Miklós Haraszti on the election: An interview

Here is today’s extra. I’m certain you will be interested in this interview with Miklós Haraszti, conducted by Péter Szegő of The Budapest Beacon. For those who don’t understand Hungarian, it has English subtitles.

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Thanky you, Mr. Haraszti, for those clear and scathing words!

The text of this should be made available.

This demolished me so much that I couldn’t watch it to the end – will try again tomorrow.


Yes, I followed the first part of the interview. Haraszti is an intelligent, well-intentioned man–not many of those in Hungari-Land…


Eligible (Transylvanian+Serbian+…+phony) voters/total voters:

2014-01-27: 1.6%
2014-04-05: 2.4%

2017-08-10: 3.5%
2018-01-27: 4.0%
2018-04-08: 5.0% (?)

Will there be independent vote counters and observers in every precinct? If not, Orban will predetermine the result of this farcical election.


This means that Fidesz starts the election with a 4 or 5 seat advantage out of the 93 party list seats in Parliament, before any votes are actually cast on election day.


A delight to hear a real party strategist talk in the barren land of Hungarian politics. Sadly, this also highlights the gaping vacuum the opposition cannot realistically fill. The explicit requisite of mature and informed voters coming out in large numbers dropping one tactical and strategic vote is nothing but the result of an intellectual excercise to reaffirm their political superiority over the corrupt populists… Talk about the wisdom of the crowds.

Sorry, but we have seen that the lefist elite do not even come close to executing on the ground… the door-to-door campaign and the concentrated party coordination with such a fragmented opposition is unrealistic to say the least.


Mr. Haraszti eloquently highlights the political problem of the country today. Such a rigged system. And the challenges cry out for solutions before democracy gets ‘swept’ away.

Truly ironic in the situation between him, Orban and the necktie. In retrospect Mr. Haraszti’s adjustment of the necktie was benign. Thing is now Orban is the one doing the ‘necktie adjustments’ in the political, social, religious and civil spheres. But it is not benign as to only breath becomes difficult. It can be said the knots are getting ‘tighter and tighter’. The fashion it seems of the times.


Kudos to Haraszti for this summing up, this time pretty realistic and precise. Also thanks to the Bud Beacon for the interview and the English subtitles.