Let’s Invalidate the Hungarian Refugee Quota Referendum!

“This is our country: Let’s invalidate the referendum!” is the title of the common statement of 22 NGOs protesting against the inhuman politics of the Hungarian government against refugees.

The Hungarian government has unleashed a xenophobic hate campaign ahead of the refugee referendum on October 2. Twenty-two NGOs are urging citizens to reject the government’s fearmongering and invalidate the referendum.

Hungarians will go to the polls on October 2 to answer the following question: Do you want the European Union to be able to mandate the obligatory resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens into Hungary even without the approval of the National Assembly?

We, Hungarian NGOs and citizens with a sense of responsibility for our country, believe in a country where our common matters are managed with humaneness, solidarity and mutual respect. We are concerned about seeing the government threaten our common values, therefore we speak out against the referendum scheduled for October 2, as well as the hate campaign surrounding the vote.

We decided to start a campaign to invalidate the referendum, which fails to promote our common concerns and is both pointless and inhuman.

Pointless question

The question put to referendum fails to promote our common concerns. It does not offer a solution either to the situation of refugees or the future of the European Union. It rejects solidarity with our fellow human beings in plight, just like with the other European member states. It has no intention to create a framework for peaceful coexistence. We are convinced that nobody can feel safe in the long run where public discourse is defined by hatred.

The question put to referendum is pointless. No provision on compulsory “resettlement” quotas has ever been adopted, let alone discussed, in the EU. If such a question were put on the agenda in the future, Hungary would have a place at the negotiating table.

Moreover, the response given to the referendum question does not entail any specific legal consequences, nor does it make clear exactly what entitlement the government asks for from the citizens, as this has never been revealed.

Shattered solidarity

The question put to a vote is also inhuman. The goal of the referendum and the accompanying campaign is to incite hatred against refugees. Its only potential consequence is the further weakening of the already shattered social solidarity, thereby reinforcing the government in continuing with its hate campaign.

The real question that is going to be at stake on October 2 is whether this country will ever be able to become a humane community. This is the goal we work for 365 days a year — on October 2 and on every other day.

Some of us will cast an invalid vote, while others will boycott the coerced anti-refugee referendum. Our goal is nevertheless the same: to invalidate this referendum.

Join us, share our statement, talk to your friends, colleagues and neighbors. Convince them, too, thus we can prove together: our country is based on humaneness and solidarity.

Artemisszió Alapítvány
Eleven Emlékmű
Eötvös Károly Közpolitika Intézet
Előadó-művészeti Szövetség
Gyerekesély Közhasznú Egyesület
Hálózat a Tanszabadságért
Hívatlanul Hálózat
Platform Egyesület
Közélet Iskolája Alapítvány
Magyar Helsinki Bizottság
Magyar Női Érdekérvényesítő Szövetség
Magyarországi Európa Társaság
Magyarországi Evangéliumi Testvérközösség
Migration Aid
Oktatói Hálózat
Oltalom Karitatív Egyesület
Opera Közhasznú Kulturális Egyesület
Segítsünk együtt!
Szépírók Társasága
Társaság a Szabadságjogokért

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Who will be the first in the comments to say, “This is just a bunch of left-wing, namby-pamby bleeding heart liberal groups supported by Soros. They have no influence on anyone except for a handful of urban intellectuals. Real Hungarians in the countryside don’t care what they think, etc etc.”

Let me say this to those people:

It takes courage to fight the overwhelming tide of propaganda that we are subjected to non-stop in this country.

It takes guts to take an unpopular stand on the principle of love and tolerance for all.

As Morrissey once sang, “It’s so easy to hate / It takes strength to be gentle and kind.”

All of these groups are putting a target on themselves and setting themselves up for intense harassment by the government for their views.

The truth is that there aren’t many Hungarians today who have the strength, courage or guts to openly oppose the government due to the fear of retaliation, but at least we have a few NGOs that remain a beacon of hope in this country.

Although I am not a supporter of Orbán and the referendum is not enough to stop what is going on. It still is a statement. The truth about socalled “principle of love and tolerance for all” is naive and based on ethnic and cultural selfhatred. It is an empthy frase with no real meaning in real life. Most of your beloved third world immigrants have other views about this topic. Maybe you still believe the liberal left mantra’s, but many of us Hungarians don’t. We saw what the liberal left ideology did to Western Europe and to the number one liberal left paradise Sweden, the big example of “principle of love and tolerance for all”. A destroyed country, a failed state, many no go zones, the rape capital of the world, everything native Swedish is hated. Did you see the latest governement video “the new Sweden”? Native Swedes have to intergrate themselfes, what a joke! So please, don’t play the enlightened one, because you and many on the left are the blind who guide the blind. Welcoming your own destruction. Wake up for reality and stop believing the lies you are fed for years. Those immigrants are no refugees, everyone… Read more »

Make Hungary white again?

But that would mean returning all those dark skinned people with their Mongolian spots to Asia where the Huns came from originally …

Hmmm …

Dude, are you out of your f**king mind?? Sweden, a failed state??? You must be joking or tripping on some seriously heavy drugs to believe such crap. Let me tell you, and I’m sorry to say this, but Sweden beats Hungary by EVERY possible measure. Here are a few examples: -life expectancy: Sweden 9th, Hungary 57th -GDP per capita: Sweden 15th, Hungary 47th -Global competitiveness: Sweden 9th, Hungary 63rd(!!) -corruption (Transparency Int’l, lower is better): Sweden 3rd, Hungary 50th -suicides (per 100k people per year): Sweden 11.1, Hungary 19.1 -happiness index (UN): Sweden 10th, Hungary 91st(!!) Shall I go on? You can say what you want but the numbers tell a different story. Note the last statistic in particular. I’m sorry to tell you this but Hungary is not exactly paradise for most people and a great number of people here are pretty miserable. Not everyone but a very large proportion. I wish it wasn’t true but it is. Why do you think thousands and thousands of Hungarians emigrate out of here every year, and no one wants to immigrate here? Do you think Swedes are dying to move to Hungary to have a better life? I love Hungary and… Read more »

shoopy! A great riposte to a closed mind.

You’ll never turn such a brainwashed attitude – propaganda-fed for years.

It’s an example of what Eva is saying – about the moral cost of the Threatenerendum and the damage done to an ’emerging’ ‘democracy’.

It will take years to reverse – again as Eva said.

And you have to live amongst it.

Well done for trying – don’t ever give up.


Well said, shoopy.

Stop and think, Hungary.

Don’t go and vote tomorrow.


Thank you Éva for that. It does give hope to know that our protest is shared by honourable organisations, and I agree with Charlieh.

I have copied out the list of the NGO’s and would like to suggest that, whatever theoutcome of tomorrow’s “referendum”, we should exercise solidarity in the face of Orbán’s evil and corrupt regime, by joinng up with as many of the NGO’s as is possible. United we stand.

Steven Colman

In 1956 I was in New Zealand when refugees were streaming out of Hungary. Without any voting and with the complete agreement of the population New Zealand, whose population at the time was less than half of today’s Hungary, accepted 10,000 refugees. There was no need to vote at any referendum, there were no protests, there were only New Zealand citizens at airports to welcome the refugees. The same situation was happening in Australia also. The refugees received financial and other help and all of them were found somewhere to live and jobs. Need I say more?


None of my friends will be casting their ballots tomorrow. One funny thing I came across through a friend. He knows a person who’s background is German, and will go to vote “No” tomorrow. In the 18th and 19th Century there were many emigrants from Germany to Hungary. Around 1946 many families of German decent were expelled from Hungary. In fact, Joseph Martin or Joschka Fischer Vice Chancellor of Germany between 1998 – 2005 was born into a family that had to leave Budakeszi in 1946. You would think that with such a history, someone would show more compassion…


You are scared shitless of what a non-Jew says.