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I know, the world seems like a pretty dark place right now and a lot of worthy organizations are asking for your support. Hungarian Spectrum may not be the Washington Post or the ACLU, but I think in our own small way we are doing some pretty important work here. Viktor Orban’s Hungary is a cautionary tale, one that warrants telling and retelling.

Two years ago, with your financial support, Hungarian Spectrum got a home of its own, with amenities that I think on balance have worked quite well for our community. It’s now time for me to renew these services. If you appreciate this forum, I would greatly appreciate your support once again.

I have placed a PayPal button in the right-hand column of the home page. With this button, using any recognized credit card, you can either make a one-time donation or opt for a monthly subscription. Let me stress that this blog will remain open to everybody. Subscribers won’t get anything special, except my undying gratitude.

Many, many thanks for all you have done to make Hungarian Spectrum a success.

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“I think in our own small way we are doing some pretty important work here”

Damn straight. Just chipped in a few bucks, easily worth the value I get out of Hungarian Spectrum. To all regular readers: time to step up to the plate! Just imagine trying to make sense of Hungary without this site:)

Eva, I don’t think it would be completely out of order to put up a post like this a couple of times a year. We all could use a friendly reminder!


I’ve also made a donation via PayPal and would not mind repeating it several times per year. Thank you for your work, Eva!


Hi Eva, I certainly am happy to! I never knew how you kept this thing going – it always sounds like a very smooth one-person operation but no doubt there is a lot of hard work and research behind it, you seem informed about everything!


What you are doing is unique, invaluable and priceless. History (your calling) will also be your real reward. But meanwhile we will all do whatever we can to sustain your tireless work.

Alexander Borbély

Eva, you are performing an outstanding service with your lucid and critical reports. I could not start my day without your daily post. Please carry on. With heart-felt gratitude

Kirk Dale

Dear Eva – For non-Hungarian speakers like myself (and other Hungarophiles), you provide an important portal to Central European politics and culture. Your work is appreciated.


Im the era of Trump & Orban, I am proud to donate to Hungarian Spectrum. Free press will not survive without the active support of the readers of this site and others.