An American LGBT hate group will enjoy the hospitality of the Orbán government

This is not the first time that I’m writing about the World Congress of Families. Through its annual gatherings, each year in a different country, WCF, as it is known in the United States, promotes Christian right-wing family values internationally. WCF was designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center an anti-LGBT hate group in February 2014 based on its involvement in the 2013 Russian LGBT propaganda law.

My earlier piece focused on its congress three years ago. The congress was scheduled to be held in Moscow in the fall of 2014, but then came the annexation of Crimea and several U.S. organizations pulled out of the project. Nonetheless, the congress proceeded as planned. Several leaders of right-wing European parties attended and were among the speakers, people like Aymeric Chauprade (National Front) and Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ). Hungary was represented by Gergely Prőhle, who was one of the speakers at the gathering. The journalist for who wrote an article about this far-right gathering was told by the ministry that the Hungarian government doesn’t care who took part in the conference; Prőhle was there to represent the government’s family policy. I should add that the congress issued a manifesto lambasting liberal Europe and calling for a ban on “homosexual propaganda.”

WCF is again in the news, this time for its impending gathering in Budapest between May 25 and May 28. Átlátszó published a lengthy article about the Orbán government’s sponsorship of this year’s conference. I was already stunned in 2014 because I thought that the Hungarian government’s official representation at such a conference was inappropriate. Now, in 2017, the Orbán government is actually organizing and financially supporting the affair. According to the official site, the chief organizer of the event is Katalin Novák, undersecretary for family, youth, and international affairs.

The event’s site explains that “the values of accepting life, undertaking to give birth to and raise children, and families based on the marriage of a man and a woman have been compromised in the past decades but need to be restored in order to implement a sustainable future.” WCF’s goal is the spread of the idea of the “natural family” as opposed to households where children are cared for by single parents or grandparents or are brought up in same-sex marriages. The group is well known for its anti-LGBT propaganda. Its influence is especially strong in Africa, where several countries’ anti-LGBT legislation resulted from WCF’s lobbying efforts. Most notably, it helped inspire harsh anti-LGBT laws in Nigeria and Uganda.

Just last year the director of the National Organization for Marriage, Brian Brown, was elected president of WCF, which was seen as “a logical trajectory for Brown, one of the best-known anti-LGBT activists in the United States.” According to the announcement of his appointment by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Brown over the past few years has gradually refocused his opposition to marriage equality on international work, especially after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality. Brown’s ideas find fertile soil in Hungarian government circles. SPLC gave a good summary of Brown’s ideas and checkered career at the time of his appointment as president of WCF.

Brian Brown, president of WCF / Source: AP Images

WCF’s platform is bad enough. But perhaps even more worrisome is its close cooperation with Russian nationalists, serving Russia’s geopolitical agenda. In fact, the World Congress of Families has its roots in Moscow. In 1995 the leader of an Illinois-based group, the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society, was invited to Russia by two professors at Lomonosov Moscow State University. The three men agreed that unfavorable demographic trends were the result of feminism and homosexuality. So, they came up with the idea of “pro-family” conferences in Europe and Russia and agreed to share their ideas with American evangelical thinkers.

WCF has had its greatest influence in Russia. It has deep ties to the Russian Orthodox Church and the Putin regime. Apparently, WCF has nothing but praise for Vladimir Putin and his policies. One its leaders wrote that Putin “is the one defending laws and morality consistent with the freedom in the U.S. Constitution.” Another leader called Putin “a power player who cares more about Russia’s national interests … than … that mythical force known as world opinion.”

Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBT civil rights advocacy group and lobbying organization in the United States, put together a comprehensive history of WCF, in which a chapter is devoted to Eastern Europe. In the region it was Poland that was most eager to welcome WCF. The Polish government hosted WCF’s annual gathering in 2007, during the brief tenure of Jarosław Kaczyński as prime minister of Poland. The group made its first excursion into Serbia in 2013, where WCF leaders attended an anti-LGBT rally which led to the cancellation of the Belgrade Pride Parade. A year later they organized a regional conference in Kiev. In 2014 a WCF partner, Alliance Defending Freedom, submitted an amicus brief to the Constitutional Court of Slovakia supporting the proposed referendum on a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union between one man and one woman. They are also active in Albania, Latvia, Romania, and the Czech Republic. In Hungary there was no need to lobby for a restriction of the meaning of marriage because the Orbán government incorporated it into the new constitution.

Looking through the very thorough history of WCF by the Human Rights Campaign, I found only two countries outside of Russia–namely, Poland and Hungary–where the organization has received official support. Suggestions by the independent media in Hungary that WCF is actually a homophobic hate organization were swept aside by Zoltán Balog, who is obviously a great supporter of the organization. According to Balog, “all sorts of nonsense has been published about ‘who’s who’ among the participants.” The Hungarian government certainly would not participate in any event that spreads hatred of LGBT people. He proudly announced that at the end of May Budapest will be the capital of families.

Hungary has its own conference on the family, the Budapest Demographic Forum—Families in Focus, which held its first gathering in June 2015. This year the Budapest Demographic Forum will hold its second conference in conjunction with WCF’s annual gathering. The Forum’s keynote speaker will be Viktor Orbán himself. A former Spanish minister of interior and the Croatian and Polish ministers responsible for family affairs will attend. Thus, an allegedly scientific gathering on demographics is subsumed into a four-day WCF extravaganza. Further and further down a very slippery slope.

May 11, 2017
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The main (I was going to say “only” but the Polish morons are giving the Hungarian fascists a run for their money) government in the EU espousing neo-Nazi values sponsors neo-Nazi organisation. It ain`t news really is it?


The lower house of the Romanian parliament adopted a modification to the constitution that, similarly to the Hungarian one would outlaw same-sex marriages. This was done after a petition to do that was signed by over three million people. The petition was strongly supported by the Romanian Orthodox Church and several other Christian churches.

For the change to take effect, it has to be approved by the upper house (thew senate) and then by a referendum.


I forgot to add: the adoption took place on Tuesday by a vote of 232 for it and 22 against.


what’s next? flat earthers and anti waxxers?

Of course the US Conference of Catholic Bishops opposes all same sex marriages, or civil unions between same sex couples. They have numerous documents on this and how disturbed they were when the US Supreme Court upheld the right to same sex marriage, see As a Catholic I can tell you this position is not supported by many in the church, especially those with LBGT family members. Even in the US military where gay people were hunted down and Court marshaled only a few years ago the basic humanity and the ability of LBGT individuals to defend the USA is now recognized. The tide has turned, but not yet in parts of Central Europe and Russia. I think it is great that Eva has exposed the Orban regime ties with groups like the World Congress of Families. On a funny note I don’t know if the Hungarian pro-Russian media played an of the video of Putin playing hockey and his numerous goals this week. I was laughing so hard I was crying because Putin’s opposing goalie was purposely diving in the wrong direction when the great leader was shooting. No doubt that was a desperate situation that goalie found… Read more »


The Catholic clergy has now its progressives who cant marry, but already have girlfriends.
The conservative clergy stick to their choirboys.


You took the words right out of my mouth …


Samantha Bee rips religious reactionariness [The Archbishop [Carlson] versus The Girl Scouts] with this short 2-minute video.



…can we expect soon a video of a PM playing football (soccer) and scoring some goals…


Looks as if the Poles and the Magyars really want to get going in fabricating ‘types’ of who they want as a ‘true’ Pole/Magyar. There they go now delving into sociological endeavors when it comes to individuals vs the state. Pretty soon if you’re not thinking like the ‘tribe’ well……….

These lunatics again – so full of hate! Mr Brown looks to me a bit like Trump … I’ve written about this already: Some German right wing politicians from the CSU are like these “family types” – they are opposed to same sex marriage because “a child needs a father and a mother” … Now it is well known that most (or all) of the CSU leaders have in addition to their families sired illegitimate children – who grow up without their father! Mr Waigel, Mr Söder and of course Mr Seehofer (I’m noit sure about (in)famous Franz Josef Strauß – he had many affairs, but no produce …). Now what does that tell us? Back to reality: Yesterday we talked wizh one of our neighbours and he complained bitterly that his grandson can’t get into a pre kindergarten group – because there are not enough children in the village to have this … And we compared the situation to his childhood, playing with his friends in another village – there are almost no more children there now, only old people … And even more OT: I looked at our local advertising paper – so many hotels and restaurants are… Read more »

Another peculiar thing is the logo of the 2017 Bp gathering called “Budapest Family Summit”:
4 people (probably a family 2+2), only one has a heart, the other three are heartless
And checking the sponsors of the gathering: don’t see any Hungarian, not even the HU government is mentioned (while they are the local organizers), seems the transperency level isn’t too high, and the whole thing, according to Fidesz thinking, should be labelled “foreign funded event”.


“Mr Brown looks to me a bit like Trump”
theme from the 2017 Bp gathering:
“Building Family-Friendly Nations: Making Families Great Again”
…says it all I think…

Melanie Zuben

Re: “Building family-friendly nations”
Bring the PUSSY back to fashion! Problem solved. Period.


To orchestrate a hate campaign which blames everything on George Soros, the Jew, the speculator, the moneyman, the Jewish puppetmaster is not anti-semitism. So says Slomó Köves the orthodox Fidesznik rabbi.


As opposed to Rabbi Köves of Chabad, András Heisler, the chairman of the mainstream Jewish organization MaZsiHiSz is worried about the continuous “anti-Soros” rhetoric of the Orban government.

MaZsiHiSz represents the majority (77%) of religious Jews in Hungary.

Rabbi Köves:

“I do not know about any internationally accepted criterion, which would render “sorosozás” [ =continuous anti-Soros speech, cf “zsidózás”] anti-Semitic”


Every week, Fidesz (or the state Post Office) drops a free 24-page propaganda tabloid in every mailbox, titled “Lokal”.

May 11 issue.
Page 3:
full page “Stop Brussels” (anyone from Die Presse on this blog?)

page 5:
“Botka [the MSzP candidate for PM] has admitted to owning a luxury watch.” “He can be investigated for his Rolex watch.”

page 4:
“Who is really George Soros ?”

“He regards himself as the god of the Old Testament.”

If the reader had missed that Mr Soros was born Jewish, this is a clear hint.

You can check out this primitive propaganda outlet yourself at


On the internet version.

Foreign news: “Soros and Muslim leaders support Macron”

This is a joke. What about 66% of the French ?


Roll down:

Domestic news:
Blood can flow in Macedonia [has Hungary annexed that country ?] . Over the title, a photo of Mr Soros.

The style of this Fidesz mass propaganda “organ” has not reached the “Stürmer” of the 1930s yet, but competes with the Правда of the 1970s.


To orchestrate a hate campaign is a mortal sin whoever it is directed against. Tell your rabbi/priest.


With the amount of sin going about it in the nation’s rebuilding it sure appears no one fears the fires of hell..😎They go to Mass, pray, give alms to the poor, receive and confess. But in the midst of that the wishing of evil on ‘others’ is now apparently a good, philosophic cornerstone embedded in the national goal-seeking platform. It’s there. It’s in visible ink.

Real pernicious… that hatred plank. Pretty soon the turtle shell the country wants to wrap itself in will be more indicative of a tomb separating those who are dead from the world of the living and who see other more important reasons for life. That ‘soul’ of Magyarorszag if things keep up will just wither away. Look for it not as ‘life-giving’ as the state architects wish but rather as an idea that could well windup as on its way toward bringing on a moral and spiritual dessication.

Wonder how long the planks can be swung before they rebound and bring about a ‘lights out’ epiphany as the ‘other’ continues to take the pum


Sorry……That’s ‘invisible ink!


So called “orthodox” religious fanatics have similar ideas all over the world – this “Family oriented hate group” might as well be a Muslim or Jewish organisation.
To me it says a lot that they all have similar values – from hating everybody that is/looks different or has different beliefs to adoring the death penalty …


I have calculated the following table from Eurostat data.

(Gross fixed capital formation in 2016)/(population in 4th q of 2016),
in thousands of euros

As you can see, Hungary is near the bottom ….

Switzerland 17.1
Ireland 16.6
Luxembourg 16.4
Norway 15.3

Sweden 11.2

Denmark 9.6
Austria 9.1

Belgium 8.6
Finland 8.3
Netherlands 8.1

Germany 7.6
France 7.3

UK 6.5
Malta 5.3

Spain 4.8
Italy 4.3
Czechia 4.1

Cyprus 3.6
Slovenia 3.5
Estonia 3.5
Slovakia 3.0

Turkey 2.9
Portugal 2.7
Lithuania 2.5
Latvia 2.3

Romania 2.0
Hungary 2.0
Poland 2.0
Greece 1.9

Bulgaria 1.3

Remark: Eurostat does not provide population data for Romania and Turkey, so I calculated with 19.26 [80.31] million people in Romania [Turkey]


Rather OT but …

My wife just read (on 444?) that the second fence on the Serbian border has been or is going to be electrified – of course there are small signs, but only in Hungarian ..

She got terribly angry about her country and its government and started to swear using words like Hitler, compared Hungary to Auschwitz …

And of course I have to agree with her.


I remember from some months ago, that the ‘info boys’ called it a ‘smart-fence’ (‘okos-kerites’). For that ‘smart’ function. they’ll probably need some electricity.
Wonder if there are any international regulations about electricity on border- or any kind of anti-human fences?

PS: unfortunately Don van Vliet passed away some years ago, otherwise he could have been asked to perform just once more as Captain Beefheart and blow the whole fence away, like he did with the microphone when recording his “e-lec-tri-ci-ty”


Re: The Cap’n and e-lec-tri-ci-ty

One of a kind, way out , genius and ‘free’ in his music.
Had a thing with guitars. He thought electrics attracted the old ‘debil’. And acoustic guitars attracted Casper … the ‘friendly ghost!’….


tkt = t’inquiète = ne t’inquiète pas = don’t worry
BUT you take back your last word, or I’ll ask Eva do do something about your presence here!


To understand Orban, Lazar and similar people who derive enjoyment from tormenting, bullying and oppressing liberals this is an interesting excerpt from a NYT article. This perverse enjoyment, like that of the banning of CEU, is worth more than anything for Fideszniks. And for angry voters all over the world.

“The talk-show host Rush Limbaugh was positively giddy, opening his monologue on Wednesday by praising Mr. Trump for what he called his “epic trolling” of liberals. “This is great,” Mr. Limbaugh declared. “Can we agree that Donald Trump is probably enjoying this more than anybody wants to admit or that anybody knows? So he fires Comey yesterday. Who’s he meet with today? He’s meeting with the Soviet, the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov! I mean, what an epic troll this is.””


They may enjoy “tormenting, bullying and oppressing liberals” – but they have no chance to do it actually (yet …).
All they do is make us laugh – ok, they torment the poor stupid Hungarians like Bözsi neni, but is that all the manage?

PS and again a bit OT:
While walking our dog today we saw one of the new billboards on “billionnaires” (Simicska/Vona etc)- my wife started laughing immediately and said:
And where is Mészáros and who’s pulling the strings there?

Hungary is turning into a kind of satirical bucket of sh** …


MVM, Magyar Villamos Művek Zrt. – Hungarian Electric Works, a state owned company, gave 500 million HUF (ca.1.67 million EUR) to the CÖF-CÖKA organization. And in their opinion their opinion they did not give public money.
COME ON, how long are the people living in Hungary accepting this sort of nonsense?
And a comparison of funding for real NGOs with CÖF at
The whole anti-(foreign)-NGO campaign from Fidesz seems to cause heavy backfire….


…or differently formulated: biting it’s own (very long) tail…


Trump bought a Palm Beach estate for $41 million in 2005, then he sold it to a Russian named Dmitry Rybolovlev for $95 million in 2009.

He also received $12 million for a Miss Universe pageant he held in Moscow in 2013.

“Mr. Trump received undisclosed payments over 10 years from Russians for hotel rooms, rounds of golf, or Trump-licensed products, like wine, ties or mattresses.”

The document is dated March 8, but disclosed only on May 12.


You might want to have a look at thisbroadcat

The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump: The Russians ( )

It’s terrifying.


Amusing how freedom of speech is handled on this blog (as on all left lib soros financed fake news media). Everybody is free to express their supporting opinion to the article, but no opposing opinion is welcome.

I will compose mine to be positive to the final point. I feel sorry that the parents of all LGBT supporters were straight and brought them to this world, but did not give them proper moral upbringing. I cannot worry about anybody’s sexual preference, that is personal, but to push it on the whole world as normal is absurd. It might be fun to have sex between two men or between two women but it is not natural.

Getting back to the article, how is it that all supporters of the LGBT fad are good people and all opponents are evil? Simple…. left lib censorship just like all other PC BCs.


Thanks, for proving again what an idiot you are, doggy or bobby or …

So in your opinion sex between “men” is probably only good if it’s between a priest and his choir boys?

Don’t you ever wonder why your position on LGBTX is so similar to that of the extreme Muslims?
Ah, the good old times when you could torture and burn at the stake all those sexual deviants – gives you all kinds of warm feelings just thinking about them, n’est ce pas?