George Soros, the omnipotent bogeyman: the focus of Fidesz’s electoral campaign

Fidesz’s framework for its electoral strategy is slowly taking shape. There seem to be two interconnected strands. One propaganda offensive suggests that outside forces are fomenting a revolutionary uprising against the Orbán government. The second concentrates on the “Soros Plan” that is being executed by the European Union. Fidesz’s task in the next few months is to uncover the conspiracy which is brewing against the government and at the same time to save the country from the dreadful fate that awaits it as a result of the European Union’s evil plans. Of course, George Soros is behind both the attempt to physically remove Viktor Orbán’s government and the potential flood of illegal migrants forced upon the country by the European Union. If Fidesz doesn’t win, disaster awaits the Hungarian people. The stakes are as high as they were in 1990. It is a matter of life or death. Everything that was achieved will be lost if Hungarians make the wrong choice.

As far as I can see, this electoral strategy has been in the making for some time. A couple of months ago I wrote a post titled “What’s the new Fidesz game plan?” in which I outlined the first strand of this strategy, pointing out that starting in the early summer Fidesz politicians were talking about a coalition that will be forged by the Hungarian opposition and the Soros NGOs. They will organize disturbances on the streets of Budapest. “They will try to create an atmosphere filled with civil-war psychosis,” as László Kövér, president of parliament, put it in one of his speeches.

At this point, government politicians were unable to point the finger at specific “members of the Soros network” who will be responsible for these disturbances, but now they have begun to identify its members. Szilárd Németh named three civil activists: Márton Gulyás, who started the Közös Ország Mozgalom to change the current unfair electoral system; Árpád Schilling, a theater director and the founder of Krétakör Színház (Chalk Circle Theater); and Gábor Vágó, a former LMP member of parliament between 2010 and 2014. How did these three names surface?


It all started with claims put forth by Antal Rogán, the propaganda minister, who at Fidesz’s Kötcse picnic in early September brought up the possibility of violence on the streets of Budapest organized by “foreign forces.” The opposition parties, usually slow on the uptake, were urged by analysts to call on Rogán. Charging that foreign forces are behind an attempt to overthrow the government is a serious matter. Surely, Rogán as a responsible member of the government must have proof of such interference. Zsolt Molnár, chairman of the parliamentary committee on national security, saw the light and called the committee together, asking Rogán to attend. The meeting took place two days ago. As could have been predicted, Rogán didn’t show up.

As we learned later, officials of the national security forces knew nothing about any mysterious forces behind the alleged revolutionary leaders who are contemplating the overthrow of the Orbán government. At least this is what the socialist chairman and the LMP and Jobbik members of the committee said.

On the other hand, the Fidesz vice chairman, Szilárd Németh, reported that “according to the Hungarian national security services, organizations and individuals financed from abroad pose a very serious risk” to the security of the country. He specifically mentioned Árpád Schilling and Márton Gulyás, who “openly talk about marching on the streets and organizing sit-down strikes if they cannot have their way.” Ádám Mirkóczki, a Jobbik member of the committee, said that “it seems that Szilárd Németh was attending a different meeting.”

This would not be the first time that Németh makes up stories to further Fidesz’s program. The next day government papers were full of Németh’s bogus story about “the serious risk subversive civilians pose.” On the same day Lajos Kósa, who was the leader of the Fidesz parliamentary delegation until today, gave an interview in which he specifically mentioned Gábor Vágó, “an opposition activist,” who allegedly called for illegal and aggressive acts against the government. While he was at it, he described certain opposition members of parliament as “the men of Soros.”

A day after Németh’s press conference Bernadett Szél, the LMP member of the committee, pressed charges against the Fidesz politician on the grounds that he revealed the identity of people whose names were mentioned in a closed session of the committee.

Since Németh’s falsification of what transpired at the committee meeting didn’t get much traction, the Fidesz propaganda machine came up with a new angle. Magyar Idők learned that the Független Diákparlament (Independent Student Parliament) is organizing a demonstration in support of Central European University. What follows is rather fuzzy. Apparently, Árpád Schilling, one of the people Németh referred to, is a supporter of this student movement. Therefore, concludes the paper, “it seems that the Soros network will start its fall disturbances on the backs of the students.”

As for the “Soros Plan,” the new name is a way of personifying the evil scheme of the European Union, which would threaten the future of Europe. The most important task is to fight against this plan by all possible means. The struggle against it will be the most important ingredient of the election campaign. Therefore, “the Fidesz parliamentary delegation is asking the government to hold a national consultation about the Soros Plan.” Holding such a national consultation is especially important since the European Court of Justice’s verdict “opened the door to the execution of the Soros Plan,” which includes the arrival of one million migrants every year from here on.

The anti-Soros campaign must have been deemed a resounding success, and therefore the decision was made to continue it. A lot of observers, including me, think that the Orbán government has gone too far already with its Soros-bashing, but obviously we are mistaken because I can’t imagine that Orbán would embark on another anti-Soros campaign without proper research on the effectiveness of his past efforts in that direction. In fact, it looks as if Orbán decided that fighting against George Soros’s alleged agenda will be his party’s key campaign theme, which he apparently outlined in a speech to the members of the parliamentary caucus in a three-day pow wow of the Fidesz MEPs and important party leaders. Hard to fathom and it sounds crazy, but unfortunately that’s Hungarian reality.

September 14, 2017
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john starr

The Fidesz government during the past year has significantly built up the strength of the enforcers. The TEK has been militarized with combat weapons and vehicles. The Parliament police, MNBank guards and redcap police have been equipped with automatic weapons and large caliber pistols.
They will not hesitate to use weapons against civilians like their idols did in Erdogan’s Turkey

Jean P.

“The Fidesz government…has significantly built up the strength of the enforcers.”
All according to the Putin plan.


So if next up seems to be a premonition of violence
and intimidation it will surely be a clue to the EU that VO as wrecking-ball could lose his hold quite a bit when it comes to the governing of his nation.

When leadership would use physical means against its own citizens even the most apolitical would have to see that the occurence reveals an amoral dark side of a seeming benevolent government always in it ‘for them’. The payback then could be incalcuable after two revolutions which indeed shows other political paths were possibilities after repressions. Fides needs to be careful. They could be playing with ‘nagy nagy tuz’ flying high on a high wire.


And where will the EU watchdogs of democratic norms and principles be when attacks on civilians, orchestrated by Orbán, will be taking place ?

Nowhere, I expect. Instead, they will simply continue to pour billions of euros into the Fidesz coffers, moneys which wil be used for weapons aimed at Hungarian citizenry.

Orbán knows how powerless and ineffective the EU is in dealing with the mafia in its midst, and that he will be able to declare a state of emergency and perpetrate all manner of violations against Hungarians, under the very noses of the beurocrats in Brussels.

If that happens the EU will be the author of its own demise.


The Orban regime can be characterised ‘beautifully’ by having a closer examination of Nemeth Szilard. Regardless of his ‘credentials’ he is an intellectual nobody, and just looking his ‘mangalitsa-like’ exterior one can pass an immediate judgement about him. When speaks nothing but filth comes out from his mouth. Perhaps his brain has been affected from his wrestling past, and one can only speculate whether or not both his appearance and his public performance has been affected by some doping substances he used to enhance his performance. With people like him and Orban at the helm of government, Hungary is surely going down the same path of those countries that are managed by such common criminals as Erdogan, Putin and the rest of the despots…


I meant bureaucrats! Éva, where has your nice “edit” icon disappeared to??
I type very fast and then like to go back to correct my numerous typos!



Yes that would be great. I do it myself at times. I cringe when I see my spelling mistakes. Ever since that day in grammar school in a spelling bee where I screwed up ‘elephant’ I pay attention to letters in words. Thanks ahead if implemented.


” lot of observers, including me, think that the Orbán government has gone too far already with its Soros-bashing,”

Never underestimate the base-line stupidity of the existing and potential Fidesz voter. The fascists know exactly what kind of moronic simpletons is their target market and develop their message accordingly

“No blacks, Jews or gypsies here”.
It is a disgusting sloganj but we are dealing with a disgusting party and their disgusting voter base.
What do you expect from pigs if not a grunt?


Soros-bashing can never be too much because it’s jew-bashing and Hungaricoes eat that up–


What does this tell us about Fidesz and Hungarains?

Are Hungarians really that stupid that they believe all this about Soros?

At least the Fideszniks lead by O seem to believe it.
I still remember our drive along the Balaton when evry few miles one of these billboards appeared – it was so funny in a way …

And the whole campaign tells us a lot about the intelligence and the character of the Fideszniks – they are at least as ugly as the German AfD which luckily has less than 10% of the votes in the West, but in former Communist East Germany is stronger. This also is an indicator of what’s going on.

Wolfi, don’t forget that the Germans also believed it back in the 1930-1940’s. If the propaganda is good enough people believe a lot of things. And they don’t have to believe. It’s not a question of belief. Do they like it (Soros, the Jews, whoever the enemy is) or hate it? Hatred is very easy to manufacture when you have almost all of the media at your disposal and the state apparatus to back it up. Media is key. Orban knew and with a laser like focus Orban and his cronies assembled an unparallaled media empire. The left-wing did not have a media strategy, it just didn’t care. It’s kind of check mate now. The left wing simply lacks access to rural voters. Also the liberals – at their peril – believed the bullshit Silicon Valley propaganda that all you need henceforth is internet access and then people will suddenly become democrats and independent-minded. To the contrary, the echo chambers people choose to live in are now easily served by Orban-loyal (Putinist, Erdoganist etc.) propagandists. Physical, direct access to voters (such as by print media) will thus be increasingly important. Needless to say the Orban crime family bought up absolutely… Read more »

“Media is key. Orban knew and with a laser like focus Orban and his cronies assembled an unparallaled media empire.”

Marty – Orban’s media empire is not “unparalleled.” Rakosi, Kadar and their buddies had blanket control over all press outlets without exception. Difference was, most Hungarians did not believe the lies the communist media spat forth. If they believe the Orbanite press, it’s because they want to, or because the information suits their pre-existing biases.

“Hatred is very easy to manufacture when you have almost all of the media at your disposal and the state apparatus to back it up.”

They are not manufacturing it. Habony and Rogan are harnessing pre-existing hatred and blowing it up into hysteria.


“Are Hungarians really that stupid that they believe all this about Soros?”

Not all of them, but enough of them to keep the Orbanites in power until 2022.

Moreover, Hungarians are conditioned to accept this sort of thing. It follows the playbook written by Orban’s role model, Matyas Rakosi. If there is discontent in our society, it must be because foreign powers are plotting to overthrow the people’s democratic government. (Yes, Rakosi considered his government “democratic.”)

Naturally, the NER is a rather mild form of non-totalitarian Rakosiism. Orban is not sentencing any of his opponents, real or imagined, to death. Orban’s style is more “you’ll never work in this country again” or “I’ll destroy everything you’ve worked for your entire life and bankrupt you with court cases.”

Hungarians are not the only fools as it relates to Soros. Yesterday on the Brietbart website I saw numerous posts now accusing President Trump of having fallen under the control of Soros in relation to his expression of willingness to make a negotiated agreement with Congressional Democrats over the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. For those unfamiliar with DACA it is an American immigration policy that allowed some young people who entered the USA illegally as minors to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and to be eligible for a work permit. As of 2017, approximately 800,000 individuals—referred to as Dreamers after the DREAM Act bill—were enrolled in the program created by DACA. The policy was established by the Obama administration in June 2012 in order to provide prosecutorial discretion to federal agencies with limited resources. A few weeks ago the Trump administration rescinded the policy. Then suddenly Trump offered to make a deal trading these 800,000 mostly Hispanic young people for legislative concessions on the part of Democrats in Congress. This is seen as a massive betrayal by hard line far right Trump supporters who actually believed Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric. Many see Trump… Read more »

Istvan, if I were you I’d think twice about even looking at the Breitbart (not brietbart …) site – it is so abominable that even sporadic contact is dangerous for you!

Rather OT:
A “nice” example of how breitbart falsifies everything is here:
So if breitbart tells you that 3 and 3 is 6 you better check again – I wouldn’t believe anything they write without checking and now that Bannon (the most horrible creature imaginable!) is back there again …


wolfi, what about a special Hungarian branch of ‘snopes’ to check ‘information’ etc. spread around by Hungarian media, especially the government organized (kosz-) and ‘public/state’ (köz-) media…


Just lost my detailed answer so here I go again:
Neither me nor my wife are willing to watch/read “North Korean State Media” …
But if someone is willing to do it, I’d try to help, looking for sources in German or English etc.

When did anti-semitism not work? It does. The late Arthur Finkelstein was not a creative genius as his clients claimed. His added value was very simple though very important. As an American gay Jew Finkelstein assured corrupt autocrats like Orban that it’s totally OK to be anti-semitic, anti-gay, it’s OK to be a racist. Finkelstein knew that an election victory retroactively legitimizes the winner no matter the methods. It’s especially OK to be be antisemitic and racist because if the opposition raises these issues the undecided voters immediately think that oh no, it’s the same boring, elitist, liberal “anti-semitism argument”, “the liberals can only talk about anti-semitism and racism” and “otherwise they have nothing to say about issues that concern us”. More especially if Israeli politicians are also Finkelstein clients then Orban is totally covered. Basically if Jews allowed Orban to be anti-semitic then nobody can criticize him really. The figure of the evil, repulsive, scheming (and due to his schemes rich) Jew is something that most people react to. It’s one of the most familiar toposes in European culture and people have it in their (collective) subconscious. Also It’s a gut feeling, it’s not rational. Disgust is extremely natural… Read more »

“it’s time for the West to make it clear that it understands that Hungary is not a democracy”
Fully agree, I think one way to do that is, if Western media send Journalists/reporters to Hungary with the mission for each to follow at least one week the Hungarian media, report about it from within, and afterwards to reflect on and compare it with their own media. In this way Western people can better get an idea about what’s really going on in Hungary, and put (more) pressure to their own politicians to not accept such an at heart not-democratic system in the EU.

Roderick S. Beck

It is worse here, Marty. A history of rabid nationalism, alliance with Adolf Hitler, the Horthy era. And yes, the US and the West are far more tolerant.


OT – EU-CONT mission to Hungary Sep.18-20
Draft program includes (*visit project / #meeting):
Sep.18: European Institute of Technology (EIT)* / visit metro M4* / Peter Polt# / civil society representatives#
Sep.19: Heart of Budapest* / railway Felcsut* / Bodri Princeszet Szekszard* / tourism infrastructure Baja*
Sep.20: Ferenc Takács and Eszter Vitályos# / State Audit Office# / Richard Horcsik and Erik Bank# / press conference CONT / Redout Pest* / Ferenc Liszt Academy*
Two project visits well known (M4 and Felcsut), but don’t know much about others, anybody here familiar and knows details about those? Any of those under OLAF investigation?

Full draft program –

PS: I hope that foreign members of the mission will also make some time to check public/state media, especially M1 news, with assistance of Hungarian memebers, so that they can get a better picture of the methods the media are applying to ‘inform the people’…


I routinely engage the dupes: you’ve got it wrong, there’s no Soros here, but Mészaros and Soros giveth while Mészaros taketh, big time.


Humor aside, the Orbán gang’s propaganda actions are most probably criminal acts too: spreading misinformation, scaremongering, libeling, incitement.

Everyone acting to bring down this regime is a patriot and can be proud of his/her contribution. I am.

Unfortunately the absurdities indicate that Hungary has reached another stage down the road to hard dictatorship/civil strife, war. At this point facts, reasoning and common sense are being superseded by blind faith, prejudice and hatred.