Terrorists in Hungary? Three days to the referendum

Who would have thought that almost a year after the Paris terrorist attacks the Hungarian media would be full of the old story of Salah Abdeslam, who made several trips to Hungary to pick up fellow conspirators returning from Syria? Abdeslam’s job was to travel to Greece, Italy, and Hungary to transport the terrorists who had taken advantage of the mass migration from Turkey and northern Africa.

The Hungarian anti-terrorist unit knew nothing about the trips Abdeslam made to Hungary until the Belgian federal prosecutor announced on December 4, 2015 that Abdeslam had twice gone to the Hungarian capital sometime before September 9, where he picked up two men whom he supplied with fake Belgian IDs. The two men were subsequently identified as Mohamed Belkaïd and Najim Laachraoui, both killed in the police raid following the terrorist attack at the Brussels Airport. This bare bones story was then embellished in Budapest thanks to the combined efforts of the Hungarian secret police, the incompetent MSZP chairman of the parliamentary committee on national security, and members of the Hungarian government. It became a tale of high drama, serving the government’s anti-refugee propaganda. The most unreliable story came from János Lázár, who tried to convince the public that Abdeslam “visited the Keleti station, where he recruited a team from among those who refused to be registered.” Oh, yes, this is precisely how one collects instant terrorists.

Since early December of last year we heard almost nothing about Abdeslam’s trips to Hungary. Then yesterday Magyar Idők, after receiving a hot tip, offered a new take on the old story. It was in Budapest, they wrote, that the Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks were hatched.


From the style of Magyar Idők’s article it is pretty clear that the paper received the information it made public yesterday straight from TEK and other secret service agencies, most likely on the order of the “propaganda ministry” of Antal Rogán. The Hungarian authorities know about three trips Abdeslam made between August 30 and September 17, but the paper gives details only of the first and the last trip.

During the first trip on August 30 Abdeslam picked up Bilal Hadfi, who later died in the attack at Stade de France, and Chakib Akrouh, who was killed during the police raid in Saint-Denis. The two crossed the Serbian-Hungarian border and moved on to Kiskőrös, where they purchased cell phones that they allegedly left behind. The Hungarian authorities claim that they later found these cell phones and “ascertained that on the basis on the information available on them it was the Islamic State’s Syrian center that directed the operation.” This meeting, like the others, was organized to provide fake ID cards or passports to the arrivals and to transport them to Belgium and later to France.

Magyar Idők describes Abdeslam’s third visit to Budapest in a separate article, the title of which is enticing: “The Paris mass murderers were waiting and organizing in Budapest,” giving the false impression that the details of the Paris attacks were worked out in the Hungarian capital. According to the Hungarian sources, Abdeslam arrived on September 17. His co-conspirators–Omar Mostefai, Samy Amimour, and Foued Mohamed-Aggad, who all died in the Bataclan terrorist attack–had been waiting for him for at least a week. Shortly after Abdeslam got to Budapest, he turned around and drove the newly arrived terrorists westward, most likely to Belgium.

Magyar Idők says nothing about the second trip, but I assume it occurred shortly before September 9, as the Belgian federal prosecutor stated. Thus, seven terrorists who subsequently were involved in the French and Belgian terrorist attacks traveled through Hungary.

Szilárd Németh, the Fidesz deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee on national security, announced his decision to call the committee members together to look at the documents the national security authorities have on Abdeslam’s visits to Hungary. While he was at it, Németh said that the secret service should also investigate those civic organizations that are being financed by George Soros because some of the Hungarian NGOs are mentioned by name on the DC Leaks site. Some of these so-called independent organizations are actually heavily involved in anti-government activities, he claimed.

At first blush it would seem that dredging up this old story serves no purpose save to frighten the population further and boost turnout for the referendum. But Népszabadság learned that a new investigation is underway. The paper was told that in the last few days Belgian and French anti-terrorist units have been working with TEK, the police, and members of the prosecutor’s office in Budapest in search of local connections to the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. Apparently, they are looking for people who in 2015 assisted at least ten terrorist suspects to escape detection in Budapest and who were instrumental in smuggling them abroad. The authorities naturally are tight-mouthed about the investigation, which has been going on for weeks. But the paper seems to know that the French-Belgian-Hungarian investigative team identified and arrested several people who “belonged to Abdeslam’s circle and who were responsible for the travel arrangements of other Islamic terrorists recently [közelmúltban],” which indicates that the cases might be of recent vintage. This information was later reaffirmed by György Bakondi, Viktor Orbán’s personal adviser on domestic security.

I wonder how much we will ever learn about these alleged new developments. The parliamentary committees concerned with national security and police affairs have not yet been informed of the ongoing investigation. And whatever information the government shares with the public will undoubtedly be received with a large dose of well-founded skepticism. The Hungarian public is already suspicious of the timing of the information leaked by Magyar Idők as well as the release of select details of the super-secret French-Belgian-Hungarian investigation.

September 29, 2016
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It seems that whatever information comes out from the regime has to be taken with a grain of salt…. The regime as a whole, together with its spokespersons and ministers, lost credibility a long time ago so much so that no matter what they will never get it back…. One would be wise to acknowledge the exact opposite whatever they say…


“… whatever information comes out from the regime has to be taken with a grain of salt….”

I am sure it is even worse. Everything is disinformation.

See an old book on this subject: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0080315739/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


“It seems that whatever information comes out from the regime has to be taken with a grain of salt….”

and a pint of brine.


It says a lot about the efficiency of the Hungarian secret police that they come up with this crazy story – one year after it all happened! What took them so long?

Don’t they feel ashamed?

But of course everybody knows that this is not a coincidence – three days before the referendum …

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad – all this looks like a cross between the workings of the Gestapo and the North Korean intelligence …


Gestapo and North Korea! Do you know anything about Hungary ? When were you there? Or you believe everything what you read in the USA??? You are funny with your idiotism!


I am aware of an employee at one of the Hungarian ministries who was told that:
a) she had to vote in the referendum on Sunday
b) she had to provide ‘proof’ that she had voted NEM.

She also feels that she cannot post anything at all negative about the government or the referendum on Facebook.

Clearly, something is very, very wrong in the state of Hungary …


I live in Hungary (part time) and the constant idiotic government propaganda grates my nerves – whereever you look there’s a sign re the idiotic referendum!
On all the buses, on the billboards on every corner, in our letter box …
Yes, the propaganda is worse than in Kádár times!

And we haven’t switched on our tv for weeks …
Just check a few internet sites …


London Calling!

This must be plan B.

Plan A failed – when the two unfortunate rendorseg were blown up and the conspirators failed to shout ‘Alu Akbar’ (Fradi are not exactly known for their language skills).

So plan B is to maximise the tenuous connection with the terrorists in Belgium and Paris – where it’s pretty obvious they travelled through many countries to get there.

But inter-weave a story to fit the circumstances – it was propaganda guru Goebbels who said that good propaganda has an element of truth in it – and let Chief Lying Toad Lázár disseminate it.

Yes. Plan B then.

Kadar, Communism and the ‘Ministry of Truth’.

Should reinforce the Threatenerendum turnout.


Re: ‘Kadar, Communism and the ‘Ministry of Truth’.

And I’ll just add the new political taste of illiberalism. All have that one thing in common. They are extremely good in nailing ‘jello’ to walls. Some of the stuff gets to stick. Others are so slimy and outrageous that even walls can’t hold them up. So that government is always looking for that ‘right’ kind of gelatin to fashion in the dish given to the population. The menu is filled up with this stuff.


OT to the referendum: John R. Deni a research professor of security studies at the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College contributed an interesting post to JUDY DEMPSEY’S STRATEGIC EUROPE website http://carnegieeurope.eu/strategiceurope/?fa=64742 Deni is a critic of Obama foreign policy and has written on this, his defense of NATO and its importance to my country reflects the thinking of many retired US Army Officers who are supporting Sec Clinton including myself.

Even Trump speaking this week here in Chicago backpedaled on his anti-NATO rhetoric a little (I linked a video of his speech to Eva’s blog two days ago) before a right wing Polish American audience with some equally right wing American Hungarians in attendance.


Great piece. Hope Mr. Trump and his cadres peruse it and understand it. It will help them from wasting time going down useless security corridors which would perhaps put US and European defense and economic interests into a very shaky position when dealing with Russian combativeness in the current European climate. For a fellow who seems to know the cost of everything it shouldn’t have taken him this long to perhaps know undoubtedly true ‘value’ of some things.


Official announcements posted on the front of school buildings today, reminding people to vote on Sunday.


There is no rule of law in Hungary, instead the “oszt jo napot” principle rules (i.e. don’t abut breaking the law when it suits us, we’ll call in the lawyers and drag the case indefinitely so that nothing will happen to you).
In this hate campaign as well the Orban regime commits violations/crimes on a daily basis:
– in addition to using the state media as a party mouthpiece
– huge amounts of taxpayers money are illegally spent on government and party propaganda devoid of truth and divorced from reality,
– public institutions and servants are ordered/coerced to perform alien functions in the campaign
– voters are individually and collectively threatened,
– election/referendum and privacy laws are broken: e.g. the High Court (Kuria) ruled that the government has illegally used a database to send letters to Hungarians abroad urging them to vote as the government wants them to.



… don’t worry about breaking the law ….


OT – Regime’s rewriting the history.

On the afternoon of September 29th a private car was parked opposite to Ritz Carlton Hotel (150 m east of Kempinsky Hotel) with an amplifier box placed on its roof. A tall middle aged man of intelligent appearance was lambasting Imre Mécz for being a hard core communist, founder of the AVH, instrumental in to the communist oppression system etc. He also denounced the “lies spread by the Imre Mécz Foundation.
There was no audience, but passers by turning their heads on the go.

The Orban regime has been trying to downgrade the 1956 revolution and some of its heroes including the then PM Imre Nagy and this incident fits perfectly in.
A private car illegally parking for a long time and of a lecture delivered through a loudspeaker at that place can only be a demonstration for which the two persons involved had filed a demonstration notification with the police and the latter had acknowledged it.


Could a story like this happen in Hungary? Probably not – because there are no refugees here accepted by the people…

Refugee stranger steps in as dress falls apart on wedding day




Viktor Orbán: “Without Hungary, Europe would have already fallen”

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Nice pix… Only guy missing is you know who. Beeg feesh in the East.

‘That 10 year plan finally worked to bag the wary Magyar badgers!

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One should not be surprised at the Orban machinery taking advance of and recycling this “story”. The timing (3 days before R-Day) is just too good to be true. Now ain’t that just pathetic? But it is a predictable part of the silliness that Our Great Leader loves to engage in. Funny too, that TEK and all the other (myriad) “security” forces in Hungary only discover these evil-doers in their midst when someone from the Belgian government tells them about it. Sure glad we are not paying for these guys out of our taxes… The Klueless Klique hit pay dirt again!


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