Jobbik’s Krisztina Morvai: A portrait

I promised a post on Krisztina Morvai, one of Jobbik’s three members in the European Parliament. Her name came up a few days ago when she gave a lengthy interview to Magyar Idők in which she spoke so fervently against the Soros Plan that she received the greatest compliment possible from Fidesz’s very own Zsolt Bayer. In his opinion, the golden words of Morvai could have come from Viktor Orbán himself.

So, let’s take a look at the career of this woman, who was born in Budapest only a few days after Viktor Orbán in 1963. On paper, she has had a sterling career. After attending one of the best high schools in Budapest, she received a law degree cum laude from ELTE. She joined the faculty of her alma mater where she still teaches. In 1989 she got a scholarship to study at King’s College, where she earned a master of law degree. During the 1993-1994 academic year she taught law at the University of Wisconsin as a Fulbright scholar. Her main interest is criminal law, dealing with victims’ rights, child abuse, sexual exploitation, discrimination, and domestic violence.

Between 2003 and 2006 she was a member of the Women’s Anti-discrimination Committee of the United Nations where she took a very pro-Palestine position and called attention to what she called the “inhumane living conditions” of Palestinian women, which was followed by an official complaint by the Israeli government. In 2006 the Hungarian government refused to endorse her for another four years. What followed was truly disgraceful. She wrote to all the national missions to the UN, accusing her own government of giving in to Israeli pressure in nominating not her but Andrea Pető, whom she called “a well-known Zionist,” which was a lie. The affair is well summarized in an English-language article in HVG from August 2006. She became filled with hatred toward Ferenc Gyurcsány, whose government withheld its endorsement. After her return to Hungary she participated in all the anti-government demonstrations and was one of the founders of the Civil Jogász Bizottság (Civic Legal Committee), which was subsequently used to discredit the Gyurcsány government’s handling of the disturbances that took place during the fall of 2006.

Krisztina Morvai / MTI / Photo: Bea Kallos

As she kept moving to the right and was an outspoken anti-Semite, Jobbik found her to be a choice addition to the party’s followers. She didn’t actually join the party, but she headed Jobbik’s list for the 2009 European parliamentary elections. In addition, she became Jobbik’s candidate for the post of president in 2010.

By 2009, her reputation had plummeted in better circles. In November of that year The Guardian called her a “neo-fascist MEP.” It turned out that she was one of the invitees to a conference organized by the Palestinian Return Center, but several politicians who were scheduled to speak at the conference protested and the organizers withdrew their invitation to her. Because, as the director of the group said, “She is one of Europe’s leading neo-fascists … and Jobbik is a revolting party.”

Her reputation in Israel also hit rock bottom, especially after she advised the “liberal-Bolshevik Zionists” to “start thinking about where to flee and where to hide.” Or, when she distinguished between “our kind” and “your kind” in a context where “your kind” could only be the Jews who, in her opinion, were ruining her country. “Our kind,” she insisted, will not allow the colonization of Hungary. The Guardian also got hold of a Morvai quotation from one of those numerous political discussion groups that existed before the advent of social media. The group consisted mostly of Fidesz supporters, but the “list-owner” let people join without checking their ideological preferences. So, I signed up and read the incredible conversations that took place there. One day I noticed that Morvai, a fairly frequent contributor, in an argument with an American Hungarian who happened to be Jewish, wrote about “so-called proud Hungarian Jews who should go back to playing with their tiny little circumcised tails” instead of doing this or that.

In February 2009 she wrote a letter to the Israeli ambassador to Hungary in which she objected to Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip, calling it a “mass murder” and genocide. She claimed that “the only way to talk to people like you is by assuming the style of Hamas. I wish all of you lice-infested, dirty murderers will receive Hamas’ ‘kisses.’”

She has been a member of the European Parliament ever since 2009, where she is pretty active. She records her activities on her blog as well as her Facebook page. She is also usually on hand in Hungary whenever the country’s far right is threatened in any way. The latest outrage was her behavior at the trial of György Budaházy, a right-wing extremist, who received a 13-year jail sentence for terrorism. The prosecutor apparently found the verdict too lenient, at which point Morvai, who was in the audience, got up and created a scene. When everybody was ordered out of the courtroom, she refused to leave. ELTE, where she is an associate professor, initiated an “ethical investigation.” The investigation ended in a slap on the wrist.

Liberal commentators object to Morvai’s presence on the faculty. Apparently, she has been on unpaid leave ever since 2009 when she became a member of the European Parliament, but she still gives lectures on the abuse of children, terror in the family, and similar subjects. According to students, “she is a superb lecturer” and her lectures are “exciting. The blogger “Mr. Flynn Rider,” however, thinks “this well-known extreme right-wing, anti-Semitic lecturer should have been kicked out a long time ago” from the law school.

As I said in my post titled “Do we know what Jobbik is all about?” Morvai gave a long interview in Magyar Idők which was welcomed by Zsolt Bayer, who wrote an opinion piece in the same issue. Morvai subsequently expressed her surprise about the splash this interview made because “for my Facebook community and visitors to my blog there was nothing new in this interview.” Clearly, Morvai is trying to downplay an important move on her part.

At the moment, Fidesz and Jobbik are at each other’s throats. A couple of weeks ago there was talk of the government’s likely plans to withdraw mandated financial support to the party on the basis of possible financial irregularities. Jobbik at the moment is Fidesz’s favorite whipping boy. The personal attacks on Gábor Vona are incessant and ugly. One reason is that Jobbik is just as harsh a critic of the Orbán government as the liberal-socialists parties are. For instance, Jobbik ironically insisted that the Hungarian police investigate George Soros if he is such a serious threat to national security.

It is in these circumstances that a Jobbik member of the European Union gives an interview in which she agrees with every move the Orbán government has made in the last two or three years. Moreover, the publication of that interview is accompanied by the simultaneous support and praise from one of the best known Fidesz journalists, Zsolt Bayer.

In the interview Morvai supports the government wholeheartedly. While her party criticizes Orbán over the lack of democracy, she finds the EU’s criticism of Hungary on that score unacceptable. She agrees with the argument that the Orbán government does its share in attending to the root causes of the problems in the Middle East by helping “our Christian brethren on the spot.” As for the Soros Plan, “the European migration policy is so absurd, unreasonable, and inhumane that there must be some evil, demonic plan behind it,” although she doesn’t know whether Soros is the #1 organizer or not.

What is Bayer’s supporting piece about? It is about Jobbik, which is no longer the party that deserves his admiration because “its chairman led his people to betrayal and sleaze.” But not Krisztina Morvai. She has remained what she has always been. That is a great relief to Bayer because he was afraid that Morvai, following Vona, had been lost. The very fact that she gave an interview “for us” is a mortal sin because Jobbik politicians refuse to “talk to us.” This interview could have been given by Viktor Orbán. “Krisztina Morvai has come home” or “actually it seems she has never left.”

A day later Magyar Idők was still on the subject of that interview. A journalist in an opinion piece wrote: “Unbelievable, people in Jobbik are not curious about the interview their party’s MEP gave to our newspaper.” Obviously, this Morvai interview is considered to be a major win in Fidesz’s political duel with Jobbik. And, of course, Morvai is not as innocent as she tries to portray herself.

October 31, 2017
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Delta sounds

Is this Krisztina Morvai for real? It’s Halloween here.


I have always marveled at the hoopla surrounding this ”nazi barbie.” Her opinions, her judgement and her persona is screaming cheap political opportunism and shallowness. And yet, the cheaper and the shallower she gets, the more consternation she causes and more attention she commands. However, the attention given to her is not quite universal. In fact she is getting frowns and distaste where it really counts: in the European Parliament. She has been relegated years ago to the back benches, where the almost, and the not quite independent MEPs are sitting, those whom were unacceptable to all caucuses and so, have no party affiliation.
All counted she is a wretched wench, who has dealt more blows to Hungary’s international reputation then almost anybody else in the last quarter century.


Morvai supporting Orban? Suuure.

As per usual in Hungarian politics, it’s all sound and fury signifying, and aiming at, general confusion.


By the way, the NY terrorist is from Usbekistan–a Moscow-controlled Republic; and comes at a time when distraction from the Mueller inquiry is much needed…

Michael Kaplan

As a graduate of University of Wisconsin, Madison (1970, BS History), I had some of the world’s greatest historians as professors, some like the great George L Mosse, were Jews who barely escaped the nazi/fascist regimes. Sadly, this pathetic anti Semite may never have appeared on any ones radar while she lived in Madison. I remember most of the ugly comments commented on in this balanced article. Morvai is on the one hand a very sick person, but on the other hand, a classic anti Semite; the two are not mutually exclusive.


It’s worth mentioning that Morvai was married to Gy0rgy Baló, a leading TV journalist who is much-despised among far-right circles for his supposedly liberal agenda. Hungary’s many anti-Jewish sites list him as one of the Jews that is “polluting” Hungarian public life, although I do not find any evidence that he identifies himself as Jewish.


And interestingly, the twin daughters she has with him are “Jewish enough for Hitler!”


An “interesting” personality, obviously personal experience and expectations play a large role in her beliefs …
Not too much OT:
This reminds me of one of the leading figures of German right wing party AfD:
Alice Weidel is a successful business woman with a PhD who spent several years in China (speaks Mandarin), and a Lesbian married to a woman (Swiss citizen!) from Sri Lanka, with two adopted children – and one of the most xenophobic/Islamophobic figures in German parliament now!

I haven’t tried to understand her policies however …!5443023/

Life is strange …


And what is the EP doing about it?
Nothing as usual.
Here is a quote straigt from the EP’s web page about it’s raison d’etre-

“…the Parliament has sought to promote democracy and human rights – not only in Europe, but also throughout the world.”

I guess our delightfull Morvai just chooses to ignore the bit about human rights in her clearly stated efforts to wipe all Jews off the face of the earth.

So much for Hungary having an enlightened and civilized modus operandi.


“Fidesz’s very own Zsolt Bayer. In his opinion, the golden words of Morvai could have come from Viktor Orbán”

We know that Zsolt Bayer is an intimate of Viktor Orbán and knows him inside out. Thus it is clear to all that yes indeed Viktor Orbán thinks exactly like Ms Morvai and is a (closet) anti-Semite, deals in lies and dirt when he can’t get his way and cloaks his gutter instincts in an aura of smart-suited “statesman-like” (yuck, yuck) respectability.

Thanks for the confirmation Zsolt-baby, but actually, we knew that all along. Haven’t you got any news for us today?



…the voting right of citizens ..


“Could have come from Orban..” exactly, birds of a feather – fascists. But I’m not sure a loose gun like Morvai will fit in Orban’s total control system, they would fall out pretty quickly.

BTW today Jobbik sharply attacked Gyurcsàny regarding DK’s pledge to take away the voting rights to citizens permanently living abroad.
Disappointing (for me) since this would make any co-operation at any level more difficult.

Jean P

Zsolt Bayer issued a barely hidden invitation to Morvai to join Fidesz. She will probably accept and others will follow. Vona will not need to mobilize a strength he possibly doesn’t have to get rid of them.


Terrorists from Dagestan…Uzbekistan…lived in Miami (Russian center in US) since 2010….hmmm…sure sounds like KGB sleeper cells…

Have the Russkies started World War III with surrogate fighters..?


Just read about that horror incident – remember very well being there in Manhattan near the Hudson river.
Difficult to understand these terrorists – and he wasn’t even armed with a real gun, luckily for the people there.

The NRA will ptobably use this again: People kill people – not:
Guns kill people

Though I don’t believe the Russians were behind this guy.

As an NRA member I would hope our national office would use the truck attack as part of our argument that it’s individuals decisions to murder that kill and not the individual right to own guns enshrined in the 2nd amendment that do. But unfortunately I expect the attack to be used more by extreme concealed carry advocates as a method of combating terrorism. I have always found that argument to be silly and I say that as someone who has a concealed carry permit in both Illinois and in Utah (because it is recognized in multiple states). Ultimately its unlikely if you are out riding a bicycle you have your concealed handgun at the ready and would have the wherewithal to be able to quickly shoot the driver of a moving truck. Having been attacked by extreme Viet Cong terrorists in 1972 at Tan Son Nhat air base even in the context of a sudden attack one is not prepared for it in the least. Getting possibly killed goes with the territory of living in the world today. I don’t see that New Yorker’s are in shock over this, they are going on with their lives. Apparently 5 of… Read more »

Thanks, Istvan, for these clear words!

All in all if I believe statistics our times still are the safest for us regular guys – the danger of being killed on purpose or by accident (whether in a car, a plane or just biking …) are as low as never before.
On the other hand I just read that in the USA almost 100 people die every day of an opioid overdose (stuff like fentanyl etc …) – and we know that many people die because they eat too much …
But no one wants to talk about these dangers!

Of course these risks also exist in Europe, just talked about the obesity and drugs epidemics with my German doc and his wife (also a doc) when I brought them some good stuff from Hungary – paprika powder, spices etc …


Well the opioid problem has hit the Bible Belt hard and it is impacting the Trump base. When the various drug epidemics hit largely African American communities over the last 50 years in general not as much attention was paid to it as is now happening. Up in Eva’s area in New England in Maine the opioid problem is very big, among younger veterans of our wars in Iraq and Afganistan it is also significant. In some cases the addiction was created by US military treatment for chronic pain, brain injuries, and even PTSD. We gave antidepressants to combat soldiers and put them back into combat repeatedly, that is a sure strategy to destroy these soliders.

Most people who experience combat have one form or another of PTSD, including myself. If you are lucky it’s not extreme and you can live with it, and learn not to dive to the floor when you hear a bang.

My father was a policeman in Danzig (Gdansk) , became a sergeant in Hitler’s army and moved up the ranks to become a Hauptmann (captain) – Hitler needed many officers … He used those early psycho-drugs (Valium, Librium, Adumbran …) on doctor’s orders – but he had been shot in the head, so it was at least partially a physical brain problem … But I remember once going to the “students’ doctor” at the university and he had no problem giving me those drugs – which I didn’t take, knowing from my father what might happen … And I know that many managers take some kind of drug against their stress. Almost forty years ago when I had an IT project to manage and found that it wasn’t working as it should I told my bosses about it and we had a meeeting with the customer’s project leaders. I still remember when one of my bosses offered the other some valium as a “downer” to get through that meeting which was expected to get stressful. That was the point when I decided not to become a manager, stay a consultant and have no career … And even before that time… Read more »

Kruschev: “We’ll piss on the Americans and they’ll think it’s the morning dew…”


Krisztina Morvai has made many ‘lectures’ in the European Parliament. I’m not sure I’d describe her as a ‘superb’ or ‘exciting’ lecturer.

Perhaps ‘deranged’ or ‘absurd’ would be more suitable.


re Morvai

First and foremost, a Hungarico is an ‘actor-outer’. So with M. She needs the attention. It’s a Hungarian sickness–they’ll do anything to be noticed.

This post is largely unrelated to Eva’s topic today, but it does however relate to the unrestrained insanity of Hungarian nationalism. Magyar Nemzet had an article in its weekend edition commemorating the Battle of Caporetto (24 October – 19 November 1917) it can be read in Hungarian at As someone who has some familiarity with military history I found this article by Vékony Zsolt to be shocking. Hungarians who read this article and know nothing else about the Battle of Caporetto would think the breakthrough of Austro-Hungarian forces was based totally on Magyar heroism, because a very important and critical factor is left out of the narrative. That important factor was the massive and effective use of chlorine-arsenic agent and diphosgene gas by German and Austro-Hungarian forces. The Italian trenches in the valley were smothered in a dense cloud of poison gas. Knowing that their gas masks could protect them only for two hours or less, the defenders fled for their lives, though 500–600 were still killed by the gas attack. The best study of this gas attack was done by Leonard Haber in his book: The Poisonous Cloud: Chemical Warfare in the First World War. The incredible rout… Read more »

Thank you, Eva, for your update on Morvai. Clearly the Brussels diet suits her because she has become rather matronly in true Hungarian style. The blouse in the video is rather charming but of course out of place. Fortunately it serves to underline her contributions to the debates as those of someone deranged. Balo is well rid of her. I pity the daughters. Whilst she is a fluent speaker, she is clearly crazy. I very much doubt we need to take her or anything she says or does seriously.

OT: I have just watched Trump deride the justice system of the US. as a “joke”. Clearly he does not regard the Constitution of the USA as one that deserves his approval, forgetting his duty to uphold it.


The prospects are getting more terrifying by the day. Fidesz is seems from the many indeed getting stronger and stronger while a new upstart like Momentum (after a year in the media) looks totally irrelevant with 1% popularity.

Fidesz has very significantly increased its popularity in the last few months (no other party came even close) and it is at its most popular since January 2011 (that is a few months after its overwhelming, historic victory in 2010).

Fidesz now has 61% of the votes to be cast (ie. of voters who are sure to vote and have a specific party preference).

This conceivably mean that Fidesz would have at least 50% of the votes cast which would translate into over 70% of the mandates in Parliament.

Apparently no party other than Fidesz looks kormányépes, “able to govern”. The opposition is in disarray and people look for credible forces – and it seems they see no one except for the incumbent which is not a surprise in an autocracy.

Melanie Zuben

The true meaninig of Contemporary democracy and freedom of speech:
one must be ready to put up with insults, mockery and ridicule. Self – censorship should be I introduced.


Why don’t you start?

Melanie Zuben

I was actually thinking about you guys! Insults, mockery, ridicule and abuse are NOT my favourite pastime. I prefer to look for beauty in everything around me. You’d be amazed what one can find!


Found something, near where you’re from, for you to really work on to make ‘more beautiful’ (or at least less ugly):
“UN’s human rights commission repeated its criticism that Australia’s offshore refugee processing regime was ‘unsustainable, inhumane and contrary to its human rights obligations’.”
PS: if you wish support for your works in this case, just comment here


Ah,yes -“thingilingi” comes to mind… 🙂
You’re cute in a way!
Could I publish a booklet of the aphorisms you produced on this site, about the writers’ thingilingi, your bible studies, your admiration of Orbán etc?
Or are these already part of those e-books you tried to sell to us?
Stuff like a nice German Shepherd could bite of his thingilingi would surely be of interest to a certain group of people …

Melanie Zuben

Yes, “wolfi” – re: thingilingi and “certain group of people”. Who do you have in mind? The dirty old perverts, perhaps? Those who believe in “breaking in” young kids to help them into becoming sexually enlightened? BTW – I didn’t see you and all the other commenters here (except for “Webber”) attacking one of your regulars on this blog, re: his views on “breaking in kids”, etc.

And about you kind offer re: publishing my aphorisms – I need all the help I can get re: promotions. 😊 Thanks for your kind offer.


Why don’t you work at home on your Christian priests’ obsession with kids?
There are a lot of ugly things happening in Australia which you could care for …
You obviously don’t know what’s going on in Hungary – and you don’t care!


It never ceases to amaze me how certain individuals of a certain ilk exist as the cream of Magyar political life. Odiousness par excellence. Guttermouths alive and well.