What’s the new Fidesz game plan?

There is just too much talk by Fidesz leaders about the “hot autumn” ahead of us. One politician after the other, starting with Viktor Orbán, warns us that the frustrated opposition led by George Soros and his NGOs is preparing for disturbances on the streets which may well be the beginnings of an assault against Hungary’s “democratic institutions.”

László Kövér envisaged this very scenario at one of the “free universities” organized by Fidesz in neighboring countries. These “free universities” are three- to four-day gatherings where Fidesz politicians deliver speeches about the excellent performance of the Orbán government. The most famous “free university” is held in Tusnádfürdő-Bálványos, Romania, where Viktor Orbán makes a regular appearance. What he has to say there is usually politically significant.

In 2013 this Fidesz tradition was expanded to Slovakia. In July of that year a new “free university” was born in Martos (Martovce), a village of about 700 inhabitants in Komárno County. Originally, the organizers hoped that Viktor Orbán would honor the event with his presence, but in the end they had to be satisfied with László Kövér as the keynote speaker. This first appearance became a regular event. Every year Kövér opens the Martosfest, as he did this year as well.

It was here that László Kövér joined those Fidesz politicians and journalists of the government media who had declared that by the fall a veritable coalition will have been forged by the Hungarian opposition and the Soros NGOs. They will be organizing disturbances on the streets of Budapest. “They will try to create an atmosphere filled with civil-war psychosis,” as Kövér put it.

Actually, there is nothing new in this madcap story because Fidesz propaganda has been full of stories about impending physical attacks against the legitimate government of Hungary. At the end of May Antal Rogán, Orbán’s propaganda minister, was already talking about “existing training centers where people whose job will be the organization of widespread actions of civil disobedience” are being trained. And if that doesn’t work, they will try to provoke some kind of police attack against the demonstrators. On June 2 Magyar Idők seemed to know that the “members of the Soros network will embark on a new strategy, starting early autumn.” Their goal is the destabilization of the country because many of the leading commentators are convinced that the present regime cannot be replaced by democratic means.

Viktor Orbán himself talked about “the hot summer and even hotter fall that awaits us.” He predicted that George Soros will do his best to have a new government in Hungary that will take down the fence and open the borders to illegal immigrants. 444 might find all this sheer madness, but one can’t help thinking that we are faced here with a centrally manipulated propaganda campaign and that behind it the government may actually be preparing to create a situation that would require police intervention. That would give the government an opportunity for a major crackdown, possible martial law, and perhaps the large-scale jailing of activists and opposition politicians.

Opposition politicians are suspicious of Viktor Orbán and the Fidesz top leadership, and not without justification. There have been times in Fidesz’s history when Viktor Orbán and his closest circle most likely committed criminal acts in order to acquire power. In the first instance, they succeeded. A lot of people, including me, are convinced that the series of explosions that took place shortly before the 1998 election were the work of Fidesz, which at that time was trailing the socialist-liberal coalition forces. Whoever placed the bombs at or near houses or apartments of Fidesz and Smallholder politicians made sure that no serious damage was done. Of course, the Horn government and its minister of interior, Gábor Kuncze (SZDSZ), were blamed for the lack of security, and these events had a negative impact on public opinion. The election was held and Fidesz, with the help of József Torgyán, chairman of the Smallholders party, won. From that moment on there was silence. No other explosion anywhere.

Fidesz’s role in the 2006 disturbances is also murky. The attack against the headquarters of the Hungarian Public Television was undertaken by relatively few people, mostly football hooligans who were fans of Ferencváros (Fradi). Interestingly, a week before the siege against the television station Viktor Orbán paid a rather unusual visit to a Fradi game where he sat right in the middle of these Fradi fans. A lot of people at the time didn’t think that this was a coincidence. And what happened on October 23 and after was not exactly a spontaneous affair either. Viktor Orbán and other Fidesz politicians for four or five solid weeks did their best to incite the rather unsavory crowd that gathered in front of the parliament building. Perhaps we will never know exactly what role Viktor Orbán and his men played in this attempt to topple the Gyurcsány government, but many people are convinced that it was an attempt to force the resignation of the whole government after a period of extended disturbances. Their resignation would be followed by a new snap election. It didn’t work out that way, but I’m sure this was the original plan.

“The siege against the television station wasn’t organized by the opposition” / Source: Gépnarancs

So, it’s no wonder that both MSZP and DK issued statements accusing Fidesz of starting to orchestrate a situation that would require police action. MSZP specifically mentioned the mysterious explosions in 1998. DK reminded people that it was only Fidesz that provoked violent streets riots in Hungary. DK suspects that Viktor Orbán is preparing to set Budapest on fire again. This is all very alarming.

July 7, 2017
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And what does the EU have to say about such a scenario in one of its member countries, I wonder.

I expect it would do nothing, even when an EU country behaves exactly as Putin by incarcerating and even murdering opposition.

Orbán doesn’t want to just silence the protestors so that he can continue his pillaging of the country, he wants blood.

There are no limits to the dirty tricks Orban and his henchmen wouldn’t use in order to keep their hold on power. Once they were very careful to hide their actions so that no one could directly point the finger at them. These days they feel that there is nothing to hide as in the absence of united opposition the only thing that may threaten them is a popular uprising. But they are prepared for it as well with their security forces and with their own supporters that can easily be activated to suppress by force those who oppose this openly neo-fascist regime. And a reminder; during the past decade or so interestingly enough only people standing up against the FIDESZ met with mysterious accidents and deaths. Food for thought….. In case of real trouble they wouldn’t even stop at acting against individuals and NGOs, but they are prepared to close the borders as well to keep the enslaved population at bay… Although it is possible that the opposite is true, and they would be happier if all those intellectuals, individuals and NGOs would leave, thus they could continue their Orwellian rule over the country. One wonders if this Hungarian… Read more »

“….people standing up against the FIDESZ met with mysterious accidents and deaths.”

This is really shocking as I had not thought it had happened yet, though it is of course on the cards now with out-in-the-open threats of violece from Fideszniks.

Do you have concrete examples- names- of anyone who met a sticky end at the hands of Fidesz thugs or police?



I think that time4change and the author of the above article may have overactive imaginations, in addition to Lajos Simicska, who (in the article) said that he now fears for his life. Of the four deaths written-about, one or two might be categorized as suspicious.

Murders occur everywhere. DNC staffer Seth Rich was shot multiple times in the back –a supposed robbery– while he walkd along a Washington, DC street at approximately 4 AM last June. Hungary is not Russia, where being a politico or being a lawyer can be a ticket to the cemetery.


The above direct link, as suggested by Éva, is worth checking out. It’s only a dozen-minutes long. It might have some relevance to Hungary of a couple of decades ago, when many (more) died mysteriously.



Just look up the series of accidents that happened to various MSZP members of Parliament, or to the mysterious deadly accident of the contender to be the mayor of Felcsut on the eve of the last election… It is all there, but of course in absence of hard evidence no one can do anything about these. Equally disturbing is the trump up charges against members of the opposition, usually during the months before the elections. One of the shining example of this is the current MSZP chairman, Mr. Molnar. In a country where the justice system lost its neutrality and where all leading judiciary positions are filled with FIDESZ ‘yes men’ these atrocities cannot be fought against even after the clearing of the accused people from the charges levelled against them earlier.


May I remind you :
In early 1933 “Der Reichstag brennt” – the German parliament was on fire …
We all know the consequences of this and what happened afterwards – will Fidesz try again to follow this example, just like they did in 2006?

Unbelievable in a way, but exactly what you expect from those fascists!
And meanwhile latefor sings about the dangers of sex to naive young women – sorry, but this just had to be …


Forgot the link:

The parallels are obvious – when I read the stuff that Eva quoted my heart sank.


I was wondering yesterday when I saw their anti-Semitic Hate Soros trash where exactly their poster campaign could go next….

“Blacks, Jews, gays, the cripples and gypsies? Kill em all!" would have been the next logical step for the Fidesz hatemongers.

But an orchestrated attempted putsch a la Erdogan last summer does make sense. Problem for the fascists is that they have very little support within the capital and unlike in Erdogans Turkey, the Hungarian States security supremoes are complete and utterly incompetent morons who wouldnt know how to spell the word “coup” never mind try to organise a “pretend” one which they could then brutally suppress.

Whatever, autumn is going to be interesting and Orban should be very careful when estimating how much popular support he


@D7 (and rather OT):
Your comments are strangely formatted – do you embed any codes?
Sometimes half a sentence appears in a different layout …
It’s not a real problem, just looks strange.

Of course I totally agree with your point re “interesting times”.


I don`t know why I have occasional problem re formatting- I come in here via twitter because I think it is a bit safer (paranoid…maybe not). So, if anybody has any idea how I can correct it, please let me know,


International reserves of the National Bank MNB are at a new low:

2017-06-30: 23.461 billion euros.
2015-06-30: 34.761
2010-06-30: 35.174

The official national debt is at a new high (still waiting for the June figure) around 26 trillion forints.

This was inadvertently posted to yesterday’s Gay Pride article. A couple of months ago, my concluding paragraphs had the following: “I am reminded of the Budapest explosion of September 2016, one that injured a cop, one that stenches of an inside job, occurring shortly before Orbán’s antirefugee referendum, perhaps something akin to the September 1999 Russian-apartment bombings, postulated by some to be inside jobs perpetrated by the Russian government to target Chechens.” “Who knows, if next summer Viktor sees the writing on the wall, he might consider taking out a wall (or more) to strengthen his propaganda hand.” That was May 4th. Last week I spoke with a neighbor, who is as antiOrbán Hitler as I. Reffing Gyurcsány’s Öszöd speech, he feels that the subsequent Budapest disturbances had been caused by proFidesz elements. Whether Fidesz itself caused [read: orchestrated] the mayhem or whether elements Fidesz-sympathetic (though not tied to Fidesz) took it upon themselves to stir shit up is not clear. More likely the former: another inside-Fidesz job. Remember the petition incident [February 2016] where goons (likely Fidesz-connected, read: Fidesz-paid via the Fradi soccer club) impeded a petition István Nyakó attempted to submit to the National Election Office. Dirty political… Read more »
Relevant to Eva’s essay about Fidesz threats of a crack down on what exists of opposition on the streets is the underlying meaning of the meeting between Putin and Trump yesterday. While there were no notes taken at the meeting and Trump’s military staff, particularly General HR McMaster, who are overwhelmingly see Russia as a threat to the west and Central Europe were excluded, we have some outlines of what took place. This comes from the statements made by Rex Tillerson, the U.S. secretary of state, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. This account from the two sides is pretty consistent in this, the United States will “move on” from election hacking issues with no accountability or consequences for Russia; the U.S. will form a “framework” with Russia to cooperate on cybersecurity issues, evaluating weaknesses and assessing potential responses jointly. That effectively denies that the greatest threat to cybersecurity has been created by Russia itself which defies the conclusions drawn by all western intelligence agencies including the CIA. Second, the two presidents agreed not to meddle in “each other’s” domestic affairs. As the US news magazine Politico put it that agreement had the effect of “equating American activities to promote… Read more »

So far the antipathy to Soros and his ‘elements’ appears to have reached such a degree that the right itself is fomenting possible violence in the simmering Magyar coals of fire. Not sure how long the opposition et al should keep taking the defaming rhetoric. But perhaps a forceful verbal response is called for in reply to the inflammatory rhetoric. It is unhealthy where an antagonist keeps writing the script for the other.


The opening of the Swimming World Championship will be “the biggest Hungarian spectacle, very important for the image of the country”, said an organizer.

Price: 11 million euros or 3.4 billion forints.

Orban is very generous with other people’s money.

People stepping on Soros’s image is another very important image of the country.



The 2006 riots were organised by Did as a lot of circumstantial evidence points to, see A 2006 ősz, by J. Debreceni, e.g. the play on the wordb”lie” as from July, the same Fradi hooligans appearing later, the inflamatory speeches calling the people “to chase away” the gov, etc.

I believe Orban/Kövér are itching to crack down on the few remaining independent entities a la Erdogan, but realise they need a larger fig leaf. Hence the early propaganda barrage.
Fascists they are, ever more clearly.



Does it really matter any more, today, how little viktor is forging an eternal place in infamy for himself and little hungary, and neither the Hungarian populace nor the EU seems to be doing a thing about it, or even trying, when Big Donald is bumbling and blustering his way toward (our) nuclear doomsday and neither the US populace nor Comedy Central (the UN) seems to be doing a thing about it, or even trying?


I would have edited my posting to restrict the boldface to the title, as I had intended, but the new system of moderation prevents editing. (But I am in favor of the moderation…)


…though I would exempt registered members from it, if the software allows it…


Istvan: Do you think there is the sense and the resolve to defy the “commander-in-chief” if he decides to fritter us away with the codes?

Boy that is a complex question Stevan, this will not be short. Every US officer swears alligence to the Consitution of the Untied States not to the president, we are commissioned by Congress and formally our names are read into the Congressional record. However, if Trump ordered an attack on North Korea arguing it was preemptive to a launch by the North Koreans our militiary would obey that directive in my opinion. I think every officer is aware of what is called the National Command Authority (NCA) that allows Trump to direct the use of nuclear weapons by U.S. armed forces, including the Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP). But the Sec of Defense is required to confirm that a nuclear strike is warranted. I believe if President Trump used a false claim of an eminent attack by North Korea, General Mattis the Sec of Defense would not confirm. Trump then would have to fire Mattis and ask the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs to confirm the order and my guess is that the Assitant Secretary would also refuse to order a launch against N Korea in the situation of a false claim by Trump of an impending… Read more »

‘I’m suggesting Mr. President there is a military plot to take over the Government of these United States next Sunday’…

An incredible warning uttered in the film ‘Seven Days in May’. Who knows if it will jump from fiction to reality?

And as we all are aware we live in dangerous times …….and POTUS , leader of the free world, has not been tested yet.


In the last one and a half years, the Hungarian state apparatus allocated 17 billion euros of EU money, and paid out 8 billion euros to the chosen (3.2 billion in the first half of 2017).

The officials giving out the money can receive up to 2 years of salary as half-year bonus for their speed. (i.e. their income becomes 5 times their official salary)

In the 7-year cycle “2014-2020”, EU gives about 29 billion euros to Hungary.

comment image

comment image



Gross and net EU support to Hungary before 2016, in millions of euros.

2000: 155.7- 0 = 155.7
2001: 195.2- 0 = 195.2
2002: 139.8- 0 = 139.8
2003: 189.7- 0 = 189.7,

2004: 713.4- 537.1 = 176.3,
2005: 1357.0- 833.2 = 523.8,
2006: 1842.2- 782.5 = 1059.7,
2007: 2427.6- 870.2 = 1557.4,
2008: 2002.6- 947.1 = 1055.5,
2009: 3568.6- 908.9 = 2659.7,
2010: 3650.0- 955.0 = 2695.0,

2011: 5330.9- 937.4 = 4393.5,
2012: 4177.1- 928.4 = 3248.7,
2013: 5909.8-1011.1 = 4898.7,
2014: 6620.2- 995.8 = 5624.4,
2015: 5629.1-1073.6 = 4555.5.


Reuters have reported that hundreds of right wing militants gathered in Budapest on Saturday to launch a new political movement, they advocate open racism. It is called Force and Determination. Read all about it.


Checked on the aberration that seeks more penetration into Magyar society. They look to want to be on the ballot in ’18. Not encouraging as they show tomahawk and feather and swastika imagery.

Putin-Dugin love this poke in the eye. They’ve all read their Clausewitz. Whatever works to slam the door on democracy. They have to be elated it’s working well in one spot of Europe.


“Israel’s ambassador in Budapest on Saturday called on Hungary to halt a nationwide poster campaign targeting US billionaire George Soros, which Jewish leaders say is stoking anti-Semitic feelings.”

“It’s our moral responsibility to raise a voice and call on the relevant authorities to exert their power and put an end to this cycle,” Yossi Amrani, Israel’s envoy in Budapest said in a statement. “I call on those involved in the current billboard campaign and those responsible for it to reconsider the consequences.”

“At the moment, beyond political criticism of a certain person, the campaign not only evokes sad memories but also sows hatred and fear.”

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is scheduled to visit Hungary on July 18. It will be the first time an Israeli prime minister visits Hungary.

It’s not my idea but I will spread it because I believe it. Politicians gain a lot when their originally outlandish predictions actually take place, becomes reality. Then everything they said (ie, not even connected to the prediction) retroactively becomes validated. My hunch is that Orban and Kövér (and remember that Kövér has great connections to the security establishment although Sandor Pinter actually controls it) are preparing – with the help of the security establishment – a provocation that would realize their prediction. For example just like in Turkey a head of one of the NGOs like Transparency could be arrested or something similar which would ignite a huge rally. Or the physical shutting down of CEU. (Orban knows that the EU will do nothing, the back channel info is that they cannot and thus won’t do anything. The US is far away so it doesn’t count.) Something along these lines and you’d have demonstrations in Budapest just as Orban and Kövér foretold. Orban would – as is his wont – ratchet up tension (this is also how he’s having fun) and then everything else they said about refugees and Soros and everything else (the decline of the West, the… Read more »