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Alex Knisely

Az új esztendõben sok sikert kívánok! Thanks for an informative year of posts and discussion — thanks in advance for another such.


Happy New Year to you too Éva, with grateul thanks for the many hours you put in, to help us be more informed!

With best wishes for 2018.


I also wish everybody here a Happy New Year 2018!
And of course thanks to our host, dear Éva, for the info and the chance to discuss here what’s going on in Hungary and the rest of the world1 🙂

And don’t forget to think of the poor animals which have to go through the constant noise of the fireworks – I don’t get it why people started yesterday already and are continueing all evening …

We’re lucky in a way that we had to put to sleep our dog (she was 16 years old!) which was very afraid of the noise but now even our sweet little tomcat is showing signs of fear …

And on Tuesday we’ll see again several dogs which ran away and didn’t find the way back – they’re usually on the Aldi car park …

Joseph McGhee

Happy New Year, Eva!


In Hungary it is already an hour old.
Guten Rutsch nach Kanada and all over the place.

Melanie Zuben

Happy New Year to you, dear Eva! 🎈🎈🎈


To Eva and All of You:
Happy and Truly Democratic New Year
Boldog Új Tényleg Demokratikus Évet Kívánok

Stefan J. Bos

Dear Eva,

Thank you so much for your excellent and very thoughtful written stories. Wishing you a blessed 2018 and beyond.

Stefan J. Bos,
Dutch journalist (and number 2 on the government’s black ‘Soros’ list).


For everybody who hasn’t seen this yet – the official list of the enemies of the Hungarian state paid by Satan, sorrry Soros:
I’d say that it’s a kind of honour for every journalist to be on this list!
The Fidesz propaganda machine is just grinding on – unbelievable!
Before I forget:
Thanks, Mr Bos for your effort!


Boldog uj evet!
Just watching some football games now…. Brings up a ‘year end review’ in sport. With all those forints going to ‘football’ most definitely should expect a World Cup win in 2026. 2022 is rather close to grab the big one. They’d be only working on details then. 😎

If there’s an issue for some in seeing the win and the glory coming with it well at least the country could be assured that there’d be plenty of space to hold all the ‘kenyer’ that would have to get on the plates of certain populations.