The truth about the so-called Soros Plan

While journalists in Hungary are busily trying to find out what led to Botka’s resignation and analysts are coming up with all sorts of theories about the collapse of the Hungarian Socialist Party, I am returning to the Soros Plan. Yesterday and today a vigorous discussion took place on Hungarian Spectrum about the way in which the Orbán government is using and misusing George Soros’s writings and interviews for its own political purposes.

Professor Joseph Forgas, while finding the national consultation “a dishonest, misleading and outrageous party political propaganda campaign,” considers “George Soros’s opinion pieces … unfortunate and ill-judged.” In his opinion, Soros as a private citizen is entitled to air his views, but “his specific advice to the EU about what it should do about the migration crisis was rather ill considered.” In liberal circles “there is a tendency to adopt a stance of moral posturing and high-handed prescriptions that ignore the pragmatic and political realities of the situation.” Soros, he believes, is no exception.

There may be a great deal of truth in that criticism, and perhaps it was ill-advised of Soros to offer his thoughts on the subject. But as we all know, George Soros likes to comment on world affairs, and he certainly has every right to do so. All of us who live in democratic societies can do the same. The difference is that when George Soros offers his thoughts, newspapers all over the world will discuss the pros and cons of his message. For instance, Soros’s opinions on the state of the economy during the financial crisis made headlines for weeks. This is who he is. A kind of missionary, especially when it comes to his cherished concept of the “Open Society.”

The Soros Plan–Don’t let it happen without a word

Although people can criticize his ideas and argue for or against them, what the Orbán government did was to misconstrue and distort his ideas and falsify his texts. I assume readers noted that all the Soros quotations came from his first essay, “Rebuilding the Asylum System,” which appeared in 2015. There was not a word about or from the second essay, in which he espoused some ideas that were very close to those Orbán suggested at the time.

Here are some thoughts, point by point, on the texts.

According to Statement 1, “George Soros wants to persuade Brussels to resettle at least one million immigrants from Africa and the Middle East onto the territory of the European Union, including Hungary.” This number does appear in the 2015 essay, but Soros didn’t want to persuade or force the EU to take that many immigrants. He simply expected that many to arrive, and he turned out to be correct. A year later, however, when he was discussing regulated immigration, he talked about 300,000 immigrants per year as a number that could still be handled.

According to Statement 2, “George Soros, together with the officials in Brussels, also wants to achieve the dismantlement of the fences and the opening of borders to the migrants.” In the Infobox the Orbán government claims that “as the billionaire put it, ‘the goal of our plan is the protection of the refugees and national borders are barriers’.” Unfortunately, since I am not a “professional service subscriber” to Bloomberg News, I was unable to check in what context this sentence appeared in the article. Yes, Soros does believe that Europe needs the infusion of immigrants to offset the poor demographics of the continent, but it is not true that he wants to weaken border defenses. In fact, the opposite is true. As for taking down Orbán’s fence, this is most likely the figment of the imagination of the compiler of the questionnaire.

According to Statement 3, “One part of the Soros Plan is the compulsory distribution by Brussels of immigrants who conglomerated in Western Europe, especially in respect to the East European countries. Hungary would have to take part in this.” In the Infobox, the questionnaire quotes a sentence from an article written by Soros in July 2015, warning that if the distribution of immigrants does not “become permanent and mandatory features of a common EU asylum system, it will fall apart.” But a month later, in an article titled “Rebuilding the Asylum System,” he says the following: “It is equally important to allow both states and asylum-seekers to express their preferences, using the least possible coercion. Placing refugees where they want to go – and where they are wanted – is a sine qua non of success.” It is easy to cherry pick quotations from Soros over time that can show him in an unfavorable light from the perspective of the xenophobic Hungarian population.

Statement 4 claims that “according to the Soros Plan, Brussels should force all EU Member States, including Hungary, to pay each immigrant HUF 9 million in welfare payments.” This is an outright lie. In fact, Soros in the same article I just quoted in connection with Question 3 says exactly the opposite. “Adequate financing is critical. The EU should provide €15,000 ($16,800) per asylum-seeker for each of the first two years to help cover housing, health care, and education costs—and to make accepting refugees more appealing to member states.” This cannot be clearer. It would be Hungary that would receive this subsidy for every refugee it takes. The information provided in the Infobox about raising taxes on gasoline and tourism is correct, but Soros never said a thing about VAT.

According to Statement 5, “Another goal of George Soros is to make sure that migrants receive milder sentences for crimes they commit.” There is a reference in the Infobox to Amnesty International, which “repeatedly demanded the release of Ahmed H.” You may recall that Ahmed H. received a ten-year jail sentence for throwing a couple of rocks toward the Hungarian police, which likely didn’t do any harm to anyone. As is clear from the statement of the organization, Amnesty International never demanded the release of Ahmed H. but simply argued for a review of the sentence. The organization also never demanded damages from the Hungarian government. TASZ, Hungary’s Civil Liberties Union, another Soros-funded organization, handled his defense. An able Hungarian lawyer argued his appeal, which resulted in the annulment of the lower court’s decision. Ahmed H. is still in jail awaiting trial.

According to Statement 6, “The aim of the Soros Plan is to de-emphasize the languages and cultures of the European countries in order to achieve faster integration of the illegal immigrants.” This sentence simply doesn’t make sense. Why would the weakening of native languages and culture make the integration of newcomers easier? Integration simply means admitting people of different cultural or ethnic backgrounds to equal membership in a society. If we weakened the existing culture, we would also weaken our ability to integrate the newly arrived individuals, which includes learning and using the majority language. Although the questionnaire doesn’t contain the accusation that George Soros actually wants to turn European countries into Islamic enclaves, Fidesz politicians often talk about Soros’s strange penchant for the Islamization of Europe. When asked why it would be in the interest of Soros to purposely change the religious and cultural makeup of the European Union, the answer always is that “this is good business” for him. It makes not the slightest sense, but such things never bother Fidesz spokesmen.

According to Statement 7, “It is also part of the Soros Plan to initiate political attacks against those countries that oppose immigration and to severely punish them.” This statement is closely connected to Statement 6 and makes about the same amount of sense. What follows in the Infobox is unadulterated government propaganda. For example, “Today, George Soros is unable to bring millions of immigrants to Europe because there are governments that raise their voices against it,” or “when the Hungarian government complies with the Schengen Agreement, when it protects the borders and builds a fence, it hampers the implementation of the Soros Plan.” These political contrivances are so primitive as to be beneath contempt.

October 3, 2017
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I think this post is useful only for the novice readers who know little about the Orbán regime, for it is common knowledge that there’s hardly any statement of this mob without a distortion, misrepresentation or outright lies and brazen ones at that.

For the novices: one is better off to assume exactly the opposite of what the Orbán propaganda states, saves time and effort. The above exemples well prove this.


It is always useful to have the specifics identified. It is the specifics that enrich the tapestry of arrogance and lies.


..the above examples prove… or
..the above exemplifies …

Michael Kaplan

Dear Eva, (if I may use the informal), you have done a public service in quoting what Soros actually said including, but not limited to Soros’s
evolution in his views. I actually think it very important to do this as the propaganda of the Orban regime (as is true for the Trump regime) does need to be refuted. I don’t think only “novice readers” may be influenced by propaganda and the big lie. Although I am very familiar with what Soros actually wrote vs. what the Hungarian regime states, I again think it very useful to use reason and facts in discrediting what the Hungarian regime states as “facts”. We must remember that one of the first achievements of regimes such as Orban and Trump is to confuse the facts by not only lying, but spreading confusion such as through the repeated and dishonest referendums and/or the misuse of social media e.g. pretend democracy. Elections and/or referendums are not the main basis of democracy. Truthfulness, minority rights, honest private business, rule of law, a vigorous civic society and a social safety network must all be present. Otherwise, one does not have democracy, just circuses.


“spreading confusion such as through the repeated and dishonest referendums and/or the misuse of social media e.g. pretend democracy”

Please don’t limit OV&Co to the misuse of social media only. ‘They’ are misusing (bluntly stated been consequent lying on) the complete Hungarian public/state media [‘közmédia’] and the by themselves organised ones [‘koszmédia’]. Furthermore at the same time limiting, hindering and simply blocking out the remaining, not (yet) by them controlled, independent media.
Therefore everybody really understanding this, can not remain of the opinion that Hungary is a real democracy.


OT but unbelievable:

Serial con man and Orbán shill Connie Mack tricked a US Congressman into reserving a room in the Congress for him so that he could hold a sham “Congressional” hearing solely for Ukrainian TV. Talk about fake news – Mack literally created his own fake news event.

It pains me to think about the huge sums this shameless huckster has bilked out of Hungarian taxpayers like myself.


Fidesz would not even dare to put before the Hungarian people George Soros’ essay on the dangers of Putin’s Russia to western democracy, it can be read here

This essay takes the EU to task for it failure to defend Ukraine and keep Putin from dismembering it, while Soros did not discuss Transcarpathia in this essay the lack of understanding of so called pro-EU Hungarian democratic opposition parties joining forces with Russian SVR propagandists over the Ukrainian education law must sicken Soros who fully understands Putin’s larger project of putting the shackles back on Hungary. Soros is a greater Hungarian patriot than Putin’s boy Orban who Soros helped to create by funding him for several years.

The greatest danger to European culture and freedom are not devious refugees, but rather the dark emperor of Russia.


Thanks Istvan!
Searching (unsuccessful so far) for the Bloomberg item from infobox 2, found this very interesting study:
“Beneath the surface of illiberalism: The recurring temptation of ‘national democracy’ in Poland and Hungary – with lessons for Europe”
67 page paper by Adam Balcer in 2017 February published by Heinrich Böll Foundation Warsaw –
Just skipped through it so far, seems highly recommended and includes at the end “Lessons for Europe” based on the PL/HU case studies!


That analysis by A Balcer is great – just one excerpt which almost says it all – describing the populists in Hungary and Poland (and in other countries too of course!):
‘We’ were either heroes or victims of evil (of a conspiracy, evil enemies, enemies of the fatherland etc.). In this way, revisionist histories are constructed …
Of course most people on Eva’s blog know this already, but it’s good to hear it again …


Just reading study now, and even this Polish experienced political scientist, was not able to avoid the ‘seats instead of %of votes trap’ in Hungary, he stated on page 10:
“Poland and Hungary are unique cases in Europe because they are ruled by single party governments of “soft” right wing national populists, … Moreover, in the most recent elections in both countries (2014-2015) the combined vote for all right-wing populist parties exceeded 50% in Poland and 65% in Hungary (even 70% in 2010).”
So herewith again, just to keep it clear for all:
2010: Fidesz&Co – 68.1% of seats with 52.7% of votes
2014: Fidesz&Co – 66.8% of seats with 44.9% of votes


Re: ‘The greatest danger to European culture and freedom are not devious refugees, but rather the dark emperor of Russia‘

The great point to ponder. Too much flim-fam with on the far-right, controlled media, trolls, election tampering and the ‘breaches’ of highly sensitive and personal information on individuals. The cascade appears relentless. Something’s greatly amiss. And there are those who can profit immensely.

The EU and US must be sharp as a tack on this. Or we may see our societies going the way of dilapidation and mistrust in all its facets disappearing into a chaos that is not too enticing for all free nations on this globe.


Istvan, (October 3, 2017 8:53 pm) thank you for this sentence:

“The greatest danger to European culture and freedom are not devious refugees, but rather the dark emperor of Russia.”

Eva, should focus with all her intellectual skill on this area.

We could analyze the global mess, and we can realize that millions of refugees were created by direct various Russian measures in Asia and Africa.

Hungary itself, has been a serial victim of the Russian active measures. It is important to show this fact in a careful study, to all Hungarians to end this tragedy.

The additional delicate task is to show the complicity of many Hungarians in the Russian maneuvers. There has been plenty of willing Hungarian partners to assist the Russian interventions from all layers of the society.


Not too much OT:
Just read about a projection of the Federal Bureau of Statistics in Germany (Bundesamt für Statistik) on number of people in Germany – it will rise from 82 million to 83 or 84 million over the next 20 years, partially thanks to immigrants …
Of course there will also be more “depopulation” in East Germany, people willmove to the West, just as in Hungary (or in the USA …)- some villages and small towns will be kind of deserted soon.
Still searching for details, will publish!


The whole ‘Bloomberg’ article referred to in Infobox 2 is only available with subscription (which I haven’t). Using a lot of searches and finally, I think I pieced the whole (pretty short actually) thing together and give you herewith the (even shorter) relevant part:

Soros said in an e-mailed statement that a six-point plan published by his foundation helps “uphold European values” while Orban’s actions “undermine those values.”
“His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle,” he said in the statement. “Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national border as the obstacle.”
source: 2015.Oct.30, by Andras Gergely – “Orban Accuses Soros of Stoking Refugee Wave to Weaken Europe” (


The main question, that has yet to be expounded on, is why Merkel wanted 1,000,000 more citizens in Germany. I suspect that we haven’t even scratched the surface of this question. Let me put forward an hypothethes: some errant weakness in the modern capitalist system as it applies to Germany. To elaborate: the long-standing growth of the German
economy has allowed the average citizen to puchase his needs. Since Germans are frugal to begin with, they’re not given to replace good items which are still functioning. Hence, they have arrived at a point where supply outstrips demand and could soon face a serious deflation. What to do? An influx of new, needy shoppers–the emigrants. (The problem with European workers from other countries is that they take home their income.)


I commented on this in another thread already, don’t have exact data yet however:
The German statistics office just published the prognosis: Germany will have about two million more inhabitants in 20 years or so – while Hungary e g will lose another half a million people …

Maybe that is (part of …) the reason?


Will Jean Claude Juncker be able to avoid direct association with the EU case against tax breaks granted by Luxembourg to Amazon since he was its PM when the breaks were granted see ? I doubt it.

Orban must find this totally enjoyable as it further weakens Juncker in relationship to attempting to make Hungary comply with EU rules. The EU under drunken Juncker is joke, the Amazon case further proves it.


Istvan, please be careful with accusations – googling “drunken Juncker” leads you straight to sites like Russia Today and Sputnik, Zerohedge (Alex Jones – who already has conspiration theories on the Vegas shooting …) and of course the Brithish yellow press (owned by another right wing figure) …
PS: The EU is more tha Juncker!

Propaganda does work. We all knew that of course but the leftists, liberals made a deadly mistake when they believed that with cheap internet democracy will arrive and state-controlled propaganda will lose it efficacy. So wrong. The left gave up its media ceding control of the minds to Fidesz. The left just didn’t care. Today more Hungarians fear the EU than Russia and way more fear “Brussels” than Russia. Half of the Hungarians are literary terrified of “migrants” and another 19% are very afraid. Extrapolating from these numbers in rural places 8 out of ten must be really terrified. 32% are terrified of of George Soros and a further 23% are very afraid. Also, the feelings of those without a party are very similar to those of Jobbik voters. This means two things. That they are also very susceptible to propaganda (logically since they have no firm political convictions) and in fact they are the primary target of any propaganda. But this also means that re value preferences (as regards these “existential issues”) the undecideds are leaning Jobbik (and Fidesz) instead of the left/liberal parties. In other words, the leftist block must find other issues to talk about because it… Read more »

Sorry Marty, but blaming any other political side than the ones currently in power for this situation I consider really missing the point.
OV&Co just completely ABUSED everything they could, this means public/state media and all other public/state institutions. On top of that in ‘their’ media they are just LYING to the maximum (e.g.the subject of this post), causing all the brainwashing continuously going on.
The only ones who can really do something against this isn’t so much political parties, as well the people living in Hungary themselves, they first of all have to make very clear that they DON’T accept their taxmoney to be (mis)used so one-sided and in such an undemocratic way.
Therefore I am sill scratching my head, why nobody yet started claiming his speaking-time on public/state media and/or just blocking the entrance to their studios!!

Ferenc, your’re partly right but the fact is the left did not do anything to have its own media, did not think about having a media to access voters. The leftists and liberals just didn’t think it was relevant. They just didn’t think about the future. I think the left must be blamed for this. Sure, they don’t have much money left by 2017 but previously or before 2010 the left could’ve acquired certain media ooutlets. It didn’t and nobody knows why? Hell, Gyurcsany couldn’t buy Népszabadsag when it could’ve been bought for 1 HUF. Although there were earlier bigger losses at Népszabadsag most of it was accounting tricks – “only” an annual recurrent loss of 100m HUF must have been financed. Nobody on the could finance that? 300,000 USD per annum? Btw I wonder why Soros (as a private individual and Hungarian citizen) does not want to enjoin – starting with a preliminary injunction – the media companies and the advertiser (ie. the government or one of the ministries) from publishing falsehoods about him and thereby causing damage to his reputation. I think he has a serious legal case and even though every medium would be a separate suit,… Read more »

First about media, who, you consider, is more to blame:
-other parties than Fid for not ‘creating’ their own media?
-FID for ABUSING all public/state media [‘közmédia’] and creating their own, producing pretty BOGUS info, media [‘koszmédia’]?

Do you really think that OV’s Austrian ‘strawman’ would sell Nepszabadsag to GyF (or anybody vaguely connected to him)?

I think OV&Co were/are hoping (and fully prepared) for Soros stepping into the HU arena, so I think he’s right about staying away of the ‘beasts of prey’.
Regarding legal case, it’s first of all up to Hungarian people, they are the ones being told the LIES to, second EU institutions could go to court. But if done, it all should be done asap and fast procedure, way before the deadline in the NC (2017.Nov.24) is over. Anything later would be a waste of time, in that case best completely ignore the whole NC bollocks, and concentrate on own campaign for 2018.April.

Ferenc, please read the below article (if you read Hungarian) about Népszabadsag. The article states that the Socialist Party which was a 25% co-owner via a foundation is also to blame for the shutting down of Népszabadsag. The “szocis” received some hush money and otherwise they didn’t give a shit. The point probably is that Fidesz founded and/or maintained various media outlets from Heti Válasz, Hír TV, Echo Tv, Lánchíd Radio, Info Radio, Class FM, a number of conservative intellectual periodicals etc. when it was in opposition. Lajos Simicska could acquire the rights to the billboards (which are being taken away from him) during the Socialist government, when Gabor Demszky was mayor. The left-liberals simply transferred this medium to Simicska which then was Fidesz’ treasurer. Fidesz during that time couldn’t possibly have stolen more than MSZP which was in government. Yet the Socialist rather pocketed the stolen money than to invest in the future and access to voters. They invested zero forints in any media. They had no vision, strategy, no clue about the future. Now it’s too late. The media is now 90% owned by Fidesz and if Fidesz wins in 2018 it will increase that stranglehold to 99%.… Read more »

As Hungary is supposed to be a democracy, the most important imho remains (framable in two ways, I’ll give you both so you can choose):
-who are more democratic OV&Co or the other parties?
-who are less undemocratic OV&Co or the other parties?


Ah, yes…
Already 10 years ago many Hungarians feared those dreadful Pirezians!
What does that tell us about Hungary?

Funnily enough, the same goes for Romanians fearing Pirezians – just google it, there’s a nice analysis on this!

People really are ignorant and stupid!


Eva, terrific work. I am awed by the result of your efforts.


This isn’t a matter of what Soros says in public so let’s not pretend that’s the big issue, even though the counter-propaganda seems to be getting the spotlight in this article.

Soros is actively meddling in the affairs of numerous countries through his network of organizations some of which are more public and others which are hidden. All of which espouse leftist ideals, which are by definition and practice hostile to ethnically cohesive states.

Funding the Occupy Movement, Antifa and Black Lives Matter isn’t exercising free speech. It’s dangerous agitprop designed for regime change. These protestors are violent and are effectively terrorist organizations.

I don’t call this benign philanthropy. I call it treason.


I call you a fascist, a troll or both!
And an idiot too!


Is ad hominem the best you have?


Just reread your own comment again:
Agitprop, leftist ideals, terrorist, treason, …
That’s what I call fascist propaganda!


What’s next? Soros is a dragon with nine heads and flames out of all nostrils.