A gentle nudge

If you intended to contribute to Hungarian Spectrum but got sidetracked by the gazillion things demanding your attention, I’m back to remind you one last time. I’ll keep the PayPal “Donate” button at the top of the right sidebar for another week, after which you’ll be spared the stylized image of my outstretched hand and I’ll be spared the embarrassment of asking for money to keep our community alive and well.

February 28, 2017
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Arthur Nádas

Thanks, I did forget.


I don’t think it would be a strange idea to keep it there.


Don’t leave it there–it will quickly become invisible to all readers.


Dear Éva, reply only if you think it’s appropriate, but about (1) how many supplementary dollars are needed to keep HS running at full throttle, as it is, for a year? That will give us all an idea of the target we are all anxious to ensure it met. (Perhaps also an indication of (2) how much we are falling short of it so far? Or perhaps if you prefer, just (2), omitting (1).)

I agree with @gedance that leaving the appeal on continuously will make people stop seeing it. On the other hand the donate sign and payment links could be left in the side-bar permanently. Then the occasional “Gentle Nudge” can still appear intermittently, as needed.

I am sure there are many, like me, who think your work is absolutely indispensable — and especially today, what with the tidings from Trumpistan and its uncanny re-enactment of the last 7 years in Orbanistan…

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Inez Baranay

I’m only able to donate a small amount but my appreciation for your work is immense. I also think you could leave your donate button on the site; you can post reminders from time to time. Thank you for Spectrum.

Bela Yorke

I really enjoy reading prof. Balogh’s writing about Hungary as a past Hungarian. I contributed 15.00 USD only because I am a low incom pensioner. May our Prof. to continue for a long time.


I don’t have a problem with Hungarian Spectrum / Eva Balogh asking occasionally readers to donate. Keeping a site like this one requires a tremendous amount of work/time to begin with. The very least we can do is donate to support the hosting costs if not more.