As far as Hungarian state television is concerned, Soros is an evil Zionist

On May 24 the M1 evening news aired a fairly lengthy report on George Soros. Such stories are everyday occurrences in the government controlled media nowadays. But what made this particular report noteworthy was that it was the first time Soros was identified as being Jewish. Earlier, he was simply called an “American speculator” who uses his ill-gotten money in support of liberal causes and who meddles in the internal affairs of countries through his Open Society Foundations.

Many observers suspected an anti-Semitic tinge to the word “speculator,” which is considered to be a loaded word in Hungarian public discourse. But one could still argue about the intended meaning of the word, as commentators actually did. After May 24, however, I think the question has been settled. Soros was described as an “evil multibillionaire Zionist-American.” The inspiration for this description came from, of all unlikely sources, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran.’s eagle-eyed journalists tracked the reference to Khamenei’s blog. Near the end of a very long speech delivered to the graduating class of Imam Hussein University, the Supreme Leader announced that “a wealthy, vicious Zionist from America once said that he had managed to turn Georgia upside down with only 10 million dollars! In the year of 1388 (2009) he thought of doing the same thing to the Islamic Republic.” Here Khamenei was referring to the reelection of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which was by all accounts rigged. Demonstrations, arrests, and mass trials followed, resulting in the deaths of at least 36 people. Iran’s establishment concluded that foreigners had orchestrated the post-election events. Khamenei, by the way, didn’t mention Soros’s name.

Using a very lightly edited description of Soros by a well-known anti-Semitic ayatollah was too much for the democratic media and public, including the leadership of Mazsihisz, the Association of Jewish Religious Communities of Hungary. They decided to publish a statement with MTI, the official news service which is supposed to publish announcements of parties, associations, and other public organizations. Mazsihisz was planning to publish the following statement:

We are deeply concerned about the newscast on public television on Wednesday, which quoted as a creditable source the well-known anti-Semitic Iranian ayatollah. Ali Khamenei’s description of George Soros as “an evil, multibillionaire Zionist American” was repeated without comment. This type of word usage can be found only in Hungarian media on the extreme right. It is outrageous that this kind of anti-Semitic talk is tolerated on the public television station.

The Hungarian Basic Law protects freedom of conscience, speech, and religion. In our opinion it is no sin to be a Jew or a Zionist. In a few months, the Israeli prime minister will visit the birthplace of the father of political Zionism, Budapest. We find it important that the Media Service and Asset Management Fund (MTVA) adhere to the principle of zero tolerance against anti-Semitism declared by the Hungarian government.

And we expect the Hungarian government to demand compliance with the constitutional principles from the media it oversees.

The statement was sent to MTI, which refused to publish it because one of the rules governing the publication of outside materials states that the news agency is not obliged to publish “a piece of communication which damages the credibility of the state media and its business interests.” Since Mazsihisz’s statement contained criticism of a public media organization, i.e. Magyar Televízió (MTV), MTI was within its right to refuse publication.

Of course, Mazsihisz’s statement and MTI’s refusal to publish it didn’t remain a secret. Several English-language publications have already picked up the story, and I’m certain that they will be followed by many more in the coming days.

Meanwhile, one of the Budapest rabbis, Zoltán Radnóti, wrote an article in HVG in which, besides condemning the state television’s adoption of accusations by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, pointed out that the historical knowledge of journalists in the pay of the Orbán media machinery leaves a great deal to be desired. They claimed in the program that George Soros actually succeeded in unseating Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009 which, of course, is not true. Radnóti also pointed out that the Orbán government has been very concerned about the fate of Christians in the Middle East of late. In fact, Péter Szijjártó talked about the anti-Christian attacks in Egypt and elsewhere in the same newscast. Yet, a few minutes later the journalists approvingly quoted the leader of a country where Christianity is banned and its followers persecuted.

The Orbán propaganda machine must always have the last word, and this case was no exception. Híradó, which is the “official” last word on all news, published an article with the following title: “The online media lied again about one of the news items of M1.” What follows is a close to incomprehensible few sentences, the upshot of which is that M1 didn’t quote the ayatollah himself but found the quotation in a New York Times article. “M1 simply used The New York Times as a source.” Moreover, Híradó adds, M1’s journalists were so conscientious that they actually checked the original source which the Times gave. So, the original sin belonged to The New York Times, which figured that Khamenei must have been talking about George Soros. Let me quote what the paper had to say on the subject. “‘An evil American and rich Zionist said that he managed to turn everything upside down in Georgia with $10 million,’ Ayatollah Khamenei said, referring to Mr. Soros and his alleged role in the 2003 Rose Revolution in Georgia. ‘In 2009, he was foolish enough to try to affect the Islamic republic, but he slammed against a strong wall of national will and determination,’ Ayatollah Khamenei said. ‘It is the same today.’ Mr. Soros’s representatives did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment.”

As for the mistake the journalists of M1 made about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Híradó decided to ignore it. It wrote: “The Iranian ayatollah was also convinced that George Soros’s organizations were responsible for the fall of the former Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.” Somebody has to learn to read.

May 26, 2017
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This kind of mindless propaganda from a tenth-rate regime shouldn’t surprise. Watch Orban grin and pirouette as Trump shoves aside Montenegro’s prime minister.


State TV in Poland and Hungary treats viewers as idiots. Probably after all they have right – in contemporary Russia people call TV set an “idiot’s box”. In polish state TV news programs government has 80% of viewing time. Every word of opposition leader is shown with commentary from PiS supporters journalists and experts who attacks oposition. But antisemitic remaks are no existant at least for now.


You’re totally right! Even before O came to power in Hungary my wife would call some channels Orbán-tv and nowadays she only watches sports on M4. The other Magyar channels are just North Korean State TV …
They often showed old funny Hungarian films (like The Witness or Egeszséges Erotika) but not anymore – now it’s just propaganda and shows for the mentally retarded!

There’s an old joke about this:
A reporter interviews a man about Hungarian politics and he always speaks about prime minister “Orr”. After a while the reporter gets irritated and asks:
Why do you always address our admired prime Minister wrong?
The guy answers:
You know, when the tv reports on Or… my wife immediately switches channels …


Soros affair has a resemblance with Durban II:

Behind both, the are signs of arms of the Active Measures.


Re: ‘Magyar channels…North Korean tv’

Hehe.. looks it. And good propagandists learn from each other. If things go on like this VO will get in stories like the finding of the Christ’s footsteps in digs on paths to Felcsut village’s kocsma. And everything will fall in to paint a picture of the great ‘personality’. The cult will begin. And all will follow and believe steadfastly in the modern defender of Christianity.

It is a wonder the EU knowing of the following..intimidation of journalists, use of the law to bully investigations in wrong doing, engaging in almost total control of media in the country, ignoring or simply not reporting the news that’s fit to print, distributing and creating communications where texts are changed to conform to a government’s narrative and finally just knocking out of existence those media which the leaders disapprove of, still has them one of their own. A travesty of great import. For Europe and everything Magyarorszag touches. Beats me how the EU has the patience.

Under the watchful eyes of the EU leaders, starting from Barosso, Orban and the Fidesz have managed to grab 90% of the media, and of course this kind of practice can happen only with one aim; namely to have unlimited control over a population that has restricted means getting ‘real’ news. Hungary may be a small and insignificant country that doesn’t deserve too much attention from the EU leadership, but letting Orban ‘getting away with murder’ is already hurting the EU. One may assume that in the world of the Internet this media ownership may not matter, but this would be a false assumption, as the regime managed to grab much of the Internet media too. Whilst in the major cities peoples’ access to the Internet may not be a problem, but in the countryside communities still live under the conditions that were typical under the communist regime; i.e. having only the news fed to them by the government propaganda machine. If only right from the beginning the EU leaders would have clearly told Orban that this is not the way to govern a 21st century EU-member-country, and if after these eye-to-eye counselling wouldn’t be listened and adhered to, then… Read more »

Soros paid you for these comments?


Troll – hope you’re being paid well …
For all others:
here’s an example of what today’s TV can be about:
and the new US netflix tv series on it:
The Keepers
Very interesting but also disturbing – shows the 1960s how they really were!

PS: is offline again – honi soit qui mal y pense …


Very nasty murder. However, by no means unusual, then, before and now. It seems it was not properly investigated at the time.


But why? because “important people” were involved – it’s always the same …
Just like those sex scandals in Britain, Hungary and the world over – it takes strong and courageous people fighting against the establishment. And those are usually rare …
To return to the situation in Hungary:
Obviously many people have given up – they either just want to live a quiet life here or they leave – just like during Horthy times, during Rakosi and Kádár times …
So the brain drain will go on!


I find it extraordinary that no mention has been made by anyone of the fact that Soros in fact has long been vilified in Israeli press and public opinion for failing to come out in support of Zionism.


Soros isn’t a zionist. In fact he opposes to it. He is a really internatonalist. Besides his hungarian native language he is a speaker of esperanto. The thorough international lingo. He sees all human beings as one of the same family. He is a great man, ahaed of his time.


Not true. See my note at May 25, 2017 5:36 am


Mr Soros’s foundations support organizations and people they think would strengthen democracy, “open society”. Unfortunately, sometimes they make big mistakes (e.g. Orban)


Could be called the the ‘Great Fakeout’. Soros and perhaps many who now question the ‘truth, the way, the life’ and direction of modern Magyarorszag might have forgotten the observation that the child has been looked upon as the father to the man.

VO must have learned something from those halycon Kadar days where traveling into its reverie brings on longings of the idyllic and peaceful. No doubt able to craft and create all the different politucal ways the country can get its ‘gulyas’. So far he just keeps on changing the menu.


Orban tails Trump till Trump pushes aside Montenegrin PM. Orban overflowing with admiration. Trump pumped.
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Stevan Harnad has some some doubts about Zionism.
Are the ideas of Stevan and Soros close to each other?
Zionism has been a decent movement of persecuted people, saved lives, sprung from the Deak spirit, and successfully built a civil society.


“Oh Mr. President! I want to kiss you! Antal, bring me a stepladder!”


We can have such fun with pix like these.

Such a very happy smiling man. And an oblivious POTUS as ‘mark’ who will go home to the tune of the man who arguably has studied at the ‘school of the Seven Bells’. The filch was in…;-)…