Neo-Nazis, Hungarists, and anti-Semites

I have written twice about far-right, neo-Nazi groups which at this time of the year gather to commemorate the anniversary of the breakout of German and Hungarian soldiers from Buda, which had been completely surrounded by Soviet troops between December 24 and 27, 1944. What followed was the siege of Budapest, one of the bloodiest encounters of World War II. Hitler specifically forbade his troops to retreat in the face of the encirclement or to escape after it was in place.

The Pest ghetto was liberated on January 17, but fighting on the Buda side was just beginning. Between January 20 and February 11 about 13,000 soldiers were killed or captured. Under these circumstances, attempting a breakout was a suicidal undertaking. Indeed, over 19,000 soldiers were killed in the attempt and only 700 individuals managed to break through the Soviet lines.

Every year domestic and foreign extremists, neo-Nazis, remember the event. The commemoration includes a short demonstration studded with speeches in addition to the so-called “breakout tours.” A breakout tour is a walk, something of an obstacle course, along the route the escapees took. It is 56 km long and must be finished within 18 hours. Naturally, this event takes place in Buda and the surrounding hills. There was only one exception: last year for some strange reason the demonstration was held in Székesfehérvár, far away from the place where this madness happened.

Since 1997 thousands have gathered every February for what they call the “Day of Honor” or “Becsület napja.” The man who came up with the idea for the commemoration was István Győrkös, leader of the National Front (Nemzeti Arcvonal). Last October Győrkös shot and killed a Hungarian policeman who was checking Győrkös’s house for illegal weapons. Members of the National Front did not attend the event this year, but the Army of Outlaws and László Toroczkai’s Sixty-Four Counties group once again participated.

Viktor Orbán was extremely critical of the socialist-liberal administration which allowed these demonstrations to take place, and he promised that once he becomes prime minister again he will put an end to these neo-Nazi, Arrow Cross, and Hungarist demonstrations. Of course, the demonstrations have continued. The neo-Nazis go to the police station and announce their plans, and the police say “go ahead.”

The only thing that has happened since 2010 is that Nazi and Communist symbols were outlawed, demonstrators were forbidden to cover their faces, and it became illegal to wear a uniform. So, what happened on February 11 this year? The mostly young neo-Nazis appeared in black uniform-like outfits, some of them covered their faces, and they wore the forbidden neo-Nazi symbols.

The media reported that about 600 mostly young people participated who, as Népszava noted, “wouldn’t be insulted to be called neo-Nazis or neo-Arrow Cross men.” In addition to the Hungarian contingent there were quite a few Germans and Italians. One could also see a few Polish flags and so-called Szekler flags from Romania.

One can gauge the ideology of these groups by listening to any of the speeches. One of the speakers assessed the significance of the 1945 event this way: “We didn’t win, but in every little sacrifice there was the potential for victory.” Zsolt Tyirityán of the Army of Outlaws said that “the world is determined by a struggle for Lebensraum.” He ended his speech with “Recognition of and due respect for the Waffen SS! Glory to the Waffen SS!”

The “troops” are ready for their tour, February 11, 2017

A couple of days later Mazsihisz, the umbrella organization of Jewish religious groups, issued a somewhat resigned statement about the sad fact that “one can celebrate the enemies of the Hungarian people, the German Nazis and Hungarian Arrow Cross men, who blew up the bridges of the Hungarian capital and who caused so much suffering to its inhabitants…. But to hoist a flag with a swastika, to wear an armband with a swastika, to generate fear is prohibited and punishable according to the law.” Because anyone who places a Nazi flag on a light fixture makes it clear that he approves of the Holocaust. Mazsihisz asked the police to investigate the case.

Since then, the president of Mazsihisz, András Heisler, paid a visit to Viktor Orbán. The meeting had been arranged a month earlier and was supposed to be a financial discussion about the rebuilding of a Budapest synagogue that was recently devastated by fire and a Jewish Hospital specializing in gerontology. However, in light of the latest neo-Nazi demonstration, Heisler brought up the Jewish community’s concerns. Apparently, Orbán showed real or feigned surprise about the passivity of the police and promised to find ways, just like in earlier years, to prevent the display of such Nazi symbols.

If the ministry of interior could handle these situations in the past, how could it happen that this year the police calmly looked on while Nazi flags and swastikas were being displayed? One hypothesis is that László Toroczkai’s Sixty-Four Counties group participated. Toroczkai is the vice president of Jobbik, the party that is the target of Fidesz’s political wrath at the moment. In this struggle, it would come in handy to show that Gábor Vona’s move away from anti-Semitism is nothing but a political trick without any substance.

Finally, there is an unsigned opinion piece in Népszava, the oldest Hungarian-language daily in the United States. The title is “The promises of a selective anti-Semite.” The American Népszava is known to be highly critical of Viktor Orbán and his regime. This piece contends that Orbán has “problems only with liberal, secular Jews who infect decent Hungarian Christians with their liberal ideas.” He has no problems, the article contends, with observant Jews who “don’t mix” with the “members of the host country.” He doesn’t hate them because they don’t pose a threat to him. He likes talking to the leaders of Chabad who hate secular Jews as much as he does. Our anonymous author believes that Orbán’s ill feelings toward Jewish intellectuals stem from the fact that “they didn’t accept him” and therefore “he has developed an inferiority complex.” The author goes so far as to describe Orbán’s entire political career as a struggle to win over Hungarian Jewish intellectuals inside and outside of Hungary.

I actually toned down Népszava’s article somewhat. In fact, the author calls Orbán someone “who was an anti-Semite first and only later found the anti-Semitic ‘Christian’ ideology.” This is certainly a bold thesis, which many will doubt. Viktor Orbán is a master of double talk, so no one will ever catch him saying anything, at least in public, that could be labelled as being outright anti-Semitic.

February 16, 2017
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Re that breakout by German troops:

Actually Hitler’s commands were even worse – he wanted all those occupied cities to be totally destroyed!

Luckily some German generals didn’t agree with that – the leader of the German forces in Paris e g gave up and delivered Paris to the “invaders” and the French résistance.

Rather OT:
Maybe you’ve heard about the German extreme right wing publisher Kopp Verlag and one of its (in)famous authors, former FAZ journalist Udo Ulfkotte who died this January at 56 (no big loss imho).
He had an uncanny resemblance to Trump’s advisor Bannon – really strange …


Ulfkotte was actually well known in Hungary. His book was published in Hungarian translation back in 2015:


Worldwide we have a small problem with some hardline right extremists. These people can count on the surprising support of the populist regimes in Hungary, Poland and Russia.

We have a much larger trouble with the extreme weaponization of many unfortunate people by the Russian experts in the West, in USA, and in the Middle East.

We need an educated enlightened “new logic” to deflate these dangers.

Let us make a well tuned effort to rebuild our world.

The Balogh Blog is a good start for this program.


OV wished “a good and jewfree” night to his pals back in the olden days. I think it is pretty clear that he has been antisemitic all his life.


Everybody’s heard that rumor but there’s absolutely no proof the incident actually took place.


The financial balance of 6 1/2 years of Orban’s regime.

Official data provided by the National Bank, MNB on 2017-02-17.

December 31, 2016 [June 30, 2010]

net debt of the central government [MNB]: 24832.6 [16154.6], up 53.7%
gross debt of the central government [MNB]: 34415.3 [22391.2], up 53.7%

net debt of the central+local governments+soc sec: 22939.7 [16066.5], up 42.8%
gross debt of the central+local governments+soc sec: 35014.0 [23996.2], up 45.9%

MNB international reserves: {7583.9 HUF}[10075.9 HUF], down 24.7%


GDP at current prices (as provided by the Statistical Office KSH}
{2016 first 3 quarters}/{2010 first 3 quarters} = 25419178/19563782, up 29.9%



The 29.9% GDP growth must be a mistake: even in Orbanistan, even with compound effect, five years x 1.8% (average) cannot total 30%.
Unless all world agencies are dead wrong: OECD shows nominal 18% GDP growth in USD for 2010-2016, not today’s prices. (based on KSZH figures)

Re. Gov Debt
OECD shows Gov Debt at 96.9% GDP !!! F#($@


Headline of the economics portal “” (sold in October 2016 by Speder):

“Hungary has achieved another victory over the debt” [in the Hungarian edition]

” Hungary can celebrate another victory over debt” [in the English edition]


The title could have been written in 1952, under Stalin & Rakosi.


Going a bit further I’d suggest maybe even VO can’t believe his own rhetoric on that ‘bright’ future up on ahead for the country. He probably views some groups’ hanging out with swastikas as compensation for that. ‘Olden’ times of course are bountiful with bent nostalgia.


I very much appreciate these numbers as it seems that not even the local business press makes it as clear as you do. But would it be possible to explain why aren’t these numbers aren’t hurting the Hungarian bond ratings?


OT, some more numbers!!!!!

NOlimpia: handed over today 266.151 signatures for Referendum!!!

HAJRA!!!!! 266.151!!!! HAJRA!!!!!


And ‘Magyar Idok’ reports that:
The Gyori Olimpia will be present at the travel exhibition…………
(exhibition in March in Budapest)

Never heard of the Gyori Olimpia??
Me neither, so checked what that is,and it appears to be the ‘European Youth Olympic Festival’ (EYOF), a biennial multi-sport event for youth athletes, this summer in July it will be held in Gyor (seems simultaneous with the swimming championship, in the too big ‘uszo-monstrum’).

PS: and still not a word at MI about the amount of signatures collected by Momentum


Sorry, correction MI reports the signatures in their news item titled: “Az ellenzék lerombolhatja az olimpiai álmot”


And guess what: it’s all over the Hungarian media, ……. except (just checked!!) state TV-radio and the mouthpieces.
There are statements from mayor Tarlos (and that the bomber has sais something).



Around 1/5 of the adult population of Budapest (exactly 266 151 people) supported a referendum about the 2024 olympics OPENLY with her/his signature and ID number.


While the election authorities are probably going to have a tough time declaring that nearly 50% of the signatures are invalid, we still are not home free yet. The COF trolls are dropping hints that they may attack the petition drive in court. And Fidesz has any number of tricks up its sleeves. Habony and Rogan are working overtime, for sure.


Whle the fascist regime certainly has the capability of ruining the referendum, given the now tangible widespread opposition to the crazy scheme, I don`t think it would be in their tactical interest to do so.

The dictator has been delivered a blow from the Budapest “traitors”, the fact that the lackeys in his scum media are silent on the subject is proof of that.

Despite the billions spent on the promotion (the quisling sports stars who lent their name to this should be ashaned of themselves) and despite the intimidation of state employees the fascists have lost this battle. Not the war for sure but you can bet your bottom dollar that Orban is at this moment seething with rage. And that is enough for any democrat to be happy with this Friday afternoon!


Yes, fantastic news.

I suppose the takeover of by some Strohmann will be announced a bit earlier than planned. Orban will strike back so that liberals will be duly reminded that they are defeated and in the end Orban always has the last lough.

Fortunately however the subtle message will not be lost on the general public. Orban lost again, he is weakening, he is less than omnipotent.

Times are apparently changing. Hey, wtf this isn’t the Orban we got to know and got to love. The real Orban is a winner and not a loser. What’s happening here? Could he be really losing his mojo? Is this really possible??


Orbán lost the fight long ago – he only continues because Hungarians don’t realise that they lost, the EU is moving forward without the m …
Hungary is becoming the EU’s Bangladesh – cheap workers …

PS and a bit OT:
Pappp, please install a spell checker – it’s not “lough” but “laugh” …
Though I#m not in the mood for laughing looking at the news about Hungary right now!
Obviously some people are getting rich – but the average Joes have a lot of problems!


Re: the average Joes

And I’ll add the Jancsis too. Always wondering when they’ll perhaps be a little more wiser in what they are getting from their piece of that Orban sutemeny. It’s rich alright but really it’s evident Baker Vic mixes a different batch for them.

And here the average Joe’s can only look forward to getting a taste of what’s in store with the opening up of the Trump’s Populist Bakery…..if it’s anything like Vic’s kifli well we have to forget about it….😎