My apologies

Terribly sorry about inundating you with posts from 2011.

A few days ago I discovered that about 30 posts from February and April 2011 had mysteriously vanished. In order to have a complete archive I have to republish my MSWord copies of the originals. I am finished with February, but I’m afraid that some time in the future you will receive another 15 from April. Truly sorry about this, but there is no other way of doing it.




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Might be a good idea to read some of that “old stuff” again – I’m sure that it’s still relevant.
So no worry – I think everybody’s happy that this was not some kind of attack on the site!


No need to apologize. I neither was a subscriber, nor did I live in Hungary at that time. Personally, I am happy to catch up on some of the history. BTW, thanks for what you do. There is plenty of English language content published for those of us who are interested, but some of it is such blatant BS that reading your posts on a regular basis is refreshing.


Ah, the mysteries of the computer age! I think most of us encounter problems of one sort or another. In any case, yes, much sent again is worth re-reading — with the only problem that there’s not always enough time to even keep up with what’s new.


No problem, please don’t worry. Interesting reading anyway.


First law of technology, Eva!

……. All’s well that ends!

They are great flashbacks. If they were an annual published book, how big would the tomes be?

As contemporary history books they’d be a welcome addition to my book shelves!


HS at bottom really is a tremendous repository of not only Magyar history but its interlocking and relationship with the global one as well. A great informational gold mine. I have learned so much. I think every word and sentence should be ‘protected’ so to speak.