use of words like ‘diapers.)


You are probably right.