Freemasons, Satanic forces, the Soros Plan, and the kitchen sink

This morning I was listening off and on to a call-in program on Klub Rádió in which a man phoned in, asking a sensible question. What financial benefits does George Soros reap from settling millions of migrants in Europe? He complained that no one in the opposition asks this very simple question, when such an inquiry could unveil the total absurdity of the government’s charges against Soros. Clearly, no one could possibly give a rational explanation for how Soros would benefit financially from the millions of migrants he allegedly wants to settle in Europe.

The caller was right. Some obvious questions are never asked of Fidesz politicians, although I have to admit that even the best questions can be sidestepped or simply left unanswered. And that takes me to a lecture Tibor Navracsics, European commissioner for education, culture, youth and sport, gave Saturday on the future of Europe. From the media coverage of the event it seems that Navracsics is a supporter of the vision Jean-Claude Juncker outlined a few weeks ago of a closely-knit European Union, which many of my readers found far too optimistic and most likely unattainable. As he should, Navracsics refrained from talking about Hungarian domestic politics, but he did answer a question concerning the “Soros Plan.” Navracsics assured his audience that no such plan is on the agenda of the European Commission. About a month ago he called it merely campaign rhetoric. But today, when Ildikó Csuhaj of ATV confronted Viktor Orbán with Navracsics’s denial of the existence of the Soros Plan, the prime minister summarily announced that he is right and Navracsics is wrong. End of discussion. Another good example of the primitive games the Orbán government is playing is its answer to the tongue-in-cheek request by Bernadett Szél for a copy of the “Soros Plan.” She was instructed to go to the national consultation questionnaire where, in the infoboxes, she will find all the information she needs.

Viktor Orbán may have cut short the discussion on the existence of the Soros Plan and the European Commission’s adoption of it, but Navracsics’s denial of an essential part of the election campaign must have irritated him to no end. He sent his deputy, Zsolt Semjén, after him. Semjén is not known for his brains, as you will see from the way he took on Navracsics in an interview on an early Sunday morning Kossuth Rádió program. Five years ago HVG was alerted to the possibility that about 40% of Semjén’s doctoral dissertation was plagiarized. If you want to know more about the case, read my post “Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén, the modern St. Sebastian.” Semjén’s modest intellectual prowess was painfully obvious in this interview. After repeating the accusation that “George Soros holds in his hand and pocket the world of which Navracsics’s work is a part,” he decided to demonstrate his knowledge of history and philosophy, which in Semjén’s case usually results in hair-raising absurdities. In his view, the reason for the current “migrant crisis” is, believe it or not, the ideas of Freemasonry, which have gone through several mutations like Jacobinism, Bolshevism, and finally “Soros’s extreme liberal thing,” which hates Christian traditions and nation states. Soros’s philosophy wants “to abolish” them. The world according to Soros would be a United States of Europe led by bureaucrats who “would pass power over to NGOs,” whatever that means. Of course, all this is utter nonsense. I got a real kick out of Semjén’s claim that “Hungarian culture defines itself against Islam as the shield of Christian Europe.” Hungarian culture is really going up in the world. I should add that several people believed that Semjén expressed anti-Semitic sentiments in this interview. It reminded Viktor Szigetvári of Együtt of the “hateful, anti-Semitic talk of the 1930s.” Éva Hajnal of Amerikai Népszava asked, “Why doesn’t Semjén finally say that it is the Jews?”

Zsolt Semjén is an admiring and loyal servant of Viktor Orbán

I left the best to last. A KDNP member of parliament, András Aradszki, who is also undersecretary in charge of matters related to energy in the ministry of national development, had a few startling “revelations” about George Soros. Aradszki spent most of his adult life working as a counselor to MOL. He is a devout Catholic who joined the Christian Democratic People’s Party at the earliest possible moment, in 1990. Otherwise, he doesn’t seem to have any experience in public speaking because he could barely read the text of his parliamentary address, titled “The Christian duty to fight against the Satan/Soros Plan.” I will not go through the nonsense this man put together line by line because an excellent English rendition of the speech is available on YouTube.

It is also available in the original Hungarian.

Here I will only pick a few bones with Aradszki. I was so fascinated by his claim that, according to the Three Secrets of Fátima, Satan’s greatest and final attack against the Church will be the attack against families that I decided to read up on the subject. I personally don’t believe in the apocalyptic visions and prophecies given by the Virgin Mary to three young Portuguese shepherds. But at least Aradszki should have stuck with the real version of the three secrets: World War I, World War II, and the twentieth-century persecution of Christians. Not a word about an attack on families. I also wonder whether Aradszki knows anything about “forced politicization of gender theory.” I very much doubt it. Aradszki’s text at places is horribly muddled, but I was struck by his claim that Lucifer tricks people “with deceptive catch-phrases about humane treatment and love for one’s neighbor by lecturing the Church.” Aradszki is obviously trying to deflect criticism of the Hungarian Catholic Church for failing to practice their Christian duty, but he doesn’t offer any proof of the humane treatment of the refugees by the clergy. In fact, if you read the text carefully, he defends their behavior by calling the Soros Plan “a sin against man” which is also “a sin against God,” and therefore it is justifiable to resist any humanitarian impulses.

What is Aradszki’s remedy for the Satan-Soros Plan? First and foremost, Hungarians should fill out the national consultation questionnaire. This act will also give them an opportunity to make their opinions known about what “we think of our homeland’s thousand-year-old history, our national sovereignty, our freedom, our beloved Europe.” In addition, Aradszki has another weapon against Soros. As “Popes John Paul II and Benedict and other exorcists” believed, “the rosary is the strongest weapon against evil, and it is capable of changing history.” I am flabbergasted.

The question is whether this incredible performance was approved by the leader of the KDNP delegation. Unfortunately, I have only a vague recollection that approval by the whip is a prerequisite, but I will inquire from people who have parliamentary experience. Péter Harrach, the head of the KDNP delegation, called Aradszki’s views on the Soros Plan “a religious approach” that is his privilege to express. “This is what he thinks, but this is not a political message.” It is hard to know what Harrach means by this mysterious sentence. I assume he’s trying to distance KDNP from Aradszki’s speech. In any case, “the leader of the delegation is not competent either to criticize or to penalize a member’s private opinion,” claims Harrach. A friend called my attention to the fact that, with the exception of this brief response by Harrach in Magyar Idők, no government media outlet said a word about this mad speech in parliament. Perhaps even they decided that it was too much.

October 9, 2017
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One doesn’t just wonder about the intellectual capacity of most of the FIDESZ’s leadership, but must express serious doubts about their sanity as well. These ‘qualities’ coupled with their compete absence of humanity makes them prime candidates for an asylum. And no, this is not just a funny assertion, it is the tragic reality. One day in the future the historians will have a wonderful time figuring out how a nation with the experience of being under the direct and indirect dictatorship of communist Russia and the Rakosi and Kadar decades is so readily tolerated the tyranny of their own Orban and the FIDESZ. Once Hungary produced world renown scientists, writers, composers, etc…, but these days the handful of such people are not only sidestepped, but being persecuted as well. When speaking of a totalitarian regime, in Hungary it is no longer a figure of speech, but tragic really…


OMG. I am positive, that you really mean every word you wrote down here, however, i am sorry to say, you really do not understand how people think and what values they want to with along with. It’s basically family, nation and faith in their own religion. These are the core values which you may look at as outdated, old fashioned ones. It is your choice. However, it is expected as a very minimum, that you respect these values and those how arrange their life around them.

Roderick Beck

We perfectly understand how they think – it just not very intelligent or wise.


Eva, is the text of Aradszki available in English somewhere?
I’d like to “impress” my friends when I go to Germany soon … 🙂
These so called “Christians” are unbelievable – I’m so happy to live in the 21st Century where their significance has been dwindling, of course not in the backwards Hungary/Poland/ etc …
And these crazies keep whining about Islam!


On the very same day at the very same parliament ( ): Gergely Bárándy (MSZP) asked György “Red-Spotted Bottom” Matolcsy, the director of the National Bank, about the strange financial affairs of his relatives. Matolcsy warded this off by explaining that, as a Christian believer, he is related to all the 7.5 billion people living on Earth. (Including György Soros and the bad, bad “migrants”?) Besides, says Matolcsy, Bárándy has a problem not with him but with, ta-dah!, market economy.
(A nice summary of yesterday’s absurdities: .)


Isn’t that Mongol spot blue/bluish?

Karl Pfeifer

H.C. Strache the leader of the Austrian extreme right party FPÖ wants Austria to have closer ties to Hungary. Because he is thinking like Semjén. When Strache came with a big cross to a Vienna demonstration, the head of the Austrian catholic church distanced himself at once from Strache. When will Cardinal Peter Erdö distance himself from Semjén and Aradszki?


Regarding Erdo that would be something to see if he so much as opines on the ‘Christian’ doings within the country. For at bottom there’s a number of myriad targets and goals that his eminence needs to focus on in his function.

As in Ecclesiastes there is a time for everything. So the spiritual aspects of the flock has now been relegated to simply the much more important concerns of ‘Caesarian’ power in this time of strife. Arguably the Christian symbol of clerics doesn’t seem to be the cross in their hands but the Roman fasces. Church and State married together in perfect harmony and power.


That is government media: if they do not speak about it, it did not happen; if they do, it is not true (i.e. False news)


What can one say after all this? The lunatic fringe of Fidesz-KDNP. Inane and insane. And disgusting. And pathetic.


Re: the ‘lunatic fringe’ in Magyar politics

In one sense they seem to pave the way to enable citizens to believe more and more of the outrageous in everyday lufe. The more it keeps on the more conditioning occurs to magical thoughts and thinking. We’ve already determined that in some respects Magyarorszag resides in the medieval.

Pretty soon a line like ‘man falls from the Empire State building, bounces and gets impaled on spikes…….and lives!!!!!!!!’ … the land’s newspapers will be treated as news to fit and print. Opinion though would be divided as furious debate was centered on what color shoes the fortunate one had on to observers as he dropped past the 36th floor. Believe it or not!…😎


Not too much OT – strange coincidence?

It’s probably no coincidence that Russia wants to close the European University in St Petersburg (which also has a very good reputation – but is too liberal, pro LGBT etc …)
Deja vu …


George Soros joined the Nazi Party as a young man and turned his own people in to them and , consequently, should be imprisoned for war crimes. You really believe that now he is an upstanding individual ??
He is funding activists and brokering deals for mass muslim migration over here in the States and Canada as well and some people are dying as a result of his funded activism. What financial gain does he get ? Propping himself and his organizations as well as other liberal leaders in the top 1% of a One World Government ( Global Ensavement ) which is on the UN’s 2030 agenda. Research it yourself.

Reality Check

Alex Jones and some other far-right propagandists have been pushing this nonsense for years.

No I will not research it – extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence – none of which you have provided. Please provide the link to the UN site with the 2030 agenda (not the Info Wars link). Good luck!


Crazy as a bat – but that’s unfair to bats!
You’re just a little lunatic fascist – believe in Flat Earth too?

Tarcisio Bertone is in his 80s still an important Catholic Archbishop and he wrote the official Vatican history of the secret of Fatima. It is much superior in my opinion to wikipedia’s discussion of it. It can be read here It contains photo copies of original documents and translations of those documents. I believe as a Catholic the speech by András Aradszki and the analogies he draws between the so called Soros plan and the message of Fatima is effectively blasphemy. As Bertone points out the message of Fatima is an “urgent call to conversion and penance, draws us to the heart of the Gospel.” Aradszki turns it into an anti-Semitic attack on Soros that represents a form of Medieval logic. As a contemporary Catholic I find this unacceptable. I believe he should be reprimanded by Cardinal Erdő for this speech. I would add a point on the prophetic tradition in Catholicism, many secular people see this tradition through the eyes of the novelist Dan Brown author of thriller fiction with books like Angels & Demons (2000), The Da Vinci Code (2003), and Inferno (2013). I enjoy his books, but they are fictional and do not really explain the… Read more »

OT – but interesting:
The video starts with young I in 1989 …
Don’t ask me how I found this …


Instead of attacking Orban’s Islamist friend Erdogan or the Lutheran Frau Merkel for the 2015 migrant/refugee wave, the Fidesz regime inundated the country again with anti-Soros government billboards. (There is no open condemnation of Pope Francis, whose opinion is close Soros’s).

By singling out Soros, the Orban-Fidesz dictatorship, which is financed by the European Union (Germany) to the tune of four to six billion euros a year, carries out massive anti-Semitic incitement.

By blaming the virtually non-existent contemporary free masons, Orban’s deputy Semjen stirs up a thin soup straight out of Hitler’s cookbook.



Palum for the anti-semitic-to-the-core Hungaricos. Give them HATE…preferred to anything else.

Hajra Magyar


This is a false dilemma.

One could also ask what financial benefit Soros gets from funding his Open Society Foundation.

Obviously, he is motivated by other factors than purely financial.

If there is large scale opposition to his “charity” then why doesn’t he bow out of interfering in the self-determination of those nations that want him out?

The real question is why does he continue to attempt to enforce his brand of policy on these states?


For you fascists it’s either money and/or force that makes the world go round!
Human feelings, compassion etc are nonexistent for a troll like you …


It’s much more compassionate to flood a country with a foreign culture that the population doesn’t want and then let them fight each other when the rape and terrorism start, right?

The blood will be on the hands of people like you when these countries erupt into civil war.

At least you can tell yourself that you are the enlightened one and lived your life with your FEEEELINGS.


One or two thousand poor refugees assigned to Hungary you call a “flood”?
You’re really crazy – the fear mongering of some Fidesz honchos seems to be really effective …
That the country is being raped and robbed by the Fidesz Mafia doesn’t worry you? The abysmal state of the health and education systems, no reson to worry?
Maybe you also make money in the Fidesz system?
Your pseudo-German name isn’t believable …


“Your pseudo-German name isn’t believable ”
Sigurd is the dragon killer of Norse mythology. Siegfried in Wagner’s opera is his alter ego. Our Sigurd is also a dragon killer. His dragon is Soros.


Jean, I know – Sigurd is/was very popular in some German circles too though it has that kind of “unlucky” connotation with poor Siegfried from the famous Nibelungen-Saga (which I liked very much btw unlike those horrible operas derived from it) …
Just like Wolf, Wolfgang, Wolfram and the other variations – in my group of friends and acquaintances there are so many Wolfgangs that my wife has attached a special attribute to everyone: Bank W, prof W, Hungarian W etc …


Conflating the issues fallacy.

It’s always, “Oh, it’s only a few thousand, how can you be so cold-hearted, racist, etc. etc.”

Until the next “few thousand”, right?

The only thing you need to do is look at the developing “no-go zones” in Sweden and continuous terrorist attacks in London and Paris.

Today we have refugees going on a hunger strike in Italy because they want money to buy their ethnic foods rather than be forced to eat Italian food.

Italian food? How outrageous!

It will be the exact same thing in Hungary.

If you don’t think this sort of thing will breed resentment, your reality denial is beyond repair.


I just looked up the sites which “reported” this:

Daily Stormer, Stormfront and other NeoNazi sites – rather telling …


by you put forward irrealities (being the by you repeated words of on you forced propaganda) can only come out of a by indoctrination tormented brain
you still can be cured, best medicine: immediately stop watching the bogus news on public/state media…


Repeating these “constipation theories” about no go zones?
Are you a fan of Alex Jones and infowars or zerohedge and their fake news?
The one thing worse than a liar is a stupid liar …



Is anyone actually capable of making an argument over there? Or, is it all just denial and aspersions?

Let’s not quibble about the terminology about “no-go zones” or whatever other word triggers you.

Chicago’s inner city is a virtual “no-go zone” but only because the term aptly describes the situation.

Not a single one you would venture into the inner city in Chicago at night by yourselves without armed security so let’s stop making the semantics the point of the argument.

There is no factual way anyone can deny the reality of the terrorist attacks happening in Europe on a regular basis.

I’m an ethnic Hungarian so yes, I am protective of my culture, people, and homeland.

I can’t imagine any of you “Ivy League” shills for George Soros are true Hungarians and if you are, szégyelld magad!


You’re funny – switching from Sweden to Chicago’s inner city is a virtual “no-go zone” …
But you’re still a fascist idiot!


Let me take a wild guess:

1. Irrational
2. Childish
3. Led by feelings

You’re a woman!

Interestingly, when you look at any voter demographics for recent elections, single women were the overwhelming majority in favor of the party that wants open borders and foreign invasion in the name of “compassion”.

The repercussions?
The costs?

*Cognitive Dissonance*




Of course, some sexism completes the image of a typical Fidesz fascist – thanks for proving this!
Are you really that ashamed of your name, Csaba or Géza or … that you have to claim to be a Germanic/Nordic (anti-)hero?
You’re really funny!
As Marx said: History repeats itself, the first time as a tragedy (Horthy), the second time as a farce (Orbán)!