Jobbik in attack mode: Suspicious withdrawals from Quaestor

In the last few days the Hungarian media has again been full of stories about perhaps the largest financial scandal in recent Hungarian history. It was a year and a half ago, on March 9, 2015, that Quaestor, a brokerage firm with close connections to the Orbán government, collapsed, leaving about 30,000 customers high and dry.

I wrote about the Quaestor scandal several times, but as background to today’s post I recommend one article in particular, “A crime in search of a more coherent cover-up.” In this post I described Viktor Orbán’s desperate attempts to explain how certain government offices managed to withdraw billions of forints a day before the collapse of Quaestor. His efforts were less than successful. László Kéri, a political science professor who has known Viktor Orbán and his friends ever since college days, expressed his total disgust that “in three weeks [Viktor Orbán] could only come up with such an infantile, obvious, and slapdash story.” A month later, at the end of April 2015, I wrote another post about Fidesz’s waning popularity and the long shadow of the Quaestor scandal it was unable to escape.

Of course, interest in the Quaestor case eventually died down, especially since Csaba Tarsoly, the CEO of the firm, disappeared from sight, spending an obviously miserable year and a half in a Hungarian jail. He is a former shadow of himself, which speaks mountains about the deplorable conditions in Hungarian jails. Meanwhile some of the 30,000 small investors have been fighting for compensation. Not all of the cases have been settled. And people who had investments of more than 6 million forints ($21,500) are especially unhappy because their compensation will be capped at that figure.

No left-of-center opposition party bothered to keep the issue of possible insider trading alive. Only Jobbik issued a demand, addressed to the government party at the end of September 2015, to provide a list of Fidesz politicians and government officials who may have withdrawn their money from Quaestor in the last few days before the brokerage house’s collapse. Their demand, of course, was not met.


Now that the prosecutor’s office has finished its investigation and the case against Tarsoly and ten others is underway, interest in Quaestor has been reignited. Jobbik’s search for possible Fidesz accomplices inspired N1TV, an internet television station with close connections to Jobbik, to investigate. On October 14 the television hit pay dirt, receiving a list of 333 Quaestor customers who withdrew money on the very day of the firm’s demise. The TV station focused only on individual withdrawals of more than 10 million forints. Names of investors with relatively small withdrawals were withheld; the names of those with withdrawals of greater than 10 million forints were posted online.

György Szilágyi, a Jobbik member of parliament and party spokesman, held an “extraordinary” press conference, during which he said he found one name to be of special interest. On the list a certain Gábor Richárd Bolya, who according to N1TV used to work as a chauffeur in the prosecutor’s office, withdrew 200 million forints from Quaestor on the crucial day, March 9, 2015. As it turned out, Gábor Richárd Bolya left his job at the prosecutor’s office sometime in 2011, but, as Jobbik pointed out, in 2009 when the account was opened, he was still an employee of the prosecutor’s office. Such substantial savings by someone who made his living as a chauffeur is suspicious, especially since not long ago the chauffeur of a Fidesz MP acquired 136 hectares of agricultural lands at a state auction, which naturally ended up in the hands of his boss.

Another questionable item is a 15 million forint withdrawal by Csaba Mátéfalvy, a former water polo champion, whose wife, Gyöngyi Bende, was at one point the communication director of Quaestor. Bende was quite ready to talk to the journalists of N1TV, even offering her opinion on the number of high officials at Quaestor who most likely had knowledge of the company’s impending doom.

N1TV also interviewed the owner of a Kecskemét company that produces roller bearings. She seemed decidedly uncomfortable and annoyed with the questions about her withdrawal.

Today HVG published an article about another person with possible ties to Fidesz–Gergely Béla Telegdy, a young judge in Szeged whose specialty is administrative and labor law. He withdrew a relatively small amount of money, just a little over 3 million forints, but his mother, Irma Haszon, withdrew 33 million. According to Haszon, she and her son announced their intention to withdraw this large amount of money two weeks earlier because of an impending real estate purchase; it took that long to clear the bureaucratic hurdles. This might be a perfectly legitimate explanation, but suspicion will not die easily. Telegdy is known in Szeged as a darling of the present leadership and a favorite of Tünde Handó, head of the National Judiciary Office. Telegdy, while a student, was a HÖK leader in Szeged. The current HÖK chief, the notorious Márk Török, who simply cannot be removed from office although the university’s administrators would dearly love to see him gone, found a strong supporter in Telegdy. These certainly aren’t sufficient reasons to suspect Telegdy, but distrust of the government and anyone favored by it runs deep.

I’m certain that diligent sleuths will study those 333 withdrawals made public by N1TV and soon enough will find more names with ties to either the government or Quaestor management. György Szilágyi already expressed his hope that all withdrawals in the two weeks before the collapse will be made available to get a fuller picture of possible illegal activities. I assume that if N1TV managed to get the transactions from March 9 it should be able to acquire a list of earlier transactions from the same source. If names of highly placed individuals are on these earlier lists, N1TV’s disclosure will not be good news for the Orbán government, which already has enough trouble with Jobbik’s refusal to support the amendments to the constitution unless the government shuts down its large-scale settlement of foreigners who are ready to buy €300,000 worth of government bonds. But more about that tomorrow.

October 19, 2016
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London Calling!

Of course, the biggest investor criminal in the Quaestor scandal is the government – Viktor DiktatOrban’s cosy coterie.

Grinning Goon Szijjártó criminally withdrew illegally-invested government money using insider information – which precipitated the collapse of a seriously failing company.

As did, it seems a band of 332 associate criminals in possession of the same insider information.

In any decent democracy this would be investigated with the full panoply of investigation of financial crime.

The telephone networks would have been awash with contact phoning contact phoning contact in a criminal ‘tree’.

In England this would have been built within days – using very sophisticated software analysing phone contacts and telephone mast triangulation metadata. The software is called I2 and can pictorially represent the ‘criminal tree’ making the evidence understandable by a jury and judge.

I’ve no doubt investigators have use of I2 – but Orban controls what the telecoms companies can and cannot investigate.

In the end not only do the unwitting investors lose out – but the Hungarian taxpayers end up footing the compensation bill.

Hajrá dictatország, hajrá dictatarok!


For those who are interested in such things here’s a link – and a few interesting case histories.

Of course, Tarsoly should never have been allowed to flourish. His investment company was a giant Ponzi scheme. If the ‘FSA’ of Hungary – the financial regulator, had been allowed to oversee the company it would never have continued. That’s if the financial regulator was independent and not headed by a placeman of Orban. Tarsoly would never been allowed to trade, not being ‘a fit person’, and Quaestor would have withered on the vine. But the Orban connection protected him. Tarsoly was a hero of Orban’s and his stadium setup in Győr – Stadion ETO – was the model – and inspiration for Orban’s obsessional stadium building. The ETO stadium is a sad site nowadays – always empty, with the attached hotel always empty too. Manly because no one needs a hotel there. I can’t see it being a prestigious site – but Audi have allowed their name to sponsor it. Probably coercion comes in. The attached shopping centre – empty and cacophonous – is hardly a pleasant shopping experience. If you show the slightest interest in anything the assistants pounce on you, desperate for sales. How do I know? My partner’s mother lives opposite the stadium – when she’s… Read more »


I have concluded after watching the third debate that Trump (=fart) is a slimeball.

He can’t construct sentences and repeats ludicrous points whilst stabbing his finger at Hillary – thinking repetition strengthens his poor argument.

I wonder if he can actually write? The most illiterate candidate in the history of prospective candidates.

He ‘belches’ single refuting words in the microphone while Hillary is speaking – something which the hilarious spoof ‘Trump’ Jimmy Fallon catches to a ‘t’.

He’s foul description of “ripping out a baby at nine months” has really lost the (intelligent and decent) woman’s vote.

Hillary should have gone heavier on his so-called ‘Trump University’ (Fart University more like) where he has defrauded thousands out of life savings for worthless certificates in ‘real estate’ investing.

The man’s an illiterate snake-oil salesman – hypocrite – getting his ‘retaliation’ in early and discrediting the whole voting system.

A complete slimeball.


The bigger problem I see (and my American friends agree with me there):

It seems that a large number of people in the USA agree with Trump and are on the same intellectual level!

OK, you find them everywhere – in Germany eg there are about 10 to 15% people (more in the former Communist East, less in the West) who feel “left behind” and there are probably more people like that in all the former Communist countries.
But in the rich USA with its democratic tradition?


30% Wolfi. In most countries, 30%. They normally hide. In France, they are now coming out of the woodwork, for example.
If a credible party were to appear in Germany (not Pegida) with a Trumpist or LePenist message, I am quite sure it could get up to 30% support.


Re: ‘I wonder if he can actually write? The most illiterate candidate in the history of prospective candidates’

Well the old boy is certainly not ready for ‘prime-time’ governing. What lurks though is the fact that if he loses the election he will be a very ‘sore loser’. The US then unfortunately will continue on to have even more an electorate of yelling barking dogs all at their various ends of the political spectrum. What we’ll be hearing will be Trump in his stentorian ‘elocutions’ acting the squeaky wheel demanding the grease to get ‘pay back’ for his loss. ‘Revenge’ and ‘attack’ politics will then be in full bloom with its consequences for the functioning of the US government domestically and in the international sphere. Until then folks hold on it will be a bumpy ride. Hope we can manage it.


webber, I don’t think so!

Right now Pegida has on average a support of around 25% in the former Communist Eastern Germany and around 10% in Western Germany.
So what does that tell us?
I’ve seen polls that make it quite clear:
The extreme right wing is strong among those who feel “left behind” – whether that’s really the fact is a different thing.

There’s a very bad joke this reminds me of:
A guy goes to a psychiatrist for help but after the session he is told:

I can’t help you – you don’t have an inferiority complex, you just are inferior …


Wolfi – I said “not Pegida” didn’t I?
I’m quite surprised it has 25% in the East.
I am also absolutely certain that Germans are not superior to other Europeans or other Western nations. Or do you think Germans are special? Hmmm?
30% is quite possible in Germany too – with the right (wrong) party.
I like your joke about the inferiority complex. I have a good one about a fellow who thinks he is a chicken, but I’ll spare you.


Sorry I made a mistake there:

I meant AfD, which is the current right wing party in Germany (not Pegida, that’s not in Parliament).

A respectable right wing party is an oxymoron imho – and AfD has just taken over from the NPD and the Republikaner.

It’s also interesting that many people who voted for the Left (the former Communists) switched allegiance to AfD.

And yes, I believe that in Western Germany we learned from our mistakes and the potential for the right wing extremists is much lower!



It’s funny. Trump=fart. Fart means speedy in Swedish.


You surely know that Trump’s grandfather came from Germany, Herr Drumpf and his family did grow wine in the Pfalz.
Trumpf i s the German word for a trump card.

Of course it would have been funnier if the family name had been Dumpf i e dull or musty – Dumpfbacke is a swear word meaning a really dull and stupid person, like village idiot …


Just three points:
1. Repetition is a very good advocacy tool. The first time you hear it you think it is rubbish. The next time you hear it you actually begin to understand the point. Next time you heard it you have taken it fully on board, the next time you think there maybe something in it, but still wrong. Then on the next hearing you begin to agree with it. Don’t take my word for it. Ask any judge.
2. All this would be of less interest if HC was not so loathsome. In addition she has a record of incompetence when ST, her at least questionable conduct in relation to the emails, her and her husband’s suspected unethical dealings in Arkansas, their immense greed. It is not a great choice.
3. I remember when Bill ran for the Presidency the first time I thought the US was unlucky they had to choose between two such dreadful candidates. Like now. Pity the Democrat establishment rigged the primaries against Bernie.
But thankfully I cannot vote.


With me it works differently:

The more often I hear your rantings, the more I am convinced that you’re posting unbelievable rubbish …

It was similar when I was a child and had to go to church – it wasn’t my family which forced me but the school (gymnasium).

This went on until my friends and I decided to go for a walk instead (every Wednesday morning) and discuss philosophy, Nietzsche etc …

Only once did the school director admonish us the he gave in, maybe fearing a scandal …
We were around 15 years old …


Abuse is not an arguement. It is a sign of intellectual sloath or a recognition that there is no valid point to make which can be frustrating.

Being forced to go to church is a disciplinary matter at a school. In church you do not engage in dialogue. It is not a question of who is right. It has already been decided. God is right and his view is made known to you by those who hold office in his Church. If you dare to express a view which contradicts that teaching ( note the word “teaching”) by suggesting that God has expressed himself differently to you, you are a heretic since the teaching can only come from the Church or from church. Therefore traditional churches simply advance a doctrine of their liking for the members to hear, digest and act upon. There is no room for a different point of view except in the context of a context between rival churches.

If you are trying to persuade someone, repetition is a good way, even if you do not do so in the context of a contest.


Really? You don’t get it …
Maybe if I repeat it often enough …


Ask any judge? I’ve observed many many judges and repetition is not an attribute you could accuse them of – ignorance in some but mainly erudition and surprising understanding.

It might work with good little communists – Lenin élt, Lenin él, Lenin élni fog.

But not the free thinkers of the Western world – nor the free thinkers on here – do you bite your thumb at us?

Is that why you keep making inane tenuous links about Brexit? Repetition hasn’t worked yet – but I’ve no doubt that you’ll keep trying.

And then so will I.

You know that Ambassador Bogayay you keep defending, Evie Blakie?

“Well Ms Bogyay is entertaining her guests, on Hungarian taxpayer’s money, and on behalf of a regime, that honours some of the country’s most notorious anti-Semites. She should follow the example set by the late Elie Wiezel, or the great Randolph L. Braham, and do the right thing and refuse to be an accomplice of Orbán’s affinity fraud towards the Jews.”

Let me know when it’s working.

And Trump has really tanked.
And Trump has really tanked.
And Trump has really tanked.


Clearly it is a waste of time to try to communicate with you guys.
As for the Ambassador you can tell her whatever you want. I am sure she will take as much notice of it as it deserves.


How tiresome this idiocy is getting about the primaries being rigged. Must you repeat Putin trolls’ nonsense here?
The results of the primaries are available online. Clinton won the popular vote. She took 55.2% of the votes in the Democratic primaries, while Sanders took 43.1%. He lost.

Summary here –

You and Petofi keep repeating this nonsense about the establishment rigging the primaries. Why? What is your point, other than that neither of you likes Clinton (who cares? You can’t vote in the US). Please stop. You are both embarrassing yourselves whenever you spew about American elections, and both of you are – surely unwittingly – repeating Putin’s troll army’s lies.


No, Webber, you are mistaken. My case about Bernie is that the Party Establishment had to sink him to make sure HC got the nomination. It may have been an example of directed democracy. In this case I do not agree with the result because of three reasons: I think Bernie is an excellent candidate with the right qualities and ideas, he is a Jew and I like the idea of a Jew in the White House, HC is pure poison.

One can disapprove of HC without being a signed up Putinist. There are many respects in which he has a case. Syria for example. He may bring a rather grubby peace to Syria, but at least it will be peace and IS wiped out. More than the unreal Obama posturings would ever have achieved or did.

Cold War? May not be such a bad idea. It keeps people on their toes. It did from its inception till the breakup of the SU.


Bernie did just fine, regardless of the party establishment (and let’s face it – a party establishment rules every party everywhere in the world).
Obama beat Clinton in the face of opposition from the party establishment (this I know for certain).
Trump beat his field in the face of his party’s establishment.

I do not think Bernie could have beaten Trump.
I say that because, while I’m generally upbeat about the US, I do not think the country would have supported a leftist Jewish candidate. If Bernie were a Republican, he might have had a chance. As someone who is to the left end of the Democratic party, and who is not a Christian – no chance whatsoever.
I think Trump would have wiped Bernie out.


Interesting and thank you for your support for my thesis on directed democracy


As an old fashioned liberal and a Jew ,I say this with obviously great trepidation, but the Vona wing of JOBBIK is really the only serious opposition in Hungary. So damn sad.


The Quaestor case had gone quiet… Yes I am glad to hear that there have now been some developments. At the time, I remember, (I think), Mr. Orbán saying that he ordered the various government departments/ministries to withdraw money – apparently illegally placed in Quaestor – immediately before the collapse. A week or two later he denied that he was responsible for directing the withdrawals and one supposes that in the meantime he had received some judicious judicial advice. At the time it certainly had all the appearances of pure-and-simple insider training and therefore, elsewhere at least, a cause for immediate resignation from office.

The circumstances surrounding the Quaestor business stink to high heaven – well at least to the highest levels of government. At this stage we can thank those journalists who have kept working at it and are not prepared to let the whole mess be hidden away by the political Department in charge of Obfuscation. Well done!


Mea culpa! Line 8: for “training”, read “TRADING”


In any democratic country this scandal would have had similar effects to Watergate – but Hungary?

Guest has a long article about poor Vona. Orban the genius maeuvered Vona into a trap from which Vona won’t be able to escape, Orban will win and Jobbik will lose because this is the order of the world. Orban will literally beat the shit out of Jobbik because he and the strategy mavens around him are so much clever than this Vona guy. It’s quite ridiculous how easily Fidesz can spin everything even in the media which is not – yet – owned by it and is supposed to be read by undecided voters (which is the only thing that counts in PR). The very last cover page of Népszabadsag before its demise was a huge article which proclaimed that Orban didn’t care about Rogan’s helicopter ride (luxurious lifestyle) as long as Rogan delivers the results such as the victory at the migrant referendum. This was a true pro-Fidesz spin of the events because Orban would never ever give in to criticism anyway and let Rogán go no matter what he does. It never even occurred as a possibility. Plus we know from the faces of the top Fideszniks on referendum say that the referendum was an abject failure… Read more »

Crazy again?

O didn’t win the referendum – only in your and others’ delusional mind!
All the other Hungarians however are losing – just look at this:

These Fidesz guys must be really stupid not to get it – when I told my friends in Germany about those “98%” everybody broke into hysterical laughter and one said:

Exactly like in Communist times!


wolfi, that was the spin which was told to Népszabi readers: that he won. Of course he didn’t win in reality. But Orban will simply never concede a defeat, just as a politician should never acknowledge that he lied (Gyurcsany made that mistake and he won’t be able to get up from that blow). Orban must pretend that he won even if his supporters know otherwise. They all must be able to pretend that Orban is still invincible. Any admission of defeat would be an admission that Orban is mortal, that he is just one of many politicians who sometimes wins, other times loses. This doesn’t fit the grand narrative in which Fidesz is assigned the position of “the winner” and the left-wing parties are “the losers”.


But do you really have to repeat that nonsense here? You sound like one of Kádár – eh, O’s admirers more and more …


pappp, Wolfi has a point. I’ve said the same thing several times in reaction to what you’ve written, and others have too (Stevan, for example).
If you are not a Fidesznik – and Eva says you are not -, why do you habitually sound like one? It is really irritating.
Perhaps you could re-read what you write before you post it?


OK, but my point was and often is to recreate the narrative of the story, how Fidesz (often in ridiculous arguments) was trying to spin the story. To make it clear what is the often hidden message told by some pro-Fidesz story whether in or nepszabadsag. Maybe I should use quotation marks to indicate that those are the thoughts of the fidesznik journalist, politician not mine.


Good idea! Because the way you’re doing it right now is rather irritating – not only to me!

It would be even better though if you tried to analyse the peculiar “logic” of Fidesz.

As I wrote, everybody outside Hungary sees the events of the last days in a totally different light.

Re those new billboards with “98%”.

Don’t the Fideszniks see how ludicrous they are? Everyone laughing at them.
98% only happens in dictatorships, doesn’t matter whether Fascist or Communist …

And Fidesz combines the worst ideas of both of them!


wolfi: the billboards are meant to spread the message that Orban isn’t “giving in”. He is not stopping because – according to this narrative – nobody can stop him. Some people may think that he lost but he will never admit that, as usual he just doubles down.

The billboards are also a message to his supporters that they should talk about the 98% majority and continue to push the victory spin.

if Orban had shut up after the referendum it would’ve been an implicit admission of defeat. Orban would never do that, we know this.

So he needed to counter attack instead, do something nobody would’ve thought. So he’s not stopping and instead pushing his idiotic narrative even more. He reckons that’s still much better than admitting that he can lose. Orban knows that many voters support him only to be with the “winners” – if this aura is shattered they might have doubts and that must be prevented, so Orban is trying to do that.


So O is showing that he’s a dictator with 98% of the people behind him – or rather 98% of the stupid Hungarians who believe him?

This is so idiotic – no sane person can believe it. But sane persons seem to be rare in Hungary (if we believe you …) – I must count myself extremely lucky with my wife and her family …

PS and not too much OT:
She is not religious and she wasn’t a Communist – wasn’t allowed to go to university because of that, always stayed a lowly secretary to some Communist party boss who had trouble writing whole sentences …

Some things never change – at least in Hungary it seems!

Alex Kuli

Pappp, I understood exactly what you meant.
Carry on, don’t let anonymous critics dictate how you express yourself.


What does being anonymous have to do with anything? Pappp also is anonymous. So what?


aha… not your thoughts… you just forgot to put quotation marks up, or forgot to mark in any way whatsoever that these were Fidesznik arguments?
Either its plagiarism, or you agree with it, and even if it’s plagiarism you agree with it (obviously, otherwise you wouldn’t do it).


Re: the Quaestor events

Seems to be tough to get at the truths inherent in the insider trading scandal. Par for the course though on the rationales made by VO et al to deflect certain ‘aspersions’ aside when it to virtually criminal trading. The following is no doubt the minimum the country can get considering the state of ‘telling it like it is’. Individuals then can only be ……

“As honest as you can expect a man to be in a world where its going out of style’

Raymond Chandler …’The Big Sleep’


The last opposition daily Népszava and weekly Vasárnapi Hírek have been sold to Marquard, who can close them down, Pecina-dtyle, tomorrow.


Just as well: Hungarians only want to read “Ludas Matyi” anyway-


Trump as slimeball was well known. The suprise is that he managed to win the Republican nomination. But, in fact, his win just shows the average citizen’s futility in today’s American democracy. The Savings and Loans scandal of 1996 and the meltdown of 2008 that caused the treasure hundreds of billions of dollars
made it abundantly clear that the citizenry are just worker ants needed to fill up the treasury.

As for who wins–Clinton or Trump–the real powers that be care little; the real danger was Bernie.


In fact, the Repubs and Dems of today seem very much like Putin’s two parties–United Russia, and Just Russia…


WHAT does this have to do with the topic of Eva’s blog??
You’ve proven again and again that you know less than nothing about American politics, and I’ve pointed out your errors and stupidities repeatedly.
Why do you bring it up at all?
Out of the blue you come up with this idiocy again.
What is your problem?
There are plenty of blogs about American politics. If you feel so compelled to spew this nonsense, go to those blogs, please,


Investigative article on Quaestor, part 1 (October 18)

I am looking forward to part 2.


Rather OT and strange:

O singing the praises of Mrs Merkel in an interview with the Passauer Neue Presse (a local German newspaper) – the only one he gave in Munich yesterday(?):

Trotz unterschiedlicher Ansichten in der Flüchtlingspolitik lobt der ungarische Ministerpräsident Viktor Orban Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU). “Ihre Kanzlerin hat unschätzbare Verdienste”, sagte Orban im Interview mit der Heimatzeitung. Europa habe schwere Krisen hinter sich, von der Finanzkrise bis zum Konflikt mit Russland wegen der Ukraine. “Ohne Ihre Kanzlerin hätte Europa keine guten Antworten geben können, ohne sie wäre Europa schwächer gewesen”, so Orban. “Ganz egal, welche politische Diskussion wir im Moment auch führen: Diese Tatsache muss anerkannt werden.” Angela Merkel genieße in Ungarn “eine breite Anerkennung.” Für die Bundestagswahlen im kommenden Jahr wünschte Orban der Kanzlerin “viel Erfolg” – auch wenn er seine Partei Fidesz, die einst als “ungarische CDU” der Europäischen Volkspartei beigetreten sei, heute eher “als die ungarische CSU bezeichnen würde”.

Background for this:

O had been invited by Seehofer to honour 1956 in the Bavarian Parliament – the opposition protested.

The whole thing seems to be part of Seehofer’s strategy against Mrs Merkel.


Závecz Research says that Fidesz is getting steadily more popular – while Jobbik and MSZP are falling steadily behind. Fidesz would receive close to 50% of the votes this Sunday.

Zavecz was way off with his numbers re the migrant referendum, but he is said to be a grand master of gauging the popularity of parties.


Yes, you’re a Fidesz troll. We got it. Can you stop wretching up this stuff here, please?
Zavecz’s figures are nonsense, and you know it, and yet you’ve even managed to misrepresent that nonsense in Fidesz’s favour.

Giuseppe Riccardi

Mr Pappp
I share Alex Kuli’s opinion thatyou should go on trying to assess tge political situation in a realistic way.
There is little point in being too bitter or too depressed in political analysis.
Please carry on. I find a similar attitude in hulala website.


from the original news source:
October 2016:

Fidesz: 28%
MSzP+DK+LMP+Egyutt+Lib+PM: 23%
Jobbik: 13%

No or other party: 36%


That’s strange ….

What is pappp trying to tell us?

Whatever happens (Fidesz losing the referendum, Fidesz losing the support of the voters, German politicians boycotting O – except the right wing CSU …) pappp continues his (?) propaganda mantra:

Fidesz is invincible, it’s no use fighting against them, you might as well kill yourself …

I feel like throwing up reading pappp’s crap!


Today I saw a brief piece by the NY Times which threw the gauntlet down against the Trumpian notion of democracy where it would evolve into candidate restrictions,direct vindictiveness and a ‘big brother’ look at using the law to forcibly bring attacks on opponents in the political sphere. The Times noted this as ‘unprecedented in American democracy. They fear for democratic tradition if Trump gets elected.

But in my opinion Americans will ignore this fellow and his form of American illiberalism on election day. Perhaps the US election can be an example and a template for all countries seeing their democracies ‘under the cosh’ with those who hold the new political religion. I hope those in Magyarorszag pay attention. Arguably they have their heads in the sand but it behooves them to be awake. If Trump in some way does manage to win, the US, Europe and Magyarorszag, Rossiya and China will be going into new and different relationships between each other making the world go into a vertigo the likes of which it may never have experienced. And Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ will be perfect reading.


Another moving report on how Hungarian refugees were treated 60 years ago – combined with scathing remarks on how O and his Fideszniks treat refugees today:
Whenever Hungary’s flagrant breaches of international law and shameful treatment of refugees and asylum-seekers are exposed, its Prime Minister Viktor Orbán extols them as an example for other countries to follow. Sadly, other European countries have indeed followed suit by focusing all efforts on keeping people out, instead of offering protection to those who need it the most. And by failing to address Hungary’s violations or condemn the hateful rhetoric preached by its leaders, European governments and the European Commission are not doing enough to alleviate the suffering of refugees and asylum-seekers.

I’m sure there will be more in the relevant international media – wonder how the top Fidesz m****** are taking this?

The author btw is Todor Gardos, Amnesty International’s Hungary researcher