The plot thickens: George Soros enters Hungary’s forthcoming election

In mid-October I reported on a Jobbik stunt directed at the government’s campaign against George Soros. Earlier, Bernadett Szél, chairman of opposition party LMP, had asked for a copy of the Soros Plan, which naturally the government was unable to provide. Jobbik did her one better. It filed charges against George Soros with Károly Papp, the chief of Hungary’s police force. The charges were: (1) preparation for a violent change of the constitutional order, (2) conspiracy against the constitutional order, (3) destruction, (4) treason, and (5) rebellion. In support of the charges, they cited claims by Bence Tuzson, undersecretary responsible for communication, György Bakondi, chief adviser on domestic security, János Halász, Fidesz spokesman, Szilárd Németh, deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee on security, András Aradszki, who called Soros Satan, Gyula Budai, Fidesz member of parliament, Zoltán Kovács, government spokesman, and Csaba Fodor, managing director of Nézőpont, a Fidesz political think tank. Ádám Mirkóczki, Jobbik’s spokesman, said that if Soros is guilty of all the things Fidesz and the government spokesmen accuse him of, he should be arrested and charged. At that time I added that I was sure that Károly Papp didn’t find Jobbik’s antic funny.

A month went by, and even skeptics were pleasantly surprised. After a thorough investigation, the Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda (National Investigative Office/NNI) came to the conclusion that, after all, George Soros poses no danger to Hungary’s national security. In their view, Soros’s suggestions about how to handle the refugee crisis were addressed to the European Union without any reference to Hungary. After perusing his writings on the subject, the investigators decided that Soros hadn’t urged anyone to commit aggressive or menacing acts. The government statements concerning “the political goals against Hungary of George Soros reflect only the opinions and subjective conclusions of the declarers.” No investigation was deemed necessary.

Some naïve people triumphantly announced that critics of the Orbán government are too harsh on the regime. Here is  proof that the police are not under the thumb of the government; they are capable of acting independently and are not afraid to say no to all the nonsense Viktor Orbán has cooked up for public consumption. The highest authority of the police department says that the whole thing is either a hoax or a political product. And so, after all, Hungary is not a dictatorship, and all those who say otherwise are falsely accusing the Orbán government of all sorts of misdeeds and of the willful destruction of Hungarian democracy.

Well, these people were far too hasty when they assumed the independence of the country’s investigative authorities. Yesterday we heard from Viktor Orbán himself, in his so-called interview on Kossuth Rádió, that he had ordered “an investigation of the composition, the operational provisions, and influence of the Soros machinery on Europe and Hungary.” It was his “duty to act and use all possible instruments of state—and that includes the intelligence apparatus and the secret police—against Soros’s Plan,” which not only exists but has a serious impact on the policies of the European Union. “That’s why I decided–that’s why the government decided–to deploy the secret service, and on the basis of their findings we would prepare a report. This report was compiled, and the government already discussed it on Wednesday.”

So, the investigation is finished, and I have no doubt that the secret service and the intelligence apparatus found that Soros’s machinery indeed poses a danger to Hungary’s security because, at the moment, this is the raison d’état Viktor Orbán needs. Mind you, as it stands, the Hungarian public will not be able to learn anything about the findings of the investigators because “one must be very careful in such cases.” Moreover, one doesn’t like to reveal one’s “hard-learned pieces of information.” But, according to Orbán, there is plenty of publicly available information that proves his point. He offered a quotation from the Open Society Foundation document made public by DC Leaks from August 2016. It claims that “we have supported leaders in the field, including think tanks and policy centers, civil society networks, and individual members of those networks, to shape migration policymaking and influence regional and global processes affecting the way migration is governed and enforced. This section considers [International Migration Institute’s] role in supporting these actors, our efforts to link our global and corridor-level work, and our engagement with peer donors.” There is no question in Orbán’s mind that because of the existence and likely implementation of the Soros Plan, Hungary is in real danger. “From this moment on, the question is the very existence of Hungary,” he claimed.

Although Orbán didn’t say outright that whatever information the investigators gleaned will remain classified for years,  that is in fact the case, as János Lázár in his more direct style announced at his regular Thursday afternoon briefing. Zsolt Molnár (MSZP), chairman of the parliamentary committee on national security, called on the government “to stop manufacturing conspiracy theories and come forward with proof.” Politicians can come up with all sorts of nebulous talk about national security, but before his committee they must show evidence. The secret services will have a chance to do so next Thursday when the committee will have a hearing.

Viktor Orbán on Friday morning came up with a new accusation against George Soros. Not only does he have a plan that would destroy the country of his birth, on which he has spent so much of his own money, but he is also involving himself in the forthcoming national election as an active participant. Soros will mobilize his organizations, which will conduct anti-government propaganda. The Open Society Foundation “will strengthen its civic organizations, which in turn will pay hundreds and thousands of people. They will establish so-called civic centers, which will function exactly like parties in an election campaign. So, the Soros network and machinery have entered the race. Nobody is happy about this, but it is better to face the unpleasant reality than to bury our heads in the sand and be surprised.” At this point the new interviewer, who is even more subservient than the previous one, outlined the possibility of the Soros network coming up with “independent” candidates whom all the parties who are against the government will support. Orbán’s reaction to the suggestion was that he wouldn’t give advice to the adversaries of Hungary.

The following cartoon reflects the bizarre situation that is being created by Viktor Orbán and his advisers, on the one hand, and the ineffectual opposition parties, on the other.

“Soros entered the race”
“Wow, that’s wonderful. At last there is someone one can vote for” / Gábor Pápai / Népszava

So, this is where we stand at the moment.

December 2, 2017
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Orbán is right: the Open Society, these civic centers abd NGOs will promote democracy, transparency, rule of law, they may even signal irregularities and violations during the parliamentary elections.
Such activities are obviously dangerous for Orbán’s kleotocratic dictatorship, aren’t they?

But what about the Mészaros plan? We shouldn’t let ourselves be screwed without having a word about it.


And what about the “Orban-Plan”, which he himself called “Opening to the East” [Keleti Nyitás].
Just who really knows what he means with it.
Could ‘MTI bringing ‘news’ in Romanian” be part of it’s ‘real meaning’?


Well, Orban is too obvious, isn’t it?
Now “Mészaros plan”, on the other hand, is so subtle, nobody would suspect anything even if he wins all the gov tenders – from digging ditches to brain research to entertainment and media. If he comes to own half the country this is because the Felcsuti büfé (the gas fitting didn’t go well) was great start for such a clever, business smart and hard working giant. Never mind the ill-wishers insinuating that he is only slightly more intelligent than a brick, that is Orban’s neighbour and , horribille dictu, his front man.


It seems that the whole country is sliding into unreality and it is developing a ‘collective neurosis’ about Soros. ..The Hungarian political culture, its references and reasons, becomes a gnostic mystery, hermetically sealed, spoken in a language accessible only to the initiated.


@ovidiu, 6:42 p.m.

No, no, not “the whole country”. It is simply just:

Viktor Orbán, “I’m lying again”,
János Lázár, “I’m lying again”,
Péter Szijjarto, “I’m lying again”.

Hey, it has worked for the last ten years…


OV&Co csakcomment image

Michael Kaplan

Sad story. The regime is using some of the same tactics that the communists used: the big lie followed by more lies such that the average citizen may think there is some “truth”; huge conspiracies that remind one of Stalin;and the not so subtle anti Jewish themes. No wonder some in the government hate Pal Lendvai, author of many great books including, but
limited to “Anti-Semitism Without Jews” e.g. Hungary has so few Jews relative to 1944 and yet the paranoid thinking with an anti Semitic sub text still finds fertile soil.


Little to be said. 1984


If it’s true that Soros has enterred the race, then I wonder if the Hungaricoes have the brains to vote him in. He might even use some of his 18 billion dollars to help rebuild the schools and hospitals of the country…


I’m so glad you write these things, now I’m able to tell my Hungarian friends in Nyíregyháza how things really are. They can only read the propaganda in their papers.
Thank you, Eva!


Arriving at this stage of brainwashing, hate propaganda, things can get really dangerous for the brave people, who are working for NGOs and who actually only want to help different sorts of people, of whom the nasty mafia government doesn’t care for.

Remember ‘Reichskristallnacht’, where the ordinary mob, brainwashed by Hitler/Göbbels-Propaganda, smashed innocent peoples property.

Hitler/Göbbels would be proud of Orbán.

As long as the EU is rewarding Orbán, I’m afraid, that things only get worse.

Hungary has becomea nightmare!


There were already several incidents where dark skinned foreigners were insulted, attacked or police were called on them. The attacks on the mayors who offered some help to migrants and the endorsements of these atrocities by Orban and minions were reported here.
Hungary is not am nightmare, there are millions of crypto- or latent fascists and even more dupes who are living their ordinary lives – we are winning or everything is OK.
It’s like thinking that the slight fever, headache and swollen lymph glands will just pass, they didn’t know it’s plague until it was too late.


So the way out of the “Charges against Soros” trap by Jobbik, OV&Co found is:
*Soros as a person is NOT a danger
*Only the network is the danger
That brings us to the following questions:
*What was the exact wording by Jobbik in filing the charges (only against the person, or the person and everything connected to him)?(1)
*If the person isn’t a danger, why can OV&Co use the person’s name in the title they give to the ‘dangerous’ network? Can that in itself be considered as an insult to the person and be used in a defamation suit against OV&Co?

(1) Checking Jobbik’s site revealed, the answer to be ‘only against the person’, and that as follow-up now the filed charges against OV&Co –
And now OV&Co is trying to overpower them with their charges/investigations by secret services…
What a farce of ‘well-thought-out policies’ and ‘democracy’


There are many books about the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, you can even buy the original translated version on Amazon in kindle format. Orban, and his co-thinkers have adopted the plot of that Czarist creation and applied it to Soros and the appendix Society Foundation. The basic theme of the Protocols has been transmitted within many non-Jewish Hungarian families now for over a hundred years.

In fact some it has become oral history effectively extracting bits and pieces of the Protocols and attributing them to nagybácsi or others. Followed by some ostensibly benign comment, like “well that is what was said anyway.” There is a book published not look ago by Stephen Eric Bronner titled that describes this transmission of the essence of the Protocols form generation to generation its title is A Rumor About the Jews.

Orban if nothing else is a master of Hungarian folk chattering and fully understands how to utilize this idiocy for his nefarious purposes.


For Hungarian readers I would recommend this study released last week titled in English “The future of Visegrád in the shadow of illiberalism and the EU’s macropolitical environment.”


Just received news that on Thursday Dec.07 will be an EXTRAORDINARY Meeting/Hearing in the LIBE Commission (EU parliament) about “The Situation in Hungary”. It will start at 9:00am (EU-time).
Present at the hearing will be: minister P.Szigyarto, M.Pardavi (Hungarian Helsinki Committee), G.Polyak (Uni.Pécs and Mertek Media Monitor) and M.Szantho (Center for Fundamental Rights, aka.the GONGO ‘Alapjogokért Központ’).
They can make their statements and will be questioned by the MEPs of the LIBE Commission.
Very strange to have the foreign minister involved in a hearing about the ‘rule of law’ inside the country, don’t have a clue how the above persons are selected…
Further LIBE info at
Video live and later on demand at


Related to the hearing, I have understood that opinions in EP, EC and EU Counsil vary about the time schedule of the ‘Article 7’ report.
Some want to have it ASAP, without any further delays, while others prefer to not interfluence the coming elections and lift it over till 2018.Sep.
Personally I am of the opinion that OV&Co have MUCH more than enough BS-ed each and everybody in the EU, that any consideratuion for OV&Co’s wishes is OUT OF THE QUESTION!!

The ‘delayers’ are mostly found in the S&D and especially the EPP groups.
So best to do now are two things:
*put pressure in every which way you can on OV&Co to do even more mindboggling things than currently going on (so ‘half supporters’ will get really fed up with them also)
*contact your S&D and/or EPP representatives of choice and explain them how you see current HU matters and ask them to NOT delay any further the ‘Art.7 Rule of Law’ report against Hungary!

HAJRA EU!! Show OV&Co finally your teeth!!


Re: 3 international stooges

Vlad the kingpin, Kim the tinpot and King Vik the 1st as a wannabe would seem to cover all the bases between them. The first two make sure everyone knows about fists and rockets in the face. The last has an obsession on his mind which if continued would kill the nature of free societies as we know it.

A few decades ago the UN was called a ‘dangerous place’.
Alas all we have to do is look at what Magyarorszag has become to take up the mantle. At this point it wouldn’t be beyond ken to one day have Orban’s paranoia haul all who are deemed ‘Sorosians’ and their ilk to the Hague for ‘criminal’ tribunals. The ‘law’ in the country perhaps has its heads dug now into the books to pull that one off.

And Papp. Have no idea what kind of a man he is. Maybe one day ahead we’ll all find out when an employee has to make some decisions.

Matt L

Can Sörös actually run for office in Hungary? I think it would be hilarious if he did. He could crib from Donald Trump’s playbook and make fun of OV for being “low energy”


Hungaricoes have no wit or imagination…or they might consider that an 86 year old billionaire might have nothing left in his life but to better conditions in his birth-country.
(But then again, he is a jew and might steal their dirty underwear!)

Hayra Magyarok!

Andy --- da one-and-only
Andy --- da one-and-only

I have the pleasure to see the anti-Soros posters all over the billboards…

P A T H E T I c o — but methinks Fidesz is turning the tide AGAINST Soros & Co.

Thats not too difficult to achieve around here. It just works as an added mechanism to keep the Fidesz Faith….

— Well heres Fidesz. Most diff. to stomach, YET there is ORDNUNG in da country – no rebellion etc. The military and cops and the TEK doing their Job…

NOW THEN: that things have gotten so baaad and with less mental coercion than Fidesz exercises, that is if and when some other even dimmer witted party would get in power — then where would me MY security. Tell me.

Jean P

I tell you. Fidesz Security is a looming threat to everebody. Most people will be better off without it.


Dutch PM Rutte, his party VVD (liberal conservatives) being a member of ALDE, stated in a speech at the ALDE congress, that he did not understand why the EPP still tolerates OV&Co as a member party.

PS: EPP stands for European People’s Party, did anybody ever seriously question their name? I mean all people in Europe are Europeans, and their name suggests they claim to be the only ones… (a typical populist name…)


info from the official site of the HU government:
“On Saturday Dec.01 the government thanked all the citizens, who participated in the national consultation, they strengthened the democratic dialogue in Hungary.”

my first thought: Democratic Dialogue (DD)?? how dare you, you bunch of nitwits, get lost!! call it what it really is: Autocratic Indoctrination (AI)


And now for something completely different
warning: THIS IS NOT A JOKE!! but make me happy…

George Soros nominated by five Hungarian professors for the……..
Nobel Peace Prize!!