Hungarian Spectrum features daily analyses of news from Hungary—political, economic, and cultural. Its editor and primary pundit is Eva S. Balogh, who formerly taught East European history at Yale University. Guest contributors include Kim Lane Scheppele, professor of sociology and international affairs at Princeton University; Charles Gati, senior research professor of European and Eurasian studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies; Randolph L. Braham, distinguished professor emeritus of political science and director of the Rosenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York; and Janos Kornai, professor of economics emeritus at Harvard University and Corvinus University of Budapest.

The site, which is archived at the Library of Congress, is recognized by diplomats, journalists, scholars, and representatives of non-governmental organizations as a source of thoughtful analysis and high-level discussion of contemporary Hungarian affairs.

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Mark in CA

Eva, I don’t know about the Twitter button, but the Facebook button you installed only let’s you “like” the post. I was suggesting a “share” button that lets you actually link to your blog post on Facebook. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/dialogs/feed/


Eva S. Balogh :

Louis Kovach :
A “Well balanced” mutual admiration society….This blog, the Nepszava in Hungary, the Amerikai (Magyar) Mepszava and the Galamus…is there anything to the left of these?

And one more things. The people who are involved in the publications you mention are the representatives of the conscience of the nation who risk their livelihood in defense of Hungarian democracy.

Professor, surely you can’t be serious. The very fact that these newspapers exist and keep spouting bile at the government (without deterring themselves with facts) is proof of the unfounded nature of claims that press freedom is in danger. No, it is not. They are not the conscience, they are the leftist press, just as other papers are the right-wing press. But the most dangerous kind are the journalists and commentaters who claim independence while being seriously indoctrinated. As someone with your personal and professional background, I would think you would reach deeper in research than Népszava, which is incredibly low standard.


Eva S. Balogh :
I managed to find out what I did wrong.

For a minute I was hoping this was your answer to me.
Too bad you are not joking. I bet you are even convinced you are helping the poor Hungarians. Take a look at how ideas & methods employed by the Hungarian government are being adopted at the EU level in fighting the crisis that’s been caused by uncotrolled financial institutions and an absolute fatih in market self-regulation. And waht you are calling ‘Matolcsy’s poison’ is imposed upon Hungary by the EU and the IMF demands, by the way…


Great blog. This short video (100 sec) should entertain many readers here: a hilarious subtitled HirTV interview with Orbán about resemblance to Obama. See youtu.be/vEGP1jKhvzc


Dear Eva, I realised just how much I value your blog when it suddenly disappeared this last week! Welcome back, and it’s good to know you survived the storm unscathed. I haven’t commented here before, but I am British and have been living in Hungary for 30 years now – so 7 years under communism. Your insights are invaluable – long may you have the energy to keep going with your blog!


As a long-term resident (inmate?) of this crazy country, what is most welcome is the immense background knowledge with which you elucidate the country’s present woes. I stumbled across your blog by chance but it has made a huge difference to understanding (or attempting to) the developments here. Being able to read the local press in Hungarian is of little help considering its immense bias.

Dr. Kakuk György

Ms. Balogh blog is one the most important source of information on the situation in Hungary. She posts well written and balanced reports on the events of everyday Hungarian politics. I recommend this blog to all of my English speaking friends if and when they would like to educate themselves on situation in my native country.


London Calling!

F. Lonky

“…….Take a look at how ideas & methods employed by the Hungarian government are being adopted at the EU level in fighting the crisis that’s been caused by uncotrolled financial institutions and an absolute fatih in market self-regulation. And waht you are calling ‘Matolcsy’s poison’ is imposed upon Hungary by the EU and the IMF demands, by the way…”</i?

You must be joking! You are seriously deluded – Are you on the same planet as me?

Are you on drugs even?

Total bullshit of course – not worthy of dignifying it with a response – so I won't!

Just can't believe it though! Matolcsy's fairytales as an ideology!

Goodness! No hope for Hungary with people like this.

I'm incredulous!

Don't insult us English through implication either – the sheer temerity.




Dear Ms. Balogh, After a brief testing period I have started my own blog which I would like to recommend to you. There you can find my articles old and new as well. So far time permits blogging only in Hungarian but I hope this could change in the near future. A happy 2013 to you. Gyorgy Kakuk

Szabolcs KissPál

Dear Eva,
I was suggested by someone your blog, and I am happy to find it,
We would quote some of your posts if you don’t mind,
best, sz.

Allan Siegel (@dunablue)

Dear Ms. Balogh,
Your writing and analysis is exceptional and I am happy to see that it is getting the wider coverage it deserves. I look forward to your regular and highly informative reports.
kind regards

Eva, Just wanted to give you a heads up about something I find disturbing going on in the education system here. From what I’ve been told, the education minister has declared that no foreign languages may be taught in grades 1 through 4. It’s been banned. While that may not sound like much, those are the best years for children to start learning a foreign language. One of the appealing features of the private kindergarten my girlfriend runs is that it’s a bilingual Hungarian/English school. She half joking thinks this is a long-term strategy to prevent Hungarians from leaving the country by making it harder for them to learn foreign languages. As an American living here, it’s hard for me to get my head around the fact that a single person can cause something like this to take effect. No legislation, no conferences, no public input, no voting. As you may know, starting this month, the public schools have become nationalized, and all control is now in the hands of the national government. Until now, it was administered at the local level. No word yet on any pushback to this plan. Not sure when this will actually take effect. But… Read more »

Hi Eva,

I just wanted to mention that a plan is being circulated for people in Hungary (and hopefully, Europe) to turn off their lights between 7:45 pm and 8 pm on the evening of January 27th (Holocaust Remembrance Day), in solidarity with the Italian parliamentarians who will be turning off the lights at the Colosseum in protest against the neo-fascist party Jobbik.

Csaba Kuthi
Dear Éva, Allow me to draw your kind attention to what is quite unusual in Hungary today. The Ars Humanica Hungarica Circle established in 2010 by scientists, clergymen, artists and the supporters of art founded in 2011 the Hungarian Civil Legion of Honour. Its first donation was in 2012 for two worthiests: dr. József Szarvas, a medical doctor, who carried out a traheoctomy on a motorcyclist on the roadside in 2009, and Emil Pásztor, professor of linguistics (posthume), who presented the idea of establishing the Museum of Hungarian Language in 1994, but did not live along its completion in 2008. The second donation ceremony wiil take place on the 10th of February this year at 11 am. at the Óbudai Társaskör (1036 Budapest, Kiskorona u. 7), where two candiates will have the medal: Sándor Fehér, violinist (posthume), who lost his life while saving children on the wrecked Costa Concordia ship last January, and the RE.F.U.G.I.U.S. Association of Burgenland (Austria) who undertook the sorrowful task (instead of us, Hungarians) to build and inaugurate a nice memorial for those 200 jewish Hungarian labour-camp inmates, who were massacred by the hosts of ball of countess Margaret Batthyány and the village dwellers during the… Read more »
Donadello Claude


Je souhaiterais vous soumettre un projet de publication ; pourriez-vous me communiquer une adresse mail ?

Je vous remercie.

Claude Donadello
9, boulevard de Courtais
03100 Montluçon

Tél. : 04 43 01 44 83



Dear Mrs. Balogh,

I read your political and history comments with much appreciation and find them very interesting, as a different point of view, especially those concerning the Hungarian-Romanian relations. I would like to congratulate you (and most of your readers too!) for the just and equidistant position on sensible matters and for proving that moderation exists amongst Hungarians in a larger extent that some would think.

Unfortunately, so many Romanians are strongly and honestly convinced that all the Hungarians, from Transylvania, Hungary or elsewhere, hate Romania. And with the developments of last week some feel that things are on an ascending spiral, only going from bad to worse.

Your blog proves that you don’t necessary have to love a country, in order to be able not the hate it. In this moment, I would be good if Romanians and Hungarians in Transylvania or Szekelys could at least tolerate or ignore each other (now maybe I’m generalizing too).
There are so many on both sides who only see in black and white, and so much disinformation!


Deak Ferenc

Eszter Fitzwater

Dear Eva Balogh,

from Elet es Irodalom
Bruck András
LVII. évfolyam, 13. szám, 2013. március 29.

This article is worth reading!
With best wishes,
Eszter Fitzwater



Eva, I have a very interesting story for you that may be worth writing a blogpost about. I can’t say more here.. i can’t find your email address, but you may write to me at ‘ varese at gmail dot com ‘ . Thanks!

lubomir petrov

Shame on you, Communist. Viktor Orbán and Zsolt Bayer are the pride for our brothers – the normal and honest Hungarians. Here in Bulgaria the Rothschild’s Communists left Stalins bolsheviks to wipe out almoust all Bulgarians. Shame on you, international Communist and servent of the Rothschild’s red Nazis.


Watch out for Zsolt Bayer, he is not what you think he is.


Hello, Ms. Balogh. First of all, thank you for your wonderful blog. I find it an informative and entertaining collection on the always interesting Hungarians.

As you have written a great deal on the state of the Hungarian judiciary, and even some on the trial of Miklós Hagyó and the other 14 defendants, I would like to point out that the European Court of Human Rights will announce their verdict tomorrow (Tuesday, April 23, 2013) as to whether Hagyó’s basic rights were violated throughout his time in pretrial detention. I have written about this here:


Also relevant, is the closed-door hearing of Tünde Handó in the Constitutional Court, which will also occur tomorrow. Presumably, Handó will have to explain why she approved the transfer of the BKV trial from the Budapest court system to that in Kecskemét.

Thank you for your time and attention.

The Hagyó Case

Antje Koelewijn

Tisztelt Eva!

Ez nem kommentár, hanem mondani akarom milyen jo ez a blog. Minden nap olvasom.

Holland tortenesz vagyok, a hetvenes es a nyolcvanos evekben tanultam Magyarorszagon.

A holland szocdem partnak irok Magyarorszagrol.

Most az a helyzet, hogy holnap Ottawaba megyek, A ferjem mar ott van, egy konferencia miatt. Nem tudom hol lakik, de ha Ottawaban lakik, lenne lehetoseg talalkozni?

Tisztelettel es udvozlettel,

Antje Koelewijn,