Viktor Orbán on homo brusselicus and the power of the dark side

I found it strange that the three German-language articles I read on Viktor Orbán’s speech, delivered on the anniversary of the 1956 revolution, called it “scandalous” when, for those of us who are familiar with the Hungarian prime minister’s diatribes, it was nothing out of the ordinary. The German edition of Huffington Post considered the speech too much even from a destructive populist like Viktor Orbán. All three reports concentrated on Orbán’s description of the Visegrád 4 countries as a “migrant-free zone.” All noted that, although George Soros’s name was not mentioned, there were dark references to a “speculative financial empire” that is responsible for Europe’s “invasion” by migrants. You may have noticed that none of these reports had anything to say about the occasion for Orbán’s speech, the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. It was not an oversight on the part of the reporters because this speech was a campaign speech, pure and simple, and had almost nothing to do with 1956.

Those people who watched the great man’s oration on state television saw that, despite the pouring rain, a large crowd had assembled. A relative of mine sadly reported on this. I immediately set her straight. First of all, the crowd, according to the best estimates, was small, but the state TV camera crew made sure that on the screen it would look much larger than it was in reality. The official estimate was 10,000 people, but independent sources were talking about 3,000-4,000. And even if we believe the government’s figures, most of these people were transported by 30-40 or perhaps even more buses from the countryside and were most likely paid for their trouble. Many of the buses belong to sports clubs, including naturally the Puskás Academy of Felcsút. Therefore, I perfectly understand why a DK politician wants to investigate whether any money from the so-called TAO-program, which is a tax program corporations can take advantage of if they support certain kinds of sports, actually went to indirectly support a Fidesz campaign rally.

I assume that the organizers from the start were worried about attendance. That’s why the event was staged at the House of Terror on Andrássy út, which offers a relatively small area for an admiring crowd. I also assume that because of the bad weather, without these most likely paid Fidesz supporters the whole event would have been washed out.

But it would be unfair to say that in that crowd there were no true believers who were there just to be close to the great man. You and I might find such devotion odd, but, as the reporter of who was present pointed out, most of the people weren’t really interested in the other participants, including Mária Schmidt, the “1956 expert,” but wanted to hear what Orbán had to say about current politics, “the oppression by Brussels,” and “the threat of globalization.” And picked up a story from the website of Pázmánd, a village of 2,000, where an 86-year-old man so desperately wanted to see his favorite prime minister that he turned to town hall for help when he discovered that his TV set had given up the ghost. The mayor was most obliging. She lent him a tablet.

Was there anything new in the speech? Not much. Many of the old clichés about the freedom-loving Hungarian people were repeated, and the few words Orbán spent on 1956 were full of assumptions about the motivations of those who rose up against the Stalinist Hungarian regime. He put himself in the place of the freedom fighters as well as foreign observers. The former rose up because they realized that if they don’t strike now the thousand-year-old Hungary will be lost forever. As for the latter, they may have admired the Hungarian revolution, but they didn’t really understand it. In my opinion, Orbán is wrong on both counts.

I should also note that a lot of analysts were outraged when they discovered that the totally discredited László Dózsa was listed as one of the heroes of the revolution, together with Imre Nagy, Gergely Pongrátz, József Mindszenty, Péter Mansfeld, Mária Wittner, and János Szabó. It is a strange list, but at least the other “heroes” actually had a role to play in 1956. László Dózsa is a fake. Those of you who don’t remember the story of this inveterate liar should read my post on him. Those who know Hungarian should take a look at’s “summary in one sentence” of the lies this man has concocted over the years. Mária Schmidt, despite clear indications that the man is not who he claims to be, refused to admit that her “research team” had made a mistake. He is not the boy who appeared in Life magazine, who was clearly identified as Pál Pruck. Viktor Orbán doesn’t care. He doesn’t give a hoot about what historians of 1956 say. He will stand by Mária Schmidt and the false history she has propagated. It is especially disgusting in view of the fact that a suit brought against Mária Schmidt’s foundation by the Pruck family is still being litigated.

The only novelty of the speech was that Viktor Orbán refrained from mentioning George Soros’s name, but it wasn’t necessary since he had plenty to say about “financial empires” which are “without borders” but which have “media all over the world” and at least “ten thousand paid agents.” They don’t have “fixed structures,” but they have “a widespread network.” Hungary is at a turning point, just as it was in 1990 when the question was “whether we will be transformed into “homo Sovieticus.” Now there is a danger of becoming “homo Brusselicus.”

A lot was made of Viktor Orbán trying to sound hip by making a reference to Star Wars, or to be more precise to Episode VI (1983) of the series, “Return of the Jedi.” Here Darth Vader says to Luke, “You underestimate the power of the Dark Side.” As Star War buffs pointed out, Orbán’s reference is not quite accurate when he warns his people “never to underestimate the power of the dark side.” But younger journalists found it interesting that Orbán turned to Star Wars as inspiration. Perhaps he is trying to speak to the younger generation, which at the moment is not exactly enthusiastic about Viktor Orbán’s messages. I very much doubt that the “dark side” reference will send them to Fidesz in droves.

Orbán’s admirers will find this speech as brilliant as all the others while his critics don’t even bother to comment on his usual clichés and spend time only on trying to ascertain what he could possibly mean by “homo Brusselicus” and what he wants to achieve by quoting Star Wars.

October 24, 2017
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A dictatorship is always resting on a mass of people, who understand nothing about anything on their own, so they worship a party and politicians and the dictator without reservations and hate everyone elso who does not feel the same way as they do. Thinking is not involved in idol worshipping, only beliefs and emotions. The little viktor is riding the crest of the emotion of the Hungarian people, mainly the retired people (nyuggers).

These are the type of people, who from the beginning of time, brought down the greatest empires, kingdoms, societies everywhere, when a capable dictator (such as Hitler) appeared and used their boundless adoration.

It may be, that millions of these kind of brainwashed, idol worshippers in North Korea will be the catalysts for the next World War.


The event “was not a celebration of 1956, but a Fidesz party rally” comnented the few non gov media. The Orbán speech was a familiar kitsch, a heap of hyperbolas, myths, twists and propaganda panels, in some places without much sense, but the faithful dont hear and dont care, they are in for the hour of hype and hate.
The whole area was closed to the public, but after the raly there were minor incidents of some Fid grandma/grandpa assaulting and threatening reporters.


Observer: “The whole area was closed to the public…” Does that mean that only the people transported in the buses were present? That Budapesters who wished to see/hear Orbán were unable to attend?


Andràssy and the parallel streets were closed for traffic and parking.

People were allowed in the fenced off Andràssy section only through security, bags searching (for whistles) incl.
The sitting places in front and those next to the tribune were with pass only afaik.


Just two words describing him; “Mad man”… And just one question (the nth time…): when the EU leaders will stop all co-operation with this nut-case????


Politics is about the interest of the powerful, be it money to make, resources (natural, human) to exploit, positions (military or political) to take , etc. Orban is not hurting but helping the many fold interests of the leading politicians/countries, especially of Merkel. All are well-known: supporting European People’s Party in the EU parliament, providing cheap labor for car makers’ assembly lines, offering market to retail/pharma/bank companies, contributing to military cooperation, deterring migrants, etc. The foreign politicians are not considering the rhetoric that Orban has been using to obfuscate the media and opponents but his deeds in defending/ensuring their interest. From their perspective, Orban is not a nut-case but a helpful ally. How else would this nasty show be going on for so many years? The price EU politicians (taxpayers) pay, approximately 4% of the Hungarian GDP/year, is peanuts compared to the economic scale of the Union. It is but protection money paid for smooth business (the same in all the other “subsidized” countries). Orban’s “war” against multinationals and foreign interests is a smokescreen for the public. The question is always “cui prodest”?


Orbán was in Passau (Bavaria) on Tuesday for a discussion – here’s a preliminary report:
His discussion Partner Horst Teltschik who was Chancellor Kohl’s sidekick criticised him strongly – tomorrow’s paper will have more.
A country that got much solidarity should show some solidarity at least! To claim that 1200 refugees are a danger for Hungary is ridiculous – most Germans probably would agree.
Anyway as I wrote in another thread, Germans are reminded by Orbán of anti-Jewish Nazi propaganda …
And re “Brussels” i e the EU – O’s position is clear:
We’re only in it for the money!


“OV’s position: We’re only in it for the money!”
What about calling OV, for his ‘economic policy’: “homo euromendicus”

note: in oV’s case homo is the most questionable part of the term…


Love the photo with the fists: Do you really buy this crap I’m telling you?


Re: the picture
Doesn’t OV look more tired than before?
I’ve heard stories about people working in the ministries having to do a lot of overtime (without getting any extra forint for that extra work).
Rumors are that the (unpaid) overtime is the highest at the PM’s office…

PS: I also have heard that the size of the staff is bigger than elsewhere (previous in Hungary and abroad), so what on earth are they ordered to work on? Can’t imagine anything else, than a terrible lot of inefficient and/or unnecessary tasks…


Eric Hobsbawm once wrote that the history of the 20th century cannot be understood without understanding the nature and causes of the fanatic devotion of the communists to their cause (Hobsbawm meant the communists living in the West before the WWII).

Similarly Hungary post-1990 history cannot be understood without understanding the causes of the fanatic devotion to Orban.

Sure, there is an all-encompassing propaganda machinery at work, extreme pressure to conform in rural places etc. and this fanatic group is now smaller than it was ten year ago (that there are many pragmatic people who dislike Orban but would still vote for him over the “communists” is another question), but it’s still an existing community. The question is why? [hint: economy may play a part.]


But there was a big difference:
As misguided as those Western Communists were (I knew some in the German DKP – it was funny to hear their mantra: Socialism will overtake Capitalism soon) they were “intelligent” and educated while most of Fideszniks are uneducated village people …


From the speech you would think that Orban is mad. He isn’t. His followers are mad. He has made them mad with their own money.

Gabor Toka

Former journalists – i.e. more or less fully Fidesz-supporting journalists who quit Mandiner when it was about to turn into just another bolt in the govt propaganda machine, and who are about to launch a new news portal (I am not sure where their seed money is coming from or what they are aiming at) – posted Interesting bits of interviews with some Orban fans at the scene:

Quite a few give answers that show that they are not uncritical, and a few are quite convincing about their desire to live in a democratic country. It is the opposition they loathe (and clearly they like some Orban policies, which may or may not reflect objectionable preferences).


“quite a few… not uncritical”
Having sat out the whole vid, didn’t notice ‘your few’ really, so depends what you consider ’not uncritical’…
Most interesting question was: who they see as OV’s successor?
Most can’t imagine any, some come up with Lazar, but very clearly not liked even by Fids [drum roll]: Rogan!!
When suggested nobody reacts positive, some plain negative and most don’t make a happy face… [exit the propaganda squad leader…]


The situation in rural Bavaria and Austria is similar – these country bumpkins will elect a fascist not even though they know but because they know that he’s a fascist!
They openly admire these people with the DAISNAID syndrome – do as I say not as I do!
I’ve brought the examples already of the Bavarian “Christian” party bosses – all of them had illegimate children and were/still are f*cking around and cheating on their wives but at the same time getting lots of applause from the bumpkins for their hate of same sex marriage because:
Every child needs a father and a mother (except their own poor bastards of course …).
For these people hate is a way of life!

That’s another reason why Fidesz is against higher education, setting the age at 16 years instead of 18 years – as long as there are enough uneducated stupid “deplorables” around (who can’t do a qualified job in IT e g) they have enough voters.
Even though the rule is in Hungary as in the USA:
Only the stupid and the poor pay taxes …


wolfi, I think the article is more about why the Democrats are disliked so much? There must be a reason and it may have to do with the Democrats themselves.


As I understand that article the problem is:
The Dems have no message and/or they can’t explain what their message is. Just saying that the Reps are wrong is not enough. Obama on the other hand tried – and was succcessful.
In Hungary the situation seems similar – the parties left of Fidesz have nothing to show. I might be wrong, my Hungarian aint’t so good – but my wife says the same and she is not a rightwinger at all!
While in Germany e g the Greens, the Liberals, the Left are active and in power …

I think there is a bad habit of characterizing supporters of Orban as great fools, country bumpkins, deplorable people, etc. To be honest the same applies to the hard core Trump/Bannon supporters here in the USA. These people are representing their own class and social interests in a very frightening world where so many norms they have known have been wiped out by technology. That representing of interests means from their perspective stopping the clock and both Trump and Orban have mastered appealing to that delusional perspective. As The Rolling Stones put it – Time waits for no one, no favours has he Time waits for no one, and he won’t wait for me Men, they build towers to their passing yes, to their fame everlasting Here he comes chopping and reaping, hear him laugh at their cheating And time waits for no man, and it won’t wait for me We all know many people in Hungary, or the USA, or the U.K., Germany, and elsewhere who fight to hold on to what ever they have while it is being destroyed in front of them by transformations in the global structure of capitalism. It’s a losing fight for an extended… Read more »

Re: ‘ homo Brusselicus and homo Soveticus’

Regarding descriptions perhaps the real question is whether or not ‘homo sapiens’ resides in a particular lonely corner of the world where arguably evidence shows a precipitous decline in the use of the intellect.


(After The Maltese Falcon…)

Homo Hungaricus–the stuff that morons are made of-


Not too much OT and extremely funny in a way:
Russian sites and breitbart (!) are distributing links which claim that the new Austrian chancellor Kurz is chasing Soros and his foundations out of Austria – a total fake!
An article which describes this including the personal connections between the Russians and breitbart:
Of course the fake news is full of concepts like New World Order etc – I had to laugh so much.

And it seems that people in Hungary want to believe this – it’s already on, now we wait until it becomes a Fidesz mantra!

The world is full of crazies …


Frauke Schmidt, OV’s court hysterian, and her ’56 team produced a new poster showing, according to the text: “T-34-tank at Móricz Zsigmond square”.comment image?oh=a9ad8da55ec01e031ecc7572eb7a6634&oe=5A63C711
(picture from ‘KatPol Blog’ facebook)

Well it seems the type of tank is PT-76 and the location is Nyugati (was in ’56 Marx) Square.
The jury was unanimous: 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 = average 1 (aka.not through to the next round…)
More details at and (original picture)

PS: one can win a real size print when recognizing D.László on the poster