Picking a fight with the United Nations

Viktor Orbán, at his regular biweekly radio interview two weeks ago, on January 19, without any prodding from the reporter, began talking about the United Nations’ migrant policy. He warned his audience that the UN is contemplating the introduction of programs that would “assist worldwide migration.” This is a danger that the Hungarian government must tackle, and therefore the national security cabinet will get together to discuss the matter, which is “contrary to the interests of Hungary.” He added that the United States had already sensed the dangers inherent in the plans underway at the United Nations and had announced its intention to boycott the discussions on the refugee and migrant crisis.

Ten days later the Hungarian media reported that the national security cabinet is in the process of discussing the matter. The public attacks by members of the Orbán government against the UN’s migration policies left little doubt that the cabinet would decide to follow the United States and boycott the negotiations of the UN’s Global Compact for Migration. Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, for example, found Secretary-General António Guterres’s writings ahead of the actual negotiations “unacceptable.”

Szijjártó revealed in an interview on Magyar Rádió on January 28 that, unless there are significant changes to the document, he will suggest withdrawing from the negotiations. A few days later, on February 2, Reuters reported that the Hungarian foreign minister had announced that “Hungary could quit talks on a United Nations pact on migration because its pro-migration tone threatened Hungary’s security interests.” In fact, Szijjártó specifically stated that if the draft that is scheduled to be released on February 5 is “as pro-migrant as the declaration upon which it is based,” the Hungarian government will not take part in the negotiations.

The Hungarian flag at the UN

The declaration that Péter Szijjártó referenced is the “New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants” adopted by the General Assembly on September 19, 2016, which Hungary signed. Here are a few items in the declaration that the Orbán government put its name to: profound solidarity with, and support for, people who are forced to leave the place of their birth; shared responsibility and compassion; condemnation of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and intolerance toward refugees and migrants; invitation to the private sector and civil society to join the effort of solving the refugee problem; asking for effective strategies to ensure adequate protection and assistance for displaced persons. Should I continue? The Orbán government signed this declaration without a murmur. But now, most likely encouraged by the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the talks, Viktor Orbán realized that a similar action on the part of his government would reap domestic benefits from the solidly anti-migrant population. In the case of the United States, Donald Trump can at least say that it was the Obama administration that signed the 2016 declaration; the Orbán government doesn’t have that excuse.

The very first topic in Viktor Orbán’s Friday morning chat on Magyar Rádió yesterday was the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants and the forthcoming Global Compact on Refugees, indicating that the prime minister considers this question to be of the utmost importance. First, he said he wanted “to detach ourselves from the Americans.” He remembers the days when Hungary’s actions in the United Nations slavishly followed Moscow’s. Hungary’s decision is totally independent of the U.S. action, he claims. He has only Hungary’s interests in mind.

The reporter identified UN Secretary-General António Guterres as the former president of the Socialist International and therefore ab ovo suspect. In the conversation between Orbán and the reporter, a picture of Guterres emerged that bears little resemblance to reality. For instance, they agreed that if the Secretary-General’s views prevail, “even the right to border defense is at risk.”

Orbán found the idea of including NGOs in the work of handling migration especially odious. “God should save Hungary” from having civic organizations involved because “Hungary has had enough bad experiences with NGOs, pseudo-civic organizations bankrolled by Soros.” Viktor Orbán, it seems, suddenly discovered that the New York Declaration he signed is actually “a copy of the Soros Plan.”

The potential action directed against the UN Global Compact is a repeat of the charade Viktor Orbán specializes in. The stakes of signing the final document are minimal. Whatever is signed will not be a formal international agreement. As several Hungarian commentators noted, “it is not really more than an affirmation of the signatories’ adherence to universal human rights.”

What set Orbán off was a report of the secretary-general, published on January 11, titled “Making migration work for all.” Almost every point in this report is anathema to Orbán and like-minded anti-migration advocates. Guterres argues that worldwide migration has been a fact of life for some time and that it will be with us even more so in the future. Countries must therefore be ready to accept and integrate these people. He would like to see an “orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration and mobility of people … as part of a wider push to reduce inequality within and between States.” Over and above that, he contends that “migration powers economic growth, reduces inequalities, and connects diverse societies.” Therefore, “Member States should make a collective effort to expand and strengthen pathways for regular migration to match the realities of labor market needs, including anticipating future demographic trends and future demands for labor.”

Viktor Orbán, before he decided that whipping up Hungarian nationalism helps him stay in power, had advocated accepting two million immigrants in order to help ensure sustainable economic growth. As we know, the Hungarian birthrate has been very low ever since the 1970s. The result is a serious labor shortage. In the last eight years, the Orbán government has spent a considerable amount of money in an attempt to boost the birthrate. But even if, by some miracle, every woman under the age of 35 suddenly decided to have a baby, it would take at least 20 years before this baby boom would have an effect on the job market. And this miracle is not happening. All of the government’s efforts to facilitate the creation of larger families have been in vain. According to the latest statistics, under the Orbán government 50,000 fewer babies were born between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2017 than were born during the Medgyessy-Gyurcsány-Bajnai administration between 2002 and 2009. Maintaining healthy population growth without immigration is not a realistic undertaking.

February 3, 2018
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J Simon

Still separate, still unequal, America`s educational system is still an apartheid. Americans do not want their own citizens. So why would you expect a small country like Hungary to accept, not a few, but a flood of migrants. A rather sanctimonious epistle, one of many.


“The potential action directed against the UN Global Compact is a repeat of the charade Viktor Orbán specializes in.”

Charade, huh? The UN first published proposals for repopulating Europe with millions from the Third World in 2000, under the auspices of so-called “Replacement Migration.”


The tip of the iceberg of an agenda in the public domain ever since. One just needs to be bothered to read the primary source material and not be blinded by a fulminating partisan hatred of anyone to the right of Chairman Mao.

The result? Two-thirds of Belgians now feel their country has been “invaded” according to research by a pro-mass migration think tank. With multiculturalism rammed down their throats for 30 years, they can’t all be Fascists…


But how dare those xenophobic Hungarians not jump on the bandwagon of national extinction with sufficient enthusiasm, and waste everyone’s time with chatter about nonsense like the absence of a democratic mandate for incrementally erasing your country’s identity. Right?

Tosh, it is easy to google some data and present it out of context. Belgian data can most certainly not be compared to Hungarian data or analysed outside of its own context. Belgium is a country with one of the world’s highest redistribution of money to its citizens. That alone makes this data of very little reference or consequence to the Hungarian context. By all means though, compare hospitals and compare schools between the 2 countries!!! Even better, read Eva’s report from Feb 2, which was data nowhere to be found in Hungarian media, apart from a few “opposition” outlets. How long ago is it that you have been in a Hungarian state hospital? Have you ever in your life sat with an injured child in A&E in a countryside hospital waiting for the doctor who is not even in the building and watching a nurse shout like a fishwife at a mentally ill gypsy? Compare how much of people’s wages is taken in tax to keep these 2 health systems going and how much of that money makes it into actual healthcare? Might I add that Belgians pay almost half of their wages in taxes! By all means, compare… Read more »

Please ignore this fascist troll!
From the Urban dictionary:
Tosh is a derisory term used in the same way as rubbish or crap or bollocks – fits the creature exactly!


@Tosh, 8:32 p.m.

“ the “New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants” adopted by the General Assembly on September 19, 2016, which Hungary signed.”

Dear Tosh, did you read the blog at all? Viktor Orbán and Peter Szíjjarto signed up to this. They agreed with it! What does this make our national heroes? I’ll tell you. It reveals them as:
I N C O M P E T E N T. Got it?

“Oh, it wasn’t like that.” “ We didn’t mean it.” “Oops, we’ve changed our minds” “We are lying again.” (and again, and again…)


If the majority of the voting public agrees with the little viktor, generally it means that their eyes are completely covered with the red/white/green and big orange rags, then they deserve the government they have. Many enjoys the benefit, while they stand behind the viktor, since they can stuff their pockets and bank accounts full with corruption money and/or outrageous salaries.

Those who disagree, but don’t vote are also blind, even without the tri-color, that by not voting they help the little viktor remain their dictator.

Michael Kaplan

I wonder when Orban will return the the money the Soros “NGO” gave him to “study” at Oxford since he has such a low opinion of not only Soros, but NGOs in general.

Professor Balogh was very accurate in comparing Orban’s rants about Soros to “1984” by Orwell in past blogs. The rants never stop.

I am reading an old Hungarian novel, “Relations” by Moricz Zsigmond, which is as good a guide as any to the moral rot in Hungary. Balint’s book about Hungary as a mafia state updates an old story (CEU publication).


Apart from an overall maximum quota (as suspected in the article), I suspect granting of Refugee Status with maximum quota per land of origin. Looking to the by the Immigration and Asylum Office (BMH) officially published statistics for 2017, noticed following:
Granted Refugee status in breakdown per country of origin:
Iran – 30* / Afghan – 20* / Iraq – 10* / Pakistan – 10* / Syria – 10* / other – 26 / total – 106 [*suspicious round figures]
5-times a round figure has a chance of 1 in 100.000 (statistically), so it’s possible to be for no other reasons, but…
Data available in spreadsheet format at http://www.bmbah.hu/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=177&Itemid=1232 (2017 data so far in Hungarian only)


It never ceases to amaze me that a country that has “produced” so many emigrants over the centuries (and also needed many immigrants to prosper …) is so xenophobic in its majority – or is it really?

What would Hungary be without its foreign tourists, its foreign companies
and the money that the EU sends in?
A little backwards isolated place – like Kazachstan maybe? Or Azerbaijan?

And our fascist trolls tout the many Nobel prizes etc that Hungarians won at the same time they complain about Soros, NWO and …

I feel so lucky having found a Hungarian woman that doesn’t fit in this – just looking at her bookshelf gives me hope …

Live long and prosper
Live long and prosper

Well said, Wolfi.
Maybe Hungary in the future will be a dried up wrinkled old country, impoverished, populated only with the elderly, ever more inward looking, with popular, government organised coach trips for OAPs to the monuments of its earlier greatness: the football stadia built in its last few golden years before the EU funds dried up, and the high point of the trip will be the prayers of worship given at the Puskas stadium in Felcsut, built with a paltry €35m of EU tax payers’ hard earned money, re-commissioned as the tomb of their dear departed leader, Saint Viktor the Magnificent, that man of great dignity (and whose dignity is forever enshrined in the constitution) who saved their dried up carcasses from the evils of Liberalism and Progress.

Yes, similar to the feelings we tourists from Western Europe got when visiting the “Socialist Block” in the 70s … I still remember when we drove our little Volkswagen camping van through Yugoslavia along the famous autoput and then Bulgaria in early May 1974. The “high” point was when we arrived on a campsite near Sofia, we were the only tourists there but the toilets were also used by construction workers building the motorway nearby – many of the women, handling heavy stones and concrete … We saw them at work the next day. We asked the German speaking reception guy whose main job was as an engineer to accompany us to a restaurant – wanted to get rid of the local money which you had to exchange in those days. The first restaurant was sold out – they had had a wedding the weekend before, the other one had only leftovers: fish in tins which we didn’t want, so we settled for a glass of wine while he ordered “sto gram” of vodka which was downed quickly… Back at the campsite we invited him to a can of German beer and then he told us: Hitler made just one… Read more »

Hehe ..just saw this ..have to comment. When we look back on our early trips to the land of the ‘Iron Curtain’ we’re glad we went to take a peek. But we felt we were on another planet as the experiences rolled on.

When we got to the country we initially thought we got off in Frankfurt or Munich or Berlin. Never saw so many Germans in our lives. Looked as if Magyarorszag must’ve been throwing a party or something. But I think we saw that the Germans sure knew a good bargain when they saw it. They hung out there for practically nothing..;-). There just had to be a holiday or something like it going on.

Wanted to stay a few more nights in our hotel. The clerk said sorry but you can’t stay and gotta go. And just pointed to everybody on the line for rooms and walking in the street. ‘See? They’re all coming in’. Bizness was sure pretty good under Kadar. Lucky we were near the village with all the relatives. Probably would have had to snooze in the car overnight. Gulyas communism was busting out all over. 😎

There was one special reason for the Germans to come: Here East Germans could meet their family from West Germany and maybe exchange presents and be relatively sure that the Stasi wasn’t listening … Usually the Westerners would have more money and pay for the poor relatatives. The craziest story happened to a relative of mine, though in Bulgaria not Hungary. Into one of the large beach hotels she took her daughter which however wasn’t happy with the food – so often they asked for something special and got it, paying with DM instead of the coupons they had. So after a few days she had accumulated many coupons which she couldn’t use and had the bright idea to give them to friends the daughter had made – who were from East Germany. When they tried to buy ice cream or drinks however they were told: You can’t use those coupons because you’re not from West Germany! They came back to my friend really sad … So she went to the beach bar, ordered and got ice cram and drinks and then turned around and gave the stuff to those poor DDR girls. Similar things happened to West German friends… Read more »
Re: East meeting West so Stasi ‘not listening’.. Well now that explains alot. Duh on my part. Looking back I guess we ‘Westerners’ weren’t robbed along the way as we no doubt looked as overflowing ‘cash machines’. One way to spot us was by our jeans. We didn’t realize how much it was the ‘divat’ or fashion of the times. It was a little sign of ‘rebellion’ I think. That was another thing. It’s kind of ridiculous and funny in a way though to have to think that if there wasn’t any ‘restraint’ you could find yourself walking around with no pants. Maybe people wouldn’t ‘die’ for Kadar but show’em a pair of blue jeans and they would stop choking the couple of forints/filler in their pockets. Oh they’d ‘die’ to get a nice pair on. 😎 Same with uncle on getting things. But this was with razor blades. Bring them please! I guess the 5/10 year plan results were the same for blades as for cars …namely shortages and waiting and waiting. Mr. Godot probably came quicker. And anyway he didn’t think the blades were any good. He never told me but I think the ‘best’ like the wine… Read more »

Re 5 year plans:
My wife worked as a lowly secretary in the önkormanyzat for many years – because she didn’t become a party member …
And the stories she can tell!
They made new five year plans every 6 months e g …
My favourite:
When someone slaughtered a sheep e g at home a certain part of the meat had to be given to the state (as with eggs or any crop) so the party bosses wanted to see the animal first before deciding whether they wanted the meat. Now the people sent the same old ram over and the bosses said no thank you!
This happened so often that this ram knew its way and would walk there and back on its own …
She told me this story while we were going up a hill in the Black Forest to some castle ruins for a rock concert – I almost fell down the mountain from laughing …
And often we talk about Fidesz being as crazy as the old “Communists” – or maybe even worse?


@wolfi7777 3:27a.m.

We are all very happy that you “feel so lucky having found a Hungarian woman”, but what does she feel about having to put up with a western import close to his “best by” date?


Bimbi, just to lighten up your (and all the others’) day:
My wife is just two years younger than me (we were already over 60 when we met and had wild sex too, on our second date …) – so most Hungarian men would ignore her as “néni” but as I’ve written so often just a look at her bookshelf made me wonder what kind of girl I had found there.
And the funny side of this:
She also had many misgivings about me before we had our second date:
Is he a typical old German, has religious “souvenirs” all over the house, goes to church regularly, watches reality shows and daytime soaps on tv, listens to operettas and fake country music … so she was as surprised as I when she came into my house here and saw my book and record collection …
What’s the probability of finding some old person here in Hungary who likes rock music and science fiction?
It always reminds us of the Infinite Improbability Drive:



In my comment above, I would have added a happy, winking emoji for you but couldn’t find one (and still can’t). Anyway, good luck to you both as well as many more years enjoying the many pleasures to be had in Orbanistan.
Das Leben geht besser zu zweit!


Thanks, bimbi!
Back to the topic:
Hungary (and generally the current administration of the oh so important V4 “club”) reminds me of the famous “Ghost driver” jokes in Germany:
I’m the only one who’s doing it the right way – all others must be wrong!


Orban’s friend Erdogan has been keeping the 3.5 million Syrian refugees inside Turkey in return for several billion euros a year since April 2016.

In the meantime, the MIGRATION of the mail-in ballots, also known as Orban’s certain votes from uncertain places is SPEEDING up.

number of people eligible to vote
with vs without Hungarian address

2014.04.05: 8019566 vs 195338 (2.38%)

2017.08.10: 7960767 vs 291409 (3.53%)
2017.12.23: 7947870 vs 314071 (3.80%)
2018.01.11: 7946127 vs 319152 (3.86%)
2018.01.21: 7944942 vs 325592 (3.94%)
2018.01.28: 7943906 vs 329467 (3.98%)
2018.02.04: 7943293 vs 337218 (4.07%)

Officials must scrutinize the applications from
e-Landia, Romania and Serbia less than from other countries:

Address of registration requests [accepted mail-in voters] (2018.02.02):

Romania: 41.57% [43.37%]
e-Landia: 33.75% [33.80%]
Serbia: 13.47% [13.82%]

Ukraine+Slovakia+Austria: 5.94% [5.69%]

Germany: 1.06% [0.96%]
USA: 0.44% [0.38%]
Canada: 0.32% [0.30%]
UK: 0.28% [0.20%]
Switzerland: 0.26% [0.24%]
Australia: 0.23% [0.20%]
Sweden: 0.18% [0.16%]

Last week, the officials approved 194 applications in every working hour.


Number of eligible voters in #2 electoral district of Tolna county is 61467.

Average of the 106 electoral districts: 74937

In the staunchly anti-Fidesz districts:
Budapest #7 (13th district): 80718
Csongrad #1: 84280

1 voter in Tolna #2 = 1.37 voters in Csongrad #1

Re: ‘picking a fight’ https://youtu.be/wstIBq2H0z8 It appears somebody would like to bring us back to the ‘watering hole’. The hominid excuse is that they didn’t yet achieve language which would ultimately foster relationships of ‘understanding’ through points of view. But for a 1000 plus year old country it occurs in high relief that even with their assumption of language leadership has virtually nothing to teach us while in the community of nations. Their continued bellicosity towards human rights blinds them towards rational solutions to the problem. They of course are not psychopathic. But they really have gone ‘bonkers’ French traditionally was the diplomatic language. However Magyar looks more and more as it will be the great language of blind intransigence. For every state sentence ‘nem, buta and hulyek’ will flow in the meta-message. Probably one reason why Europeans should know the language. It would be terrible to get insulted and one would be oblivious to it. On another note.. I am not sure if there has been anybody in leadership who has apologized or has shown an iota of remorse for the publicly made video of a migrant kicked on purpose by a supposed ‘human being’. And not only from… Read more »

Not too much OT from the Budapest Beacon.
Laser Johnny claims that the xenophobic propaganda of the Fidesz government hasn’t influenced Hungarians – because they are xenophobic by nature!
I can’t eat as much as I want to throw up!

These creatures are worse that anything I’ve seen before. And the fact that they claim to be Christians adds to this …


Nem tudom hogy is csoppenhettem be ebbe az alakulatba.Hiszen egytol egyig az Orban kormany ellen vannak itt ami Hazam es Nemzetem pusztulasaval egyenlo.
Milyen magyarok Onok? ha egyaltalan magyarok!
Az en hazamnak ilyen alakok nem kellenek.
Hala az Istennek hogy nincsenek sokan s igy megvedhetjuk a MAGYAROK hazajat.


You funny little troll – don’t you know how to write your hero’s name?
Though “vicc” of course is better …